• Include a Bouldering area in the Victoria Park rejuvenation project
    This is important as it will help to fight the worldwide obesity epidemic, it will encourage uptake of a new Olympic sport, it will help generate new climbers (boulderers in particular) to support the local bouldering facilities that are burgeoning in the region. It will provide economic stimulus to the area of climbing provision be it outdoors shops such as K2, pinnacle, wildfire kathmandu etc, gyms (urban climb, 9 degrees, rockit, rocksports, core climbing, alpine, urban extreme etc, or even local guides and coaches. It will also support the local campsites in and around rural Queensland as boulderers love to travel to find climbing areas and it is usual to stay in a campsite near to the boulderfields for the weekends/weeks if further afield. Not to mention that with climbing being one of the fastest growing sports in the world and a soon to be newly minted olympic event (in the 2020/21 olympics) it will no doubt see a further surge in participation. Some of the climbers that will be competing on that world stage found their passion for the sport on boulders similar to those proposed in this petition (Ashima Shirashi for example (one of Japans most promising female boulderes) first climbed on her local boulder in a park in New York). So for these reasons please include bouldering into the park.
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    The installation of these cameras without the consent of the Australian public, is a breach of Governmental power and a serious violation of our human rights to privacy. Being tracked, analysed and our personal data being stored in a cloud for the access of authorities to use as they will, is not only an attack on our human rights to privacy and freedom, but it is also a direct attack on the human psyche and human mental health. The citizens of Australia have never authorised the use of our tax payer dollars to fund “facial recognition technology” to be used against us and our children as a bio metric data collection for physical and behavioural identification. We do not call for a prison system society where every one is examined and where our privacy is invaded while we go about our day. Australia SAYS 'NO'- We DO NOT CONSENT to 'Face Recognition Surveillance Cameras' in our society'.
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  • Install a Crosswalk on Hill View Terrace
    Recently, my daughter was involved in a collision with a vehicle whilst riding her bike and trying to cross Hill View Terrace after leaving school. She was knocked off her bicycle by a car going 60km per hour, luckily escaping serious injury. Due to the slight incline in the road towards Berwick Street and the blind crest, it is extremely difficult to gain full visibility of vehicles approaching at this intersection. Upon signing this petition you are agreeing that as a parent of a child attending Millen PS, you would support the installation of a traffic warden permanently at or around the intersection of Hill View Terrace/Devenish Street. I sincerely believe that there are parents in St James that presently don't allow their kids to walk or ride due to safety concerns in crossing Hill View. However, if a traffic warden was stationed at this intersection, many of these concerned families would feel at ease allowing their children to walk or ride to school using the crosswalk. But for now, it remains too dangerous.
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  • Don't return to face-to-face learning in ACT Schools on 18 May
    Once face-to-face learning becomes the focus again, we will no longer have the option to keep our children and families safe, as online learning will not be supported. As a parent who shares their children with an estranged partner I do not have the option to permanently homeschool, as their father would not agree to such an arrangement - therefore, once education returns to school campuses I will have no other option than to send them into what I consider a high-risk setting.
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  • No construction work Sundays, Good Friday and Easter Sunday
    Neighbours need a break from construction noise and concrete dust. They deserve to be able to participate in on-line church services and to be able to hear these. They deserve to be able to sleep past 7am or 8 am and to be able to go outside in the garden or hang washing out without noise and dust. Those with respiratory problems need a break from the dust. We cannot go out to escape the noise and dust except for brief periods. The impact on physical and mental health of residents and construction workers and their families need to be taken into account especially at this time.
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  • Support Our Early Childhood Educators
    Early childhood educators are at the frontline providing vital care and education for over 1.3 million children. But they are doing it tough. A decline in the number of children attending services means that some services will close their doors and educators will loose their jobs. EC educators required to self-isolate for their safety, the safety of the children in their care and the wider community – may loose their income. Job losses and service closures will have huge ramifications for educators, children, families and the Australian economy, now, and in the future. If we guarantee to support our educators now, the flow-on effect for children, families and childcare businesses, whether for-profit or non-profit, will be immense. It will keep people in jobs and not reliant on welfare. At this time of national crisis, and coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC), the need to keep Australian children’s early childhood education and care services working is never more pressing.
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  • “Say Hello with Namaste and Goodbye to Handshake”
    This is to (re)introduce very basic yet crucial health hygiene, as well as a beautiful way to greet people. (Please sign this campaign and take a moment to share it with others via email, social media or good old fashioned word of mouth.)
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  • Saint Brigid's Primary School Camps
    The students look forward to their camps each year with much joy. School camp offers a structured opportunity for children to grow. This experience allows kids to become independent and self-confident, while socialising and making new friends, and even learning new skills. The children often look forward to this experience from grade prep through to when they are finally old enough to attend. Due to excess enrolment numbers Saint Brigid's Primary School has decided that grade three and five children will no longer be able to attend school camps. The school held a meeting with the students ‘about school camp’ recently. The grade three, four, five and six children were gathered together where they were told that for half of the children in the room there would be no camp, this was very upsetting for them. Many parents telling the story of children crying after school as they were so upset. The school has a view that the children will equally receive these opportunities with an ‘activity week’ at school is met with resistance from both students and parents. Although it will be a fun and rewarding experience, the children are unlikely to get the benefits and excitement of a camp. The locations of the planned camps are of disappointment also. With only two camps now offered in the children’s primary years it is disappointing that the ones on offer do not include either Sovereign Hill or Canberra. A school excursion to Canberra is considered a rite of passage for many Australian students. Students visit many attractions including the Museum of Australian Democracy, Parliament House, the High Court and, of course, a highlight for many — Questacon. More than 100,000 school students get first-hand knowledge of democracy and lawmaking on a visit to Parliament House every year, a truly unique and beneficial education experience – one that our children will no longer be offered. It is so disappointing to think that due to the growth in our school population our children will no longer be given the opportunity to: a. Participate in school camps for two of their four last years of primary school b. Visit Canberra and the unique education experience it (they will also not be attending Sovereign Hill in Ballarat – another important education experience for students). We would like the Saint Brigid's Primary School reconsider: • The cancellation of school camp for our grade 3 and 5 students. • The ceasing of a school camp to Canberra for our senior students.
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  • Campaign for the removal of all gambling ads from Australian media
    Remove gambling enticement from young people Reduce harm done by people becoming addicted to gambling Improve the community in general We simply don't NEED gambling advertising, the industry does... and failure to remove it shows that our government is complicit in driving gambling addiction for profit.
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  • No mobile phone tower in Sandown Park
    Sandown Park is a much loved Hobart recreational area. People come to wind down, walk their dogs, play some sport and to breathe the air. Telstra have decided to build a huge array of mobile phone antennae on an existing pole in the park relying on their own interpretation that this is low impact. They don’t want to ask the community what they think so the notice is buried in a small community newspaper. Please treat the community with respect, we care about the place we live in and the places we use to unwind in. Please don’t wreck our park. Note: No design or image of the proposed addition of 6 antennae on the pole has been provided so the third image is an example of a 6 antennae configuration. The image will be updated once provided by Telstra
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  • It’s time for Climate Action
    Climate Change is a global crisis which needs to be urgently addressed, it is time to put politics aside and work together for the future. This is an opportunity for real and positive change let’s take it.
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  • Warning signage urgently needed at Cape Byron / Cosy Corner goat track
    We call on these agencies to take urgent action, that will prevent other families going through the trauma and devastation of such an incident.
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