• Build the Latrobe City Shared Pathway
    How wonderful it would be if the shared pathway would finally get the go ahead so we could safely travel between Traralgon and Morwell by bike, and connect this to the Moe Rail Trail ? When Traralgon and Morwell Pedallers were formed in 1994, a shared path between the club’s two towns was immediately on the agenda. Some 22 years later TRAMPS’ founding members are still waiting for action. http://www.latrobevalleyexpress.com.au/story/3916973/tramps-founders-still-fighting-on-for-shared-path/?cs=1462 Benefits to the physical health of the community are important considering the La Trobe City Council has a high rate of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The Victorian Population Health Survey indicated that the prevalence of overweight/obesity in La Trobe is 60.6 per cent, compared to the Victorian average of 49.8 per cent. Infrastructure that provides opportunities for the community to be more active, and especially provide active transport options is a positive and in terms of a bigger strategic picture, we know that communities that have better connectivity have better health outcomes. I believe this could also form part of the Latrobe Valley Health Zone as the pathway will build a better sense of community between the towns and involve more people in physical activity, particularly cycling and walking. It could also join the Moe rail trail for even greater benefit to the community. There is currently no path between Morwell and Traralgon, other than the highway. There are cracks in the road and it is not safe; particularly for the elderly and families with young children.A shared pathway would make it easier and safer for people to experience the benefits of cycling, which can help correct physical problems in a non-traumatic way, (assist with) mental health and be an opportunity to meet new people. Member for Morwell Russell Northe says "Our local community has long advocated for increased bike path networks and the concept of the shared pathway has been discussed for many years, many local bike riders and health enthusiasts have long desired to see the construction of a Traralgon-Morwell shared pathway.” "A shared pathway will not only provide improved health benefits to local residents, but increase local tourism opportunities and provide safe pathways for recreational cyclists in our community,” Mr Northe said. http://www.russellnorthe.com.au/government-response-on-traralgon-morwell-shared-pathway/ Latrobe City Council has now endorsed this project and recently submitted a funding application to the Victorian Government through Vic Roads Safer Cyclist and Pedestrians Fund. http://www.latrobevalleyexpress.com.au/story/3915182/the-cycle-of-support-gains-momentum/ We call on the State and Local Governments to prioritise this project and build this project to benefit the health and economy of Latrobe City for many years to come. If your organisation would like to endorse this petition officially get in touch through [email protected]
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  • Support the installation of a mobile phone base station at Redin Place Reserve Connells Point
    Connells Point, Kyle Bay and Hurstville Grove need decent mobile phone coverage. Therefore the local community requires your support to ensure that a planned mobile phone base station is constructed on the corner of Redin Place and Connells Point Road, Connells Point, NSW. The site is required to provide phone and data coverage to Connells Point and the immediate area where currently there is limited or no coverage. This proposal would ensure that a low impact facility is built at the site to vastly improve the mobile coverage in the area. The site has passed all government and regulatory approvals and is currently on hold subject to Ausgrid allowing the use of their power pole to mount the antenna. A group of residents are lobbying Ausgrid to stop the proposed works. This petition seeks support from residents who would like this site to proceed based on the current design. A photomontage of the planned site is shown above and for more information about the proposed site please visit the Radio Frequency National site at http://www.rfnsa2.com.au At the prompt "Site Search" enter "Connells Point" then select "Site No. 2221013, 219 Connells Point Road CONNELLS POINT NSW 2221. Please support the construction of this facility by signing this petition. Thank you.
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  • Keep our Hospitals Public!
    Keep our public hospitals fully public and government funded. Privatisation will increase costs, and take away accountability.
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  • Support Youth facility at Rushcutters Bay
    This is a carefully thought out and well researched proposal, the result of 4 years of consultations and campaigning by the local youth community and their parents. The facility is aimed at 5-14 year olds and would be located in an under-utilised section of “no man’s land” within the park hemmed in by the canal, a line of trees and the outdoor gym. The park is very large — over 5.3ha — and the proposed concept would impact less than 2 per cent of this space. The proposal includes a basketball court, ping pong tables and new seating which would be used by younger children as well. The new facility will complement existing recreational activities. Currently there is no local place in Paddington or Woollahra where the children of this age group are encouraged to play outdoors, ie; to skateboard, cycle, chat in groups, climb trees, build cubbies or play handball or basketball. The population of children in the inner city has dramatically increased in the last 10 years and yet the presence of children in their local urban context is largely ignored by the planners and the adult community. In Paddington, all of the children live either in terrace houses with tiny courtyards or in units with no outdoor space, they are not allowed (by the schools) to play in the school grounds after hours, they are not supposed to play in the streets because it is considered dangerous. There are no parks in the area that cater for this age group. So the skaterkids are a marginalised and disengaged group within our community that do already play in the street because there is nowhere else to go. This youth facility will provide these much needed facilities for the Woollahra Paddington Community, in particular for an under represented and rapidly expanding population of 8-14 year olds.
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  • Help kids with FAS-D
    There is no cure for FASDs, but research shows that early intervention treatment services can improve a child's development. A seminal study by O’Connor et al (2006) found that protective factors that can help children with FAS-D reach their full potential include: a loving and nurturing environment, early diagnosis and involvement in special education and the provision of social services. We are finding it near impossible to get government help and support for social services and education.I believe it is important that schools get the appropriate funding and resources to support children with FAS-D. I would urge you to watch the 4 corners special on FAS-D, which can be accessed by the following link: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2015/11/02/4341366.htm
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  • Love Glebe? Worried about Westconnex building a freeway on Ross St
    We are parents, families, kids and community members who love Glebe. We are very concerned that WestConnex Stage 3 will negatively impact on the local schools in Forest Lodge and Glebe by building an off ramp and exit along Ross St. WestConnex will bring over 36000 more cars to Ross St, dumping them in the Glebe area. We want to protect Glebe from a freeway that would cut the suburb in half and drench the community with fumes and pollution.
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  • Love Glebe? Worried about Westconnex building a freeway on Ross St
    We are parents, families, kids and community members. Our kids go to the local schools in Forest Lodge and Glebe and we are very concerned that WestConnex Stage 3 plans to build an off ramp and exit somewhere near Ross St in Glebe. WestConnex will bring over 33000 more cars to Ross St, dumping them in the Glebe area. We love Glebe. We want to protect it from a freeway that would cut the suburb in half and drench the community with fumes and pollution.
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  • Upgrade Dickson shopping centre in accordance with the Dickson Master Plan 2011 and 2016-17
    Dickson group centre is the main northern gateway to the national capital and serves an unusually large population catchment, providing important health, library, postal, banking, public transport, retail, recreation, restaurants and a wide range of other commercial services to the whole of North Canberra and many parts of the ACT/NSW sub-region. The centre is in urgent need of maintenance, shoppers are regularly experiencing harassment, and local businesses will face extremely difficult trading conditions once the centre's major carpark is fenced off. Now is the time to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to deliver the quality and integration of facilities that the Dickson Master Plan promised.
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  • Saving Wee Waa
    Please watch our Saving Wee Waa videos they have been viewed 360 000 times, and sign this petition to show your support for real environmental outcomes and rural communities. Wee Waa is a small town with a population of less than 1800 people based in North West NSW, it is 90% reliant on Agriculture, be that irrigated or dryland cropping and livestock production. On average 80% of the flow in the Namoi River goes to the environment in flows out the end of the system. The Murray Darling Basin Plan proposes to remove more water from Wee Waa which will have harmful impacts. The water the government wants to take from Wee Waa, will not reach the downstream target sites. Here it keeps kids in school, people in jobs and businesses going. We are asking the Murray Darling Basin Authority, State and Federal governments to take into account this is the third water reform that has impacted Wee Waa. The additional socio-economic impacts on Wee Waa will put our town into permanent drought. We want real environmental OUTCOMES - please help us request the Government fund the complimentary measures such as fishways, carp eradication, cold water pollution, resnagging and restocking native fish in the river to ensure the future of the Northern Basin.
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  • Fix Telstra internet speeds in the Bellingen Shire!
    I work from home and need the internet to carry out that work. Telstra is charging me for a service they are unable to provide. I know many other people in the Bellingen Shire are being affected. I can't seem to get Telstra to take any action to fix the problem by myself so here I find myself asking for support and the voice of people suffering similar Telstra woes and maybe together we can effect a change.
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  • Save Rushcutters Bay open space? No new developments at Rushcutters Bay Park
    The proposed developments eg skateboard park is not in character with the park and will reduce the much needed open spaces from an already overcrowded area! Parking in the area is at a premium and we don't need more facilities being added that will not help local residents! Already there is a large established community that will be deprived eg fitness trainers ,picnickers,yoga classes, dog walkers etc
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