• Refuse to be Waterways Manager for Point Peron Mangles Bay Canal Marina
    The proponents for the private canal marina and housing estate on Point Peron (also known as Mangles Bay Marina) have asked the City of Rockingham to take on financial responsibility for the Waterways Management of their canal project. This is soon to be decided on by council According to leading WA Professor of Coastal Oceanography Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi, the proposed Point Peron canal estate will not flush due to small tides and will need expensive ongoing cleaning up. Even the consultants for the proponents have acknowledged that the canals will not flush naturally as required. Consultants for the proponents have also acknowledged that the water quality in the Marina would be poorer than expected. This could increase the risk of algal blooms and fish kills. Canals are banned in several Australian states because of the financial and environmental burden they place on communities. Ratepayers of the Shire of Murray foot a bill in excess of half a million every time the Yunderup canals have to be dredged. The failed canal development at Port Geographe Bay threatened to bankrupt the City of Busselton until the W.A. Government poured in over $30 million of taxpayers’ money. City of Rockingham must not take on the huge financial risk that would be associated with maintaining, cleaning and dredging the canals of the proposed Mangles Bay Canal Marina. Find out more at www.handsoffpointperon.com
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  • Save the Upper River footbridge in Kangaroo Valley
    The Upper Kangaroo River footbridge in Kangaroo Valley is a social, cultural and historical icon for the people of Kangaroo Valley, the Shoalhaven and the many tourists who visit here. Children of the valley find magic there; valley locals find solace, beauty and the occasional platypus; tourists to the Valley drive or ride to the Upper River area to cross and marvel at one of the few remaining footbridges left in this area and the magnificent river that runs below it. The bridge has been there in one form or another since the early settlement of the Valley. Until the Gerringong Creek Rd concrete bridge was built, it was the only way people could cross the river and get to their homes in times of flood (and indeed still is, when debris and water cover the concrete bridge as it did in the storms of July 2016). There is no safe pedestrian access on the narrow one lane concrete bridge, so removing the footbridge cuts off one of the loveliest walks in the Upper River area. The footbridge sits hand in hand with the community owned and managed Upper Kangaroo River Community Hall and features prominently in the memories and photographs of all those who have attended events there. The bridge is a tourist destination as evidenced by a mountain of supporting evidence on various web sites and publications including guides from NSW NPWS. This footbridge is part of our social and cultural history, and a vital part of the fabric of our present-day community. It must be preserved!
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  • Stop the proposed repeal of the Commons Management Act 1989 & Save St Albans Common
    BACKGROUND TO PETITION St Albans Common, granted to early settlers & residents of The Macdonald Valley by Queen Victoria, has been successfully managed since 1824 by valley residents in accordance with the original deed of grant. The Trustees & Commoners have been the custodians of this living heritage for nearly 200 years. Commons are not Crown Lands. Commons are enshrined in NSW law, culture and history. Commons are for the community, controlled by the community and connected to the community and its greater social conscience. Our original deed of grant states that The Governor & Legislative Council of NSW passed “An Act to enable Trustees of Commons in NSW to have perpetual succession & to empower them to Regulate the use of such lands….” It further states- …. “such Trustees as aforesaid, & their Successors as aforesaid FOR EVER as a Common to permit the use & benefit of the same….” What is meant by that? Clearly it was the intention then, that no-one in the future could override the intent of the original grant. In November 2016, the NSW State Government introduced The CROWN LAND MANAGEMENT BILL which sought to consolidate all public land and remove Commons as a separate category. A solid effort was made to defer the Bill, unfortunately the Bill was passed. Fortunately, the Commons Management Act was excluded from the Bill & ensuing Act. Less than 3 months later & here we are with a Fact Sheet & new proposal to repeal the Commons Management Act 1989 & abolish Commons. Again, for inclusion in the (now) Crown Lands Management ACT 2016. Despite its’ exclusion being comprehensively argued & voted in favour unanimously by The Upper House on Nov 8/9 2016. The Department of Industry- Lands, has confirmed its proposal that Commons, as presently constituted, will be effectively abolished and the Government will appoint ‘Land Managers’ instead of elected Trustees. And what of the Commoners and the Common Roll...well they simply won't exist anymore and nearly 200 years NSW history will be wiped out with the stroke of a pen. There can be no justification for this. You can't strip away the legislation that governs a Common, keeping the name in token and still claim it’s a Common. A hallmark of a Common which distinguishes it from other categories of land, being 'an elected board of 'Trustees' holding the Common as Trustee for the Commoners and Community will be abolished. Again, there is no justification for doing this. Commons should not be controlled by Land Managers appointed by the Minister. The Commons Management Act should not be abolished. To do so would be to fundamentally undermine the social contract between the St Albans/ Macdonald Valley Community, the St Albans Common Trust and the State of NSW. WHAT CAN YOU DO? SIGN THIS DIGITAL PETITION ALSO SIGN OUR PAPER PETITION to be eligible to be tabled in Parliament. At these locations - Settlers Arms Inn St Albans - Wisemans Ferry Grocer Cafe - St Albans Folk Festival St Albans Village Fri 21-Sun 23 May - Convict 100 Mountain Bike Ride St Albans Village 6 May DOWNLOAD the petition to sign and collect more signatures. http://www.stalbansnsw.com.au/resources/LegislativeCouncilPetition.pdf Sign & post to Save St Albans Common C/O Tony Simpson Lawyers 5/5557 Old Northern Rd WISEMANS NSW 2775 GO TO www.stalbansnsw.com.au For more information, updates, St Albans Common submission etc
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  • No fracked gas pipeline through the Northern Territory
    The NT is a beautiful place, full of thriving cultures and communities. But right now, the NT government has plans to build a massive gas pipeline, cutting through sacred country, to pump fracked gas from unapproved wells across the Territory. Traditional Owners, Aboriginal Station Owners and community members have voiced their opposition to this project over and over again, and voted for NT Labor on their promise to slow down fracking. How can you approve a giant pipeline for fracking projects that haven't been approved, and when you supposedly have a moratorium on fracking?!
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  • Re-nationalise South Australia's Electricity Network
    This is important because: South Australia is paying much higher prices for electricity than other States. SA’s electricity distributor makes four-and-a-half times more profit per customer than its sister company reaps in the UK. Despite the super profits made by the majority owner of SA Power Networks, company representatives claim that infrastructure upgrades that would prevent the number and duration of power outages are too expensive. If government was receiving the income from power bills it could re-invest in more stable and reliable infrastructure.
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  • SOLVE Alliance against meat chicken farms in Spring Creek, Lockyer Valley
    SOLVE stands for Save Our Lifestyle, Values & Environment. We were here first. Some neighbours farm fruit and vegetables on a commercial scale which will be contaminated by bird faecal matter. Others settled here for quiet enjoyment in retirement. All our tank water supplies will be contaminated by airborne dust from the sheds venting and our health and children's health will decline. A result will be that the value of all neighbouring properties will decline. The developer does not live in or contribute to the area, 1 or 2 new jobs will be created but many more will be lost as fruit and vegetable businesses will cease. A major koala corridor runs along the boundary of the property and chicken shed fans will blow dust and faecal matter directly onto the corridor 24 X 7. There are many obvious faults with the development application that have been overlooked and when brought to the attention of local and state bureaucrats, they are refusing to even consider reviewing the decision. There are 20 neighbouring farms & small acreages that surround the site, but dust, odour and noise will permeate further than just those properties. The developer has similar farms in other districts and is known for not following court orders to comply with conditions of approval. He has nevertheless been allowed to continue operating as local authorities are unwilling or incapable of compelling compliance. This operator does not live on site, nor is he interested in operating to industry best practice and bird welfare would be low in his priorities. This is a moneymaking venture affecting many residents and the heart of the operation is the maltreatment of sentient creatures. It is abhorrent and an abomination that we do not want in our district, a district that the local council promotes as a clean and green 'salad bowl'.
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  • Save ABC integrity and variety especially on RN
    Where else can an Australian audience get the variety and depth of views and visions and above all the stimulation of such a range of ideas? Where else is there such a range of respected specialist journalists who cover everything from arts to science and religion to rock? Why is the ABC accused of left-wing bias when it shows opinions of all spectra and gives voice - although not as much as it could or should - to those who don't have access to commercial media. Why don't the Board and your minister develop pride in this unique and irreplaceable institution and those who work for it, instead of white-anting and undermining the amazingly talented a dedicated staff? There is no place for Information and enlightenment in the categories below but the ABC covers them all so I've ticked them all!
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  • West Australians need a safer cycling environment
    The former Western Australian Government refused to support Minimum Passing Distance Laws (MPDL). This lets everyone down, as a dangerous road environment stops people from riding even short distances, leading to more congestion and its associated public health costs. The current road rules fail to adequately prosecute dangerous drivers. It is clear that lax penalties handed out to motorists that have killed or seriously injured vulnerable road users is a travesty. We insist that the Government respect the memories of the victims and the families left behind after every cycling fatality by ensuring that their loved ones did not die in vain by introducing the MPDL forthwith. The Western Australian Government says that it wants to encourage cycling. Please help us to encourage the Government to support their pre-election commitments with concrete enforcement through legislation that demonstrates that bike riders are equally deserving of protection in the eyes of the law. Please join us by signing this petition, sharing with your friends and accompanying us to the WA state parliament in March to deliver the signatures.
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  • Put more police into Camden Local Area Command
    Camden has over 500 people per month moving into the Camden LGA. Camden Police covers over 52 suburbs with the lowest number of police in the region. Highest Population Growth + Insufficient police numbers = MORE POLICE NEEDED NOW!
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  • Tennyson Dunes - Revegetate not decimate
    The Tennyson sand dunes are the most significant remnant dune system remaining on the Adelaide metropolitan coast. There is a narrow strip between Grange and Mordun St Tennyson and the Charles Sturt Council want to construct a 3.5m wide shared bike path through it, Ripping out the native pants in favour of concrete and disturbing the structure of this section of the dunes
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  • Save the Leigh Creek Coal Monuments
    Bucyrus Erie and the Leigh Creek lookout was established as a monument and is a monument that must remain in the region lest we forget everything we almost learned.
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  • Stop our government legislating to empower speculators to force strata home owners to sell
    It's applicable law in NSW from 30 November 2016 & it will be law in Western Australia next year unless you act against it before the WA election in March 2017. Property industry lobby groups are currently pressuring the Queensland government to introduce similar legislation. Property professionals especially lawyers will also benefit significantly from the work that it will generate for them so there's no organisation speaking out against it. The government claimed on its website (Q&A) that it has engaged with strata owners in its consultation process via Strata Community Australia WA. Strata Community Australia WA does not represent the interests of strata owners but those of property industry professionals that stand to benefit from the increased work for them that this legislation will cause. The government & property professionals are right in saying that the Strata Titles Amendment Bill is wanted by the majority of people. However hidden in it is the RETROSPECTIVE Termination of Schemes part that will enable 75% of strata unit owners in a strata to force the remaining 25% to sell to them at market price. You can find out here exactly what the W.A. government is planning here https://www0.landgate.wa.gov.au/titles-and-surveys/strata-reform/termination-of-schemes The government bureaucracy talk of empowerment, democracy, transparency, checks and balances is all very noble; but ultimately, the fundamental principle of a property owner's sovereignty is under attack. Until now this was sacred except in exceptional circumstances where new infrastructure deemed vital to maintaining a city's functioning and future prosperity was needed. This power was rightly confined to government entities. Now a property developer's wish to construct some more towers on prime land such as your favourite beach backed up by sufficient dollars to win over 75 per cent of owners is sufficient to allow diminution of existing property owners' rights. Of course there will be many strata unit owners who see a chance for an unexpected windfall from these new rules.  No doubt that many speculators are in the process of buying into blocks with a view to flipping their property on to a developer at the earliest opportunity. There will also be owners who bought a property as a long term hold under the old rules and won't appreciate having their assets realised without their consent. In my situation, in a strata building of 28 units that a building inspector has certified that it's in a good condition, 3 speculators that own 21 units can force the other 7 owners to sell to them at market price. The higher density zoning means that the whole (the land on which the current strata building sits) is worth many times more than the sum of the parts (each strata unit) so the speculators will benefit significantly from the sale of the strata land to developers. The high rise redevelopment is targeted to foreign buyers. Shame on our government to expect you to defend your country but it allows you to be forced off your land. Land to which you have property rights since the time of the Magna Carta over 800 years ago. I believe that I must fight for my lands rights now or I'll be left with a bit of cash while the local community will be left with a high rise redevelopment for sale to foreigners where I once had my single storey home unit of 25 years in front of Cottesloe beach. Don't be deceived by the government promise that the law will protect the vulnerable and it will be fair & equitable. Even the minister responsible has admitted that it's a complex legislation. Complex because it's impossible to protect bonafide strata owners from abuse by speculators. Despite this the government insists that the rights of all owners will be adequately considered through a procedure and fairness review by the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT). How is this believable when there is no requirement in the legislation . In the end speculators will always win because they can afford better lawyers than you. Proof of this are all the DAP decisions against local community interests. Stop the Strata Law Kink is no different to Keep Cott Low, Stop the DAP or Rethink Perth Freight Link. This is where the local community of normal people & small businesses are not only abused by the vested interests of big government, big business & big unions but also intellectually insulted by their lobby groups that insist that it's all for the greater common good.
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