• Thomas George, help reinstate a permanent police presence in Murwillumbah
    A recent murder in broad daylight in a family-friendly park in Murwillumbah has highlighted the lack of a permanent police station in the town, which has had it's services wound back in recent years. Murwillumbah is a beautiful town, with a vibrant, positive community, which used to have a permanent police station. There are parts of town where people no longer feel safe, which will affect tourism and our local economy. The lack of police is attractive to criminals looking to avoid attention and while the police are doing a great job, we need them here permanently.
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    Created by Bob Axford
  • Telstra help the Elderly get connected on the NBN
    1. My mother, who is frail, has an emergency medical alarm attached to her phone, which cannot be used in the absence of a land line. I faxed (via PO) in a certified emergency request over a month ago! 2. It appears the Telstra overseas staff cannot deal with emergency connections or local connection problems, and are unwilling to refer problems back to Australia to be rectified. 3. I suspect that this is a systemic problem for anyone who has to get an urgent phone line under the NBN, and unfortunately use Telstra. 4. One cannot get a Telstra person in Australia to help sort out connection problems, and I am unable to deal with the NBN directly.
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    Created by Diana Droog
  • Make swastikas illegal please
    Apparently it's not illegal to parade around adorned with the symbols of Australia's enemy. People are becoming more brazen with the rise of white nationalist groups in Australia. You've all seen the photos of people on public transport displaying the swastika on clothes and tattoos. It is a deeply offensive symbol and it's probably in everyone's best interest to just ban it in public ay.
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  • 'NO' to 11 room boarding house at 213 Bunnerong Rd Maroubra 2035
    1) DA for a 3 storey boarding house containing 11 boarding rooms - potential accomodation for 22 people. 2) PARKING: only 3 parking spots are included. This is not adequate for the number of proposed residents. Parking is already at capacity on Eastmore Place. 3) CONGESTION: additional cars entering and exiting Eastmore Place is a safety issue, and additional vehicle movements pose a risk. Eastmore Place is still technically a laneway, and access is very narrow and does not allow for two cars to enter and exit without difficulty. 4) SECURITY & COMMUNITY SAFETY: Eastmore Place is a family oriented suburban area, with 20+ young children residing on the immediate block. The proposed boarding house has the potential to erode the existing character of the zone through cumulative social effects.
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    Created by Caroline Hamilton
  • Deliver Dinjerra Primary School redevelopment funding
    Dinjerra is the only State primary school that services Braybrook, Tottenham and Maidstone. The other state primary schools in this area are extremely overcrowded. We have the space to accommodate a rising local population yet we don’t have the buildings required to deliver a modern education, and this is drastically limiting our ability to meet the needs of our community. Dinjerra faces significant challenges due to the diverse make up of our school population. Our students overwhelmingly come from poor socioeconomic households and English levels are far below the State average. To put it bluntly, our kids already start on the back foot and this latest announcement means that our students are being left behind by this Government. If anyone needs a 21st Century school it is Dinjerra Primary School. Unfortunately we are forced to endure run-down,1950s constructed buildings, which provide the opposite of the flexible and dynamic learning spaces our students deserve. We were due to start construction later this year and now we have been left in the dark as to if or when we will get our promised new school. We urge the government to reconsider this funding decision. $7M is not a huge amount of money in the context of this budget, yet to us it means everything.
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  • Save The James St Cyprus Trees
    This avenue is of Historical Significance and save the Cyprus Trees on James St situated between Campbell St and Ocean Drive.
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  • Reinstate Acknowledgment of Country and of Traditional Owners at City of Boroondara
    The Kulin Nation peoples have been the traditional owners of the lands on which the City of Boroondara is now established for tens of thousands of years and they still have a continuing strong cultural and spiritual connection to their country. Until early 2017, recognition of this traditional ownership had been normal at all Council meetings and events. In 2017, the City of Boroondara announced that recognition of traditional Aboriginal ownership would no longer be mandatory as it was regarded by some councillors as a 'token' reference rather than a ‘sincere’ – and therefore ‘meaningful’ - one. Following the Council’s decision, it will henceforth only occur at the discretion of individual Councillors. As the City of Boroondara has not renewed its Reconciliation Action Plan since 2013, we fear that this decision will result in fewer instances of the Acknowledgement of Country occurring; indeed, making it optional may lead to its total elimination. The City of Boroondara has in the past shown considerable innovation in their efforts towards Indigenous recognition and reconciliation; as the movements towards Constitutional Recognition and Treaty grow nationally, this action by the City of Boroondara can only been seen as a step backwards for the council and its previous leadership in reconciliation work.
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    Created by Jacques Boulet
  • Flinders Island Safe Harbour
    Flinders Island is the largest of the Furneaux Group islands located in eastern Bass Strait. It is home to approximately 800 residents who are mostly involved in primary industry as their livelihood. Tourism also forms a significant part of the local economy with visitors reaching the island by air from Launceston or Melbourne. There is a freight service from Bridport that occasionally ferries visitors. The group of 50 islands offers a stunning cruising ground for boaties of all sorts. Spectacular anchorages adorn the island's coast with white sandy beaches and mountainous vistas. However, it is only the most adventurous sailors that visit the island group primarily because the opportunity to obtain shelter in dangerous weather is limited combined with limited access to supplies. There is a wharf at Lady Barron, a beautiful town on the southern end of Flinders Island. This facility is primarily for commercial vessels and does not facilitate secure, safe and comfortable harbouring for pleasure craft. This campaign is to register support for recreational sailors and tourism operators that would be interested in visiting Flinders Island if there was a properly constructed safe harbour and marina available for use during their visit. Several studies have been carried out into the feasibility of a harbour and marina at Lady Barron and each have shown that should it be constructed than it would significantly boost the number of visitors to Flinders Island with subsequent benefits to the local economy and employment. The registration of your support and interest in this proposal will assist us in quantifying this potential and provide further evidence of the projects potential benefits.
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    Created by Chris Fenner
  • Stop single-use takeaway containers in Newtown!
    Waste is a huge problem, both in Australia but also globally. In Australia, we throw away enough packaging waste to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground nine times over. A large part of this waste comes from single use takeaway containers. While some are recyclable, many are not – and whether or not people actually do recycle those containers is whole other story. There’s been a huge uptake by cafes and individuals of reusable take-away coffee cups, which is fantastic. But single-use take-away containers are just as much an issue, and reusable containers are a comparable solution to Keep Cups. Packaging waste ends up in our oceans and rivers, harming our marine and wildlife. It's also a climate change issue, as it ends up in landfill emitting greenhouse gases which are cooking our climate. Reusable containers are a logical, simple solution to reducing waste to take care of our wildlife and our planet.
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    Created by Give and Take
  • Tackle Domestic Violence in the Maitland LGA
    The rates of domestic violence in the Maitland LGA are higher than many areas in the state. The NSW Bureau of crime figures show unacceptable increases over recent years. Domestic violence is a whole of community issue. It affects people from all walks of life and all cultures. We cannot say we have a safe, progressive, and prosperous LGA with 1 woman in 4 experiencing domestic violence, and 1 child in 3 is living with the trauma of domestic violence Carrie's Place has tried intensively for the last year to engage with Maitland City Council on this issue. They have met 1 roadblock after another. They have received patronising disrespectful responses by the Mayor, and openly oppositional responses by the Council Administration. The Council's behaviour has smacked of serious paternalism and misogyny. We need strong and committed leadership on this issue if we are to change the culture that either condones or at best, turns a "blind eye" to this issue. The Maitland City Council is the structural leadership in this LGA. Without their strong support and commitment to tackling the high rates of domestic violence, this scourge of our community will continue unabated.
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  • Save Manly's bushland
    Will you join my call to make this a huge issue ahead of the Manly by-election? If enough of us come together now, we can win commitments from candidates that they’ll save the bushland. Sign now!
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    Created by Helen Kvelde
  • Halt Development in Melbourne's West
    The unplanned chaotic development has left the Wyndham City in chaos. Arterial Roads remain uncompleted after decades of development.Public Transport is unable to cope. It reflects the worst kind of urban sprawl imaginable.Schools and public services are under resourced. We asked for an immediate stop to further development until an independent review is conducted .
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