• Safe Speed for Byron
    To prevent another tragedy. Protect our children, families and wildlife.
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  • Stop minning development in the Clarence Valley
    March with me people I call for any and all, come march down the street of Grafton to the Council Chambers and send the message to Government that the people of The Valley say " No mining development in the Clarence Valley " we are not about their mining agendas. Stop and object to the development of mining in the Clarence Valley. For the preservation of our Valley, for this generation,and the next. Mining companies are raceing against time. Keven Rudd signed the Kioto Protocol, meaning, in 2020 Australia will lay down tools. No mining, no logging and no fishing for ten years, six years to take as much as they can. .Clarence Valley has been rezoned as RU2 meaning minning and agriculture The harbour at Yamba has been approved, what do you think that means for the Clarence Valley and the generations to come.Why do you think that the city of Grafton has now been approved for a second bridge after all this time, there doesnt appear to be any new development. When was the last time you saw a new house being built in Grafton ? So why now ? does it have anything to do with the harbour at Yamba? and wait till they anounce , they will dam the Clarence Dont be dumbed down by the prospect of money or employment,,they have their own agenda. Once its gone it is too late to object
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  • Socially Responsible Mining
    We want this profitable, foreign owned mining company, a subsidiary of a Canadian coal giant, to install water treatment equipment, treat their polluted water, and, return it to our creeks. Our locale was described by Major Mitchell in 1836 as "Australia Felix" (lucky) with a creek system "watering this long fertile valley" which flows to the important Goulburn River. Your support will help halt a continuing construction saga of new and more evaporation ponds in historical, still productive farming and environmentally sensitive wetlands.We want to KEEP our mine ! .....but.... NEED them to be socially and environmentally responsible.
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  • A community swimming pool for Boyne/Tannum area
    Boyne/Tannum is a fast growing community area with housing estates being established at a rapid pace, we are recognised as a popular outdoor family friendly environment with fabulous parks/playgrounds and a stunning beach, however when the tide goes out we have nowhere to get together and have a swim and enjoy our warm weather.
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  • Stop the rushed privatisation of Accommodation Support and Respite Services for the Disabled
    Adequate funding for well resourced support for our most Intellectual and Physically Disabled people of our community should never be put at risk for the sake of profit and the hast to privatise Government Services. Training of Direct Service Staff, Accountability, Professional Clinical Support, Transportation and Resource Communication Aids for Accommodation and Respite need the consistency only Direct Government Services can continually provide. Communities across Australia have had a gut full of their elected Governments MP's putting vulnerable lives at risk for the sake of the almighty dollar and their Members of Parliament washing hands of their responsibilities. The life style, security and consistency of the Disabled living successfully in our communities will be vulnerable again with the short sighted withdrawal of Direct Government Support. Decades of hard worked for progress in Community based support will be put at risk. These advancements would never have occurred to the now high levels of support without the Direct involvement of Government agencies and resources pushed by Families and Advocacy Groups. Please take the time to guaranty these high levels of support now in place or lift those standards to even higher levels. We will not put up with a quick push loading the always under resourced usually volunteer run Non Government Organisations (NGOs). Presently NGO's need to beg and fundraise holding raffles to supplement Government funding just to supply the most basics of support. Our NGO society is already under pressure due to inadequate funding because Governments lip service and washing hands of their responsibilities to their constituencies. Minister our communities are sick and tried of politician's incompetence, enough is enough!
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  • Deadly serious. We need Pedestrian Crossings across Chinchilla Street to Chinchilla CBD
    It is very dangerous for anyone without transport who needs to go into the CBD part of Chinchilla. The elderly who travel on their mobility scooters, people in wheelchairs or with disabilities, children on their way to and from school. Every person who has to cross Chinchilla St to go over to the Chinchilla CBD is in danger. My sons and others have told me of their close calls, trying to manouvre Chinchilla Street to get to the overpass.
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  • Start a political party
    As an alternative to the 2 major parties, who have little to differentiate between each other in policies or vision.
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  • Increase minimum sentencing of child sex offenders - New South Wales
    5 years and 8 months, as shown above, is the average sentence for these atrocities. Some would argue that Queensland 'bikies' are facing harsher penalties than child sex offenders in New South Wales, or anywhere in Australia for that matter. 495 people 'convicted' in two years. A substantial number of cases of child sexual assault are suspected to go unreported each year, and some people may very well get away with it. Sometimes there are multiple charges with multiple victims. 495 is the number of people convicted. 495 is not the number of victims. This number could be drastically larger however statistics on this are hard to find. Please keep in mind that the average sentence of 5 years and 8 months is not necessarily the time a convicted person will spend in prison. Minimum non-parole periods statistics are unavailable, so some people could be serving as little as one third or 22 months (less than 2 years) for a crime that destroys lives. Young persons are much more fragile mentally than adults, incapable in many circumstances of dealing with the trauma that being sexually assaulted by a person causes. These children may turn to self-harm, drugs, suicide, or anything in between. I fail to comprehend how a person that sexually assaults a child can spend as little as 22 months in prison. A large number of victims will still be children when their attacker is released. As I stated previously, a number of these cases go unreported, so a minor increase to minimum sentencing and non-parole periods isn't going to do much to deter these people from committing the offence in the first place. A substantial increase to the penalties is raising the risk factor in every potential child molesters mind. This is what is required to reduce the number of young children harmed each and every year by these horrendous crimes. Over 60% of offenders, in all three categories of child sexual assault, had no prior convictions recorded. The offences don’t come with an obvious trend in offenders’ social status or other defining factor. There is a trend however to these offenders being around 40 years of age. In conclusion, child sexual assault is a horrendous crime that seems to have relaxed punishments considering the effect on the victim and victims family. An increase in minimum sentences and minimum non-parole periods could deter persons from committing these crimes in the first place, and if our system isn’t working for our children, it isn’t working for our future. Sexual intercourse with person under the age of 10 years-SI Aggravated sex assault- victim under the age of 16 years-SI Have sexual intercourse with person >=10 & <14 years-SI Aggravated sexual intercourse person >=10 & <14 years-SI Aggravated sexual intercourse person >=14 & <16 years-SI Sexual assault (Cat 3) - person under 16 years of age Persistent sexual abuse of a child-SI Sexual intercourse with person under care >=16 & <17 yrs-SI Sexual intercourse-person 10 & under 16-under authority-SI Have sexual intercourse with person >=14 & <16 years (DV)-T1 Sexual intercourse with person 10 or over & under 16 yrs-SI Carnal knowledge father etc of girl >=10 & <17years-SI Homosexual intercourse with male >= 10 & < 18 years-SI Sex Assault (Cat 4) Indecent ass person <16 under authority Sexual intercourse person under 10-under authority (DV)-SI Sexual intercourse with person under the age of 10 years-SI Act as client with child >=14 & < 18 in prostitution -SI Aggravated sex assault- victim under the age of 16 years (DV)-SI Aggravated sexual intercourse person >=14 & <16 yrs (DV)-SI Attempt sexual intercourse with person under 10 years-SI Attempt sexual intercourse-child 14 to <16 & under authority-T1 Carnal knowledge of girl 10 and under 16 years Homosexual intercourse-teacher of pupil >= 10 & < 18-SI Persistent sexual abuse of a child (DV)-SI Sex Assault (Cat 3) person<16 & under authority & no consent Sexual intercourse person under 10-deprive liberty (DV)-SI Sexual intercourse with person 14 or over & under 16 yrs-T1 Sexual intercourse with person under age of 10 years (DV)-SI Sexual intercourse with person under age of 10 years (DV)-SI Sexual intercourse with person under care >=17 & <18 yrs-SI Aggravated indecent assault- victim under the age of 16 years-T1 Indecent assault person under 16 years of age-T1 Indecent assault where victim under the age
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    Historically Hewston Mitchell Drive has always been know to locals, emergency services & the wider community as The Ghost Road. Although never signposted as such this has been its common name for many, many years.
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  • No more casinos in Queensland
    The supposed "international tourist" argument simply does not hold up. The following is quoted directly from the Australasian Casino Association's own report for 2009-10: The majority of casino patrons are from either the same city or state as individual casinos, followed by interstate patrons and international visitors. Casino patrons 2009-2010: Local, 40.61 million; Interstate, 4.70 million, International, 4.42 million. Casinos receive the vast majority of their revenue from gaming activities (not hotels, restaurants or any other associated services), these accounted for 78 per cent of total gross revenue. In 2009-10, revenue from gaming machines comprised 40 per cent of total casino gaming revenue ($1,382 million). Table gaming made up 38 per cent ($1,312 million). Why are we even considering a proposal to make Queensland the new Macau? Building a stack of casinos, while lining the pockets of the wealthiest and creating a whole bunch of social issues that future state governments can sort out? It just doesn't stack up. It makes far more sense to make the most of the phenomenal natural resource that lays right off our coast. The Great Barrier Reef! Are we talking tourism? Because no other country in the world can replicate this. And it consistently tops travel surveys as one of the main reasons tourists visit Australia.
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  • Stop local shire's evasive control on animal registrations and unlawful property entry
    It is very important we make a stand against these evasive controls now, most local rangers now claim to have the right to enter your property without consent or prior knowledge of a visit. This is absolutely unacceptable and an abuse of power, We must make a stand here !! Before we completely become controlled by the government in our private and public lives. We should all have the basic right to privacy in our own homes and property.
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  • Samson is Fremantle
    1. Samson has always been part of Fremantle and has a strong historic and cultural connection to it. 2. The City of Fremantle proposal to the LGAB envisages a "Stage 2" of local government reform extending the boundaries of a Greater Fremantle to North Lake Rd, taking in suburbs such as Willagee, parts of Kardinya, Coolbellup and Samson. While this proposal has merit, it would be unnecessarily disruptive and illogical to assign Samson to the City of Melville only to return it to Fremantle later. Better to just keep it with Fremantle. 3. A logical interpretation of the City of Fremantle's March 2013 "Local Government Reform Survey" suggests that a majority of Samson residents wish to remain with Fremantle.
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