• Reduce retirement age to 65 NOT increase to 70!
    It gives younger people more options to work and earn. I think by the time you have worked to 60 you have contributed sufficiently to society and you should have the option of retirement! If you want to continue working you should have the option. Let's bring the retirement age back to 65 and ideally it should be reduced to 60. Please don't let any government whittle away at Australia's benefits anymore.
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    Created by Steve Lowe
  • Mail Service to East Jindabyne, Tyrolean & Kalkite
    The area of East Jindabyne, Tyrolean & Kalkite continues to grow and there are more permanent residents than when the last Australia Post survey was done. I contacted Aust Post and they were unable to give me a date when the last survey was done or statistics. They recommended the residents of East Jindabyne and surrounds submit a petition. If you are a resident of East Jindabyne, Tyrolean & Kalkite you either have to go to the East Jindabyne service station to collect your mail or pay for a post office box in Jindabyne. Even though this option is offered at a reduced rate there would be no cost if we had our mail delivered. To get a mail service to our area we will have to have a high percentage of residents from all three areas requiring this service.
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    Created by Gina Rogerson Picture
  • reopen 74 vacant beds at Glenmead Village Aged Care Facility
    There are presently 72 patients housed in hospitals around the region awaiting placement in an aged care facility. This does not take into account the fact that there are many people barely able to cope in their own homes. THis not only crowds the hospitals it is not a suitable place for aged people to live and it will only get worse as our aged population increases.
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    Created by Joy Watson
  • reducing the costs involved of de-sexing dogs & cats
    to reduce the dumping of unwanted cats & dogs,the overpopulation of shelters & pounds as well as the euthanasia rate of the above & protection of wildlife (in the case of feral dogs & cats)
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    Created by hellen schleijper
  • Let Ari Illingworth and her mother, Eunsil Park, stay in Australia
    Eunsil has been living in Australia, working to support her daughter, paying taxes and contributing to her community. I believe she is a model citizen and to force this mother and child to leave Australia and return to a country where she has no work or home will have devastating consequences to all concerned. It is inconceivable that as a result of a relationship breakdown a family must endure more heartbreak and expulsion from Australia. Ari is an Australian Citizen and you Mr Morrison, as Immigration Minister, must have a duty of care to ensure that this 4 year old child remains safe, secure and surrounded by the family she knows and loves.
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    Created by Leslie Dunbar
  • Showers in Ladies Room at bronte Beach
    It is very important to mysellf and the ladies of Bronte Beach to have access to water in the showers to be more than a dribble,prior to changes to the shower heads being moved the water pressure was fine BUT NOW IT IS virtually NON -EXISTENT. As winter is approaching it is imperative that the water pressure is addressed ASAP,. the swimmers meet every morning at 5am for he last 100 years & always 365 days a year there is friendships made & women of all ages making iT a very specail community.who have enjoyed hot water showerS
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    Created by Grace Barsoum
  • Save West Bondi Junction - Halt The High Rise
    Some of the The potential impacts of high rise towers in the West Oxford Street Precinct include: • Increased shadows over houses and amenity in the local area • Interrupted transport services due to the construction • Buildings that are not in keeping with the local heritage architecture • Decreased property prices • Increased population putting strain on local services and amenity • Increased traffic in the local area
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    Created by Save West Bondi Junction
  • Extend the proposed light rail beyond Hobart and MONA
    The Brighton and Kingborough Municipal Councils are two of the fastest growing residential areas in the state and both lie within 30 kilometres of the Hobart CBD, with existing rail infrastructure already running from Bridgewater to Hobart. Given that this rail infrastructure already exists, it only makes sense to use this for passenger rail. It will ease stress on the Brooker Highway and Main Road running through Hobart's northern suburbs, parking space and congestion in Hobart's City Centre will be relieved, and stress on the Southern Outlet between Kingston and Hobart will also ease. Also, given that a light rail vehicle will run on electricity, Aurora and Transend will have an additional main client to supply electricity to and they can afford to lower the unit price of electricity to residents, especially those on lower incomes. Tasmania is also a self-sufficient supplier of hydroelectricity, a clean and renewable energy resource, that can reduce commuter dependence on petroleum-powered buses and cars. An extended light rail system is a good idea for safer and cleaner transport, the environment and commuters on lower and higher incomes.
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    Created by Josh Durno
  • Pedestrian crossing at the Miller St-Devon St intersection
    To provide a safe place to cross Miller Street for children attending Bell Primary School and for children and adults accessing the Route 112 tram stop no 36. The Bracken Ave Reserve is a lovely track which more families with young children would use if there was a crossing.
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    Created by Sheryll Venn
  • Safe Speed for Byron
    To prevent another tragedy. Protect our children, families and wildlife.
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    Created by Fiona Hunter Picture
  • Stop minning development in the Clarence Valley
    March with me people I call for any and all, come march down the street of Grafton to the Council Chambers and send the message to Government that the people of The Valley say " No mining development in the Clarence Valley " we are not about their mining agendas. Stop and object to the development of mining in the Clarence Valley. For the preservation of our Valley, for this generation,and the next. Mining companies are raceing against time. Keven Rudd signed the Kioto Protocol, meaning, in 2020 Australia will lay down tools. No mining, no logging and no fishing for ten years, six years to take as much as they can. .Clarence Valley has been rezoned as RU2 meaning minning and agriculture The harbour at Yamba has been approved, what do you think that means for the Clarence Valley and the generations to come.Why do you think that the city of Grafton has now been approved for a second bridge after all this time, there doesnt appear to be any new development. When was the last time you saw a new house being built in Grafton ? So why now ? does it have anything to do with the harbour at Yamba? and wait till they anounce , they will dam the Clarence Dont be dumbed down by the prospect of money or employment,,they have their own agenda. Once its gone it is too late to object
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    Created by Janelle Montgomery Picture
  • Socially Responsible Mining
    We want this profitable, foreign owned mining company, a subsidiary of a Canadian coal giant, to install water treatment equipment, treat their polluted water, and, return it to our creeks. Our locale was described by Major Mitchell in 1836 as "Australia Felix" (lucky) with a creek system "watering this long fertile valley" which flows to the important Goulburn River. Your support will help halt a continuing construction saga of new and more evaporation ponds in historical, still productive farming and environmentally sensitive wetlands.We want to KEEP our mine ! .....but.... NEED them to be socially and environmentally responsible.
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    Created by Brian Leehy Picture