Historically Hewston Mitchell Drive has always been know to locals, emergency services & the wider community as The Ghost Road. Although never signposted as such this has been its common name for many, many years.
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  • No more casinos in Queensland
    The supposed "international tourist" argument simply does not hold up. The following is quoted directly from the Australasian Casino Association's own report for 2009-10: The majority of casino patrons are from either the same city or state as individual casinos, followed by interstate patrons and international visitors. Casino patrons 2009-2010: Local, 40.61 million; Interstate, 4.70 million, International, 4.42 million. Casinos receive the vast majority of their revenue from gaming activities (not hotels, restaurants or any other associated services), these accounted for 78 per cent of total gross revenue. In 2009-10, revenue from gaming machines comprised 40 per cent of total casino gaming revenue ($1,382 million). Table gaming made up 38 per cent ($1,312 million). Why are we even considering a proposal to make Queensland the new Macau? Building a stack of casinos, while lining the pockets of the wealthiest and creating a whole bunch of social issues that future state governments can sort out? It just doesn't stack up. It makes far more sense to make the most of the phenomenal natural resource that lays right off our coast. The Great Barrier Reef! Are we talking tourism? Because no other country in the world can replicate this. And it consistently tops travel surveys as one of the main reasons tourists visit Australia.
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    Created by Belinda Smith
  • Stop local shire's evasive control on animal registrations and unlawful property entry
    It is very important we make a stand against these evasive controls now, most local rangers now claim to have the right to enter your property without consent or prior knowledge of a visit. This is absolutely unacceptable and an abuse of power, We must make a stand here !! Before we completely become controlled by the government in our private and public lives. We should all have the basic right to privacy in our own homes and property.
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    Created by Troy Munro
  • Samson is Fremantle
    1. Samson has always been part of Fremantle and has a strong historic and cultural connection to it. 2. The City of Fremantle proposal to the LGAB envisages a "Stage 2" of local government reform extending the boundaries of a Greater Fremantle to North Lake Rd, taking in suburbs such as Willagee, parts of Kardinya, Coolbellup and Samson. While this proposal has merit, it would be unnecessarily disruptive and illogical to assign Samson to the City of Melville only to return it to Fremantle later. Better to just keep it with Fremantle. 3. A logical interpretation of the City of Fremantle's March 2013 "Local Government Reform Survey" suggests that a majority of Samson residents wish to remain with Fremantle.
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    Rural residential communities in western Palerang, including Wamboin, Bywong, Sutton, Carwoola, Burra and Royalla are currently zoned 1(d). 1(d) has a suite of objectives and conditions that ensured new development maintains the amenity of the area for all residents while balancing lifestyle, small-scale agriculture and the natural environment. The NSW Department of Planning changed the available zoning categories for new Local Environment Plans (LEPs). 1(d) was no longer an option. As Palerang Council developed its new LEP, the best available match to 1(d) in objectives, landscape and amenity protection was the category Environmental Living (E4). Palerang Council at its September 2013 meeting corrected an error in the E4 draft (as promised) to allow ‘extensive agriculture’ without the need for council consent. This means existing and new landholders can continue grazing and agricultural activities as before. However there has been a loud and insistent campaign by some western Palerang landholders against E4 that appears based on opposing and stating fears about any zoning with the word ‘environmental’ attached. No evidence of disadvantage from E4 has been shown once the error on extensive agriculture was corrected. The loud anti-E4 campaign reportedly has some councillors convinced that it speaks for all the residents of Bywong and Wamboin. COUNCILLORS NEED TO HEAR OTHER VOICES To keep rural residential amenity as we know it, let council know you want to stay with the draft PLEP and E4 by adding your name and comments.
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    Created by Bill Taylor
  • Global Warming
    Australia can show a better example soon. The sooner and more aggressively Australia sets a comprehensive example the easier it will be for other nations and investors to adopt and improve on Australia's leadership. SIGN NOW and PLEASE FORWARD this urgent message to others to help convince our governments and leaders how Australia can show real leadership.
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    Created by John Swainston
  • Save 'The Stack' in Port Kembla
    The Stack is an established local landmark - highly visible, 200 metres high and can be seen from Stanwell Park in the north to Kiama in the south. It is being demolished on the basis of mis-information about its structural strength. The current owners (Port Kembla Copper) closed their smelter in 2003, so they have no use for it, but a Company, Stack 360 Pty Ltd, has lodged a DA to re-develop the Stack into a Tourist Destination - with lighting show (like Vivid), viewing tower and internal stairway and lift to the top, and Stack Running down the sides (using a harness). THE STACK NEEDS TO BE SAVED, but time is running out.
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    Created by geoff stuart
  • Make same-sex marriage legal in Australia
    Australian law states that ALL Australian's should enjoy the same rights regardless of race, colour, religion, and gender...and yet it's legal to discriminate against [tax-paying] people based on sexuality. Aside from being unfair and unethical, it's downright un-Australian! This petition will be provided to Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott prior to the upcoming election to show them and their parties that the majority of intelligent, free thinking, tolerant Australians support same-sex marriage, with the aim that this will positively affect their policies on the subject. If you support equality and same-sex marriage then please don't ignore this petition - please sign and then share the link with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email, SMS, etc and encourage them to do the same. If we don't act on the things we care about, we can't complain when things don't change! With sincere thanks! Equal Rights in Australia
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    Created by David Cartright
  • No Tip at Arthurs Seat
    It is such an amazing, pristine and beautiful part of the Peninsula with an abundance of wildlife. I know so many people that use Arthurs Seat on a daily basis and it would devastate so many locals (including the animals) if it was turned into a stinky tip!
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    Created by Nicole Pitman
  • Hunter community demand a fast 2 hour train service to Sydney
    The current Newcastle to Sydney train service is slow and inefficient because it has too many unnecessary stops. Currently the fastest train trip takes 2.5 hours which is much too slow. Many people drive on the F3 because the train is so slow. The new State Government promised fast express intercity train services but have yet to deliver. The recently leaked draft timetable did not include any express services to Newcastle which is completely unacceptable. The express intercity services can be easily created by eliminating all unnecessary stops such as Wyong, Woy Woy, Tuggerah, Epping and Strathfield which will reduce travel time significantly.
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    Created by Tony Proust
  • Pernalulu(Bungle Bungles) National Park is a World Heritage Indigenous Art site
    Pernalulu is a World Heritage Indigenous Art site, numerous artworks are currently being allowed to fall into disrepair through inadequate protection policies. Failure to protect such artworks is not just a disservice to indigenous owners of the artwork but to all of mankind as these works are part of humanity's history as well. There was a world outcry when a large stone buddha in Bamiyan, Afghanistan was blown up, yet we remain silent over these 20,000+ year old paintings that are currently being destroyed. It is essential that policies are implemented to give the traditional owners the powers and resources to protect these precious artworks.
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    Created by Paul Ford
  • School bus route - Artarmon to the Forest area
    The current options for our young children getting to and from school with public transport are unsuitable/non-existent. Many of the children are too young (eg 5 and 6 years olds) to negotiate regular public transport on their own. In addition to having to cross busy roads without adult supervision to make connections or get to a bus stop, many would also need to negotiate busy interchanges such as changing from train to bus at Chatswood Station, etc. There is a need for a safe public transport option.
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    Created by Katie Harris