• Stop privatization! Stop offshoring NSW jobs! Keep NSW government data and jobs in NSW
    We wish to inform you of a Privatization and Offshoring of a NSW public service and its associated local jobs. ServiceFirst is part of the NSW Treasury Office of Finance and Services. ServiceFirst provides corporate services in finance, human resources and information technology to NSW agencies including the Treasury and the Department of Premier and Cabinet. ServiceFirst staff are skilled, dedicated, loyal, passionate, hardworking employees of the NSW government serving the people of New South Wales. Evidence of this is the win by ServiceFirst in the Customer Service Institute of Australia’s award in October 2014 in the category of National State and Federal Government. ServiceFirst has since received a certificate and a letter of congratulations from our Prime Minister, and these are attached to this petition for your reference. (Reference website http://www.csia.com.au/awards-recognition/2014-award-winners ) Consequently, ServiceFirst staff and their clients are distressed by the NSW government’s announcement in December 2014 of the preferred tenderers to replace ServiceFirst. (Reference articles http://www.itnews.com.au/News/398902,nsw-servicefirst-to-outsource-to-infosys-unisys.aspx http://www.theaustralian.com.au/technology/infosys-unisys-to-power-nsw-shared-services/story-e6frgakx-1227159204812?nk=cbc01fd2965a7c3b27ca23a41298a528 ) Outsourcing carries risks in supply chain delays, language and culture challenges, distance management, loss of intellectual capital. The preferred tenderers are Infosys (based in India) and Unisys (based in the USA) whose motive is profit. There is no value for NSW government spending that moves jobs to India and the USA. In January 2015, unemployment in Australia has increased to its highest level in 13 years (Reference article: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/feb/12/unemployment-in-australia-rises-to-64-in-january-abs-figures-show). But still we are not worried to improve our local economy and have no plans to support local jobs. Our NSW government assets (Services, Systems Hardware, Software, Polices, Procedures, and Licensees) are being given away freely to foreign vendors in no time. But it has taken generation after generation to build these assets. Infosys and Unisys are conducting a Due diligence investigation of ServiceFirst’s functions during February 2015. They have collected detail operating information by interviewing ServiceFirst and have remarked on the high skills and professionalism of ServiceFirst staff. Contrast this with the scandalous conduct of Infosys in these recent news articles http://www.itnews.com.au/News/398080,infosys-execs-ousted-after-apple-overbilling-scandal.aspx http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/andhra-pradesh/infosys-fined-again-for-delay-in-delivering-services/article6897240.ece?homepage=true These articles indicate an inability to do the service and how highly commercialized they are. Other state governments have previously gone through this outsourcing venture, and it has been proven that it was a complete failure (Reference: http://www.itnews.com.au/News/399308,revealed-queenslands-case-against-ibm.aspx) The contract is expected to be signed after the NSW state election but ServiceFirst staff are expected to support the transition for Infosys and Unisys to gain the user acceptance certificate. We will be forced to transfer our knowledge then more than 300 staff will be redundant which is distressing them and their families. We strongly feel that this is discrimination, and we are being disadvantaged as local Australian citizens. In order to work in NSW government, we have to be Australian and we need to have local knowledge to serve the people of NSW. ServiceFirst staff are required to be cleared by Police and the check for working with children for protecting confidential data. Can this protection of confidential information be assured after it goes offshore to India and the USA? It is so wrong that the NSW Government is allowed, without penalty, to offshore our NSW government jobs to India and the USA. More than 300 ServiceFirst staff will be affected with our job going offshore, and so we all strongly believe we need to take a stand now and stop this act from becoming the norm and opening the door for other government agencies to follow. We seek your commitment to retain the work locally and keep Aussies in their jobs.
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  • The City of Sydney Council Hands off Sydney's Homeless People
    The Sydney Homeless Community have long suffered the indignity and inconvenience of having their lawful property forcibly and arbitrarily removed by a belligerent City of Sydney Council. We know of no legislation or regulation which places a limitation upon the amount of property a homeless -or any other person might have in a public place or confers upon any authority the discretion or powers to set such a limit. The Tents Homeless people erect provide themselves with the humblest of affordable and appropriately located shelter because the City of Sydney fails to provide such accommodation in sufficient quantity if at all. MORAL: What sort of person would authorise the removal of the last vestiges of dignity privacy and self worth many of the homeless community have? It is a morally bankrupt Council that authorises such action and an ethically sick workforce that does not refuse to carry out such orders. DO NOT REMOVE homeless peoples tents or shelter if you are not offering a better affordable and appropriately located option acceptable to each homeless person. HYGEINE:The City of Sydney's removal method as used recently at Wentworth Park is to use trucks normally operated as part of their rubbish fleet .Storage at Council facilities adds further to the unhygenic handling of Homeless peoples goods (which council says it will happily give back). Council neither sterilises or informs of the need to sterilise. HEALTH: Use of tents and appropriate comfortable sleeping equipment by homeless people is a pro-active means of maintaining their good health.By removing homeless peoples equipment Council removes the means to self manage ones good health regime. LEGAL: There appear to be no valid laws under which council can act in several aspects of their removals of homeless peoples property.
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    The independence of the Australian police is fundamental to our democracy and our human rights. The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is a public sector executive agency charged with protecting and serving the public. The QPS wields significant power over people’s ability to enjoy their fundamental rights and freedoms. How it is funded and who has influence – or even perceived influence – over its actions, is a fundamental democratic and civil rights issue. Such conflicts of interest undermine public confidence in the QPS to uphold the law in a neutral and impartial manner, particularly where essential human rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights are involved such as the right to freedom of association, the right to freedom of assembly, and the right to equality before the law. Therefore, all private sponsorship of the QPS by Santos must end immediately.
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  • Constitutional recognition petition
    To recognise Australia's first peoples and ensure there's no place for racial discrimination in our Constitution.
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  • Re-open Lismore lake swimmimg pool
    Because the lismore lake swimming pool is/was an iconic community swimming pool where loads of families would spend hot summer days.Teaching their own children to swim.
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  • Don't Sell TIO
    the loss of the TIO will increase our premiums and result in insufficient restitution of the value of our properties
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  • Save Community TV
    Community networks: - Cost the Government nothing. They don't receive Government funding. - Provide platforms for content producers to offer a local voice. - Train and skill media staff and students - both in technically running TV networks, but also the creation of content suitable for TV. - Launch actor careers, such as Rove McManus, who began on C31 Melbourne. Please get behind this campaign to save Community TV.
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  • Intervention Orders Dont Work
    The facts speak for themselves for example take the RosyBattey tragedy she had attempted to access many community sources for urgent help including the Police, the Mental Health Organisation and Child Protection and nothing was done for this family which resulted in her 10 year old son being killed in a public place by his mentally ill father who was shot by the police and later died at the scene. From my lived experience of domestic violence the system continues to fail the lives of vulnerable women and children. Intervention Orders Law do not save lives. Until the laws are changed the potential for more women and innocent children will continue to live with fear, trauma, anxiety and continued violence.
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  • Food Waste Composting
    Methane produced by food waste in land fill is alarming! The resultant product from composting could be made available to the public or used on city projects.Only small cost and carbon footprint to implement,
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  • No Confidence Vote in Australian Prime Minister
    Tony Abbott government was given a mandate to govern Australia by the electorate based on the promises he gave. Since then he has reneged on all of these and no longer represents the will of the people who elected him. This petition is to be given to the house of representatives to request a vote of no confidence by the Australian people in Tony Abbotts government. We request that government ministers act on this petition and call for a vote of no confidence in parliment
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  • Restore Hornsby's Western side; NO highrise!
    We feel too much of our built heritage has already been destroyed. The Eastern side is already a business and commercial district , there is NO good reason to prostitute our graceful 19th. 'Old Side' as well. Surely we can turn the western side into a people's precinct, with our beautiful new pool and park, restaurants, art galleries, markets and arts and craft stores and road side cafes. We don't need more ugly units and office blocks . Let's take a stand,Enough is ENOUGH!
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  • Matraville Post Office
    We need the matraville post office back at the matraville town center. You can make it happen. People power is an amazing thing. People young and old rely on you to save and protect local and protect local communities with essentisl services such as the post office. It was sneaky the way that australia post went about the clossure. I was tipped of by the media before it was made public that we were losing the matraville post office. All the way from la perouse to Matraville this post office was our sence of security. Please bring it back. We need your help. Please write to MP Matt Thistlethwaite, MP Michael Daley, Also include (Cr Noel D Souza and Cr Belleli who support getting back our Matraville post office.) Please start by signing the petition. Regards. Carlos
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