• Food Waste Composting
    Methane produced by food waste in land fill is alarming! The resultant product from composting could be made available to the public or used on city projects.Only small cost and carbon footprint to implement,
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  • No Confidence Vote in Australian Prime Minister
    Tony Abbott government was given a mandate to govern Australia by the electorate based on the promises he gave. Since then he has reneged on all of these and no longer represents the will of the people who elected him. This petition is to be given to the house of representatives to request a vote of no confidence by the Australian people in Tony Abbotts government. We request that government ministers act on this petition and call for a vote of no confidence in parliment
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  • Restore Hornsby's Western side; NO highrise!
    We feel too much of our built heritage has already been destroyed. The Eastern side is already a business and commercial district , there is NO good reason to prostitute our graceful 19th. 'Old Side' as well. Surely we can turn the western side into a people's precinct, with our beautiful new pool and park, restaurants, art galleries, markets and arts and craft stores and road side cafes. We don't need more ugly units and office blocks . Let's take a stand,Enough is ENOUGH!
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  • Matraville Post Office
    We need the matraville post office back at the matraville town center. You can make it happen. People power is an amazing thing. People young and old rely on you to save and protect local and protect local communities with essentisl services such as the post office. It was sneaky the way that australia post went about the clossure. I was tipped of by the media before it was made public that we were losing the matraville post office. All the way from la perouse to Matraville this post office was our sence of security. Please bring it back. We need your help. Please write to MP Matt Thistlethwaite, MP Michael Daley, Also include (Cr Noel D Souza and Cr Belleli who support getting back our Matraville post office.) Please start by signing the petition. Regards. Carlos
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    Created by Noel D'Souza
  • A petition to call for the immediate resignation of Christopher Pyne
    Over recent years, the Australian Parliament's integrity has been called into question on multiple occasions because of the way that politicians behave during parliamentary sessions. It has come to a stage where Parliamentary sessions should not receive even a PG rating for telecasting. Politicians should be the highest form of role-models with the highest level of public accountability. They represent the Australian people at home and internationally. With this in mind, the incident wherein Christopher Pyne used derogatory and violent language in a publicly televised Parliamentary session is absolutely intolerable. With this petition, we intend to call for Pynes resignation, and Tony Abbot's support for said resignation-- as Party Leader and Prime Minister-- in the interests of reinstating some public confidence in political accountability. Had a teacher in an Australian school used such offensive language they would be issued a severe reprimand. Pyne, as Education Minister, should receive no less. We the undersigned strongly believe that Christopher Pyne has demonstrated that he is not a fit representative of the Australian people and as such should be held accountable. His behaviour embarrasses Australia as a nation, and Tony Abbot should call for Pyne's resignation if he does not willingly volunteer it.
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    Created by Lisa Wellard
  • No Woolworths in Bermagui
    Bermagui is a ambiant little sleepy seaside village, our population is under 2000 and, we have small local family businesses here and a Foodworks, we don't need any more supermarkets, Our existing businesses find it hard to survive during the off season as it is. Having a Woolworths in town would destroy them, and the whole look of our town. The rate payers will be paying for all the infrastructure needed to bring their trucks in and widen the roads. Why would we want them to come into our village and kill our local businesses?
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  • Gold Coast Cruise Terminal = Cruel Hoax
    1. Because the State Government and Councillors have allowed Tate to high jack the role of Mayor to work up this project without Councillor approval. This is in breach of Section 12 of the Local Government Act. 2. Because the Benefits as touted by ASF are a hoax by reference to other projects they have done worldwide like this. 3. Because the environmental costs, social costs of the public space giveaway, and the economic costs are permanent and irreversible .
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  • Reduce retirement age to 65 NOT increase to 70!
    It gives younger people more options to work and earn. I think by the time you have worked to 60 you have contributed sufficiently to society and you should have the option of retirement! If you want to continue working you should have the option. Let's bring the retirement age back to 65 and ideally it should be reduced to 60. Please don't let any government whittle away at Australia's benefits anymore.
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    Created by Steve Lowe
  • Mail Service to East Jindabyne, Tyrolean & Kalkite
    The area of East Jindabyne, Tyrolean & Kalkite continues to grow and there are more permanent residents than when the last Australia Post survey was done. I contacted Aust Post and they were unable to give me a date when the last survey was done or statistics. They recommended the residents of East Jindabyne and surrounds submit a petition. If you are a resident of East Jindabyne, Tyrolean & Kalkite you either have to go to the East Jindabyne service station to collect your mail or pay for a post office box in Jindabyne. Even though this option is offered at a reduced rate there would be no cost if we had our mail delivered. To get a mail service to our area we will have to have a high percentage of residents from all three areas requiring this service.
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  • reopen 74 vacant beds at Glenmead Village Aged Care Facility
    There are presently 72 patients housed in hospitals around the region awaiting placement in an aged care facility. This does not take into account the fact that there are many people barely able to cope in their own homes. THis not only crowds the hospitals it is not a suitable place for aged people to live and it will only get worse as our aged population increases.
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    Created by Joy Watson
  • reducing the costs involved of de-sexing dogs & cats
    to reduce the dumping of unwanted cats & dogs,the overpopulation of shelters & pounds as well as the euthanasia rate of the above & protection of wildlife (in the case of feral dogs & cats)
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    Created by hellen schleijper
  • Let Ari Illingworth and her mother, Eunsil Park, stay in Australia
    Eunsil has been living in Australia, working to support her daughter, paying taxes and contributing to her community. I believe she is a model citizen and to force this mother and child to leave Australia and return to a country where she has no work or home will have devastating consequences to all concerned. It is inconceivable that as a result of a relationship breakdown a family must endure more heartbreak and expulsion from Australia. Ari is an Australian Citizen and you Mr Morrison, as Immigration Minister, must have a duty of care to ensure that this 4 year old child remains safe, secure and surrounded by the family she knows and loves.
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    Created by Leslie Dunbar