• No to an airport in Koo Wee Rup
    The draining of the Great Swamp produced some of Victoria's and Australia's highest quality soil, rich in nutrients. The development of an airport, the increase in traffic and the pollution which will follow puts at jeopardy the ability to utilize this land appropriately. Reducing the betterment and better health of all Australians. Currently there are significant infrastructure restraints in the area causing complete grid lock over any long weekend, with even mild increased traffic towards Phillip Island and Gippsland areas. Whilst the structure of the project has been sold to Victorians as a great deal with a foreign company funding construction, it is they who will be distributed all incomes, whilst all tax paying Victorians will be forced to pay the infrastructure bill to develop functioning roads to this service. This will create a huge tax burden for all Victorians whilst only servicing what currently stands as 250,000 Gippslandians. Putting further financial burdens on local residents to prepare current houses for additional requirements necessary for being approximately 7 minutes from the airport and decreasing value of the properties. The government has been urging residents to move further out of the city to manage the housing crisis and when Victorians choose to do this to enjoy the country they then decide to propose an airport that will take away everything we love about living further out. The night sky and stars are part of this and an airport being this close will take that away. The impact on the local wildlife and whether they will be able to reproduce moving into the future. Please help us tell the Government to rethink this plan and relocate it to a more appropriate area.
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    Created by Lee P Adamis
  • The Block can Save The Gatwick for Social Housing
    The Gatwick has provided a home for those in need of shelter and safety for decades. Keeping this housing stock for low income people would: • Contribute to the maintenance of cultural diversity in St Kilda • Mean less displacement of low income and marginalised people from the communities that they know and understand • Provide stable housing which in turn would provide a belief in self and hope for the future for the people housed, leaving them with an improved ability to leverage opportunities including: * gain work in their local community (even on The Block!) * improve physical and mental health outcomes * allow possible pathways to education and job readiness * provide opportunities for increased social interaction in the home environment and the community * improving their sense of safety and community belonging * enabling the renewal of relationships that have been severed with family and friends * providing access to ongoing support services
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    Created by Christine Nunn Picture
  • Stop government sell off of Sydney bus services
    Need to keep public services in public ownership Protect bus driver jobs Stop govt unfairly blaming STA and bus drivers for delays to services due to Sydney road congestion
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    Created by Megan Phillips
  • Save the Queen Victoria Market
    The QVM is an important source of fresh affordable food in the centre of Melbourne. The changes being proposed by the City of Melbourne will result in its destruction as a source of food security for large numbers of people, and an iconic part of Melbourne's cultural life.
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    Created by Maria Grazia Picture
  • Defend the ABC
    An independent robust public broadcaster is the only reliable source of unbiased news and current affairs, as well as a promoter and nursery for Australian talent in the arts, including music, film and theatre. The ABC is chartered with providing these services to ALL Australians, no matter how remotely they might be located, and has been, until recent changes enforced by budget cuts and 'management decisions', a reliable source of information for the pacific and Asian nations. Add the public broadcaster's important roles in alerting us to national emergency information and providing reliable news to the regions around us, and everyone can understand the importance of a healthy ABC. The fact that both Labor and Coalition governments have raged about the "biased ABC" over past decades clearly indicates that it has been doing its job to hold governments to be accountable, no matter which side of the fence they sit on. We need a healthy ABC and we need to stop this government destroying its effectiveness.
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    Created by Marcus May
    Even if ASF or any other company would pay a fair market price for the land (and we know this would NEVER happen!) the answer to their application SHOULD BE: NO! 1. If the SEAWAY/BROADWATER is meddled with in any shape or form the resulting effect on river tides/sand movement/silting/effect on the ecosystem is anyone's guess? WE CANNOT RISK IT! 2. We need the SPIT and all other open spaces on the Gold Coast to be preserved as our city is full of high-rises, we haven't got enough roads, our public transport system is basically non-existent, traffic is chocked throughout the city 24/7. 3. No development should be allowed north of Sea-World! We need the Spit developed as parkland and for recreation now and for future generations. 4. The Gold Coast, specially the central area where most high-rises are has no park with trees! Our greedy, self-serving council for decades has been selling anything/everything that could be sold... and the raping of the natural environment continues. This city NEEDS a decent large park, such as the Central Park in New York. Humans NEED OXYGEN TO SURVIVE which oxygen comes from TREES! No use to say that the Hinterland has enough trees and oxygen when the coastal winds blow it the other way, away from the coastal region where the high-rises and the biggest traffic exist. 5. ASF and all other companies should once and for all be given the thumbs down as far as the SPIT is concerned!
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    Created by AGNES ADORJAN
  • Provide a safer environment for older Public Housing Tennants
    A safe environment is a basic right for all Australians. Unfortunately if you are and older tenant living in aging housing stock in Victoria basic security measures are not provided, other than cheap security doors. This leads to many people living in a state of fear and impacts negatively on mental and physical well being. The lack of security leads to non residents feeling free to come onto properties to use laundries, break into empty flats, indulge in drug use, attempt to gain entry into occupied flats during the night. Also when challenged these people threaten and even perpetrate violence. I have lived on such a property for some 2 1/2 years. For most of that time, I and many of my neighbours have felt unsafe. Even if you apply to move you face a waiting time of up to nine years. Surely it is not too much to ask that as in newer properties, our property entrances can be made safe and secure so that we tenants can be afforded some peace of mind and safety.
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    Created by Lindianne Rushby
  • Murdoch University Shame
    A new low benchmark for all of us: Murdoch University is one of the first universities to kick off our national round of Enterprise Bargaining. It could affect other campuses and probably not stop there. Industries across the economy may feel emboldened to do the same or even worse. email Eeva Leinonen VC of Murdoch University: http://www.nteu.org.au/murdoch/thinkshame/letter_to_vc Please ACT NOW - Murdoch University's unconscionable conduct in trappling over the rights of staff cannot go unnoticed by the Australian public. Murdoch's submission could be before the Fair Work Commission at any time. Murdoch University in Western Australia has applied to the Fair Work Commission to *terminate* the staff's ​entire ​Enterprise Agreement!! If successful, absolutely every single entitlement won by the the University Union, NTEU and the staff at Murdoch University over the past 20+ years would be wiped out and staff would revert to the award safety-net. It means this Australian University would be returning to the dark ages. Among the many entitlements at risk: *parental leave entitlements *wages could be reduced by 25-39% *reductions to redundancy entitlements *workload regulations Staff and their union are being victimised: NTEU WA Division Secretary, Gabe Gooding​,​ and NTEU industrial officer, Alex Cousner, are being personally sued by Murdoch University for making public statements critical of senior management​.​ They are facing ​fines of ​up to $170,000.
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    Created by Vicki Dritsas
  • Fair price for milk
    Dairy farmers are facing a devastating time, with part of this due to the low milk prices consumers pay. This is not sustainable. It has, and will continue to, result in some dairy farmers and their families facing ruin, leaving their farms and killing their herds. Creating an option of differential pricing at the point of sale would enable consumers to pay a fair price for milk and support dairy farmers.
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    Created by Ines Rio
  • Stop letting pedophiles walk our streets
    Please don't be offended, I'm a survivor of child sexual abuse, & at 51, I am in treatment to deal with the daily nightmares, I'm also in the process of having my perpetrator charged, but I'm scared! Because from what I'm seeing on a daily basis in the media, child sex offenders are walking out of courts with minimal to ZERO sentencing, it reeks of corruption! I would not have been a victim had the courts locked my perpetrator up the first time round! EVERY TIME CHILD ABUSERS WALK FREE, courts are re-victimising victims, they are retraumatising victims, they are saying 'kids lives don't matter' that victims are not worth their time! A good 90% of adults with mental health/substance abuse are living these lives because of some kind of childhood trauma in all its forms - imagine the reduction on the health system if we locked offenders up? Sending a clear message to these pedophiles that if you hurt a child, you will not see daylight again?? Or for AT LEAST 15yrs!
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    Created by Julie Brodie Picture
  • Local roads captain creek Queensland 4677
    Safety particularly in the wet season which impacts school children, maintence costs on vehicles in particular tyres, dirt blowing into homes etc.
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    Created by David Stalker
  • Pensioner Concessions Denied by Sunshine Coast Council
    While living as a rate payer on the Sunshine Coast for 5 or many more years and reaching 65, and applying to the Council for rates concessions, they were granted if eligible. But then ageing further, it's found necessary to move into some assisted living accommodation in a nearby retirement village where the apartment is owned by the retirement scheme operator. The Council now says the pensioner is no longer eligible and stops the rates concessions. The council have in fact the power to opt in to granting the concessions if certain conditions, as outlined in the 2012 Queensland Government regulations, are adhered to. The Gold Coast City Council have a form (available over the internet) for non home owners to apply for the concessions as long as their retirement village scheme operator signs the form as well, guaranteeing the forwarding of the council concessions in full, to the permanent pensioner retirement village resident.
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    Created by John Davies