The independence of the Australian police is fundamental to our democracy and our human rights. The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is a public sector executive agency charged with protecting and serving the public. The QPS wields significant power over people’s ability to enjoy their fundamental rights and freedoms. How it is funded and who has influence – or even perceived influence – over its actions, is a fundamental democratic and civil rights issue. Such conflicts of interest undermine public confidence in the QPS to uphold the law in a neutral and impartial manner, particularly where essential human rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights are involved such as the right to freedom of association, the right to freedom of assembly, and the right to equality before the law. Therefore, all private sponsorship of the QPS by Santos must end immediately.
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    Created by Michelle Maloney
  • Constitutional recognition petition
    To recognise Australia's first peoples and ensure there's no place for racial discrimination in our Constitution.
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    Created by Mark Lynch
  • Re-open Lismore lake swimmimg pool
    Because the lismore lake swimming pool is/was an iconic community swimming pool where loads of families would spend hot summer days.Teaching their own children to swim.
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    Created by Lisa Hosking Picture
  • Don't Sell TIO
    the loss of the TIO will increase our premiums and result in insufficient restitution of the value of our properties
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    Created by ronald cairns
  • Save Community TV
    Community networks: - Cost the Government nothing. They don't receive Government funding. - Provide platforms for content producers to offer a local voice. - Train and skill media staff and students - both in technically running TV networks, but also the creation of content suitable for TV. - Launch actor careers, such as Rove McManus, who began on C31 Melbourne. Please get behind this campaign to save Community TV.
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    Created by Fiona Mackenzie
  • Intervention Orders Dont Work
    The facts speak for themselves for example take the RosyBattey tragedy she had attempted to access many community sources for urgent help including the Police, the Mental Health Organisation and Child Protection and nothing was done for this family which resulted in her 10 year old son being killed in a public place by his mentally ill father who was shot by the police and later died at the scene. From my lived experience of domestic violence the system continues to fail the lives of vulnerable women and children. Intervention Orders Law do not save lives. Until the laws are changed the potential for more women and innocent children will continue to live with fear, trauma, anxiety and continued violence.
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    Created by Eileen Still Picture
  • Food Waste Composting
    Methane produced by food waste in land fill is alarming! The resultant product from composting could be made available to the public or used on city projects.Only small cost and carbon footprint to implement,
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    Created by Gaye Bowd Picture
  • No Confidence Vote in Australian Prime Minister
    Tony Abbott government was given a mandate to govern Australia by the electorate based on the promises he gave. Since then he has reneged on all of these and no longer represents the will of the people who elected him. This petition is to be given to the house of representatives to request a vote of no confidence by the Australian people in Tony Abbotts government. We request that government ministers act on this petition and call for a vote of no confidence in parliment
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  • Restore Hornsby's Western side; NO highrise!
    We feel too much of our built heritage has already been destroyed. The Eastern side is already a business and commercial district , there is NO good reason to prostitute our graceful 19th. 'Old Side' as well. Surely we can turn the western side into a people's precinct, with our beautiful new pool and park, restaurants, art galleries, markets and arts and craft stores and road side cafes. We don't need more ugly units and office blocks . Let's take a stand,Enough is ENOUGH!
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  • Matraville Post Office
    We need the matraville post office back at the matraville town center. You can make it happen. People power is an amazing thing. People young and old rely on you to save and protect local and protect local communities with essentisl services such as the post office. It was sneaky the way that australia post went about the clossure. I was tipped of by the media before it was made public that we were losing the matraville post office. All the way from la perouse to Matraville this post office was our sence of security. Please bring it back. We need your help. Please write to MP Matt Thistlethwaite, MP Michael Daley, Also include (Cr Noel D Souza and Cr Belleli who support getting back our Matraville post office.) Please start by signing the petition. Regards. Carlos
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    Created by Noel D'Souza
  • A petition to call for the immediate resignation of Christopher Pyne
    Over recent years, the Australian Parliament's integrity has been called into question on multiple occasions because of the way that politicians behave during parliamentary sessions. It has come to a stage where Parliamentary sessions should not receive even a PG rating for telecasting. Politicians should be the highest form of role-models with the highest level of public accountability. They represent the Australian people at home and internationally. With this in mind, the incident wherein Christopher Pyne used derogatory and violent language in a publicly televised Parliamentary session is absolutely intolerable. With this petition, we intend to call for Pynes resignation, and Tony Abbot's support for said resignation-- as Party Leader and Prime Minister-- in the interests of reinstating some public confidence in political accountability. Had a teacher in an Australian school used such offensive language they would be issued a severe reprimand. Pyne, as Education Minister, should receive no less. We the undersigned strongly believe that Christopher Pyne has demonstrated that he is not a fit representative of the Australian people and as such should be held accountable. His behaviour embarrasses Australia as a nation, and Tony Abbot should call for Pyne's resignation if he does not willingly volunteer it.
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    Created by Lisa Wellard
  • No Woolworths in Bermagui
    Bermagui is a ambiant little sleepy seaside village, our population is under 2000 and, we have small local family businesses here and a Foodworks, we don't need any more supermarkets, Our existing businesses find it hard to survive during the off season as it is. Having a Woolworths in town would destroy them, and the whole look of our town. The rate payers will be paying for all the infrastructure needed to bring their trucks in and widen the roads. Why would we want them to come into our village and kill our local businesses?
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    Created by Cathy McGee Picture