• Fair price for milk
    Dairy farmers are facing a devastating time, with part of this due to the low milk prices consumers pay. This is not sustainable. It has, and will continue to, result in some dairy farmers and their families facing ruin, leaving their farms and killing their herds. Creating an option of differential pricing at the point of sale would enable consumers to pay a fair price for milk and support dairy farmers.
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    Created by Ines Rio
  • Stop letting pedophiles walk our streets
    Please don't be offended, I'm a survivor of child sexual abuse, & at 51, I am in treatment to deal with the daily nightmares, I'm also in the process of having my perpetrator charged, but I'm scared! Because from what I'm seeing on a daily basis in the media, child sex offenders are walking out of courts with minimal to ZERO sentencing, it reeks of corruption! I would not have been a victim had the courts locked my perpetrator up the first time round! EVERY TIME CHILD ABUSERS WALK FREE, courts are re-victimising victims, they are retraumatising victims, they are saying 'kids lives don't matter' that victims are not worth their time! A good 90% of adults with mental health/substance abuse are living these lives because of some kind of childhood trauma in all its forms - imagine the reduction on the health system if we locked offenders up? Sending a clear message to these pedophiles that if you hurt a child, you will not see daylight again?? Or for AT LEAST 15yrs!
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    Created by Julie Brodie Picture
  • Local roads captain creek Queensland 4677
    Safety particularly in the wet season which impacts school children, maintence costs on vehicles in particular tyres, dirt blowing into homes etc.
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    Created by David Stalker
  • Pensioner Concessions Denied by Sunshine Coast Council
    While living as a rate payer on the Sunshine Coast for 5 or many more years and reaching 65, and applying to the Council for rates concessions, they were granted if eligible. But then ageing further, it's found necessary to move into some assisted living accommodation in a nearby retirement village where the apartment is owned by the retirement scheme operator. The Council now says the pensioner is no longer eligible and stops the rates concessions. The council have in fact the power to opt in to granting the concessions if certain conditions, as outlined in the 2012 Queensland Government regulations, are adhered to. The Gold Coast City Council have a form (available over the internet) for non home owners to apply for the concessions as long as their retirement village scheme operator signs the form as well, guaranteeing the forwarding of the council concessions in full, to the permanent pensioner retirement village resident.
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    Created by John Davies
  • Save CSIRO Climate Scientists - CSIRO Board suspend CEO LarryMarshal
    Larry Marshal's autocratic decision threatens a globally important function of the CSIRO, climate change modelling. It also risks the loss of up to 350 highly skilled Climate Scientists and modelers. There is national and international outrage against Mr Marshal's decision plus his clear lack of consultation with key stakeholders and the CSIRO Board. His decision must be subject to due process and wider community consultation. The CSIRO is not the private domain or plaything of one man, his ego or his positional power. The CSIRO is a national asset where capacity takes years to build, no one has the right to make arbitrary decisions of this significance.
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    Created by Bill MacDonald
  • Stop the Port of Melbourne Privatisation
    Privatisation is legalised robbery of all of us. Stop it now, and retain Victoria's infrastucture in Victoria for Victorians, with ALL fees and charges retained by Victorians Governments at all levels need to reconsider, in the cold light of experience, the cost to citizenry of issues surrounding the ownership of Businesses of State Utility and Revenue-Generating consequence. In years past, our Parliaments and Councils-- our political proxies charged with the management and direction of businesses owned by all citizens constituting that State (whether it be the Australian Commonwealth; a State; a Territory, or even a Local-Government) were allowed to become progressively lax in such matters as the oversight of the Authorities, Boards, Commissions and other sub-bodies of Government charged with the day-to-day management of what should have been forged into highly profitable monopolies or near-monopolies, owned and operated for Profit by Governments with the revenues flowing from this used to ensure and increase the wealth of the owner-State, and it's capacity to fulfil the functions that were properly expected of it by all it's citizens --either directly; or functioning as necessary infrastructure for the facilitation of all businesses that would avail themselves of it or indirectly benefit. Selling-off Infrastructure & other assets acquired with Public Money, thereby diverting the stream of all direct and indirect profit from businesses of Public Utility Scale into private --and often non-citizen- hands has been an Abrogation of the Responsibilities of Officers of State which has gone for too long, too little remarked. It is time (1) To call a halt to the selling-off of Public Utilitarian Assets, & (2) That Officers of Government and Government Employees responsible for the handling of Public Moneys are called back to their duty to Profitably Manage Government-Owned Utility/Infrastructure Businesses, and not in future throw-up their hands in the face of instances of Graft, Closed-Shop MIlitancy, and other forms of quasi-criminal Extortion and diversion of Citizen Owned Profits, on pain of being (if elected) ejected from Parliament on Citizen-Petition for incompetence; or Fired from the Public Service --with pro-rata Loss of Accumulated Benefits as assessed on legally-defined degrees of incompetence applying to each individual by panels of persons of good repute and relevant (say, business) experience, chaired by a Judge. After the Indi electoral initiative at the last Federal election, Politicians and those most closely associating with them should be looking nervously over their shoulders.
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    Created by Oliver Lindsaar
  • LoganCity Connect Free/ Gold Coin donation Shuttle Bus Services (aka Free City Loop)
    Its time for Logan to get modernized, connected and vibrant. Beenleigh Town Square is good project, we need broader connections. Leadership is the art of understanding the needs of others and guiding them to achieve common goals. To do so, you need to communicate effectively and inspire people to work as a team.
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  • End the hysterical persecution of Law Abiding Gun Owners (LAGO)
    Law abiding gun owners have become the focus of a number of factional group and political leftists such as the Greens. They seek to make legal gun ownership impossible for the average citizen inspite of the fact that their draconian efforts have been shown to have no effect on the rate of gun use by criminals who, by their very nature, ignore the very bans these people seek to impose on lawful gun owners who comply with the regulations in every respect. The focus of their efforts needs to change from one of persecuting legal gun owners to more effective boarder controls to prevent black markets firearms being imported into this country as well as more efficient policing to track down illegal firearms. Increase the penalties for illegal ownership and the use of a firearm in ANY crime and stop persecuting people who choose to pursue a great hobby and an Olympic sport.
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    Created by Steve Fenech
  • use marker dye or stop herbicide spraying in public parks and along foot paths
    the onkaparinga council has been telling contractors to spray without marker dye because they have been having so many complaints about spraying in public parks and along foot paths. they are trying to silence the complaints by underhanded sneaky methods instead of listening to their constituents and either ceasing to use these toxic chemicals in areas where children and pets play and expose themselves unknowingly to these chemicals . if hte council wont listen to the publics wishes regarding chemical use in public spaces then the public at least has a right to know where the chemicals have been applied so they can avoid exposure. recent research has shown that glyphosate preperations are toxic to humans in a variety of ways not the least of which is toxicity inducing apoptosis in human placental, embryonic and stemcells this is peer reviewed research carried out by Nora Benachour and Gilles-Eric Séralini * of the University of Caen, Laboratory for Estrogens and Reproduction, UPRES EA 2608, Institute of Biology, Caen 14032, France the complete reference is below. following the publication of htis research and many other simmilar research in to the toxic effects of glyphosate france and several other european nations have banned its use in public spaces and further restricted its use elsewhere Glyphosate Formulations Induce Apoptosis and Necrosis in Human Umbilical, Embryonic, and Placental Cells Nora Benachour and Gilles-Eric Séralini * University of Caen, Laboratory Estrogens and Reproduction, UPRES EA 2608, Institute of Biology, Caen 14032, France Chem. Res. Toxicol., 2009, 22 (1), pp 97–105 DOI: 10.1021/tx800218n Publication Date (Web): December 23, 2008
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    Created by punjehl crane
  • Save Park & Play
    Park & Play is a vital community service that brings parents and carers together while children learn to play and socialise in a fun outdoor environment. The service appeals to a huge variety of people in the community across all demographics, because of the easygoing manner in which park & play is conducted, there are no enrollments, payments or sign ups and therefore more vulnerable people in the community feel at ease using the service. Park & Play facilitates a growing community through introducing parents and carers of all ages and backgrounds and it's a fantastic starting block to making new friends and establishing support systems to help raise happy and healthy children.
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    Created by Lauren Nichols
  • Raising the standard of politics
    It has been said that low trust is the biggest tax we will ever pay as every interaction takes longer when trust is low! A two-line email can take an hour to write when trust is low. Trust in politicians is now so low more and more of us are disengaging from politics (not just disaffected youth or Muslims) as the best way to drive social discourse. True leaders ask difficult questions and listen to the responses. In case there is any confusion here are a few examples. We don’t trust you to: 1. be honest with us. We understand people change their minds with better information but we believe you make election promises you never intend to fulfill and then repeat the same patronising denials until everyone gets sick of it. 2. not to put self interest ahead of what's good for Australia. We believe you denigrate and ridicule good ideas from the other party simply to boost your electoral prospects. 3. not silence really important conversations with rhetoric designed to incite fear and distrust and promote your electoral prospects. 4. engage the community in really difficult conversations where you can’t control the answer. 5. not to label anyone with a differing opinion to yours as un-Australian, crossing the line or not on the team. As probably the first generation ever to hand the world on to our children in a worse state than we inherited it, it’s a sad indictment that many of your voters feel the really big conversations (climate change, security etc.) are too important to entrust to politicians.
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    Created by Andrew Lee
  • Support Science Debates for all Major Politicians Running for Office
    Science affects everything but most politicians manage to avoid talking about it because a lot of science and scientific research has to do with consequences beyond the limited terms of politicians. In other words, if they can get away with not talking about something in order to get elected, they'll happily throw your children under the bus.
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    Created by matthew chapman