• Stop Junk mail
    We work so hard at recycling, being careful of what we use in our homes, dont use plastic bags at the super market, buy recylced goods and even have recycled bins at our homes. Yet companies, that are making income from there actions, can just shove junk mail into our letter boxes, even if its full to over flowing. The junk mail then ends up on the streets and in our drains. If a person was to take the junk mail and just drop it on the steps of parliment, they would be charged with littering!. it is an old practise that needs to be controlled and regulated, signed up for stopped all together.
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    Created by Daryl byrne
  • Protect High Quality Food Producing Land and Rural Communities from Timber Plantations
    Current Victorian planning regulations allow for high quality food producing land (Farming Zoned land) to be planted to timber plantations as an "as of right" agricultural activity. This threatens food security for current and future generations. This destroys the fabric of local rural communities. The "as of right" status timber plantations have on Farming Zone land means that farms (which support families that make up rural communities) can be purchased, leased or rented and turned into timber plantations without any submission to local council required. Once land is converted to timber plantations, it is unavailable for any other agricultural activity on minimum of 20 -30 years, sometimes more. Timber plantations provide minimal employment opportunities for local communities. The roll on effect is that farmers and families then leave the area. The community loses members and then is unable to sustain organisations such as rural schools, fire brigades, sporting and social associations, and the rate base of the municipality is diminished. Local government authorities have no say in whether timber plantations are an appropriate activity in farming zoned locations. We understand that plantation timber products are required by the community. Timber plantations in Victoria have "as of right" status to plant in Rural Activity Zoned land. This land is far more appropriate for timber plantation activity. Young or old, boy or girl, city or country this is relevant to you. Australia’s current and future food security, the fabric of Australia’s rural communities it is all important to everyone. It is a simple change. It brings balance to the rural landscape, yet it still allows for both food production and timber production to continue side by side in Victoria. Thank you for your support, The Tallangatta Valley Progress Association, No Pines on Farming Zone Land Sub-Committee. (If you have any questions, or would like to contact the petition creator/campaign group, please click on the envelope next to campaign organiser’s name to email us. It is found under the photo).
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    Created by Kelly Bick
  • Support a Solar Thermal Plant in Port Augusta
    At this time, two old power stations in Port Augusta, South Australia are closing down, to be replaced with either a plant powered by gas or a mixture of solar thermal plants and wind turbines. Members of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition are walking 325km to show that young people care about climate change and want Australia to start the transition to renewable energy. It is crucial that young people are a part of the solution and supporting this cause is the first step on a long walk (haha, pun). The AYCC website is here: www.aycc.org.au
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    Created by Miriam Adams-Schimminger Picture
  • Save Gloucester from yet another open cut coal mine
    The Gloucester Valley in NSW is a beautiful, scenic area with an economy based on agriculture, dairy and tourism. Gloucester is overlooked by the iconic Bucketts and is the gateway to the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops. The scale of exploration and mining in the Gloucester Shire has developed to a point where the entire valley is covered by coal, coal seam gas and petroleum exploration licences and other mining leases. Of particular concern is the Gloucester Resources Ltd (GRL) exploration licence 6523 which encircles the township of Gloucester on three sides, and also licences 6524 and 6563. GRL is in the process of applying to operate an open cut coal mine, the Rocky Hill Coal Project, which will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The proposed mine will be situated in the E3 Scenic Protection Zone, only 900m from the Forbesdale housing estate, 3km from Gloucester Township, 4kms from Gloucester High School and 4.5km from Gloucester Hospital. Anyone living or working within 5km of an open cut coal mine has a far greater chance of sickness and ill health. This proposed mine has caused great anxiety and uncertainty. If approved, it will undermine the sustainability, development and growth of alternative businesses and proposed food production. It will negatively impact on Gloucester's scenic beauty and social features, which have come to define the character and appeal of the area. As 85% of the residents of Gloucester Shire have indicated they do not support the Rocky Hill open cut mine, Council has also voted not to support it. Please lend your support in this vital issue for the Gloucester community.
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    Created by Gloucester Residents in Partnership GRIP
  • Stop Ambulance Victoria "Single Responding" Graduate Paramedics
    This petition is open to anyone who having read the following, has genuine concern about the welfare of Ambulance Victoria's Graduate Paramedics. We are asking the Minister for Health, to direct Ambulance Victoria to rescind policy PRO/OPS/010 which directs graduate paramedics to respond to emergency cases alone and without supervision. These graduate paramedics will have had as little as six months experience following their graduation and who would not otherwise be expected to respond alone for OH&S reasons. Paramedics are regularly dispatched to violent patients, domestic incidents, heroin overdoses and psychologically disturbed patients, often without receiving these details. Student paramedics may believe they are being sent to a patient with a medical issue only to find on arrival that the case is potentially hazardous.. This has the potential to compromise the safety of these relatively inexperienced officers. Police don't send single officers to potentially hazardous situations, so nether should Ambulance Victoria. The following is one of many examples that graduates may encounter alone and without any immediate support: "I was dispatched to a patient who claimed to have chest pain. On arrival the patient stated that she was being beaten by her partner but did not want the police involved so she told the dispatcher that she had chest pain as she knew paramedics would come out and intervene. The partner was still in the house and was not aware that we were coming. We contacted the police when he became aggressive". (Written by an ALS Paramedic) IN THE MEDIA: Herald Sun on April 26, 2012: Title "New figures show a surge in assaults on paramedics" "THUGS and drunks are assaulting one paramedic almost every three days, new statistics show."
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    Created by John Till
  • Inner City Marble Challenge
    One in 5 Australia will have a mental health problem at some time during their lifetime.
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    Created by Douglas Holmes Picture
  • Most trusted most neglected, demand improved Emergency Ambulance coverage
    1. Most areas in NSW have not had an increase in stations or ambulance units for over ten years. 2. The workload increases every year yet available ambulance resources do not. 3. Trained Paramedics are still doing routine transports, they are getting tied up in Hospitals for 5, 9 plus hours, leaving the already pitiful number of available resources stretched beyond reason. 4. Our current available resources 24/7 are what where required for the workload 15-20 years ago and in fact have not improved substantially in that time. 5. Finally Ambulance is the busiest Emergency Service bar none and their role is to save lives, and minutes count in that regard. The next call may be to someone you love.
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    Created by Warren Boon
  • Help the Monk Family of Tara, QLD find out what's poisoning them.
    The Queensland Government to date has failed to provide details of the adverse health affects on humans from coal seam gas mining. Now children are getting sick. And they need to know what's poisoning them before they can get help. We're petitioning the Hon Lawrence Springborg, Qld Minister for Health, to provide a detailed list of the chemicals and gasses that are present or created by coal seam gas mining. Please help us get some answers for this beautiful family.
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    Created by Adrienne Stones Picture
  • Save Our Sando (and the live music industry)
    The entire live music scene has copped a belting from poker machine hungry pubs and clubs. Now the banks, who lend money they don't have and then acquire properties that do exist through greed grabs from the very businesses they create the loan for, so they then own assets, sell them fast, cripple the small business and make a hefty profit. As these venues disappear Australia is losing its live music culture to the general public. The next generations will not be able to walk into music venues and hear original live music. The musicians will not have venues to perform and thus have no wages. And they will be replaced by PPCA royalty free pipe music.
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    Created by Darrel Baird Picture
  • Save the Right to Silence
    UPDATE On 18 Sept 2012, the NSW Attorney-General released an Exposure Draft of the proposed removal of the right to silence. Only 10 days have been allowed for public comment. The Exposure Draft may be read at http://www.lpclrd.lawlink.nsw.gov.au/agdbasev7wr/lpclrd/documents/pdf/evidence%20amendment%20(evidence%20of%20silence)%20bill%202012.pdf Issues with the Exposure Draft include that: # there is NO protection for vulnerable persons who are persuaded by the new caution to make disclosures without legal advice; # the onus seems to be on an accused to prove he or she could not afford legal advice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An individual's right to silence under interrogation from police has been a fundamental civil and human right recognised in our legal system since at least the 1700s and firmly accepted as part of Australian law since at least 1824. It is a right fought for and attained in reaction to Star Chamber trials, witch-hunts and other inquisitorial processes. It is an important aspect of the right not to incriminate yourself. This right is only meaningful if exercising it cannot be used against you. That is, if it cannot be said against you at any criminal trial that you must have had something to hide or your defence should not be believed because you did not explain yourself to police when arrested and questioned (cf Petty v. The Queen [1991] HCA 34; (1991) 173 CLR 95). Reasonable reductions of this right already require drivers to identify themselves to police and for accused to give fair notice before trial of any alibi defence (so the prosecution is not ambushed and has a chance to test that defence). Now the Premier of NSW, the Hon. Barry O'Farrell MP, plans to abolish the right to silence by permitting adverse comments to be made if an accused has not fully disclosed his or her defence when questioned by police. This plan has been announced without community consultation, without evidence of any need for it and against the clear recommendations of the NSW Law Reform Commission and the Australian Law Reform Commission. Removal of the protection in Britain in 1994 was balanced by a guarantee of immediate access to free legal advice and representation at every police station. In NSW, Legal Aid is very limited. An arrested person must usually arrange a private lawyer at their own expense and many are questioned without legal advice or a lawyer present. People who decline to give a written statement may agree to talk to police without realising the video tape (ERISP) will be used in evidence against them, including of their body language in how they answered a question (or did not answer it). It seems the impetus for abolition has come from police concern about the failure of victims and witnesses of drive-by shootings and bikie crime to assist police. But this change has nothing to do with victims or witnesses: it only affects accused persons when they are arrested. Arrested persons may be shocked, scared, confused, vulnerable and alone. Often they have no real idea of what the police are investigating. They do not get to see the evidence they are being asked to 'answer' under interrogation. Police are only obliged to reveal their evidence later, when the matter is going to trial. As an ordinary, innocent person would you know how to answer evidence you haven't seen? Would you know how to talk to the police? The proposed change will mean a jury could be asked to disbelieve your defence if you did not give the explanation you later give at trial. Please sign the petition to the Premier asking him to protect the Right to Silence and not proceed with any changes. Please talk to your friends and send links to this campaign. _________________________________________________________________ ENDORSEMENTS: “The Right to Silence” is a fundamental legal right, therefore the Australian Lawyers Alliance fully supports this campaign. This petition is endorsed by the NSW Council for Civil Liberties.
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    Created by Valerie Heath
  • Merge the Olympics and Paralympics for the next Australian Bid!!!
    I want our Paralympic athletes to have the same benefits and experiences as our Able-Bodied Olympians. I want Australia to prove to the rest of the world that we treat every person as equals. I want Australia to show the ultimate respect for Paralympic Athletes. For so many years parts of Olympic stadiums have been torn down before the Paralympics have even begun, Television programs have not given the same amount of coverage. Paralympians have struggled and fought so many battles just to be able to do daily tasks, why then should we show them any less respect when it comes to performing their sports? It's about time Australia showed the world that we care!
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    Created by Sharleen Holmes
  • Don't penalise full-time Australian students!
    The majority of Australian University students are on a tertiary break for up to 4 months at a time from October to March. Full-time students should be able to remain able to utilise most of this time abroad - if they choose - without losing their Austudy entitlements. Students still have bills to be paid in Australia while they are abroad. Gaining knowledge and expertise through study and training improves our society and decreases unemployment in Australia. Full time study is an expensive investment. The Australian Government makes a lot of money from the interest rate of HECS loans. The majority of full-time Australian students are on Australian Government HECS loans which they are forced to take out as Australia's tertiary education is not free. Those that are not on HECS pay for their education up front each year with tax earned dollars. Why should full-time students - contributing to the economy through HECS loans and University course fees - be penalised for travel overseas for more than 6 weeks? Students should remain able to experience travel abroad (particularly to learn and understand more our neighbouring regions) for up to 13 weeks at a time without having their Austudy entitlements cut off. Full-time students in Australia are eligible to vote.
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    Created by Raquel Tara