• Improved bus lane for the M2
    It impacts thousands of commuters each and everyday by adding a significant amount of time to the journey into work - affecting jobs, day care and family time. Waiting a few years for a train is not enough. See this Reddit thread for historical context: https://m.reddit.com/r/sydney/comments/2o75v5/traffic_on_the_m2_is_getting_worse_boss_this_is/
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  • Kaldas for Commish!
    1. Nick Kaldas is the finest police officer of his generation and is an officer of international standing. 2. NSW Police needs to be cleansed of the authoritarian influence of the Scipione faction and return to serving, not preying upon, the people of NSW. 3. Nick Kaldas is an international terrorism expert and would have handled the Lindt café siege better. 4. Most importantly, like a growing number of NSW citizens, he has been the victim of a police vendetta.
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  • NSW Crown Land corruption to be referred to ICAC
    *Most of our open spaces, our public parks, sporting ovals, our beaches (like Bondi), our headlands, our waterways and our bush, are Crown land. In truth, it is simply “public land”. The right of the general public to use and enjoy our public land is an essential part of our egalitarian society and the Courts have always upheld - under the general law - the public’s rights of access. But that is all about to change. Telling us that new legislation was needed to overcome various management issues resulting from out-of-date legislation, the NSW Coalition has just passed new legislation that will in fact facilitate the greatest privatisation of our public land in NSW history. Please read on if you are interested. The Crown Land Management Bill - rushed through Parliament by the NSW Government on 9 November - was the Government’s response to years of allegations of systemic mismanagement and cronyism in its Crown Land Department (“Crown Lands”) and by local councils. Those allegations (by various community groups) were effectively accepted as accurate and substantiated, first, by Mark Paterson as head of Crown Lands on 22 June 2015 and, second, by the NSW Auditor General on presenting her scathing report to Parliament on 8 September 2016. In his admission last year, Mr Paterson admitted the “systemic issues” identified by his lawyers were so bad as to require staff training “in fraud and corruption prevention”. Paterson's media release is here: https://www.opengov.nsw.gov.au/viewer/81b25fee74db45ee92b75d130638203b.pdf The Auditor General found - as alleged by the community - that countless crown reserves were being used for unlawful purposes, including by businesses well connected to the relevant decision makers. Some 90% of these dodgy deals were done behind closed doors, for peppercorn rents. The Auditor General recommended Crown Lands identify all cases of unlawful uses of Crown reserves by March 2017. The Auditor General's report is here: http://www.audit.nsw.gov.au/publications/latest-reports/sale-and-lease-of-crown-land. Then on 13 October 2016, an Upper House Inquiry - brought on by sustained pressure from Crown land community groups - delivered yet another report on Crown land mismanagement. This Upper House report made a series of recommendations as to what any new legislation should include. The Upper House report is here: https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/committees/inquiries/Pages/inquiry-details.aspx?pk=2404#tab-reports But it was too late: Minister Niall Blair had already completed his new 208 page Bill. It was introduced into the Upper House on 19 October without even so much as an Exposure Draft. It was debated for the first time - and passed by both Houses - on 9 November. Crown Lands drafted this Bill. It will now become law. The new Act allows: the Minister to declare lawful all these previous unlawful activities (Clause 5.26); private businesses to control Crown reserves and to charge entry fees to public land (clause 2.17); and private business to agree on uses that go outside the uses permitted by statute (clause 5.2). And the Bill automatically provides the Minister’s approval to these businesses lodging a new DA to use - or build on - our public land not only for any statutory use but any other use that is allowed by the terms of their own private agreement (clause 2.23(2)(c)(ii) and 2.23(2)(g)(i)). To have allowed Crown Lands to draft this Bill to allow them to cover up their past mistakes, make lawful what was previously unlawful and to not require the Government’s mates to disgorge their ill-gotten gains, is like allowing the greyhound industry to draft a bill to cover up its own past mistakes. It is basic governance that you never give the job of fixing up a problem to those who were in any way involved in the making of the problem. It is unconscionable and a high form of corruption. It is time for the Government of NSW to start governing for the people, not for its mates. Please check the Updates below for links to more information on the internet. And email me if you have any specific queries or know of any further abuses of Crown land. JBOwens, Crown Land Alliance
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    It involves 42% of the TOTAL land mass of NSW. What was previously Crown Land or fell under other Acts such as Common Land, now due to be designated as Crown Land, will at the discretion of The MINISTER, be able to be privatised, leased, sold..... to whoever for whatever purpose. Previous Crown Land Management Bills have 'reserved' much Crown Land in a way that this is not possible. Public lands were for public use & were intended to be held in perpetuity. All previous protections will be removed with the passing of this new bill, this COMING TUESDAY 8TH NOVEMBER 2016. It also includes the abolition of Commons, reserve & other Trusts and the Western Lands Advisory Council. This may effect many public spaces such as parks, showgrounds, pony clubs and commons, such as The St Albans Common (pictured). This Common was granted to the early settlers and residents of The Macdonald Valley, just Nth West of Sydney, by Queen Victoria and has been successfully managed since 1824 by valley residents in accordance with the original deed of grant and at no cost to the government. Think of it this way.... if they were talking about private land.... ask yourself this, "would you be comfortable with having your house land title changed to a license with a mere promise not to revoke it !!!" Any protection of OUR PUBLIC LAND on this new bill, amounts to no more than this..... Full bill here... https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/bills/DBAssets/bills/BillText/3348/b2012-167-d13.pdf
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    Fukushima and Chernobyl taught the world that nuclear accidents are very expensive and toxic for generations and leave horrific tragedy in their wake. South Australian Jay Wetherill is currently pushing his Government's plans by using a publicly funded Education Campaign. He and his government are spending public funds to spin the ' it is all proven, scientific and safe' line in his current expensive roadshow. His goal is to place a global HIGH LEVEL NUCLEAR RUBBISH DUMP for short term profit in South Australia. He would like to place his own and South Australias' children's children's future at stake and just for money. Speculation and debate about long term finanncial cost / benefits of such an operation for a high level radioactive waste site is that it may prove to be a financial disaster. This is even if their is no nuclear leak, accident or clean up in tens, hundreds, or thousands of years time from today. If Mr Wetherill and the ALP of South Australia succeeded and any of the transported and stored waste containers EVER leak in an unforseen event or are accessed by wrong hands or motives it will prove potentially environmentally catastrophic. YES : SA needs smart new growth industries, not old outmoded nuclear plants spent nuclear waste in our back yard. NUCLEAR IS FOREVER Mr Wetherill- Just not here with toxic waste products please. Let the countries and wealthy energy company's that made the problem find other ways and places to deal with it. We understand their are companies involved in making large money from the real and pressing need to get rid of nuclear waste, it also asists with selling more nuclear power stations in future but we dont want that problem in our home state. As with Pangea back in the 90's the federal government met strong opposition and it stopped the project.. This is not a minor project of political short term consequence, this is a forever problem if your government succeeds in its wishes. DUMP THE DUMP
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    The Link Centre is key in turning lives around for those kids who have struggled in our normal school system. These are bright, special kids who sadly have faced difficulties due to bullying, trauma, mental health issues or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This program works. Centre Manager Rasheel Kaur said that out of 41 students enrolled last year, 38 per cent went on to do year 11, 33 per cent undertook vocational training programs and the rest returned for another round. Rhonda Collins, manager of Altona-based youth homelessness service Latitude, said it made no sense to close a centre with a proven track record. “It is the only alternative education setting that young people … have access to in the area” -“It’s a proven model, it has a high retention rate, young people have re-engaged back in to mainstream schools.” If we don't catch these kids at this vulnerable age there is a high probability they will never reach their full potential. It is crucial this centre stays open and continues it's important work.
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  • Act now! Chainsaws start felling 229 trees on old high school site on Monday Oct 24, 6.45am
    A lot of Cockatoos and other birds use the trees. Many of the trees are along the boundary fences. Some believe that their removal is simply for the ease of construction work. We are being force to accept the loss of green open space but do we have to lose the trees too? Another case of The State Premier, Daniel Andrews dismissing his voters out of hand. Minister Merlino, we hope you will listen to the electorate and warn him of his folly.
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  • Save our Nambucca Heads Public Recreation Spaces from Residential Development
    We object to this rezoning proposal for the following reasons: This precious tiny green space (0.87ha), that includes a natural water course supporting thousands of frogs, birds, echidnas and other native wildlife, currently zoned Public Recreation, and proposed for rezoning to Medium Density Housing is adjacent to 390,000 sq m of undeveloped land already zoned Residential. Surely, this space should be retained as Public Recreation or Environmental (E3). Note - It would probably be a superb site for a community garden! Koala's and Green & Golden Bell Frogs have been heard in the adjacent forested area, and kids for more than 3 generations have played in this space. As per Item 4. of the "Gateway Determination- Nambucca Amendment 21" Item 4 - we request/insist on a public hearing to address all our concerns and that of neighbours that are also affected by this rezoning. Please - Lets do this for our children, and their children! Who knows how much of our Public Recreation spaces will be lost to Residential development?
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  • Heritage Housing Pain in Australia
    Australia's heritage system is set up so that certain individual property owners are forced to bear the costs of heritage conservation for the rest of the general public. It is not fair, or ethical and some people are cracking under pressure of this large financial burden. The individual heritage property owner is often put at a large financial disadvantage through serious devaluation of property price (by over 25% on average calculated by Herron Todd White – Australia’s largest independent property valuation and advisory group in Australia) (Australian Government Productivity Commission, 2006, Conservation of Australia's Historic Heritage Places - Productivity Commission Inquiry Report No.37, Canberra, Media and Publications Productivity Commission, p.164, Box 7.3), higher maintenance or restoration costs due to the requirement for specialised tradespeople, additional administrative costs, limitations on the ability to modify or adapt the property and limitations on the ability to develop the site. What usually then occurs is that heritage listed properties are often neglected and run into disrepair. So, not only does Australia’s heritage system cause financial devastation to hundreds of families, but it doesn’t even work to conserve our heritage! This needs to change. There are more progressive heritage systems employed by other countries (in particular Colorado, USA) which work, and Australia needs to follow their lead. Their private heritage property owners have adequate financial support and great tax incentives, so people try to nominate their own property to be on their national heritage register! People look after their heritage property because it is in their best interests to. This is unlike the situation in Australia where heritage funding is minimal and therefore the reliance is on owners of heritage properties to pay for all/most of the bill and suffer the devaluation in their property value. Resentment against heritage listing is increasing in Australia, and without financial help people will naturally neglect their heritage listed property because it just costs too much. It's time to take a stand, so please support our campaign by adding your name below and click on on 'Good vs Bad Heritage Systems' at http://heritagepainoz.my-free.website to learn more.
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  • Stop Arana Leagues building a 4 Storey Carpark in a Residential Area
    This development is totally inappropriate for the local area because 1) will adversely impact traffic on Dawson Parade adding further pressure to an already congested area. It will also limit future options to reduce congestion on Dawson Parade 2) If approved the DA will set the precedent for High Density Development in a low density residential area 3) the scale & size of the building in the DA is out of character for the area & is contrary to the intent of local Zoning laws. The DA application is set on land zoned for Community/Recreational & low density residential use only. The scale of the building is suitable for high density or commercial zoned areas not low rise residential. The immediate surrounding areas are Zone Low density & the scale of the building is absolutely out of character with zoning of surrounding properties 4) will directly impact the quality of life for residents in surrounding areas driving excess noise & light pollution into a peaceful residential area 5) Arana Leagues have recently received approval to increase their gaming machine numbers by nearly 44% - that's an additional 88 machines. This car park expansion is being sort to support further expansion of the club that our community cannot afford
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  • Make every playground in Australia inclusive
    20% of Australians have a disability. These members of our community, along with their families and friends, are excluded from the basic joy of visiting a public playground. Including people with disabilities does not cost more. It takes more time to consider the needs and think about access and inclusion at the planning stage; but the infrastructure does not cost more. We need you to help us to get the local governments across Australia to agree to legislate inclusion in all new playspaces. The only cost for this legislation is the exclusion of hundreds of thousands of Australians.
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  • Build the Latrobe City Shared Pathway
    How wonderful it would be if the shared pathway would finally get the go ahead so we could safely travel between Traralgon and Morwell by bike, and connect this to the Moe Rail Trail ? When Traralgon and Morwell Pedallers were formed in 1994, a shared path between the club’s two towns was immediately on the agenda. Some 22 years later TRAMPS’ founding members are still waiting for action. http://www.latrobevalleyexpress.com.au/story/3916973/tramps-founders-still-fighting-on-for-shared-path/?cs=1462 Benefits to the physical health of the community are important considering the La Trobe City Council has a high rate of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The Victorian Population Health Survey indicated that the prevalence of overweight/obesity in La Trobe is 60.6 per cent, compared to the Victorian average of 49.8 per cent. Infrastructure that provides opportunities for the community to be more active, and especially provide active transport options is a positive and in terms of a bigger strategic picture, we know that communities that have better connectivity have better health outcomes. I believe this could also form part of the Latrobe Valley Health Zone as the pathway will build a better sense of community between the towns and involve more people in physical activity, particularly cycling and walking. It could also join the Moe rail trail for even greater benefit to the community. There is currently no path between Morwell and Traralgon, other than the highway. There are cracks in the road and it is not safe; particularly for the elderly and families with young children.A shared pathway would make it easier and safer for people to experience the benefits of cycling, which can help correct physical problems in a non-traumatic way, (assist with) mental health and be an opportunity to meet new people. Member for Morwell Russell Northe says "Our local community has long advocated for increased bike path networks and the concept of the shared pathway has been discussed for many years, many local bike riders and health enthusiasts have long desired to see the construction of a Traralgon-Morwell shared pathway.” "A shared pathway will not only provide improved health benefits to local residents, but increase local tourism opportunities and provide safe pathways for recreational cyclists in our community,” Mr Northe said. http://www.russellnorthe.com.au/government-response-on-traralgon-morwell-shared-pathway/ Latrobe City Council has now endorsed this project and recently submitted a funding application to the Victorian Government through Vic Roads Safer Cyclist and Pedestrians Fund. http://www.latrobevalleyexpress.com.au/story/3915182/the-cycle-of-support-gains-momentum/ We call on the State and Local Governments to prioritise this project and build this project to benefit the health and economy of Latrobe City for many years to come. If your organisation would like to endorse this petition officially get in touch through [email protected]
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