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  • Don't Celebrate January 26
    Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people commemorate January 26 as “Invasion Day”, “Survival Day” or as their “Day of Mourning”. It marks the onset of their dispossession, including the loss of their sovereign rights to their ancestral lands, the loss of family and the right to practice their culture. Hence January 26 is a date that divides rather than unites the First Peoples of Australia and those who came after. Celebrating January 26 as Australia’s national day is offensive and demeans all Australians because we are in fact celebrating the invasion and subsequent dispossession of the First Peoples of this country. By deciding as a nation not to celebrate January 26, we are acknowledging that the land and wealth of Australia was acquired violently and without negotiation or Treaty; and we are respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples impacted by the events following January 26 1788. Choosing not to celebrate this race-based event, where one race is dispossessed to the benefit of another is an important step towards healing, reconciliation and building a genuinely respectful and inclusive nation. Finding a new meaning or alternative date for our national day will take time. In the meantime, we should stop celebrating on January 26. See more here: https://dontcelebratejanuary26.wordpress.com/about/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dont-celebrate-Jan-26th/755873871160179 Contact: [email protected]
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    Created by Don't Celebrate Jan 26 - a coalition supporting Aboriginal rights
  • Keep the Australian Womens Basketball League on the ABC
    The recent announcement of the ABC cuts has resulted in the end of WNBL women’s basketball matches being shown live on television.This will have a significant negative impact on women’s basketball in general, the participation numbers of current and future generations of young women and international medals for Australia. The ABC has broadcasted the WNBL since its inception in 1981, a 35 year old partnership. The impact of shutting down the broadcasting will have a negative flow on effect at both the participation and elite level of this sport. Women’s Basketball has had a strong history of being one of the top leagues in the world and producing world class athletes such as Penny Taylor, Lauren Jackson and Michelle Timms, to name just a few. Basketball played a very important part in my young life. It developed me as a person teaching me that no matter where you come from you can achieve, learn and grow. It also quite simply kept me out of trouble in those early years providing me with inspiring role models to look up to. I wanted to be like them, strong, athletic, independent and determined. Basketball is more than a game. We simply cannot underestimate the important long standing partnership with the ABC and how this in itself has increased both access and opportunities to young women like me across the country. To lose this would be devastating. Three generations of Australian Olympic Captains, Jenny Cheesman, Michelle Timms and Lauren Jackson are signatories to this petition. A significant statement from long standing leaders in the sport. The Australian Opals have provided Australia and the Australian Government a World Championship and multiple Olympic medals. It is one of the highest participation sports in the country. The televising of the sport has provided a substantial contribution to the professionalism of Women’s Sport in general in Australia. Though more importantly and specifically the broadcasting has provided essential funds through sponsors and fans to support the Women’s league. This league that provides amazing role models for young women, a pathway for our future young stars and the incredible viewing of some of the most athletic and dynamic women in sport today. We have world class athletes at our doorstep and they will not stay if the league cannot support them and for good reason. Australian Women’s Basketballers get paid very little compared to male sports and other Women’s International Leagues. They are required to commit, for most, full time to their sport and to survive on very little. Without the fans and sponsorship interest, athletes will struggle to earn what little pocket money they do to play the game they love. Without the dollars, the game won’t be able to attract the world-class players to the competition. Without access to athletes, role models for our young girls disappear and the game fails to grow. So will it take a drop in medal performance at the next Olympics for the government and the ABC to care? What will it take? THIS CUT WILL SEE WOMEN’S SPORTS TAKE A MASSIVE STEP BACKWARDS, REDUCING ACCESS AND PUBLICITY FOR THE SPORTS TO LEVELS NOT SEEN SINCE THE 1970’s. We ask that the ABC reconsiders their decision to cut the WNBL live broadcasting to ensure the sports future.
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  • Save Public Parkland at beautiful Middle Head on Sydney Harbour.
    We all cherish this part of Sydney. This development hands over public parkland to a private developer and sets a dangerous precedent for other parks. It also destroys heritage-listed WWII military buildings which the Government promised to save. The Headland Preservation Group was established in 1996 by the Sydney community in response to the proposed residential development of former Department of Defence sites on Sydney Harbour. In response Tony Abbott campaigned “to save the last unspoilt headlands on Sydney Harbour” and in 2001 the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust was established to protect and conserve harbour foreshores for all Australians. And we are angry that it’s happening all over again! We thought we’d saved and protected it forever. Middle Head is not Mosman’s backyard - it is Australia's front yard.
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    This model of care increases a woman's control over her own maternity care. This model of care leads to better health outcomes for mothers and babies. This model of care costs taxpayers less than the standard fragmented care currently available to most women.
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  • Stop legislation denying human rights for asylum seeker
    Proposed changes would violate Australia's duty of care to people fleeing conflict & seeking refuge in our country. Their boats could be towed anywhere in the open sea and abandoned without regard to people's safety. Refugees would have no right to appeal to the High Court. Children born of asylum-seekers would become ineligible for visas and would be "stateless".
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  • Improve Hazardous Waste laws
    Australia has fallen far behind equivalent countries, the countries with complex industrial demands and industries that deliver us our high standards of living, when getting rid of the waste. There are major categories of toxic waste that are allowed, either through inadequate laws & regulations, or business cost-avoidance to be simply dumped into the land, without proper treatment. Examples include fluorescent lighting waste (yes, that includes those so called 'eco' globes, the CFL globe). All fluoro lighting contains mercury and when dumped into landfill converts into methylmercury, the most mobile and toxic form of mercury. Then there is all the E-waste we make that has sprung up in the last 10-20 years. We are throwing out mountains of TV's and computers - over 50 million as at 2008. Sorry, the ABS can only give us information that is 6 years or more old. Our country is caught in a vortex of inter-government self-interest and corporate denial. They all minimise action to preserve their interests - no matter if they are government jobs or business jobs. Meanwhile, our country is being loaded up with toxic waste, which will leach out into the waterways and ecosystems every day for generations ahead.
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    The Australian government are aware that Abdi, Fatuma and Saacid have been waiting more than four years, but this was their response: “…we must finalise applications based on the date order in which they were queued. We do not have capacity to priority process applications ahead of the queue date, regardless of the applicant’s situation” Abdi and Fatuma have been ‘queuing’ patiently, but with Abdi recently finding out that he is also at risk of sudden death they can't just wait in line for bureaucracy to run its course. Time is running out. This cannot be about bureaucracy or waiting in line, this is about Abdi and Saacid - it's a real human story of a dying father asking for the chance to see his son for the first and last time in 23 years. Abdi wants nothing more than to see the adult that his 9 year old son grew into, and to know him during his last remaining days. Minister Morrison, you have the power to expedite Saacid's visa --- Abdi, Fatuma, Saacid and all of us who know and love this family ask for you to grant this. We are the two former Red Cross workers who ran the search for Abdi and Fatuma's son and have known the family ever since. Over the years we've spent a lot of time together, so much so that now Fatuma refers to us as her daughters. We know all Abdi and Fatuma's children and grand kids, and they are a lovely family. All of them have become Australian citizens and often talk about how Australia saved them and how much they have loved it here. Despite having lived an incredibly hard life, Fatuma and Abdi have never lost their ability to care about others and are some of the most inspirational and caring people we know. Before coming to Australia, Abdi and Fatuma spent 15 years in a refugee camp in Kenya, during which time Fatuma worked for UN agencies and other non-government organisations promoting rights of women, community development and anti-violence programs. Her advocacy work meant the family were often threatened and the UN eventually resettled them in Australia. Upon arrival in Darwin, Abdi and Fatuma established a successful family day care business out of their own home and Fatuma also acted as the Northern Territory representative for the Somali community for many years. The family are highly respected and loved by the Darwin community. Mr Morrison please allow Abdi and Saacid the chance to know one another and to say goodbye. Please expedite his visa before it's too late, time is running out. Watch Abdi and Fatuma on last week's episode of Channel 10's The Project: http://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/the-project/extra/season-5/abdi-s-wish Here are some news articles already published about Abdi and Fatuma's story: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-10-09/reunited-somali-family-begs-for-visa-clemency/5802048 http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/opinion/humble-heroes-doing-us-proud/story-fnk0b216-1227087401559
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    These leaders are the people we want to stand with, to walk with. We have about twelve months to have ready a coherent and practical policy to present to the UN Paris Climate Change meeting which will be working to put in place a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol. Such a replacement will require international support. None of us is willing to continue to be as globally isolated as this government has made us. The biggest of big business showed its economic shift to renewable energy at the NY Climate Conference on 23rd of this month. Our contribution there was timorous, totally unconvincing, and has already brought opprobrium on Australia. Let our views be heard.
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  • Referendum for Aboriginal Independence from the Australian and State governments.
    It is important because the sovereign rights of Aboriginal people are continually being denied by both the Federal and state governments. We have never ceded our sovereignty and have no treaty with the state or federal government, therefore they are illegal alien criminals occupying our country, They are continuing to oppress our people, and deny us our basic human rights to sovereignty, land, social and economic growth and equality, while the statistics regarding infant mortality, incarceration, education, housing, health and unemployment continues to get worse. We need to let the government know that we need to take control of our own issues and affairs.
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  • We compassionately support and stand by our Australian Muslim community
    Under the guise of domestic security and terrorist threats, the Muslim community in Australia is experiencing a barrage of xenophobic and racist backlash. Mosques around Australia have been defaced, anti-Muslim leaflets have been distributed, death threats have been made, women wearing headscarves - the most visible targets - have been verbally abused on the streets. On 29 September, a woman of Muslim appearance was bashed on a train in Melbourne before being pushed out the train doors by her attacker - the police are now investigating. All of this is so sad and not at all hard to understand when Islamophobia and fear-mongering have become daily front page news. Some Muslims, it's been reported, are even taking off their veil, trimming their beard or staying at home because they are afraid of the rising anti-Muslim sentiment. Senator Jacqui Lambie has further incensed the situation by spreading far-right anti-burqa propaganda and now some Liberal backbenchers are calling for the burqa to be banned. We should be trying to bridge the divide between our communities at this time, not fighting to curtail the religious freedoms of a vulnerable minority. All of this is unacceptable and creating a harmful wedge between Australia's Muslim and non-Muslim communities. With so much fear and misguided hate dominating the conversation, it's more important than ever we shake up the narrative. Let's band together and create a new story with this petition - a story of understanding, love, interconnectedness and solidarity. By signing and sharing this petition, we can create a new conversation we can be proud of. Australia stands by its Muslim communities and we want our leaders and media to know it is not acceptable to use fear as an excuse to oppress a minority group in our country.
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    University fee deregulation will fundamentally change Australia's universities and the opportunities available to Australian students. The Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee is currently engaged in community consultation on the proposed higher education package. They will report back to the Australian Senate on the 28th October, and we can reasonably expect a vote on the legislation after that date. At this critical time, University of Melbourne should join similar Group of Eight universities in calling for an open forum to allow students, staff, and alumni to adequately express their views on fee deregulation and take part in the decision-making process of the University.
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