• Stop George Christensen MP attending Reclaim Australia rally
    In a Facebook post published by the Reclaim Australia Rally – Mackay Facebook page, it has been announced Federal MP George Christensen will be a guest speaker at their rally in Mackay this Sunday. In a country that has a long history of multiculturalism, we can't allow a Member of Parliament to participate in rallies that discriminate against ethnic and religious minorities in Australia. The group Reclaim Australia has come under fire in the last 12 months for their controversial anti-Islam rallies held in many cities and regional centres. Their main goal is to ‘protect the Australian way of life’ because ‘our Judeo-Christian foundations are being eroded and our white heritage is being rewritten’. The Reclaim Australia Rally - Mackay Facebook page celebrates harm to Islamic people and publishes comments referring to women wearing traditional Islamic dress as 'disrespectful bitches.' Islamic residents of Mackay deserve to live without fear of discrimination or harm. Please sign the petition telling PM Tony Abbott: denounce the anti-Islam group Reclaim Australia, and draw a line by telling his North-Queensland counterpart not to attend their events. After Tony Abbott warned Australians that ISIS and extremism are ‘coming to get us’ it is vital for us to tell the government: we don’t stand for religious discrimination.
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  • Don't Let Labor Adopt the LNP's "turn back the boats" Policy.
    The Labor party is holding its National Conference on the 24th of July 2015. We urgently need to tell the Australian Labor Party Caucus, every delegate from the State branches as well as all affiliated Unions, that turning away refugees seeking asylum is morally and ethically corrupt. It not only risks the lives of a persecuted and desperate section of the world's population, it forces people to take longer more dangerous voyages to other potential safe havens. The Australian Labor Party should not be following in the footsteps of the Liberal National Party. It should not be abandoning its international obligation to support and help people who are fleeing their homes in fear of death. The Australian Labor Party should be proudly living up to its reputation of being a party for social justice. Social Justice is not just an Australian electoral commitment. It is a commitment to creating a better world for our children and for our world's future generations.
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    These changes strip the Australia Council – our nation’s independent arts funding body – of a quarter of its budget. This comes on the back of last year’s damaging cuts, which slashed the Australia Council’s capacity by $28.2 million over four years. The Australia Council is left with just $60 million - almost half of what Brandis has side swiped. Minister Brandis’ actions threaten the art community’s ability to produce original Australian works, pay staff and collaborators, and administer wider outreach programs. These are organisations and individuals (small businesses) who already run on incredibly lean resources and many now face drastic down-sizing or closure. The ripple-on effect is going to cause significant damage and despondency across the entire Australian arts community as well as their ability to complete creative works and remain employed. But these funding cuts don’t just hurt the artists involved. Artists tell stories. They reflect our experiences, help us to understand the world, introduce us to different perspectives and challenge our preconceptions. They inspire, educate and broaden the imaginations of all Australians. By slashing the funding available to independent artists and smaller organisations, Minister Brandis is robbing Australia of these stories. By taking the money to set up his own discretionary fund – which will no doubt be directed towards larger organisations and mainstream art – he’s limiting the broad spectrum of voices that shape our national narrative which will create a less diverse, vibrant culture. Politicians should not be handpicking which artists and organisations receive support; that’s the role of the nation’s independent arms-length arts funding body, the Australia Council for the Arts. The funding cuts to the Australia Council need to be reversed.
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  • The Right to Affordable Safe Housing
    Rising housing prices affect our most vulnerable. The reality of owning an affordable home in Australia is an empty dream. The cost of renting a property across regional centres is more than the average welfare payment and public housing stock is unattainable. Shelter is a basic human right. Community members must be afforded the right to receive shelter in order to participate, in the life of the community. No person should live in Fear! We cannot judge a person without looking at the resources they have to work with. The homelessness statistics are unacceptable and we cannot continue to ignore the harm created, when an Individual does not have the ability to source shelter. Further to this, the stress of homelessness, has led to an increase in the number of individuals attempting suicide, seeking welfare assistance and mental health support. We believe with the right provision, Individuals are capable of being restored to justice, and with the right skills, can become the architects of their life. This in effect, reduces the contribution cost by the state and federal governments. We offer you this petition, in the hope, you will honour and consider the value of quality, we all seek to enjoy. "We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty" Mother Teresa
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  • NEEDED: New Mainstream Media Entity For Perth
    Perth's media is managed externally and there is nothing organic about the issues raised, no pride in the news that is published and no engagement from the wider community due to an apathetic opinion towards change for our city. The majority of Perth is without a representation in the media and with the growth in the State's population, it's about time we had one.
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  • Stop the 'Fractional Banking System'
    This is the most important campaign for all Australians to get behind so we can reclaim our childrens future, because at the moment the future looks very bleak indeed. With our farmers being expected to compete with inferior cheap imports from nations with little or no health regulations. Our farms and realestate are being bought from over seas raising the prices out of reach of most first home buyers, and the farm land will never be owned by Australians again. I could have agreed with leasing farm land to overseas interests but allowing the foreign ownership is just plain treason. Our manufacturing is being systematically dismantled and our jobs sold off overseas to slave labour while we are being told that we are over paid. And yet the cost of living, taxation, rates and insurances keep rising. The Government by allowing our manufacturing to be sold off overseas to slave labour thus must agree with the notion of using slave labour to increase profits. The working class is being stripped of its wealth and earning power. The politicians are out of touch with the needs of ordinary Australians, this is either pure neglect or done by design. We are fed propaganda about non-issues and shown how we can feed our families on just '$10.00' a day and how to budget more efficiently, when in reality most mid to low income earners can hardly make ends meet, live from pay check to pay check and basically have no savings or the ability to invest. It is time for the real truth of our fraudulent system to be revealed, people to be educated and band together for lasting prosperous change. Money should be created as a public debt reflecting our resourses and peoples capabilities. The government creates this on our behalf only when they need infrastructure built and spends it into the economy using private companies to do the work. As I stated above the Isle of Guernsey does this and they found that inflation dropped to zero (only increasing with population growth), GDP increased by 10% each year and the government was able to reduce taxation substantially. This would result in more prosperity for all. For more information visit the 'Australian Sovereignty Party's' web site. Also check out hangthebankers.com (videos 'The Hidden Secrets of Money' by Mike Maloney) truth-now.net. youtube 'Senator Ron Paul' youtube 'Strawman' for further information on the judicial system.
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  • End tailpipe emissions
    While the Coalition are in denial about their regressive policies on the out of control emissions front we need to rely on citizen action in decreasing our carbon footprint and every little bit helps. Removing petrol and diesel cars from the roads is something we can all have a had in. Most of the advanced economies reduce the sticker price with a subsidy for buying green. Our state government in Victoria talks the talk now it is time to walk the walk. For figures on the impacts and modelling have a look at the Beyond Zero Emissions website and much more. Wake up Australia - we are being left behind.
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  • Provide health care for every citizen, equally, based on needs not wealth
    She was 23 years old, working long hours to pay the bills.In her prime she lost 30 pounds and was struck down with cancer. She could not afford the medication where she lived, as there were no subsidies in place and no health system to cover her as a citizen. She had curable cancer and if it weren't for the kindness of a stranger her destiny was death... This is a true story..the woman went on to survive because one Doctor asked another Doctor to give her the medication she needed. What was her fate otherwise. Death. If you believe it is time to make Australia a leading country that provides health care to all people regardless of their wealth, race or location SIGN THIS PETITION! We have the ability, as a Democracy, to ask for written legislation that guarantees this healthcare for our children. IT IS A PRIORITY... I ask you... Do you want to be another sad story? PLEASE SIGN AND SAY THANKYOU by doing this you will also be asking that legislation makes this a priority.
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  • Remove Fred Nile from the Q&GAY panel.
    The issues of LGBTQIA people go unheard by our government, shown by 52% of our society disagreeing with marriage being just between a man and a woman [source: ABC, 2013 vote compass], with further data suggesting this could be as high as 72% [source: Australian Marriage Equality, 2014]. Despite this distinct majority, our parliament still can't agree on giving equal rights under the law, in regards to marriage. Not only this, but the religious representation in parliament heavily outweighs LGBTQIA representation on all levels of local, state, and federal politics. I understand that your show is about democracy, and what I'm suggesting aligns with this goal. Many Australians are well aware of Fred's position on political issues due to his increased profile in society from sitting in state parliament. This doesn't mean we should give him another voice box, on an episode that isn't about him or his identity at all. It's people like Nile, who are already in control - and do not need any further representation of their views - , who are locking our voices out of the discussion. If you need a politician, pick a queer one instead. His disgusting remarks don't just stop at our LGBTQIA community, but are overall extremist and unrepresentative of the majority of Christians. This is exemplified in his unsympathetic views on the Sydney Siege, after which he stated, "The only man really there was the man with the gun", his questionable ideas of what women should be allowed to wear, the hoops he wants people to have to jump through to access abortion, and his belief in an increase to the drinking age [source: ABC news, 2015]. To put him on this show is a misrepresentation of Christianity; his spot on the panel should instead be given to a religious LGBTQIA person to showcase truly representative views on how religion, sexuality and gender interplay. This is a chance for you to replace Fred with a diverse member of our community as yet unrepresented on your panel. A queer person of colour, a bisexual woman, or a transgender person could provide elaborate and nuanced discussed on issues that plague our community such as healthcare and homelessness. Members of the LGBTQIA community want to see a discussion of equal rights under the law that doesn't just come down to "I personally disagree", but instead focuses on the discussions we have in our own community over why marriage has become such a large topic. We have a lot of different letters in our acronym, and we all do not agree on the solutions, however by sticking Fred Nile on the panel, you will find other panelists simplifying their ideas to cater for Nile's lack of understanding of these issues. Nile provides no insight into the difficulties faced by further voiceless groups. We see that transgender people currently face higher levels of suicide than gay and lesbian people, and we see Intersex children have their genitals mutilated and reconstructed by doctors across the world, impacting them in adulthood in ways comparable to victims of severe physical or sexual abuse against women [source: Beyondblue, 2013]. Rather than offering Fred Nile yet another soapbox upon which to stand and promote his already well-known views, this episode should promote an understanding of diversity around bisexuality, transgender and intersex issues, and how they relate to concepts of disability and race. The asexual and aromantic communities have recently been included in our community's acronym, and yet there has been little to no acknowledgement of this increased diversity on your panel. Why can there be found no space for this diversity, but a panel seat awarded to Fred Nile? Lastly, I'd encourage you to think about the responses if you'd decided to make a similar decision for the International Women's Day special edition. Imagine if you'd put a man on the panel, to play devil's advocate or to incarcerate the ideas of just having women on the panel. It wouldn't make the discussion "edgy" or "flavoursome", but instead be disrespectful to the representation of women. Your representing of minority groups has been diverse and should be celebrated, but cannot be done until you begin to treat the LGBTQIA community with respect. Your display of diverse Indigenous panelists such as Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, Celeste Liddle, Noel Pearson, Marcia Langton and many more, show not only different perspectives on Australian and Indigenous relations, but allow them to debate for themselves instead of giving platform to anti-Indigenous sentiments such as those from the likes of Andrew Bolt. If you wouldn't put Bolt on an Indigenous themed episode of QandA, why would you do the equivalent to the LGBTQIA community? This episode is no different, and Fred Nile doesn't represent LGBTQIA interests. This says to your viewers you're absolutely okay with letting bigotry be broadcast in our community's own name, and will encourage the second-rate citizenship treatment that my community faces.
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  • No jail time for doctors and teachers who speak out
    Our so-called democratic government just passed laws that penalise health, education or human rights advocates for speaking out on behalf of a vulnerable population – asylum seekers. Australia is not a country that will stand for jailing or penalising people that speak out about the human rights infringements of our government or its contractors. We must demand amendments to these laws. The head of the Australasian Royal College of Physcians, Dr Nicholas Talley and the president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Brian Owler have spoken out against the Border Force Act's penalisation laws. TWEET: #NoJailForOurDuty EMAIL: Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton: [email protected] "Dear Minister Dutton, I am aware that your government has just passed laws that penalise doctors and teachers for speaking out on behalf of people under their care in detention centres. Australia is not a country that will stand for jailing or penalising people that speak out about the infringements or abuses of our government or its contractors. I am requesting an amendment to the Border Force Act stipulating no jail time and no fines for whistleblowers. Australian law must allow protection for whistleblowers that expose issues, not just to "save a life", but to speak publicly if need be about issues that affect the physical and mental health of this vulnerable population that we have a duty to protect. Yours in anticipation" IN THE MEDIA: http://m.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/doctors-and-teachers-gagged-under-new-immigration-laws-20150603-ghft05.html http://m.smh.com.au/comment/doctors-must-be-allowed-to-speak-freely-on-poor-detention-centre-conditions-20150608-ghih50.html http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-05-28/barns-newhouse-detention-centre-secrecy-just-got-even-worse/6501086
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  • Get Andrew Bolt off the air and give the job to this platypus!
    We believe Bolt can't be trusted not to abuse his position of power and he has the court convictions to prove it. <http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/bolt-guilty-of-race-discrimination-20110928-1kw8c.html> As well as routinely targeting Indigenous people, Muslims and other groups for tabloid opinion fodder, he also presumes to know better than 97% of climate scientists on global warming. Why would we want to expose our kids or anyone to that kind of unscientific propaganda? Rather than continue to give this destructive, unscientific and irresponsible lawbreaker air-time, we would much rather watch this platypus, who apart from being exceedingly cute, will probably be an excellent reminder about the importance of looking after waterways and the environment in general. Lastly, while watching Andrew Bolt could easily lead to a rise in blood pressure, we feel this platypus will have the opposite effect.
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  • No war on China from Australian soil – no US marine base in Darwin, no B1 bombers
    We, the undersigned, note with extreme concern comments by a US defence department official that the US plans to build up its military presence in the north of Australia, including surveillance bombers and an increasing numbers of Marines and other personnel, with China as the target. US Defence Department assistant secretary for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, David Shear, announced that “we will be placing additional Air Force assets in Australia, including B-1 bombers and surveillance aircraft” to deter Chinese “ambitions” in the South China Sea. That PM Tony Abbott then issued a denial, saying the official “misspoke”, serves in fact to confirm not only that the positioning of US forces in the Asia-Pacific is in preparation for aggression against China, but that pre-emptive statement highlights Australia’s sovereignty has been usurped in service to big power global strategies. Mr Abbott confirmed as much, saying he had been “assured” by the US on the B-1 bombers. The development comes as the US substantially increases its military presence in the South China Sea and Japan plans to abandon the self-defence stipulations in its constitution in order to participate in foreign conflicts. The increased presence of US forces in the South China Sea includes sending warships and aircraft within 22 kilometres of reefs near the Spratly Islands that are claimed by Japan. Chinese spokesman Zhu Haiquan said China had “indisputable sovereignty” over the islands, called in Chinese Nansha Islands. This move is part of the USA’s “pivot to Asia” strategy, which aims to gradually emplace a blockade on China, closing off its trade routes, affecting its ability to import oil from the Middle East or elsewhere by sea. Australia is being upgraded as a US-operated base for this purpose. Australia has a “force posture agreement” with the US that allows “enhanced aircraft cooperation initiatives.” It has already had heavy B-52 bombers deployed in Australia. We believe Australia's best interests are served by developing good relations with our neighbours in the region. Australia has benefited greatly from good relations and growing trade with China and the threat of war on that country is misguided.
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