• Save Manly's bushland
    Will you join my call to make this a huge issue ahead of the Manly by-election? If enough of us come together now, we can win commitments from candidates that they’ll save the bushland. Sign now!
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    Created by Helen Kvelde
  • Halt Development in Melbourne's West
    The unplanned chaotic development has left the Wyndham City in chaos. Arterial Roads remain uncompleted after decades of development.Public Transport is unable to cope. It reflects the worst kind of urban sprawl imaginable.Schools and public services are under resourced. We asked for an immediate stop to further development until an independent review is conducted .
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  • ERM - stop faking the RET
    This strategy of ERM is completely contrary to ERM's stated vision of "'zero harm and zero loss' where care of people and the planet are put first..." Surely ERM understands that the mitigation of climate change is important to reduce extreme weather events, droughts, ocean acidification and sea level rise. Surely ERM understands that the burning of fossil fuels also has more immediate deleterious health effects, particularly upon people's respiratory systems.
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    Created by Neil Harris
  • TARKINE (TAKAYNA). World Heritage, not Woodchip
    The Tasmanian government is to introduce legislation on 7 March 2017 to commence logging in the TARKINE in an area of Unique Temperate Rainforest. The TARKINE is an area that contains a disease free population of Tasmanian Devils, home to the threatened Wedge Tail Eagle, and the unique giant Fresh Water Lobster.
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  • TARKINE (TAKAYNA) Wilderness World Heritage Area.
    More logging coupes are about to be approved by the Tasmanian Government which will further threaten the unique Giant Fresh Water Crayfish, the habitat of a remaining disease free Tasmanian Devil population, nesting area for the Wedge Tail Eagle and destroy ancient Temperate Rainforest areas.
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    Unemployment is the prime cause of poverty in Australia and the private economy cannot by itself provide the number of jobs required. It is not a personal problem, it is a national problem and that must be the focus. Under section 23 of the United Nations charter on human rights identify the right to work as a HUMAN RIGHT.It is the responsibility of the national government to ensure that sufficient employment is provided. If it does not come from the private sector then the public sector has to expand to allow this.
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  • Mark McGowan Please Don’t Rezone and Bulldoze Point Peron for Housing
    The Land was transferred from the Commonwealth to the State of Western Australia in 1964 subject to its future use ‘being restricted to a reserve for Recreation and/or Park Lands’. The Proposal will deprive Western Australians of the opportunity to develop a world-class coastal conservation and recreation park that will provide social, health and tourism benefits for both the Rockingham community and Perth’s expanding population. see www.cape-peron-coastal-park.com There is already an approved marina site for Rockingham at Wanliss Street that has wide community support. The Proposal has no social licence with over 13,000 West Australians having signed petitions against the Proposal. Constructing an artificial inland canal system will require ongoing maintenance at high cost to ratepayers and/or taxpayers. Canal developments of this type are outdated and have been banned in two states due to their unacceptable environmental impact and ongoing maintenance issues. The Land includes 43 hectares of ‘Bush Forever’ which will be destroyed, causing loss of habitat, restrictions on public access and permanently damaging cultural and social elements of Point Peron. The Proposal will threaten the ecological stability of nearby Lake Richmond and put groundwater, seagrass meadows, marine water quality, numerous state and federally listed threatened species including the precious thrombolite colony at risk. Find out more at www.handsoffpointperon.com and www.cape-peron-coastal-park.com
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    Created by Dawn Jecks
  • Australia/Timor-Leste cement project
    Ensuring this project fully complies with environmental and social requirements is important for two reasons. 1. Limestone mining for the production of cement can have negative impacts on local water resources including degradation of marine and ground water as well air pollution, both of which threaten the delicate 'Karst ecology' in the area and the health of the local subsistence communities. 2. The Australian government has form when it comes to supporting its corporations in their determination to extract resources from weaker neighbours to the detriment of these 'partners'. The most recent example being the ongoing 'negotiation' over shares in Timor sea oil which the Australian government has been forced to reopen after the shabby treatment and spying Timor-Leste was subjected to the first time around was brought to light. While Timor-leste, as a developing nation, requires cement, jobs and investment to aid its development, the long term environmental and health/social damage, including stunted growth in children and the poor financial return to Timor-Leste relative to TL cement and Australia, outweighs the short term benefits. It is also grossly unfair and hypocritical for Australia to profit from the abnegation of its responsibilities as a modern, wealthy power in the Asia pacific region. Australian corporations and their tame governments should not be able to act as though our neighbours where colonies ripe for plunder. If we are sincere in our desire to assist Timor-Leste's development, BGC/TL cement must be required to strictly abide by any health, environmental and social recommendations and split the profits of the operation fairly with their partners.
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    Created by Tor Larsen
  • Save Basin Creek Rainforest Complex
    Logging is not only damaging the habitat of many rare and endangered species but we will also lose forever a high value tourist asset located close to the Buchan Caves, an already popular tourist destination. We, the community of W Tree, are concerned that the higher values of biodiversity conservation and tourism are being compromised for low quality timber products such as packing pallets and woodchips. We are also greatly concerned for our own safety as it is becoming apparent that clear-fell logging also increases intensity of wildfires. Surely such a beautiful and unique part of Victoria’s natural heritage has a higher value to Australians and to our economy! Please, watch the video and sign this petition to demand the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio, to halt the logging of this area and protect the beautiful Basin Creek Rainforest Complex. The future of Australia's natural forest is at stake! References Taylor, C. and Lindenmeyer, D. (2014) "Logging contributed to the Black Saturday fires" - Bush Telegraph, ABC Radio National http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bushtelegraph/logging-bushfire-risk/5667208 Torra, M. (2016) "How Australian bushfires became feral and how to tame them". W Tree Promotion and Progress Association: W Tree, Australia. https://www.academia.edu/31339449/How_Australian_bushfires_became_feral_and_how_to_tame_them
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    Created by W Tree Promotion and Progress Association (WTPPA)
  • Save the Upper River footbridge in Kangaroo Valley
    The Upper Kangaroo River footbridge in Kangaroo Valley is a social, cultural and historical icon for the people of Kangaroo Valley, the Shoalhaven and the many tourists who visit here. Children of the valley find magic there; valley locals find solace, beauty and the occasional platypus; tourists to the Valley drive or ride to the Upper River area to cross and marvel at one of the few remaining footbridges left in this area and the magnificent river that runs below it. The bridge has been there in one form or another since the early settlement of the Valley. Until the Gerringong Creek Rd concrete bridge was built, it was the only way people could cross the river and get to their homes in times of flood (and indeed still is, when debris and water cover the concrete bridge as it did in the storms of July 2016). There is no safe pedestrian access on the narrow one lane concrete bridge, so removing the footbridge cuts off one of the loveliest walks in the Upper River area. The footbridge sits hand in hand with the community owned and managed Upper Kangaroo River Community Hall and features prominently in the memories and photographs of all those who have attended events there. The bridge is a tourist destination as evidenced by a mountain of supporting evidence on various web sites and publications including guides from NSW NPWS. This footbridge is part of our social and cultural history, and a vital part of the fabric of our present-day community. It must be preserved!
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    Created by Sarah Butler
  • No fracked gas pipeline through the Northern Territory
    The NT is a beautiful place, full of thriving cultures and communities. But right now, the NT government has plans to build a massive gas pipeline, cutting through sacred country, to pump fracked gas from unapproved wells across the Territory. Traditional Owners, Aboriginal Station Owners and community members have voiced their opposition to this project over and over again, and voted for NT Labor on their promise to slow down fracking. How can you approve a giant pipeline for fracking projects that haven't been approved, and when you supposedly have a moratorium on fracking?!
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    Created by Larissa Baldwin
  • SOLVE Alliance against meat chicken farms in Spring Creek, Lockyer Valley
    SOLVE stands for Save Our Lifestyle, Values & Environment. We were here first. Some neighbours farm fruit and vegetables on a commercial scale which will be contaminated by bird faecal matter. Others settled here for quiet enjoyment in retirement. All our tank water supplies will be contaminated by airborne dust from the sheds venting and our health and children's health will decline. A result will be that the value of all neighbouring properties will decline. The developer does not live in or contribute to the area, 1 or 2 new jobs will be created but many more will be lost as fruit and vegetable businesses will cease. A major koala corridor runs along the boundary of the property and chicken shed fans will blow dust and faecal matter directly onto the corridor 24 X 7. There are many obvious faults with the development application that have been overlooked and when brought to the attention of local and state bureaucrats, they are refusing to even consider reviewing the decision. There are 20 neighbouring farms & small acreages that surround the site, but dust, odour and noise will permeate further than just those properties. The developer has similar farms in other districts and is known for not following court orders to comply with conditions of approval. He has nevertheless been allowed to continue operating as local authorities are unwilling or incapable of compelling compliance. This operator does not live on site, nor is he interested in operating to industry best practice and bird welfare would be low in his priorities. This is a moneymaking venture affecting many residents and the heart of the operation is the maltreatment of sentient creatures. It is abhorrent and an abomination that we do not want in our district, a district that the local council promotes as a clean and green 'salad bowl'.
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