• No free plastic bags for Target stores again
    We use single use plastic bags to go shopping because they are convenient. That bag is a petroleum based product that took millions of years to make and we use it for maybe 20 minutes and then throw it away, except that it never completely breaks down. It ends up poisoning our land fill and oceans, destroying marine and birdlife. Single use plastic bags have only been around since 1977. Before that, people carried their own bags to the shops. It wasn't hard. We can do it again. Target stores made a great decision to charge for compostable bags 4 years ago. Now they are reversing this decision. Please sign this partition to show them that we don't want them to give out free single use plastic bags again.
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  • Prevent ISDS provisions from being included in proposed new free trade agreements.
    This is a very important issue. Even John Howard, close as he was to George Bush, in 2001 would not agree to ISDS provisions in free trade agreements with the US, because he saw how detrimental to Australia those provisions were. Now Tony Abbott's Government has these provisions as part of their trade policy. The High Court of Australia will lose its control as the ultimate arbiter on how foreign companies operate in Australia. ISDS provisions will allow companies to challenge many laws adopted by States and the Commonwealth that are in the public interest, in a largely anonymous forum, completely unrelated to Australia. For more information on this issue: read the article by Mike Seccombe in The Global Mail 21/0913 www.theglobalmail.org
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    Created by Kerrie Piper
  • Global Warming
    Australia can show a better example soon. The sooner and more aggressively Australia sets a comprehensive example the easier it will be for other nations and investors to adopt and improve on Australia's leadership. SIGN NOW and PLEASE FORWARD this urgent message to others to help convince our governments and leaders how Australia can show real leadership.
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    Created by John Swainston
  • Don't fund CSIRO's GMO projects without first ensuring strict controls on the results.
    UK Professor Moloney is to be the new Group Executive of Food, Health and Life Science Industries for CSIRO. His track record includes leading Rothamsted's GM wheat trials in the UK and was instrumental in developing the world's first transgenic oilseeds in California which have given Roundup Ready Canola. It is very likely that he will continue to focus on GMOs at CSIRO. The IAASTD report produced by over 400 scientists worldwide was published by the UN and is the most authoritative study ever conducted on agriculture at an international level. It concluded that GM had 'little to offer in meeting the major global food and farming challenges'. However, in the absence of long term independent research, there are serious questions regarding GMOs' safety. Unlike the USA, the European Union has established a stringent legal framework regulating GM food and feed. The framework aims to ensure 'a high level of protection of human life and health and welfare, environment and consumer interests whilst ensuring that the internal market works effectively'. The frightening reality is that, once we release GMOs into the general environment, it will be almost impossible to undo whatever negative impact to health and environment may result! The genie will be out of the bottle. We must set aside any short term pressures and adopt the EU framework now.
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    Created by Ailsa Cowan
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  • No Tip at Arthurs Seat
    It is such an amazing, pristine and beautiful part of the Peninsula with an abundance of wildlife. I know so many people that use Arthurs Seat on a daily basis and it would devastate so many locals (including the animals) if it was turned into a stinky tip!
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    Created by Nicole Pitman
  • Hunter community demand a fast 2 hour train service to Sydney
    The current Newcastle to Sydney train service is slow and inefficient because it has too many unnecessary stops. Currently the fastest train trip takes 2.5 hours which is much too slow. Many people drive on the F3 because the train is so slow. The new State Government promised fast express intercity train services but have yet to deliver. The recently leaked draft timetable did not include any express services to Newcastle which is completely unacceptable. The express intercity services can be easily created by eliminating all unnecessary stops such as Wyong, Woy Woy, Tuggerah, Epping and Strathfield which will reduce travel time significantly.
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    Created by Tony Proust
  • Feed our native wildlife - not more cattle
    Like many Queenslanders, I believe 83% of our state's land being eaten, trampled, urinated and defecated on by cattle and sheep, is already too much. Degrading more of our state's land and endangering our wildlife further is NOT ON. 'Opening up' our National Parks and conservation areas, sadly consisting of less than 5% of our state's land, will be catastrophic and far reaching. Choosing to feed cows over protecting our limited habitats and our endangered animals is wrong. 83% of our state given over to cattle is enough - no more!
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  • School bus route - Artarmon to the Forest area
    The current options for our young children getting to and from school with public transport are unsuitable/non-existent. Many of the children are too young (eg 5 and 6 years olds) to negotiate regular public transport on their own. In addition to having to cross busy roads without adult supervision to make connections or get to a bus stop, many would also need to negotiate busy interchanges such as changing from train to bus at Chatswood Station, etc. There is a need for a safe public transport option.
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    Created by Katie Harris
  • Public Transport investment for the future of our cities!
    Nations around the world are investing into efficient and effective public transport to move people and address congestion and improve livability. Finally we have seen a change at the Commonwealth Government level under this Labor Government which has set up Infrastructure Australia to make informed decisions on infrastructure priorities. As a result we have seen an increase in funding for Public Transport in our cities. As a nation we can not afford to go back to 50's policies and try to build our way out of congestion by building more roads. Not everyone uses PT but everybody will benefit if we have an efficient Public Transport system in our cities and suburbs. Let's make this an election issue and give a message to Tony Abbott. In contrast even Malcom Turnbull sees the benefits of PT for the future of our nation.
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    Created by Rosemarie Speidel
  • Helium Balloons Littering our Planet
    On a couple of occasions I have walked on remote beaches and come across a deflated helium balloon with string attached to it . Literally millions of balloons get sent into the skies as gestures of different types each year. This means there must be millions and millions of deflated balloons with string attached to them littering the ocean floors and countrysides throughout Australia and the rest of the planet. They are a hazard to our wildlife as they can get tangled in the string or swallow the balloons and they are also a shameful example of human pollution of our planet. It is also a fact that helium supplies are finite and we should not be filling balloons with it and sending it into the atmosphere to be wasted when supplies are getting low.
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    Created by Yvonne Excell
  • Get rid of "How to Vote Cards" at elections.
    The "How to Vote" card system is an archaic, costly, environmentally wasteful and generally unproductive. Having engaged in this farcical process, I am convinced that the benefits espoused by proponents are largely mythical and the procedure is simply a thinly-veiled attempt to engender the same gladiatorial dynamics at the grass-roots level as the parties attempt to create at the institutional level. There is no need for it as the information contained on the cards could just as easily be placed in each polling booth.
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    Created by Aubrey Heck