• Re Register worlds oldest rock carvings on Burrup Peninsular
    “It is without question one of the most important heritage locations in Australia and arguably the world; an ancient cultural and historical record of our nation’s first peoples. - See more at: https://newmatilda.com/2015/04/30/wa-government-deregisters-worlds-oldest-rock-art-collection-sacred-site#sthash.I6XryHfV.dpuf
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    Created by Nicholas Walker
  • Save MImburi
    All our lands have been 'stolen' from us and its about time the Government stepped up and gave back some of these traditional lands to our people.
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    Created by Kathryn Fisher
  • No to the Native Title deal in WA
    land is very important to Indigenous culture and religion. Indigenous can't sell the land is land id part of Indigenous people
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  • Cash-for-containers recycling scheme in Victoria!
    This is a scheme that will reduce landfill and create jobs. Cash for Containers schemes have lead to rates of recycling of 80-95%. It will also mean less litter in the parks, waterways and streets. We will be out of step with most of Australia! The new Andrews government needs to show some leadership and progression and prove that they actually DO care about the environment.
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    The independence of the Australian police is fundamental to our democracy and our human rights. The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is a public sector executive agency charged with protecting and serving the public. The QPS wields significant power over people’s ability to enjoy their fundamental rights and freedoms. How it is funded and who has influence – or even perceived influence – over its actions, is a fundamental democratic and civil rights issue. Such conflicts of interest undermine public confidence in the QPS to uphold the law in a neutral and impartial manner, particularly where essential human rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights are involved such as the right to freedom of association, the right to freedom of assembly, and the right to equality before the law. Therefore, all private sponsorship of the QPS by Santos must end immediately.
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    Created by Michelle Maloney
  • Stop the East West Link toll road from being built
    The East West Link toll road is bitterly opposed by many sectors of the Victorian community. It promises to be the biggest generator of traffic congestion in Victoria's history. It will cost $8.6 billion to build, a record $1 billion per kilometre. No detailed information has been made public as to its feasibility or how it will be funded or paid for. A “spend” of $8.6 billion on this road project will mean that there will be no funds for public transport projects in this State for the next 10 years. The East West Link toll road is to be constructed through Royal Park. Seven flyover roads will connect the toll road to the Tullamarine Freeway, City Link and Flemington Road. The damage to Royal Park, Melbourne’s oldest and largest park, will be catastrophic. The parkland destroyed by this roadway can never be replaced. The loss to public wellbeing, to the environment and to our liveability will never be made up. Some 102 properties have been acquired for the project and up to another 88 more property owners in Collingwood and Parkville are awaiting acquisition notices. Over 50 more residents in Kensington will not know their fate until next June. Economist and columnist Ken Davidson writes: “Dan Andrews says the contract [for the construction of the East West Link toll road] “will not go ahead” because it is not a legally binding document, and he pledges to “snub” the contract if elected. This provides a lot of “wriggle room” for a Labor government to allow the contract to go ahead.” (“The myth about Whitlam’s economic incompetence”, The Age 27/10/14) The legislation enabling the State to avoid public scrutiny of these types of deals with the transport lobby and the finance industry was put in place by Victoria’s former Labor governments. Labor in government undertook infrastructure projects without disclosing the business cases for the projects or allowing adequate public scrutiny of the projects, using private public partnerships which have been outrageously expensive and exploitative of Victorian taxpayers. There is little confidence in the community that similar deals will not be done by Daniel Andrews if his team wins government in the November State elections. The purpose of this campaign is to secure an unconditional and immediate written commitment from Victorian Labor and its leader Daniel Andrews to rescind the contracts for the building of the East West Link toll road upon taking government in the November State elections irrespective of the legality or enforceability of the contracts or the outcome of any legal proceedings challenging the legality or enforceability of the contracts or the Minister of Planning’s actions in issuing approvals for the construction of the toll road, and irrespective of the costs of rescinding the contracts.
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    Created by Joe Edmonds
  • Prime Minister, Call a Federal Election NOW!
    The Australian Federal Government is destroying this country, day by day. We need to elect a new government that understands what Australians want done. Their budget is in tatters. Your policies on the environment, renewable energy, science, Coal Seam Gas, education, health, are unacceptable to us.
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    Created by Gordon Bossley
  • Food Waste Composting
    Methane produced by food waste in land fill is alarming! The resultant product from composting could be made available to the public or used on city projects.Only small cost and carbon footprint to implement,
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  • Don't change a sunny garden for residents at a nursing home into a staff smoking area
    Many residents don't have the ability to leave the nursing home and they enjoy a little time in the sun, overlooking a grassed and wooded area in front of the nursing home. Residents enjoying this also benefit from natural vitamin d, engage in conversation with folk on the other side of a dividing fence, see the changes in season through the leaves of the trees and the many birds that fly nearby. It is important that the community norm be upheld in that these residents were not consulted about the change in use and the provision of smoking areas are being reduced.
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    Created by Wayne Begley
  • No Confidence Vote in Australian Prime Minister
    Tony Abbott government was given a mandate to govern Australia by the electorate based on the promises he gave. Since then he has reneged on all of these and no longer represents the will of the people who elected him. This petition is to be given to the house of representatives to request a vote of no confidence by the Australian people in Tony Abbotts government. We request that government ministers act on this petition and call for a vote of no confidence in parliment
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  • Double dissolution: Vote on the Federal Budget
    To let Australian voters decide whether this is the budget they want.
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    Created by Phil na Champassak