• Ban shooters in our National Parks
    Licensed recreational shooters are now allowed in 79 of the state’s national parks, nature reserves and conservation areas in a sneaky deal that your government has done with the Shooters and Fishers Party to gain support for a Bill to privatise the State’s electricity assets. Our protected conservation areas have essentially been turned into hunting reserves. Your government has not detailed how this will be policed and how the so called 'feral control' scheme will be undertaken without risks to the safety of people and native fauna alike.
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    Created by Nat Hanke
  • Save the Glenfern Green Wedge
    The Glenfern Green Wedge, at the northern tip of the National Trust listed Lysterfield Valley, lies outside the urban growth boundary, is part of the Dandenong Ranges foothills, is adjacent to two existing flora and fauna reserves, and is part of an important wildlife corridor. It is the last remaining undeveloped section of Ferny Creek and is under threat from subdivision and development. Loss of this Green Wedge to housing has significant permanent ramifications to the local area and residents, and to all Melbournians and the many tourists who pass through this scenic and special area.
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    Created by David Mutch
  • Communities Protecting our Region- No Dudgeon Point Coal Terminal
    The Indian company Adani and Dudgeon Point Project Management (a consortium of coal companies) are proposing to build a large coal storage area and port facility at Dudgeon Point 13km southeast of the city of Mackay. The two coal stockpiles will be up to 20m high (8m foundations) and cover an area the size of 900 soccer fields (approximately 400 hectares). If approved, Dudgeon Point and existing Hay Point terminal expansions are expected to increase coal exports by two to three times current levels to a projected capacity of 250 to 300 million tonnes per year. With a similar expansion planned for Abbot Point the Whitsunday Coral Coast would be bordered by the two largest coal port complexes in the world, greatly diminishing the premier tourism brand the region has worked so hard to develop. There are three main reasons we would like to see the proposal rejected: Coal Dust is a Health Risk- Coal dust is a health risk – we don’t know what the impacts could be! The World Health Organisation states that even background levels of coal dust, well below their official standards, are hazardous to the more vulnerable i.e. children and the elderly. Fine coal dust (PM2.5 or less) cannot be naturally expelled from the lungs. Finer particles of PM0.1 or less can cross from the lungs into the bloodstream and have been associated with causing leukaemia. Coal dust contains heavy metals such as arsenic and PAHs which can cause cancers, brain tumours, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases. Given the proximity of the coal stockpiles, uncovered coal trains and coal loading facilities to the surrounding communities and Mackay region the health risks to people and marine life within the Great Barrier Reef must be known before this project proceeds further. The facts are: • That fine coal dust can easily travel to Mackay and surrounding communities with prevailing south easterly winds; • Coal dust has also been measured in waters of the Outer Great Barrier Reef • There is no way to measure the exposure levels; and • Fine coal dust is hazardous even at low background levels 120,000 residents should not be exposed to a potential legacy of ill health similar to that suffered through exposure to asbestos or tobacco smoke. These caused significant hardships and public health costs. The Reef Needs Our Protection- The reef is in trouble already, it cannot cope with the threats of significant increases in coal dust and coal shipping Coal export and storage facilities are expanding up and down the Queensland coast in what is the biggest resource boom our nation has ever seen. Simply put, more ships means more accidents destroying our already vulnerable reef and damaging our ocean wildlife. The dredging of the ocean floor means more sediment being spread throughout our local marine environment risking the damage that our unfortunate neighbours in Gladstone have already experienced. In addition recent research at James Cook University by Dr Kathy Burns has shown how coal dust is spreading from the existing ports over the reef by air and sea. Hay Point already has two ports that can export 130 million tonnes of coal per year, the full capacity of these ports is not currently utilised. Any further expansion is economically unnecessary and environmentally catastrophic. We cannot allow our precious Reef and local marine waters to lose their natural values. It is the responsibility of us all, and particularly our community leaders, to protect the iconic Great Barrier Reef for future generations. Costing our Community- Dudgeon Point is threatening our communities peaceful lifestyle Dudgeon Point is in the middle of a coastal area that has seen growing rural residential development over the last 20 years. Communities like Dunrock, McEwens Beach, Timberlands, Louisa Creek, Half Tide, Salonika Beach and the surrounding roads are facing increased serious health risks if the Dudgeon Point coal terminals are approved. The experience of surrounding communities has already been one of increasing noise, dust, traffic and the loss of visual amenities. How can we believe that Dudgeon Point development will not make this situation even worse for local residents? No comprehensive, authentic cost/benefit analysis of this project has been done. Why should we lose our health, peaceful lifestyle and quality of life for unknown and unproven outcomes?
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    Created by Gordon Johnson
  • Protect children from secondhand smoke drift in multi-unit housing
    Under current strata law, residents are not explicitly protected from involuntary second-hand smoke exposure in residential settings. For the first time in fifty years, strata law is under review and now is the time for change. Smoking laws are inconsistent - as a person of the public you are already protected from tobacco smoke in many public places and buildings. But if an apartment is your home, your air quality is at the whim of your neighbours. As parents we want the right to have a smoke-free home to raise our children. Further we want the law on our side when we ask our neighbours to be responsible and contain their smoke rather than allowing it to drift and trespass into our home. In our case, when our neighbours smoke on their balcony or terrace, they might as well have be smoking over our children's beds – as the window is not further than 1.5 metres to where they are smoking. Even a smoker must appreciate that second-hand smoke is toxic and can damage the health of others. It is a fact that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke and children are particularly vulnerable to it. Second-hand smoke exposure among children is a cause of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), asthma, respiratory infections and ear problems. Children's exposure has also been associated with lung cancer in adulthood and the evolution of cardiovascular disease. For our young family, this risk, in our own home, is utterly unacceptable. When we started questioning why NSW Strata Law was failing us, we found that there were other stories like ours, of parents trying to protect the health of their children. Our children have no option but to breathe in their own home and we seek to protect their basic right to clean air in their own home - it's time to recognise tobacco smoke as a nuisance and a hazard under Strata Law.
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    Created by Lara Adams
  • Lower the Woolworths 16 Story Twin Towers on Vaughan TCE North Melbourne - RAiD 3051!
    North Melbourne has been ear-marked for intensive development by the State Government and the Melbourne City Council Arden Macaulay Plan. It is important that the first development complies with the goals and spirit of the plan. Residents and Melbourne City Council have concerns about height, air rights, traffic management, social services and the impact of extended liquor trading on the low income residents and the men's hostels that characterise the neighborhood. It is important that the residents have a voice and that the hard work of the councillors in developing a structure plan in the interests of all the citizens is respected rather than being overrun by cashed-up developers. The needs of all parties need to be addressed in any proposal and this one ignores the views of all except the developers'.
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    Created by Peter Topping
  • Royal Commission into the Ruby Princess
    The covid 19 has caused death and destruction among the Australian community and it is imperative that we find out who is responsible for it. A Royal Commission will bring out the truth and will stop any attempt to cover it up.
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    Created by Brian Cherrie Picture
  • Restore Our Natural Heritage & Biodiversity & Build Disaster Resilience
    This petition of certain citizens of Australia draws to the attention of the House: Climate change is causing increasingly rapid changes in forest ecologies, water supplies, agricultural systems, extending fire seasons. Bushfires are destroying biological diversity and natural environments relied upon by all Australians. Urgent national action is needed under the EPBC Act to prevent destruction of Australia’s natural heritage and recover and restore biodiversity and natural environments.
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    Created by Rosemary Cousin
  • Boycott of Liberal funders
    We need a clear message that there are lines no political party can cross. The Liberals are slaves to corporate interests. We need to ensure the corporations that donate to the Liberals know that undermining democracy, supporting profits over the planet, or attacking unions, isn't going to be profitable.
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    Created by Rory Thomson-Ball
  • Djap Wurrung trees
    The Djap Wurrung trees are a sacred and spiritual place that is of great significance and importance to the tradition custodians of Australia. Governments would never think of knocking down stone hedge or the st Peter's cathedral to build a road so why would they knock over these precious trees which have the same significance, if not more, to our tradition guardians of this extremely precious land. Woman have for many many years turned to these trees for spiritual assistance when giving birth. They must be protected at all cost!!!!
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    Created by Mike Fletcher Picture
  • Go Away Adani
    Queensland is a beautiful state. Coal has had its long day here. Do we want our kids to say 'we had a famous reef up there.'
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    Created by Robert Miller
  • Developing an Intelligent Democracy
    The Intelligent Democracy model Overview is: a. Objective: to have significant number of voters in each electorate to strongly influence the result in each electorate, and thus the shape of (Federal) parliament. b. Support (and manage) the elected members – each can rely on their electorate to vote them back in providing they follow the riding instructions of the electorate in which they won their seat. They will be able to cross the floor and keep their seats. This will make intelligent democracy work irrespective of Liberal/Labor or Minority governments. It is party agnostic and works irrespective of which party is in power. This model is achievable but needs Getup to take on a major role (A24 would be the right organisation if/when it shows it's head as a strong coordination group across the likes of Getup, Greenpeace, 350.org, SumOfUs, Change.org, Wilderness Society, ACF, Climate Council, Australian Marine Conservation Society, etc) The simple fact is that politicians value the tenure of their positions more than anything else and that is above factional or party allegiances. Once they are in parliament they want to stay for the medium to long term. This DESIRE FOR TENURE is the key point that every day citizens can exploit for the benefit of democracy and for politicians to have the liberty to think long term rather than from election to election. It allow politicians to cross the floor to support the values and interests of the people in their electorate, and in fact it forces them to do so to keep their jobs. This is having a minority government even when Liberal or Labor have the majority as there will be sufficient moderate Liberal and Labor members that are elected in this manner and know that the electorate will be watching their performance (actually this will be done by Open Foundation Australia through their site theyvoteforyou.org - have a look at this). We have a model that outlines how this would work. Please support this petition and we will send you the model with a bit more information. Getup is invited to use its resources to harden it up and implement it. (As an aside, my view re Getup's strategy at this last election was that it aimed at the wrong seats. Aiming at the Liberal hard line right wingers was a 1 out of 7 success (a big fail), and Warringah would almost certainly have voted out Abbott without Getup's involvement. Getup should have put its energy into all the marginal seats and get a progressive government elected as its major priority. Now we have another 3 years of disaster.)
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    Created by Peter Crick
  • Stop5G and beyond
    The detrimental effects of 4G are already established science. Many people already protect themselves, their homes, schools and hospitals from the effects of 4G by using electronic scramblers as well as tektites.5G will exacerbate those negative effects exponentially. Some countries have already banned it. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_f9gpg4t6c; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljLynbr5iPc; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3lwn0NWIWY&t=2856s; https://youtu.be/ol3tAxnNccY;
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