• Lower the Woolworths 16 Story Twin Towers on Vaughan TCE North Melbourne - RAiD 3051!
    North Melbourne has been ear-marked for intensive development by the State Government and the Melbourne City Council Arden Macaulay Plan. It is important that the first development complies with the goals and spirit of the plan. Residents and Melbourne City Council have concerns about height, air rights, traffic management, social services and the impact of extended liquor trading on the low income residents and the men's hostels that characterise the neighborhood. It is important that the residents have a voice and that the hard work of the councillors in developing a structure plan in the interests of all the citizens is respected rather than being overrun by cashed-up developers. The needs of all parties need to be addressed in any proposal and this one ignores the views of all except the developers'.
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    Created by Peter Topping
  • Boycott of Liberal funders
    We need a clear message that there are lines no political party can cross. The Liberals are slaves to corporate interests. We need to ensure the corporations that donate to the Liberals know that undermining democracy, supporting profits over the planet, or attacking unions, isn't going to be profitable.
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    Created by Rory Thomson-Ball
  • Djap Wurrung trees
    The Djap Wurrung trees are a sacred and spiritual place that is of great significance and importance to the tradition custodians of Australia. Governments would never think of knocking down stone hedge or the st Peter's cathedral to build a road so why would they knock over these precious trees which have the same significance, if not more, to our tradition guardians of this extremely precious land. Woman have for many many years turned to these trees for spiritual assistance when giving birth. They must be protected at all cost!!!!
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    Created by Mike Fletcher Picture
  • Go Away Adani
    Queensland is a beautiful state. Coal has had its long day here. Do we want our kids to say 'we had a famous reef up there.'
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    Created by Robert Miller
  • Developing an Intelligent Democracy
    The Intelligent Democracy model Overview is: a. Objective: to have significant number of voters in each electorate to strongly influence the result in each electorate, and thus the shape of (Federal) parliament. b. Support (and manage) the elected members – each can rely on their electorate to vote them back in providing they follow the riding instructions of the electorate in which they won their seat. They will be able to cross the floor and keep their seats. This will make intelligent democracy work irrespective of Liberal/Labor or Minority governments. It is party agnostic and works irrespective of which party is in power. This model is achievable but needs Getup to take on a major role (A24 would be the right organisation if/when it shows it's head as a strong coordination group across the likes of Getup, Greenpeace, 350.org, SumOfUs, Change.org, Wilderness Society, ACF, Climate Council, Australian Marine Conservation Society, etc) The simple fact is that politicians value the tenure of their positions more than anything else and that is above factional or party allegiances. Once they are in parliament they want to stay for the medium to long term. This DESIRE FOR TENURE is the key point that every day citizens can exploit for the benefit of democracy and for politicians to have the liberty to think long term rather than from election to election. It allow politicians to cross the floor to support the values and interests of the people in their electorate, and in fact it forces them to do so to keep their jobs. This is having a minority government even when Liberal or Labor have the majority as there will be sufficient moderate Liberal and Labor members that are elected in this manner and know that the electorate will be watching their performance (actually this will be done by Open Foundation Australia through their site theyvoteforyou.org - have a look at this). We have a model that outlines how this would work. Please support this petition and we will send you the model with a bit more information. Getup is invited to use its resources to harden it up and implement it. (As an aside, my view re Getup's strategy at this last election was that it aimed at the wrong seats. Aiming at the Liberal hard line right wingers was a 1 out of 7 success (a big fail), and Warringah would almost certainly have voted out Abbott without Getup's involvement. Getup should have put its energy into all the marginal seats and get a progressive government elected as its major priority. Now we have another 3 years of disaster.)
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    Created by Peter Crick
  • Stop5G and beyond
    The detrimental effects of 4G are already established science. Many people already protect themselves, their homes, schools and hospitals from the effects of 4G by using electronic scramblers as well as tektites.5G will exacerbate those negative effects exponentially. Some countries have already banned it. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_f9gpg4t6c; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljLynbr5iPc; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3lwn0NWIWY&t=2856s; https://youtu.be/ol3tAxnNccY;
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  • No advertising on The Sydney Opera House
    Approving the use of The Sydney Opera House for blatant advertising in this case will open the floodgates to other questionable decisions and reinforce individuals such as Alan Jones’ power over Governments.
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  • Keep King Island Fish Farm Free
    If fish farms are established in King Island's pristine waters then there will be a massively negative impact environmentally, economically and socially. King Island's economy is based on its clean, green and unspoiled image. If the King Island Brand is tainted by its association with industrial fish farming, and the rapidly accelerating negative press and opposition it is generating, then our economy will be severely affected. The very reasons that attract visitors and residents to King Island are diametrically opposed to the industrialisation of our pristine marine environment. Our way of life and quality of life are under threat just so companies and shareholders can make even more money.
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  • Don't build a new airport! DO build high-speed rail instead!
    This petition against building a second airport at Badgery's Creek is urgent and important as to do so would contravene all the independent research findings which clearly demonstrate that societies and nature would suffer unduly. Conversely, building high-speed rail will address climate-change and revitalise many communities in regional NSW as well as connect to major centres like Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, being 50% of current air traffic; and will provide for real local jobs. It will also empower people and ensure quality of life to all of us and Nature on whom we depend. This has to be seen as the only sane alternative in today's world.
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    Created by Maureen Grant
  • No to an airport in Koo Wee Rup
    The draining of the Great Swamp produced some of Victoria's and Australia's highest quality soil, rich in nutrients. The development of an airport, the increase in traffic and the pollution which will follow puts at jeopardy the ability to utilize this land appropriately. Reducing the betterment and better health of all Australians. Currently there are significant infrastructure restraints in the area causing complete grid lock over any long weekend, with even mild increased traffic towards Phillip Island and Gippsland areas. Whilst the structure of the project has been sold to Victorians as a great deal with a foreign company funding construction, it is they who will be distributed all incomes, whilst all tax paying Victorians will be forced to pay the infrastructure bill to develop functioning roads to this service. This will create a huge tax burden for all Victorians whilst only servicing what currently stands as 250,000 Gippslandians. Putting further financial burdens on local residents to prepare current houses for additional requirements necessary for being approximately 7 minutes from the airport and decreasing value of the properties. The government has been urging residents to move further out of the city to manage the housing crisis and when Victorians choose to do this to enjoy the country they then decide to propose an airport that will take away everything we love about living further out. The night sky and stars are part of this and an airport being this close will take that away. The impact on the local wildlife and whether they will be able to reproduce moving into the future. Please help us tell the Government to rethink this plan and relocate it to a more appropriate area.
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    Created by Lee P Adamis
  • Government MUST ACT for Williamtown PFAS Contamination!
    The residents of Williamtown learned at the end of 2015 that the community in which they lived had been extensively contaminated by the local RAAF Base. The chemicals in question are known as PFAS (Petro-Fluoro Chemicals) and were released over a number of years as they were used in a firefighting foam despite advice by the manufacturer that these foams be phased out of use. What was of greater concern, was that the Government knew of this contamination spreading into the local environment for at least 3 years prior and had not made the public aware. Since then, action by the Federal Government has been limited to a further study into the extend of the spread of the contamination and a Human Health Risk Assessment, conducted by the Department of Defence itself, to assess these risks. The residents have seen their property values plummet to zero as no one is able to have their houses valued and banks will not lend money to anyone purchasing property in the area. Parents with infants and babies have been forced to remain in the environment, despite the desire to leave to protect their families. The chemicals themselves are considered of great concern by the UN and have been proven to cause health issues in animals, and in some cases humans. The body of research into these chemicals and their effects is emerging, and the Australian Government has been emphasising heavily that they do not believe there is 'consistent evidence' of these causing harm to humans, despite international experts disagreeing, and their own health department providing advice that they should be 'avoided'. The ONLY people with the power to assist residents who simply wish to protect themselves and their children, and move on with their lives is the Federal Government. The Office of the Prime Minister has itself taken control of the response, but in the 12 months since this occurred, absolutely NO ACTION has been initiated. The Prime Minister or Defence Minister has not attended the region and has not met with the residents in an open forum which they desperately need in order to explain the situation. The Federal Senate has itself conducted an inquiry into the situation in 2016 and despite making many recommendations including property buy-backs and financial assistance, these have been ignored by the Prime Minister. Action is needed NOW. The residents should not be trapped in their own homes, desperately hoping for assistance from the government which itself was responsible for contaminating the area. Without community pressure, the Government will NOT take any action and we seek support to create this pressure. Please sign on this page, and if possible write to your local Federal Minister and insist that they raise the issue in Parliament. Thank you Jamie Kelly Father, Husband and Local Resident of Williamtown P.S. Much more information can be found in the Newcastle Herald, as well as other news publications
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    Even if ASF or any other company would pay a fair market price for the land (and we know this would NEVER happen!) the answer to their application SHOULD BE: NO! 1. If the SEAWAY/BROADWATER is meddled with in any shape or form the resulting effect on river tides/sand movement/silting/effect on the ecosystem is anyone's guess? WE CANNOT RISK IT! 2. We need the SPIT and all other open spaces on the Gold Coast to be preserved as our city is full of high-rises, we haven't got enough roads, our public transport system is basically non-existent, traffic is chocked throughout the city 24/7. 3. No development should be allowed north of Sea-World! We need the Spit developed as parkland and for recreation now and for future generations. 4. The Gold Coast, specially the central area where most high-rises are has no park with trees! Our greedy, self-serving council for decades has been selling anything/everything that could be sold... and the raping of the natural environment continues. This city NEEDS a decent large park, such as the Central Park in New York. Humans NEED OXYGEN TO SURVIVE which oxygen comes from TREES! No use to say that the Hinterland has enough trees and oxygen when the coastal winds blow it the other way, away from the coastal region where the high-rises and the biggest traffic exist. 5. ASF and all other companies should once and for all be given the thumbs down as far as the SPIT is concerned!
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    Created by AGNES ADORJAN