• Stop culling the WA sharks!
    Experts do not agree that plans to cull sharks will reduce shark attacks. “[W]ill culling sharks actually reduce the risk of an attack? The answer is no.…Pre-emptively killing sharks is a response based on emotion rather than of scientific data”, wrote Ryan Kempster, Shark biologist at University of Western Australia, and Shaun Collin, Winthrop Professor at the School of Animal Biology and the Oceans Institute at University of Western Australia1. The Department of the Environment lists nine shark species inhabiting Australian waters as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable and culling plans would not only drastically affect their populations but the surrounding marine ecosystems. In Western Australia, the White Shark (or the Great White Shark) is listed as “rare or likely to become extinct”2 and in 2002, the Australian Government came up with a Recovery Plan to promote the conservation of this species. But now the White Shark it is at great risk because the Western Australian Department of Fisheries has listed the white shark as the main cause of fatal shark attacks WA. Please sign the petition and tell the WA government that to stop plan to cull sharks. Sources: 1 Ryan Kempster and Shaun Collin, “How to prevent shark attacks”, The Conversation, https://theconversation.com/how-to-prevent-shark-attacks-20890, 29/11/13 2 The Australian Government Department of Environment, “Carcharodoncarcharias — Great White Shark”, Biodiversity Species Profile and Threats Database http://www.environment.gov.au/cgi-bin/sprat/public/publicspecies.pl?taxon_id=64470, 16/07/13 3 The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Recovery plan for the White Shark, http://www.environment.gov.au/resource/recovery-plan-white-shark-carcharodon-carcharias, 2013
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  • Don't Disband North Sydney Council's Active Transport Voice!
    1. The Active Transport Sub-committee is a key forum for open discussion and to tap into ideas from pedestrians and bicyclists and the community at large. The committee has proven its value consistently over many years and is well attended. 2. North Sydney is both a destination and a gateway for thousands of cyclists and pedestrians and the Sub-committee can act as both a voice and conduit to keep this group informed and engaged when necessary. 3. At a time when transport issues are more complex and critical to a well functioning city, the Sub-committee is a valuable resource to assist the Council in its deliberations regarding use of roads and paths. 4. The only alternative, the Traffic Committee, is incompatible with supporting many active transport issues including those that are not on public roads.
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  • Keep Denman Coal Mine Free
    Residents of Denman and District do not have a say in coal mine developments near Denman. Many residents do not want any more coal mines near Denman or in the district. Concerned residents are asking the government to restrict coal mining to the present mines that have been approved and to not approve any new coal mine developments near Denman. The Yarrawa Lease is the subject of ICAC investigations related to the way mining exploration leases were granted in a closed tender process. Two coal exploration leases, Spur Hill and Yarrawa (Ferndale) are close to Denman. If these mines go ahead they will have a significant impact on the residents of our district. Our community, our water resources, our air quality are at risk. If developed into mines these mines will contribute to 24 hours a day noise, dust and light pollution for Denman residents. Years of mining in Muswellbrook Shire has strained the housing and rental markets, degraded public infrastructure such as roads, and added significantly to air pollution in the Hunter Valley. There has been a decline in other industries as farming land is taken up by mines.. Additional mine developments will further strain infrastructure in the area. Public infrastructure has not improved after years of mining in Muswellbrook Shire, it has degraded. Denman does not want coal mines on its doorstep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEBh0rZfDD0
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  • Save the future of fisheries and marine science in Victoria
    In the 1990's the marine and fisheries research facility down by the ferry terminal in Queenscliff had over 100 staff. Over the years staff numbers have been cut back and over the last 2 years the numbers have been cut to a crucially low number of 30. A couple of weeks ago the Victorian Government announced that voluntary redundancy packages will be offered to reduce the remaining 30 positions to merely 14. Staff were given 10 days to decide on their futures. Resources will be cut alongside jobs. Research laboratories will be converted to offices, boats sold, research dive teams will be removed. The Government has forgotten how important this facility and the people who work there are to the state of Victoria. The people who work at the Fisheries Research Branch are among the top fisheries scientists in the world. Their work leads to management decisions about Victorian fisheries based on the best understanding of how to support sustainable recreational and commercial fishing, while protecting fisheries for our children and grandchildren. The Queenscliff facility contains the labs, the boats, and most importantly the people needed to undertake world class research and to train a new generation of fisheries researchers. Once these people are gone, Victoria will have lost a vital resource of knowledge and skills. Fourteen staff is not enough to run this facility and continue to produce quality research on the whole of Victoria's fisheries and marine environment. Already current staff are trying to complete two roles at once. You just have to do the maths to realize that this is not best practice. Last week the public, recreational fisherman and members of parliament spoke loud enough that the Environment Minister heard their voice! Their views led to the banning of the super trawler. Together we too can make our voices heard. All of us - recreational fisherman, divers, environmentalists, member of the public, people with an interest in Victoria's fisheries and marine areas - need to speak up so the Government realizes how important this facility and its staff are. Please sign this petition and also write to Minister Peter Walsh, your local member and the papers. Lets get our voice heard. September 12, 2005 Minister Peter Walsh (when in opposition) is quoted as saying "The Minister for Agriculture must deliver an explanation to the public as to why he is slashing funding for talented scientists and technical officers who work preserve our marine and freshwater environment" and "Once they lose talented staff they'll never be able to get them back". He was right. Thank you PS. There is also a facebook page so the everyone can follow the progress of the campaign and share their own stories at: www.facebook.com/letstryandsavefisheriesandmarinescienceinVictoria
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  • Return the Funding - Emergency Services Cadets
    It is important to me because i have been with cadets from the start of it when i was little helping my parents and their friends help run the groups. i want to get the program back up and running and keep it running because it help so many young children and old, it was hard to have been told that the funding was cut and that it was affected straight away. It is more important to everyone that was in the cadet program as we all loved it and we made great friends we even found the mature side of our things and find out how the emergency service act when they have to help.
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    Article showing my dedicated work with Kangaroos in Canberra Times http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/canberra-city-of-animal-lovers-20120714-222rk.html. Click on link to view final poll results: http://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/canberra-times-final-kangaroo-killing-poll-results-closed-25512/?preview=true&preview_id=748&preview_nonce=0370f2d679 . An abuse of rate/taxpayers money that cost over $200,000, and an abuse of the government and government department's positions, ignoring expert advice outside the government. Please check out http://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/?sn=l, http://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/protected-native-violent-kangaroo-killing-in-the-act-7-june-2012/. Native grasses are not threatened by the kangaroos, but by human activity, including toxic sprays. ANIMAL WELFARE - Click on the links below, to view kangaroo cruelty and horror. Kangaroos are killed in an extremely inhumane manner. Legally kangaroos killed are required to be killed by a single shot to the brain. there are instances where kangaroos are not killed in this manner. As a result, the kangaroo is shot agonisingly in the jaw, neck or the body, flees in response and will suffer a prolonged and painful death. These joeys are killed often by shooters smashing them into the ground, against tow bars of cars or with a metal pipe or other blunt instrument. Alternatively, when not caught, an out of pouch joey will be left to fend for itself and will generally die of predation, starvation or dehydration.This is not to mention the stress suffered by kangaroos from hearing shots being fired and from being chased down by shooters. Please click on or copy and paste this link into your browser to view more information on Kangaroo abuse and sign as well: http://www.change.org/petitions/chief-minister-environment-minister-greens-party-prime-minister-stop-the-unlawful-violent-killing-of-protected-native-kangaroos ‘....anyone who intentionally tortures a dog or cat is a threat to public safety, and should be dealt with severely," DeSteph said in a statement....DeSteph told ABC News he plans to send the legislation to other state lawmakers and work with national animal welfare groups to get the law introduced across the country. There have been studies that show a connection between animal cruelty and many other crimes, from drug and firearm offenses to battery and sexual assault, according to the Humane Society....’The same applies to Kangaroos and all other animals, the entire animal kingdom, not just cats and dogs.The Government’s proposed Animal Welfare Bill should be citing the same as above to immediately stop the Kangaroo killings to arrest and lock up the Government officials responsible for the Kangaroo killings since 2004-2019.The Animal Welfare Bill cannot be in compliance with the Government,the Government has to be in compliance with it The kangaroo management plan is conjunctional, incompetent, and not based on any scientific facts. The only objects that are causing the destruction of grasslands, woodlands, threatened species and ecosystems are tams staff and their shooters, the cattle they put into all the nature reserves after killing all the kangaroos in 2011 because the grass was too long, and the government that fails to listen to the experts, to end this unlawful violent, unnecessary killing that will drive our protected native Kangaroos to extinction. Click on this link for more information: http://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/wildlife-carers-group-wcg-visit-to-callum-brae-nature-reserve-etc-full-5-day-work-experience-student-wes-placement-report-trained-by-wcg-founding-president-nora-preston-4-8-july-2011/?sn=l We require the government department TAMS/TCCS (have changed their name or relevant Dept)authority who deal with applications to kill protected native species, and applications for the native wildlife rehabilitation licence to be removed from TAMS/TCCS or relevant Dept and handed over to Wildlife Carers Group. We require that the Eastern Grey Kangaroos, along with other persecuted macropods and native wildlife to be placed on the Critically Endangered list, AUSTRALIA WIDE. We require changes in the legislations/Acts and policies in the ACT, and Australia wide, to ensure that all protected native wildlife are protected and not be allowed to be killed. Wildlife Carers Group Wildlife Rehabilitation Licence to include FULL TERM REHABILITATION OF SICK INJURED ORPHANED NATIVE EASTERN GREY KANGAROOS, AND ALL OTHER ENDANGERED NATIVE WILDLIFE THAT ARE CURRENTLY OMITTED FROM THE LICENCE. The unlawful entry and stealing of my wildlife from my property by tams, the rspca and the police occurred as a result of me taking the Conservator of Flora and Fauna to court for the unlawful violent killing of the kangaroos/animal cruelty in 2012, to stop the unlawful violent killing and to have the Acts and policies that govern these policies changed. This action against me was more abuse of taxpayers money and vexatious by the government. To see the full reports please click on these links: http://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/rspca-selling-stolen-wildlife-belonging-to-wildlife-carers-group-act-greens-party-offer-the-act-rspca-1million-rspca-animal-cruelty-continues-super-trawler-petitions-1912/ Full story on unlawful entry and theft of wildlife, click on these links: http://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/unlawful-entry-and-seizure-of-wildlife-letters-sent-to-canberra-tmes-but-not-published-28812/, and follow the other links about tams, the rspca, the chief minister that follow these reports. http://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/?sn=l http://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/wildlife-carers-group-visit-to-antarctica-melbourne-aquarium-competition-ongoing-animal-cruelty-by-rspcamore-211212/?preview=true&preview_id=868&preview_nonce=c1ce95b73f.
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  • Which part of "NO CSG" do you not understand, politicians??
    CSG mining has left thousands of sick people and poisoned land and water in its wake wherever it has been allowed. This has been proven time and time again, yet the message keeps getting covered up for the sake of a few quick dollars. The community has clearly stated that it is opposed to CSG (for example, recent local election in Lismore, NSW, voted 87+% against CSG). Destroying our land and water for a finite resource is extremely short-sighted and, to be really frank, appallingly stupid. Australia should be the leader in changing to renewable energy and this needs to happen today - not in 5 years or 10 years. It has been left too long already. So - how can you answer the question "Which part of "NO CSG" do you not understand"?
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  • Label palm oil already
    Palm oil mono cultures are directly linked to widespread tropical deforestation, dispossession of indigenous peoples from their land, and their growth represents a clear and present danger to Asia's natural treasures - its last remaining forests. Often falsely labeled as "vegetable oil" palm oil is used in an estimated 40%+ of every day consumer foods and household products. Labeling palm oil allows consumers to more easily identify and avoid this harmful and unhealthy oil which is clogging arteries as well as causing the devastation to forests and biodiversity in tropical zones around the world, led by Asia.
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  • Save Cubbie Station for Australia
    The largest single irrigation and farming parcel in the Southern Hemisphere at the head of the Murray Darling system is being allowed to be sold off to foreign interests in order that they can take the output direct to their country and bypass all Australian involvement from water, crops and jobs, to taxes and environmental responsiblity for downstream.
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  • Close and Relocate All Toxic Dumps in Ipswich
    Ipswich is home to several toxic landfills, two of which are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. The largest toxic dump in the Southern Hemisphere, which is in New Chum, currently receives unlimited amounts of asbestos and toxic chemicals and waste such as untreated medical waste, arsenic and cyanide. This landfill is within hundreds of metres of residents homes, recreation areas and schools. Both local government and state environmental law allows for the continuation of the toxic landfills. Eclipsing federal environmental law is required in order for all toxic landfills to be closed down and relocated. It has come to our attention that Ipswich residents are not alone in desperately wanting environmental protection, from inappropriately located toxic landfills, from the federal government. Please listen and respond to our concerns. As Australians, we should have the legal and moral right to protection from medically harmful, life-style shattering toxic environments. We should have the right to protect our families, children and ourselves from avoidable and unnecessary harm.
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  • STOP the 3rd freight line SAVE our health and village
    The noise from freight trains is already over 100dB causing significant harm Coal dust and mining chemicals are increasingly recognised carcinogens - they come past our homes and schools Property values will slump as the noise and pollution increases Construction activity and depots throughout 2119 for years Contrary to law they have predetermined the Environment Impact Assessment They are only proceeding because the federal government is paying $3/4billion The case for a third line does not stand up to basic engineering, logistics, and infrastructure best practice scrutiny
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  • Ban The Sale Of Shark Fins Inside The United States
    Humans every year kill 100 million sharks and for what? Shark Fins - For a tasteless bowl of soup Shark Teeth - For Jewlery Shark Jaws - For Tourists Shark Cartilage - For Phony Cancer Cures In The Form Of Pills Shark Liver Oil - For Cosmetic Products 100 million sharks are killed each year by longlining, sport fishermen,or by a cruel practice of shark finning. Hooked sharks are hauled onto boats; their fins are sliced off while they are still alive. These helpless animals are then tossed back into the ocean where, unable to swim without their fins, they sink towards the bottom and die an agonizing death. With 90% of the world's large shark populations already wiped out, sharks are being depleted faster than they can reproduce. This threatens the stability of marine ecosystems around the world. Sharks are vitally important apex predators. They have shaped marine life in the oceans for over 400 million years and are essential to the health of the planet, and ultimately to the survival of mankind. Shark Finnning Facts Shark finning takes place at sea so the fishers have only the fins to transport. Shark meat is considered low value and therefore not worth the cost of transporting the bulky shark bodies to market. Any shark is taken-regardless of age, size, or species Longlines, used in shark finning operations, are the most significant cause of losses in shark populations worldwide. Shark finning is widespread, and largely unmanaged and unmonitored. Shark finning has increased over the past decade due to the increasing demand for shark fins (for shark fin soup and traditional cures), improved fishing technology, and improved market economics. Shark specialists estimate that 100 million sharks are killed for their fins, annually. One pound of dried shark fin can retail for $300 or more. It's a multi-billion dollar industry. Impacts of Shark Finning Loss and devastation of shark populations around the world. Experts estimate that within a decade, most species of sharks will be lost because of longlining. Unsustainable fishery. The massive quantity of sharks harvested and lack of selection deplete shark populations faster than their reproductive abilities can replenish populations. Threatens the stability of marine ecosystems. Loss of sharks as a food staple for many developing countries. Local waters are invaded by large industrial, foreign fishing vessels that threaten traditional sustainable fisheries. Threatens socio-economically important recreational fisheries. Obstructs the collection of species-specific data that are essential for monitoring catches and implementing sustainable fisheries management. Wasteful of protein and other shark-based products. Up to 99 per cent of the shark is thrown away. If you want to be informed on the fight to save these important predators join this facebook group ------------>https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/ppl.against.IWC/ Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/savetheoceans2 Also go to these websites ---------> seashepherd.org, sharkangels.org
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