• Free our Southern Ocean from Japans Scientific Whaling
    Here we go again…Japan has launched off towards the Southern Ocean for their yearly slaughter of hundreds of whales in the name of ‘science’. It is an appalling outworn behaviour that sickens me to the core. I feel helpless as this senseless act unfolds using ‘science’ as it justification. Scientific permits for whaling have been issued by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) for two countries. Since being issued permits from 1986, Japan has killed 8201 Minke whales along with other whale species. In 2005/2006 they also killed endangered Southern Hemisphere Fin whales. In Dec 2012 South Korea announced that they will apply for a scientific permit, and they too will head south for their research. With credit to the Australian Government and the lobby of many environmental/animal rights groups we have a chance to make a difference by petitioning the International Court of Justice to ban Japan from scientific whaling in the Southern Ocean. Only we can make changes by working and grouping together. Lets free our waters for these graceful creatures to live in their natural habitat. Can humanity continue with this type of inhumane behaviour? Can our natural resources and eco system continue to sustain humans?
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    Created by Kerrie Auchettl
    Helicopters are a very intrusive source of noise pollution for people who are under or near their flight path. Unlike light planes which are commonly used for sightseeing, helicopters hover over landmarks and when they do this the noise level is considerable and sustained. People who live in inner suburbs near the harbour are already affected by helicopter noise but this heliport has the capacity to greatly increase the noise pollution suffered by residents as well as people peacefully enjoying water activities or relaxing in harbourside parks and venues. Who wants to be woken at 7am on a Sunday morning by a roaring helicopter? Exactly how did this approval for a floating heliport get in under the radar?
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    Created by Sabina Heggie
  • Petition to improve Mental Health Services in rural and remote SA
    With suicide becoming one of Australia's leading causes of death, something needs to change. The rate of suicide is rapidly increasing in rural and remote areas on a daily basis. And why? because the lack of resources and access to mental health services.
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    Created by Karly Cousins Picture
  • The Shire of Chittering Supports "Cash 4 Containers"
    This action would result in a raft of benefits, including: - An increase in the recycling rate; - A cleaner environment; - Employment opportunities; - Benefits for community based organisations; and - Opportunities to recycle in rural and remote areas of Western Australia.
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    Created by Shire of Chittering
  • Stand up for the truth about global warming
    Our climate is already warming due to human activity. The need for decisive action is extremely urgent. Yet around the world, business-funded PR campaigns systematically deny the scientific evidence and undermine the political will to act. Millions of people are privately worried about global warming, but don't tell anyone because they feel helpless to change anything. Unfortunately, our silence lends support to those campaigners who deny the evidence. Unless we all stand up and say what we really think, these campaigners will claim to speak for us, and our leaders will not even consider making the changes needed to combat global warming.
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    Created by Liz Bassett
  • Don't Cover Arlington Reserve with Plastic Grass
    Covering Arlington with plastic grass locks out the public and schools and hands this beautiful public asset to one sporting code at the cost of Marrickville rate payers (Estimated at $1.1M+). In reaching this decision Council failed to meet its community consultation responsibilities. Find more information or show your support at our website or facebook page: Website: http://SaveArlingtonReserve.Wordpress.com Facebook: facebook.com/SaveArlingtonOval
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    Created by Melissa Brooks
  • Rejuvenate and redecorate the Newcastle Ocean Baths to create a national icon!
    The proposed colour scheme and redecoration would energise the Newcastle Ocean Baths, local area, and enhance the Bathers Way experience for tourists and locals establishing the Newcastle Ocean Baths a truly unique landmark! The Newcastle Baths will be rejuvenated and reawakened; again becoming the important destination and iconic structure it once was, emerging from blandness and destitute into greatness! Simply it will be in focus again for Novocastrian's and visitors to our city as it once was when first built. Newcastle will then be proud of this recreation area and the unique colour scheme will add to efforts to revitalise the city of Newcastle! Further to this the painting and redecoration will be supervised by Australian artist James Willebrant. We also suggest that the Newcastle City Council could provide unemployed youth to complete the work, providing them with purpose, self esteem, and enabling them to be involved in this wonderful community initiative.
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    Created by Mark Widdup
  • Save Wakakirri Festival for primary schools
    How many times have you watched a child dancing, singing or acting in Wakakirri and thought “I wish they we had this kind of thing when I was a kid?” Research has shown time and time again that the arts are an important factor in the development of children’s full potential across all areas of the curriculum. The arts are not just nice things to have to do if there is free time or if one can afford it. Let’s not deny the next generation this opportunity.
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    Created by Adam Loxley
  • Keep Wallalong Rural
    First, the scheme itself is going to be very costly and very difficult to implement - all ratepayers will inevitably bear some of the cost of overcoming the massive infrastructure and access problems this site has - there are cheaper, better options. Second, natural justice has not been done: our views have been all but ignored. This is wrong and undemocratic. Councillors have ignored the will of their electors and ratepayers. We will vote accordingly. Third, our area has just celebrated its bicentenary - we have a 200-year-old tradition of sustainable agriculture and rural life. It is a very special social and cultural heritage of two centuries of continuous farming (most comparable land in Sydney has been swallowed by suburbs) and there is no reason to believe it could not continue for another two centuries - we have been good stewards of the land and we take pride in and value our heritage and our stewardship of the land. We offer food security for the future of the region and long-term growth in tourism income.
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  • Stop Penrith Council's destruction of our environment
    Penrith LGA is home to some of the rarest and most valued bushland areas in the Sydney basin. The Castlereagh Woodland area within the North Ward of Penrith is unique and endangered. It provides habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals. Many of these are themselves endangered. We are at that point in history where we need to decide if we want them to survive or to face extinction. It is up to Penrith Council and they are proposing "business as usual" - more houses, more roads, more profit for developers and in their latest LEP proposal to the newly elected Councillors. The city planners are insisting the elected Councillors endorse this "developer dream" direction. On top of this they are railroading the Councillors saying that they do not have time to consider this matter carefully. Not even enough time for them to visit the sites or allow the normal community consultation period, which in their proposal has been reduced from 2 months to 28 days. The LEP determines the whole shape of our city and our countryside forever so it is the duty of Councillors to get this right. They must act in the public interest. Re-zoning lands is a very serious matter and has huge implications for landowners, the rare and endangered species, the Nepean River, the wild places, commuters, shop owners, businesses and visitors alike. Why should it be rushed? Why should new Councillors in particular, who have little or in some cases no idea what an RU4 or an E2 zoning is, be asked to make a decision on the future of this city without even understanding what these zonings mean?
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    Created by Suzie Wright
  • Asbestos kills! James Hardie directors slap on the wrist token sentence!
    Australian building products maker James Hardie is being sued by the New Zealand Government over a $NZ1.5 billion ($A1.24 billion) repair bill for leaky school buildings. March 2013 James Hardie announced a third quarter profit of $US28.8 million ($A27.85 million). People who get diagnosed with an Asbestos Related Disease (ARD) do not get a slap on the wrist, their family and friends can never walk away from the horror that is asbestos! Being diagnosed with an ARD is forever life changing, the pain, the anguish, is forever heightened by the knowledge it didn't have to be! One can only ask, "Where is the justice in the James Hardie Industries (JHI) non-executive directors only receiving a 'slap on the wrist', token sentence of being banned from being a company director for 2 years?" The original sentence of 5 years was insulting enough ........to think they will be able to become company directors again in May 2013....... the mind boggles!!!!!! This decision being handed down in the middle of the screening of the 'Devil's Dust' program is an insult to those who have lost their lives to asbestos, those living with an asbestos related disease and those in the future who will be exposed - all thanks to James Hardie asbestos products! http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-11-12/hardie-directors-have-disqualifications-reduced/4367320 http://sunbury-leader.whereilive.com.au/news/story/audio-slideshow-gisborne-asbestos-cancer-victim-speaks-out/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm3nEp71SbE&feature=share
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    Created by Louise Williams
  • Addressing Safety and Accessibility Concerns at Wentworth Falls Lake
    Wentworth Falls Lake is a spectacular meeting place of regional significance. Through personal experience and in consultation with locals the LAKE Action Group are increasingly aware of a need to improve this local landmark. The council must address: issues of child safety at the play equipment and the causeway; accessibility so more people are able to engage in their local environment; and upgrade the toilets and provide additional toilets.
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    Created by Naumi Hogan