• Ban outdoor roadside advertising.
    Dear Minister, Why must I be subjected to advertising I have not requested and I have no control to stop? Is the necessity to pollute outdoor spaces really required? All other advertising allows a certain amount of user discretion, that is its a choice and can be avoided, while outdoor advertising offers no choice. Why cant we leave these outdoor spaces for free thinking. Why is subliminal advertising banned on television while its totally legal for outdoor spaces. But I hear you say subliminal advertising is not consciously seen, how can you not see a billboard thats 42 square meters. Well the first time you might see it and recognize it, after that its a constant flashing image every time you drive, ride or walk past or see it out the window. This is brainwashing and thats why advertising companies spend millions of dollars promoting signage spaces. This was put to the test in the following video http://izonglobalmediasydney.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/is-outdoor-advertising-subliminal.html. Try it yourself next time you are thinking one thing is worth more than a similar thing, check your constant routes and see what appears. This is from an agencies website on why advertisers should use Outdoor advertising. "Why use Billboards and Buses? *Outdoor advertising is constantly there day and night for the duration of your campaign *Outdoor advertising can catch consumers who don’t read newspapers or watch a lot of television. *Outdoor advertising can reach the right people." Outdoor advertising is visual pollution and should be banned in the same way that littering is banned, it creates visual pollution and is of great concern to freethinking which we need as human beings to solve and act on real issues that impact on our communities. Further references http://www.adbusters.org/magazine/73/Sao_Paulo_A_City_Without_Ads.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/apr/20/ban-outdoor-advertising
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  • Support Sydney's South East Light Rail
    Sydney is on the verge of a light rail renaissance and light rail through Surry Hills to UNSW is a litmus test for the political viability of light rail in Sydney in general. Unfortunately anti public transport forces are cynically generating a fear campaign to oppose the Devonshire Street route. Powerful forces within the NSW Government and the Opposition, and pro-motorway lobby groups, continue to oppose any extension of light rail and the CBD - Kensington light rail route in particular. Nick Greiner's Infrastructure NSW, for example, proposed CBD bus tunnels in an attempt to block light rail in George Street. A small number of residents who will be displaced are understandably angry, because planning consultation was mishandled by Transport for NSW. They should be given adequate compensation for the impact on their lives, but it must be recognised that some displacement for such an important public transport project is inevitable and resumption for light rail will always have a tiny fraction of the impact of the alternative motorway projects. Around the world, hundreds of cities have turned to light rail precisely because it is completely compatible with residential neighbourhoods, heritage precincts, and parkland. The web abounds with information about, and video and still images of these systems. Here a just a few from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzxOwI4yUx0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiNKpzmJ38E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZDpD-kj-Ss And see: Sydney's Light Rail Future http://youtu.be/LGTODl5dMoo
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  • UQ - Please allow a community garden on Picardy St!
    As young people moving forward into an uncertain future, it is absolutely vital that we learn the skills NOW that will sustain and replenish ourselves, our communities and our environment. This is no small deal. With world population expected to rise from 6.8 billion in 2010 to over 9 billion by 2050, the world is facing something like a 70 per cent increase in food demand during this period (CSIRO http://www.csiro.au/en/Organisation-Structure/Divisions/Plant-Industry/Food-security-explained.aspx) A community garden is something that we can easily do that can help! Worldwide, gardens such as ours enable people to gain the skills and support needed to work together for a more sustainable future. But we need to give it a chance! A site that is easily accessible to students will have a far greater impact than one that is hidden away, and far from the heart of the community concerned - UQ students and staff. Please - support a UQ community garden at Picardy St and help us make a difference!
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  • Build Australia's First Baseload Renewable Energy Plant at Port Augusta
    2013 was the hottest year on record for Australia and the fourth hottest on the planet since records began in 1880. It's getting hotter and hotter. A report from the (US) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration states that globally, 2013 is the 37th year in a row with temperatures above the 20th century average. It also states that nine of the 10 hottest years on record have been in the 21st century (2010 is the record holder for hottest year ever). But in a very sunny, windy Australia we are one of the best-placed nations to do something about reversing the dangerous warming trend! We can start the rollout of a key renewable technology for Australia, Concentrated Solar Thermal Power plus molten salt storage (CSP+), by replacing the closing dirty-fired coal power stations in Port Augusta with a CSP+ plant! CSP+ is like coal or nuclear power in that it boils water at a very high temperature to create high-pressure steam but unlike coal and nuclear it uses the just the heat from the sun to heat a mixture of two liquid salts which can store the heat and thus be released into a heat exchanger at any time of the day or night to boil water to make electricity. With the right technology the sun can provide electricity 24 hours per day! The State government cannot pay for this on its own. We have to tell the Federal government to fund and support the State government in the construction of baseload solar at Port Augusta. It's doable, so we all just have to tell the politicians that this is what we want. CSP+ provides baseload or dispatchable energy which is the perfect complement to wind, a variable energy provider. CSP+ with wind can provide almost all Australia's energy requirements. Download the Stationary Energy Plan 2020 at www.bze.org.au. See an exciting 4.5 minute video explaining how Concentrated Solar Thermal Power plus molten salt storage (CSP+) works. It's focused on Gemasolar, near Seville, in Spain, the first CSP+ plant to operate 24/7 http://tiny.cc/0jahy Download the Port Augusta plan at http://bze.org.au/node/1145 http://media.bze.org.au/Repowering_PortAugusta.pdf Go to www.csptoday.com to see what's happening with CSP in the rest of the world
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    Coal seam gas mining has been banned in France and other countries because of its harmful long term economic, health-related, social and environmental impacts. It is extremely dangerous and needs to be outlawed here in Australia.
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  • Malcolm Turnbull should be the leader of the Liberal Party
    Because I'd rather move to Uganda than live under Tony Abbott's rule.
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  • Stop High Voltage Power Lines in a dense residential and schooling area.
    The cable(s) would not run in two dense residential streets with many young families. The Cable would not run past a pre-school or a primary school. Less people will be affected by the cabel's EMF We reduce the risk to our children's health!
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  • Save Thompson Square from the RMS Option One Bridge
    This is of local, national and international significance. State and Federal heritage groups are vehemently against its denigration and even Scottish Historical Societies have expressed grave concerns for this shared history, as its main players were Scots. * Thompson Square, Windsor was originally known as Bell Post Square, Green Hills and founded in 1794 by Governor Phillip as our first country town.This area was the colony's food bowl saving it from starvation. It was the site of the Governor's Residence for the western edge of the colony. *It is the " oldest" and "only" Georgian Square in Australia and is still surrounded by its Georgian and early Victorian buildings. It was planned by our first governors and gives a unique view into our earliest colonial times as well as being a beautiful place filled with genuine authentic character that envelopes the visitor. * It was here that the only attempt to overthrow the colony in the Vinegar Hill Uprising played out its final stage with the execution of its leader Philip Cunningham and with the dead of that battle buried at its base. * Governor Macquarie re-named Green Hills as Windsor in 1811 and importantly re-named the square after Andrew Thompson, an emancipated convict, who had been transported in 1792. Thompson, by his enterprise and hard work, became the wealthiest man in the colony and a magistrate. He died in 1810 as a consequence of saving settlers in the great flood - he was Windsor's first hero. * Thompson Square is the symbol of an idea held close to the hearts of most Australians. When Macquarie named the Square for an Emancipist (not a king or a dignitary) he affirmed his faith in the teachings of the great anti-slaver and egalitarianist, his friend, William Wilberforce. In the dirt of Thompson Square, Macquarie "signed" a symbolic contract with the Australian people for "a fair go". This was for "all" who came to this land regardless of background where character and enterprise was to be the social measure. It is thus as much a social and political statement as a physical reality. *The people of Windsor, many of whom can trace their families back to the first settlers in the area, are the ones who may lay claim to building the Square in the first place. This is a precious place to them and as one senior descendant, Mrs Rita Taylor (descended from John Grono, who was a contemporary of Andrew Thompson) has said "It is a gift....from us to you". *Locals and visitors have historically used the Square for celebrations and gatherings. Indeed it was the center for the regions Bi-Centenary Celebrations in 1988 when the then State Premier at the time re-dedicated a beautifully restored Thompson Square for the people and recognized its unique and important place in the history of the area and the nation as a whole. In early 2012, a local group of concerned citizens formed CAWB ( Citizens Action for Windsor Bridge ). Its aim is to protect Thompson Square and to prevent the building of this new bridge through its heart. *On CAWB's website ( www.cawb.weebly.com ) is a petition to the Minister, Tony Burke, for you to sign as well as access to further information, videos and a copy of CAWB's response to the Government's EIS. If you can, send your own messages to Mr Burke and Mr O'Farrell. The State Government has invoked the SSI (Significant State Infrastructure) legislation in relation to this project.
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  • Protect our NSW Marine Parks from short-term political games!
    Only 4% of the New South Wales coastline was off limits to fishing in NSW Marine Parks and the government's expert scientific panel found that was entirely appropriate. On 12 March 2013, the O'Farrell Liberal Government in NSW has thrown out that report to give that last 4% to the Shooters and Fishers Party as a trophy. Under the changes, the Marine Parks Authority will be replaced by the Marine Estate Management Authority and will be advised by the new Expert Knowledge Panel.
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  • Don't drill for oil near Kangaroo Island
    The marine areas in question are home to a significant number of protected marine mammals including the rare Shepherds beaked whale, Australian sea lions, and fish stocks of importance to our community, all of which are at risk by the seismic blasting Bight Petroleum proposes. Recent reports conclude that over 70% of the species surveyed in the exploration region, likely to be affected by seismic blasting, would not have been detected by Bight Petroleum’s observational attempts during testing. It isunacceptable that these undetected species of marine mammals and fish would be at risk of injury and deathfrom this proposal. We call on you to uphold the decision by the former Minister for Environment to impose a “controlled action” on this proposal. The decision had undergone extensive review by the Department for Environment, and was the subject of a previous petition of short duration raising over 22,000 signatures. Please listen to the community and uphold the right decision
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  • Save the iconic forest at the north end of Steve Irwin Way.(aka Friends of Steve Irwin Way Forest)
    The road was redesigned to avoid most of the forest and the rest of the 744ha of Beerwah State Forest has been gazetted National Park status. The current proposal will clear at least 12ha and damage iconic remnant forest that contains koalas, ancient trees and already endangered animals. This forest contains koala habitat, lowland subtropical rainforest (a nationally recognised critically endangered ecosystem),centuries old habitat trees and unique wetlands. This forest is home to koalas, glossy black cockatoos, giant barred frogs, Richmond birdwing butterflies, Coxen fig parrots, Wallum froglets and other vulnerable declining frog and butterfly species. If this project proceeds we will destroy forever an iconic Sunshine Coast natural treasure and put these ecosystems and species on a downward spiral to extinction.
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  • "Stop the Rubbish Tip! Save Arthurs Seat"
    This is an action by Peninsula Preservation Group Inc. We want Australians to know about an environmental disaster planned for one of the most naturally beautiful areas in Australia and the threats to fauna and flora and destruction of a prime tourist area for people from all over the world. This tip would be allowed to accept putrid household rubbish, chemicals and asbestos. Our science experts advise that the proposed tip liner will leak highly toxic waste into Sheepwash Creek which runs into the Bay, the water table and aquifer upon which residents, farms and businesses rely. As well a tip in this very bushy area presents an extreme fire risk. At present it has not been used for years and has filled up with rainwater and is a beautiful blue lake. There are native animals and birds using the site as a habitat. The site is in a highly protected area and the Mornington Peninsula Shire was supposed to oversee the conversion of the site to a lake, lagoons, wetlands, walking tracks and picnic areas for the residents of the Peninsula. Please make sure the Council we elected, do what they are supposed to do.This beautiful pristine area of the Mornington Peninsula is covered in State Park, vineyards, farms, orchards and is popular with tourists and local families to relax and enjoy the natural environment. The noise, odours and pollution that a tip will produce will utterly spoil this area. This issue needs addressing as soon as possible and your contribution of signing will help the cause. Visit our website for more information www.savearthursseat.com
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