• Forest Legacy WA Project
    The Forest Products Commission's Draft Management Plan would allow 1,000 sq km of our SW native forests to be logged. This would enable clear felling operations, over a 10 year period 2014 - 2023. The cost of the plan to taxpayers would be $9m per year plus associated damage to ecosystems. If our forests are dedicated to carbon storage and sequestration (sequestration refers to the capturing of carbon) they can generate an annual income of $16m - $438m. This would protect our forests, endangered fauna and flora and assist the mitigation of climate change.
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    Created by Patrick Weir
  • Say No to CSG in Australia
    Australia's CSG industry is a threat to our land, our water and our climate. The rapid expansion of CSG in Australia has been marred by insufficient, unsatisfactory environmental assessment, putting our environment at risk. Despite intense media scrutiny, government has failed to intervene. Not even a damning Four Corners report on the environmental assessment of two of Australia's biggest CSG projects was enough to prompt adequate action. Without Government protection, giant CSG companies will continue to threaten our communities and farmers' rights over their own land. People are banding together to provide the vital resistance government is failing to deliver. In communities across Australia, people are doing everything they can to protect their water, their land and and their livelihoods. We need to bring these communities together to form a national movement and demand real action be taken. To effect the change Australia desperately needs, we need to bring communities together and pressure government for real, legislative change.
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    Created by Ieva Ozolins
    Sleaford Bay is the place we go. Its where the whales come to give birth. Its where we surf and fish. It is undeveloped, we can look back from the coast and see bush and rural land. Now the scene may change into houses, shops, accommodation, and township services. Do we really want to see this change?
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    Created by David Farlam
  • Improve the safety of Duff Street Turramurra
    We are concerned that the safety of the street between the Allan Avenue intersection and the Cornwall Avenue intersection is being jeopardised by the lack of street lighting, lack of foot paths and lack of speed humps, particularly directly in front of the Duff Street reserve (Frogmore Park), where both steep ends of Duff street converge in a deep ditch in the road. There are many families with young children in this street and surrounding streets, including us with our toddler, and we often have witnessed pedestrians with prams and small children having to walk on the road because footpaths are not provided. When it is dark, it would be difficult for motorists to see these pedestrians, particularly when they are driving at high speeds and with the poor street lighting. However, even during the day time, motorists speed down the road and barely miss the pedestrians walking on the road due to lack of foot paths. Further to the safety of pedestrians, we are also concerned about the safety of vehicles parked on Duff Street, which on two occasions that we know of, have been damaged due to motorists driving at high speeds. We have personally witnessed illegal dumping of rubbish in the reserve across the road from our house. During the day, we have confronted the perpetrator and called the police. But the dumping still occurs at night time, and we believe street lights would prevent this from happening. PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER OR EMAIL THE URL TO YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES! http://www.communityrun.org/p/duffst
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    Created by Dorin Levitin
  • Change the Political System in Australia
    If we stopped politicking and started paying attention to the issues we could evolve into a great country, wealthy in knowledge and ability (not just minerals) and take ownership of our decisions as a country. Lets vote for a better system, to later on actually be able to have a say in what decisions are made in Canberra on our behalf.
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  • Block the Qld broadscale landclearing Bill ASAP!
    Vital tree clearing laws are in the process of being wound back in Queensland by the Liberal-National Government through the removal of existing restrictions and weakening of land-clearing penalties. With no consultation with scientists or conservationists before the proposed changes were announced, it is estimated that at least 700,000 hectares of endangered or ecologically important woodlands and forests- even in National Parks- could disappear forever. This will degrade our lands and rivers, add to the release of carbon into the atmosphere, and destroy vital habitat for endangered animals such as cassowarys, koalas and other at risk threatened species. Please act now. I will personally deliver this petition to Environment Minister Andrew Powell's office. What else can you do? 1. Get in touch with Andrew Cripps MP as soon as possible, voicing your opposition to these changes. Phone: (07) 4776 1428; [email protected] Andrew Powell MP Phone: (07) 5435 2013 Email: [email protected] 2. Send your message directly to Premier Newman: [email protected] Queensland wildlife and future generations will thank you!
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  • Australian Energy for Australians First
    This is of extreme importance; Australian Farmers and food transporters need fuel to grow, harvest and transport food; if we have no more oil (in 6 years) and have to import it, food costs will rise dramatically and our food security risk is highly dependent on other countries who will need to feed their own first. Cuba is a classic example of a once rich nation that lost two thirds of its oil imports that is now a third-world country.
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    Created by Daniel Boon
  • 10 Plot subdivision development at 458 Bonogin Road (Lot 1 RP28410)
    The proposed development of ten houses at 458 Bonogin Road has commenced with tree clearing without council approval. The Bonogin Valley community have had no advance notice of the development or received representation by council to engage with the community providing advice regarding environmental management from loss of trees and bush nor the impact to the natural habitat of species living in this designated area. The Bonogin Valley community wish to fight this encroaching move to develop small blocks in this bush environment which is also prone to flooding. As a community we fear this could be the beginning of other sub-division developments of a similar nature taking over our beautiful Bonogin Valley, thus turning our valley into a suburb of close density housing.
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  • NO to Option G (West Petrie Bypass)
    This is very important in the protection of our community assets (North Pine Country Park) and wildlife particularly our highly valued Koalas and their habitat. For further information please visit Facebook page NO to option G and or Moreton Bay Eco-Alliance
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    Created by Tammie Peatey
  • Help Protect Barbara from Pesticide Spraying
    People who are very sick like Barbara are like the "canary in the coal mine". If they are exposed to toxic chemicals their health is severely affected. Barbara knows that when the City of Stirling sprays the verges, lanes and parks with chemicals for weed control she becomes very sick. She can't deal with the situation any more and she needs our help.
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    Created by Alex Jones
  • Ban outdoor roadside advertising.
    Dear Minister, Why must I be subjected to advertising I have not requested and I have no control to stop? Is the necessity to pollute outdoor spaces really required? All other advertising allows a certain amount of user discretion, that is its a choice and can be avoided, while outdoor advertising offers no choice. Why cant we leave these outdoor spaces for free thinking. Why is subliminal advertising banned on television while its totally legal for outdoor spaces. But I hear you say subliminal advertising is not consciously seen, how can you not see a billboard thats 42 square meters. Well the first time you might see it and recognize it, after that its a constant flashing image every time you drive, ride or walk past or see it out the window. This is brainwashing and thats why advertising companies spend millions of dollars promoting signage spaces. This was put to the test in the following video http://izonglobalmediasydney.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/is-outdoor-advertising-subliminal.html. Try it yourself next time you are thinking one thing is worth more than a similar thing, check your constant routes and see what appears. This is from an agencies website on why advertisers should use Outdoor advertising. "Why use Billboards and Buses? *Outdoor advertising is constantly there day and night for the duration of your campaign *Outdoor advertising can catch consumers who don’t read newspapers or watch a lot of television. *Outdoor advertising can reach the right people." Outdoor advertising is visual pollution and should be banned in the same way that littering is banned, it creates visual pollution and is of great concern to freethinking which we need as human beings to solve and act on real issues that impact on our communities. Further references http://www.adbusters.org/magazine/73/Sao_Paulo_A_City_Without_Ads.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/apr/20/ban-outdoor-advertising
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  • Support Sydney's South East Light Rail
    Sydney is on the verge of a light rail renaissance and light rail through Surry Hills to UNSW is a litmus test for the political viability of light rail in Sydney in general. Unfortunately anti public transport forces are cynically generating a fear campaign to oppose the Devonshire Street route. Powerful forces within the NSW Government and the Opposition, and pro-motorway lobby groups, continue to oppose any extension of light rail and the CBD - Kensington light rail route in particular. Nick Greiner's Infrastructure NSW, for example, proposed CBD bus tunnels in an attempt to block light rail in George Street. A small number of residents who will be displaced are understandably angry, because planning consultation was mishandled by Transport for NSW. They should be given adequate compensation for the impact on their lives, but it must be recognised that some displacement for such an important public transport project is inevitable and resumption for light rail will always have a tiny fraction of the impact of the alternative motorway projects. Around the world, hundreds of cities have turned to light rail precisely because it is completely compatible with residential neighbourhoods, heritage precincts, and parkland. The web abounds with information about, and video and still images of these systems. Here a just a few from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzxOwI4yUx0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiNKpzmJ38E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZDpD-kj-Ss And see: Sydney's Light Rail Future http://youtu.be/LGTODl5dMoo
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    Created by Mathew Hounsell Ecotransit Sydney