• Car Parking For North Adelaide
    Members of the public and workers employed in North Adelaide, at the many care facilities, and other establishments, are as risk of being attacked every time they park in North Adelaide. Often the only parks available are far away. This means having to walk in the dark, back to their cars, often through park lands! Also with such demand on the current parking that is available, often the only parks left have a two hour limit! This means no other options than to receive a fine from Adelaide city council. It is important to provide safe and secure parking to those who desperately need it, in order to ensure their safety and also to provide adequate access to health facilities. I propose more parking needs to be made available for staff, and patients of the health care facilities in North Adelaide. This can be done by building a car park for them! However, with the limited space available in North Adelaide this may not be a viable option. Exemption from parking restrictions or decreasing the amount of parking restriction around health care facilities could assist in making this situation more manageable. Four attacks have already happened. Do we have to wait for more before something gets done about it? For an Adelaide now news article about the car parking in North Adelaide, please go to, http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/nurses-fear-attacks-under-restrictive-adelaide-oval-parking-system/story-e6frea83-1226657401178
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    There are no clear guidelines for ensuring that a landfill remains a fill and not a mountain of waste. We need to stop councils and waste managers from turning waste landfills into dangerous, odorous and unsightly monuments to greed. There is no need for such a mountain of waste because there are plenty of alternative quarries willing to landfill to within the surrounding contours. The presence of excessive 'air space' for waste dumping reduces the incentive for better recycling and more sustainable technologies by providing cheap dumping. We need strict guidelines in Australia to prevent this happening and we shouldn't sell our environment and our sense of place simply because a local council or waste management company wants to maximise its "profits". These are not profits - they are very substantial losses. The increased odour noticed by residents since the start of this above-ground dumping has already led to opposition, but council is not listening. Instead it is continuing with the permit it issued to itself to go up to 100 metres above the surrounding landscape ignoring the risks and the lack of any justification for doing this apart from increasing the lifespan of the landfill. It is setting a precedent that will impact on many communities where quarries are exist and can extend their lifespan when the quarry is full by building increasingly high mountains of waste. Currently there is nothing to stop them - we need to set a precedent here and use this to pressure the authorities in all states to establish landfill guidelines that prevent the building of mountains of waste under the pretext of merely extending a landfill.
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  • integration of Cocos Keeling Islands Integrasi Cocos Keeling Islands
    The Commonwealth has placed various restrictions on trade which makes trade in fresh, agricultural, organic goods economically and administratively prohibitive. The economy of the Islands has been severely impacted by the loss of the copra market. Fresh plant and aquaculture produce can be grown, but shipment to either Christmas Island or Australia is effectively denied. The Australian Commonwealth needs to minimise the red/green tape that prohibits trade between the Islands and the mainland, and allow the australian citizens in Cocos to trade in their domestic market. The Role of administrator is anachronistic and is not representative of the community. This position needs to be filled by a person that has community support, and democratic authority to represent the community. Commonwealth telah menempatkan berbagai pembatasan perdagangan yang membuat perdagangan segar, pertanian, produk organik ekonomi dan administratif mahal. Perekonomian Pulau telah sangat dipengaruhi oleh hilangnya pasar kopra. Tanaman segar dan produk akuakultur dapat tumbuh, namun pengiriman ke salah Pulau Christmas atau Australia secara efektif ditolak. Persemakmuran Australia perlu meminimalkan red tape / green yang melarang perdagangan antara pulau dan daratan, dan memungkinkan warga Australia di Cocos untuk perdagangan di pasar domestik mereka. Peran administrator anakronistik dan tidak mewakili masyarakat. Posisi ini harus diisi oleh orang yang memiliki dukungan masyarakat, dan otoritas demokratis untuk mewakili masyarakat.
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  • Students Against Monsanto
    My fellow Australians and I all have the basic human right to decide what goes into our bodies. This is not possible to do without comprehensive labelling on GMO foods. GMOs are detrimental to our health and environment! Under Australian labelling laws, only foods where GM proteins can be detected need to be labelled. All the following types of food are exempt: • Foods where ingredients are made from animals fed with GM feed (eg: meat, milk, eggs, honey). • Food where GM ingredients are highly refined (eg: cooking oils, sugars, starches). • Most processed foods fall into this category and contain some kind of oil or starch. • Foods that are prepared at bakeries, restaurants, takeaways etc. So a Big Mac could be full of genetically engineered ingredients and McDonalds would not have to tell you by law. • Foods that are unintentionally contaminated by up to 1% per ingredient. • Foods that use processing aids or food additives using GM microbes. • Foods that contain GM flavours present at less than 0.1%. WE ARE CALLING FOR GMO LABELLING THAT INCLUDES ALL OF THESE! Current safety testing of GM foods is minimal. Tests are done by employees or companies paid by GM companies and the results are rarely published for scientific review. In Australia, ANZFA is the sole body to assess these company documents. An independent review of reports published by ANZFA has concluded that tests are inadequate, that GM foods have never been tested on humans and that some GM foods have not even been tested on animals.
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  • Fracking Moratorium to Strengthen Environmental Laws
    Hydraulic fracturing 'fracking' involves the high-pressure injection of millions of litres of water, sand and chemicals into shale cracks. The risks associated with this process are serious. In Australia and the US, fracking has: - contaminated and depleted aquifers and drinking water, - damaged land and habitats, and - methane leaks, causing serious air pollution. 90% of the NT is targeted for shale oil and gas exploration; 30% of this is already under exploration or assessment. A moratorium is required so that an independent, scientific inquiry can be undertaken. Legislation must be strengthened to protect the precious water in our environmental, cultural, heritage, recreational and food producing areas.
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    PALM OIL Plantations cause Rainforest destruction and could possibly lead to the extinction of ORANGUTANS....... Would you want this to happen? Would you like to have the CHOICE not to use PALM OIL because right now that CHOICE has been taken away from us. Would you like to be responsible in the possible saving of these beautiful animals if so then sign this petition, lets get our rights back to decide what is best, don't let others determine our rights for us!! Lets us tell the Food Standards Australia & New Zealand that WE the CONSUMERS want it labelled that a product does in fact include PALM OIL !!!!!
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  • Maintain the $400,000 funding for the Leichhardt Bike Plan
    Leichhardt Council has a good reputation for its Bicycle Strategy. The number of residents and families who use bicycles is growing strongly. All parties have supported funding the plan in the past, but Liberal and Labor councillors cut to zero the $400,000 budget for new projects for 2013/14. Much has been achieved in the last 6 years but several major links and many smaller but useful works remain to be completed, and women and children are under represented in bicycle counts due to lack of safety concerns. The Bike Plan is being updated this year. Renewed regular funding is vital to complete and improve the cycling network, so the coming generation can cycle safely and easily around Leichhardt.
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  • Stop Shooting of Native Animals in National Parks and Private Land
    We believe that this action is important to prevent our ever diminishing native animals from being shot at for no reason, particularly the Pink-eared Duck which is helpful to farmers and causes no damage to crops.
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  • Invest $2 billion over 10 years for Melbourne's bursting outer suburbs
    I am starting this petition on behalf of all residents of: City of Whittlesea Cardinia Shire Council City of Casey Hume City Council Melton Shire Council Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Nillumbik Shire Council Shire of Yarra Ranges Wyndham City Council Like me, you may have chosen to live in one of these areas in the outer suburbs of Melbourne because you prefer wide open spaces or simply can't afford to live closer to the Melbourne CBD. Whatever your reasons, you deserve the same basic infrastructure and services that those in the inner city already enjoy. If you live in any of these areas, and are sick of the traffic congestion and impact on your quality of life, please sign this petition to the Premier. Even if you don't live in an outer suburb, if you support economic fairness and equal rights for all communities, regardless of their home's distance from the CBD, please sign to show your support as a fellow Victorian taxpayer.
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  • Mollymook motel/function centre developers be asked to pay for new car-park on vacant council land
    The proposed parking shown on the DA is very inadequate when all the staff manning the new centre are taken into account plus seminar attendees and wedding guests and motel occupants and café users. There is vacant council-owned land (corner of Tallwood and Carroll Avenues) next to the new shops, that is currently used as an informal car-park. Council should require the developers to pay to turn this into a formal car-park. We propose that kerbing and guttering be continued around the corner, the concrete footpath should go to at least the corner, the open steep-sided creek should be piped and covered over for vehicle and pedestrian access. The parking area could continue over to the wire fence of the football field. If left as it is, guests attending weddings at the new function centre (or seminar attendees) will quite possibly use this informal parking area, and when returning to their vehicles late at night may well stumble into the creek and end up suing Council. Making a formal car-park will tidy-up and beautify this messy and unsafe "no-man's-land" and create a community asset.
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  • Support Kiribati
    From the office of the president of the Republic of Kiribati: " Although in most of the world there is some time to plan and prepare for climate change, Kiribati is the first to feel its effects as a direct threat to continued life in our country. We are among the most vulnerable of the vulnerable. Even a marginal increase in sea levels will be disastrous for our country's future. It is doubtful that any other country feels the effects of climate change as much as we do, including those to agriculture, coastal erosion, the economy, citizens and their health and water supply. In Kiribati, the entire nation faces real danger—our own survival is at stake as a people, as a unique and vibrant culture and as a sovereign nation. " (http://www.climate.gov.ki/category/effects/) * The president of Kiribati has called for one country to take global leadership of the campaign to support their country- as there is currently a political passing of the responsibility between other countries. While this game goes on the people of Kiribati are still in trouble.
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  • Protect Queensland's National Parks
    70% of Queenslanders visited a National Park in the past 12 months. This means over 3.2 million of us explored, experienced and enjoyed what our beautiful state has to offer. Yet disappointingly Queensland has the smallest allocation of land to National Parks of any Australian State - just 4.8%. Our National Park land provides habitat and protects a rich variety of plants, animals and landscapes that make Queensland unique - and it's under threat. Imagine racing tracks, 4 wheel driving, commercial development and cattle grazing throughout our forests and protected land. All this the Queensland Government has in store, and the plans are in motion. Unless we voice opposition these changes, they will continue. Our great challenge is to take a stand and protect Queensland's National Parks: We're not just protecting our land and native flora and fauna, we're protecting our tourism industry, clean air, fresh water, and most of all, we're protecting the future of Queensland. Keep Queensland special today, and for the generations to come. Sign the online petition and voice your opposition to the QLD Government's abuse of our National Parks! Click here to donate: www.npaq.org.au/get-involved#donate
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