• Save SPC and Aussie Jobs
    Currently supermarkets in Victoria sell imported tinned fruit at cost. SPC Australian grown fruit is sold at a higher price. SPC supports farmers growing Australian fruit. Currently farmers are loosing business, cutting over 1,500 Australian jobs and dumping quality produce. It is unfair and unethical for the government to allow supermarkets to sell imported goods at cost, complicity allowing SPC to go out of business, cut jobs and decommission farms. The result will be a loss of local products and the increased cost of imported products - with inferior standards (of produce and labour conditions) and air miles which increase global warming. Please act to support SPC and our local Australian economy.
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    Created by Rosie Read
  • Save the Children's Ward at Modbury Hospital
    Because MY children are important Because YOUR children are important Because CHILDREN are important.
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  • Save Bungendore's heritage
    If we want to retain the characteristics of what residents are proud of about Bungendore and what tourists come to see (and thus support our businesses) we cannot set precedents for historic cottages to be pulled down.
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    Created by Alix Burnett
    The Option G West Petrie Bypass offers: • Direct travel route with no stops • Highest reduction of congestion • Highest road capacity improvement • Highest improvement to road safety • Connected road links • Does not traverse existing built up residential areas • Improved flood immunity • Closure of Youngs Crossing not required for construction • Moderate comparative cost • Staged construction options • Limited property acquisitions required Option G is the most appropriate option for this bypass. Please support Moreton Bay Council's decision to implement Option G Detailed MBRC web site is at the following address http://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/general.aspx?id=118793 Map showing route and impact through Old Petrie Town and surrounds [PDF 625KB] http://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/uploadedFiles/common/projects/west-petrie-bypass-route.pdf GHD Refined Report http://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/uploadedFiles/common/projects/WestPetrie-OptionG-Report.pdf Community Update #2 http://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/uploadedFiles/common/projects/WestPetrieBypass-CommunityUpdate2.pdf
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    Created by Ann Dobson
  • Get rid of Tony Abbott
    Tony Abbott is a poor leader with backwards ideas about the future of Australia. Let alone the fact that he is being paid by Big Fossil Fuel and Mutli National Corporations to keep the "people" down. Lets show Tony and the LNP what we can do if we concentrate our efforts against the worst thing to happen to Climate Policy, the Barrier Reef and Education, Health and a fair go in Australia!
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  • No Under-handed, Un-safe, Un-fair, Under-pass for Marion
    Rail infrastructure lasts for generations, so it is important that you design for the needs of local community, and don't create solutions that are cheap to build, but expensive to maintain. The current design puts the focus on rail safety, at the expense of personal safety. Danger is being shifted from people who wilfully bypass the safety features of a modern level crossing to the vulnerable in our community - the elderly, the young, women travelling alone - who will have no option but to walk through a smelly, graffiti filled underpass with blind corners, and be at increased risk of assault, entirely outside of their control. This is manifestly unfair to vulnerable people. A secondary issue behind safety is that of the environment. Many of the significant trees were bought by and planted half a century ago by local residents, Westminster School and Marion Council. It seems that residents are now being shut out of the design process, denied a seat at the table, and being misled about the fate of their trees. The Rail Revitalisation project has deceived the community by consistently understating the impact of the proposed underpass at Marion Station, including failing to show that a 160m strip of significant trees will be needlessly destroyed, including a 300 year old mature River Red Gum ‐ we have signed testimonies from local residents and photographic evidence that it's been happening, and happening consistently: ten out of ten households surveyed confirmed that they had been misled. To make matters worse, they won't be allowed to plant more red gums near the line, because the rail project fears that they might require pruning in 50 years time.
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  • Tony Abbott should face the public
    I believe Australian citizens have the right to ask questions of the people who are elected to represent them. Q & A is the only forum in Australia providing such an opportunity and Mr. Abbott has steadfastly refused to appear on the show since he has been Leader of the Opposition. I am concerned that Mr. Abbott's snubbing of the Q&A audience is indicative of a disdain for engaged and informed citizens regardless of their voting preference and that this disdain will be exercised in various Social, Economic and Foreign policies, particualrly women's reproductive rights.
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    Created by Robyn Mitchell
  • Don't build a $250m unnecessary old-power electricity transmission line
    The construction of this monolithic transmission line would lock NSW into coal fired electricity for the next several decades. As well, the energy demand for the far north coast has been overstated. Instead of using its money and skills to be part of a transition to sustainable and environmentally responsible energy production, TransGrid is choosing to build an old technology transmission line, to transport old coal fired power to a location that has the third largest take-up of PV solar panels in Australia. In the end, the estimated $250m cost of this unnecessary, retrograde piece of infrastructure will be borne by the electricity consumer.
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  • Stop Woolworths and Coles using Palm Oil in their 'Select' brand and 'Coles brand' goods
    Palm oil is a versatile vegetable oil that is used in around 50% of our everyday goods - it is used in food, cosmetics, candles and even biofuels. Unfortunately, in 2007 the UN stated that palm oil plantations are the leading cause of rainforest destruction in Malaysia and Indonesia. Aside from the huge annual loss of rainforest systems, the clearing and burning of these areas has two major implications: 1) the burning contributes enormously to CO2 emissions and 2) due to clearing, the abundant and vibrant biodiversity in the Indo-Malay rainforests are replaced with a silent monoculture of Palm and this is most often a brutal transition. Wild Orangutan populations in connection with palm oil plantations have been in the spotlight in recent years. "According to the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP), at least 1,500 orangutans were clubbed to death by palm oil plantation workers in 2006 alone. According to the UN, there is a risk that no wild orangutans will remain outside of protected areas by 2020" (Rainforest-Rescue.org). Please stop buying products that contain palm oil or palm oil products. We must save our Orangutans, we must save our rainforests, we must save our Earth.
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  • Save bush regeneration courses in NSW from exorbitant course fees
    There is a critical need to conserve and restore remnant native vegetation across Australia - and replant extensive areas of native vegetation to link these remnants and allow fauna to persist through climate change. (Not to mention to use these plantings to store carbon and thereby reduce climate change). Undertaking this work is entirely dependent on a skilled workforce who knows their natives from their weeds and understands the complexities of achieving regeneration and reconstruction. These skills are largely taught not in universities but by TAFEs and other 'vocational' training organisations. (RTOs). Yet it is now policy to dramatically increase fees for such courses - a move which could price the courses out of the range of people motivated to save the environment. One solution is to raise enough voices to convince the NSW Dept Education (BY NEXT FRIDAY 14th JUNE!) that: (a) the Conservation and Land Management (CLM) Certificates 2 and 3 are CRITICAL for the industry (as basic entry level courses) (b) that Cert 4 and Diploma are CRITICAL for supervision, planning and career pathways. All these courses should be eligible for traineeships.
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    It is important to preserve the rail corridor as a community asset for any potential future commuter use such as solar/electric commuter vehicles, light rail, mono rail etc. A rail trail will create a beautiful pathway between Casino and Murwillumbah, winding through world heritage areas and some of the most scenic country in Australia. It will create numerous, sustainable jobs, new businesses can be created and existing businesses have the opportunity to grow. The Northern Rivers Region attracts thousands of visitors a year and a rail trail would encourage healthy, outdoor activities into the smaller towns and villages of the area. Rail Trail surveys show that they attract higher yield and longer staying visitors. The rail corridor could be turned into a place of beauty. It would create a wildlife corridor; noxious weeds could be removed and replaced by the planting of native shrubs and trees. It will encourage sustainable transport, reducing the number of cars on the road and the need for more car parking spaces in the busy towns. Locals will be able to use the rail trail to link up with neighbouring towns, without using their cars and children will be able to ride to school safely. To do nothing would be a huge loss for the region.
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  • Put the brakes on the Ellerton Drive Extension proposed for Queanbeyan
    Queanbeyan City Council proposes to build a 4.6km road to link the end of the existing Ellerton Drive in East Queanbeyan (which runs to the roundabout at the foot of Bungendore Hill) to the Edwin Land Parkway at its junction with Old Cooma Rd at Barracks Flat Creek. The road would have a footprint of 25ha, ranging between 40 to 110 metres wide, and accommodate four lanes and a cycleway. Initially, two lanes would be constructed. The road would involve substantial earthworks as well as a bridge 180 metres long and six metres high across the Queanbeyan River at Barracks Flat. Unique and precious wildlife corridors in Queanbeyan’s natural bushlands will be lost if the Ellerton Drive Extension is built. The road would destroy 19ha of native vegetation, including 44 hollow-bearing trees that provide nesting habitat for many bird species including the Gang-gang Cockatoo, and remove 16 termite mounds used by Rosenberg’s Goanna for laying eggs. The road will also create a barrier for many other animals and increase the risk of wildlife injury and death. The Ellerton Drive Extension would cause noise and air pollution to many residents along its route as well as people living along Edwin Land Parkway, with which the Ellerton Drive Extension would link. Queanbeyan Escarpment and Queanbeyan River corridor would be changed forever. People would no longer be able to enjoy these areas as they do today. The potential to promote tourism based on protecting our natural areas would be lost. Council says the city needs the road to accommodate more vehicles as population grows with new town developments but there are other options. Council has not fully considered ACT transport planning that could make the Ellerton Drive Extension redundant or explored how better public transport services could reduce traffic. Experience elsewhere in Australia and overseas is that you don’t solve road congestion by building more roads. The answer is to divert demand at peak travel times by providing alternatives such as public transport and diversifying the location of jobs. Queanbeyan City Council needs to develop a Sustainable Transport Strategy for the city now, one that includes other options like better public transport and improved connections with Canberra’s transport systems before it decides to build any more roads, including the Ellerton Drive Extension.
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