• STOP high rises on The Gold Coast Spit
    The Spit is a vitally important community, tourism and environmental asset. It is a space for people to recreate and a break from the built urban density that is Surfers Paradise and Main Beach, leading to an environmentally significant recreational area defined by Marine Stadium, Doug Jennings Park and Federation Walk. It is vitally important to OPPOSE high rise development on The Spit for 10 main reasons: 1. one approval means the floodgates are open - goodbye low rise Mariners Cove, goodbye low rise Sheraton and watch EVERY other development go upwards - think of the money in this upwards land grab for developers and the losses it poses to the amenity of the Spit and Broadwater surrounds; 2. the GC Local Area Plan Map 26.3 (LAP), which is a product of community consultation and GCCC urban design planning, shows 3 storey height limits for the southern Spit area; 3. developer proposals to flout the LAP plan reflect greed alone; enabling high rise development dramatically increases their return upon investment, regardless of the community, local infrastructure and environmental impacts; 4. all developers who purchased southern Spit lands KNEW when they did so that height limits apply; 5. the community has consistently opposed increasing height levels for decades based upon a range of important issues and this is reflected in the outcomes of the Vision 2020 process; 6. height limits reflect the desire to frame the Broadwater appropriately: it is a precious community and environmental resource and surrounding it with high rises (once Southport became a high rise prime development area (PDA)) disregards its significance as well as increases pressures such as density, traffic, environmental and infrastructure footprint and the like; 7. height limits reflect the fact that traffic density in the area is already significant and increasing population in the area is just not practical; in particular, the traffic within Main Beach and to The Spit every weekend illustrates this fact; 8. importantly, the southern Spit accommodation represents a differentiated tourism product for the Gold Coast which MUST be protected. That is, it is high end, exclusive and expensive accommodation zone which caters for those who do not want a high rise experience. Yes, Justin Beiber stayed in Surfers - but U2 and Bruce Springsteen did not - they stayed at Versace and the Sheraton respectively. Why? Because a low rise, on the beach/ Broadwater experience is something to savour even for billionaires - and our tourism entities should be protecting that, not allowing it to be destroyed; 9. developers are free to construct high rises throughout the western side of the Broadwater in the Southport PD area; at present the hospital site remains open for development- Sunland are free to tender to construct their plans there which will of course yield all of the employment benefits they claim for their project; and 10. finally, we all know that one high rise means every developer will push for high rises from one end to the other of The Spit. GCCC propose draft amendments to the Town Plan (2015) which will facilitate high rise development on The Spit - see zone map 27 Southport (http://cityplan.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/pages/plan/viewerpdf.aspx?vid=10117) . We must protect this precious tourism, community and environmental asset from private exploitation - no matter what our political representatives say or do.
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  • More Parking in Elwood
    1 car share pod reduces cars in a neighbourhood by 14 - that is 13 more car parks. To reduce parking demand, increase air quality (by reducing reliance on cars) and reduce emissions. Also increase usage of Walking, Cycling and Public Transport therefore increase investment by the Council in these safer, more children friendly transport methods. Let me know in the comments if you are a member of a car share, and which one please.
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  • GDF SUEZ pay your $18 million debt to the Country Fire Authority
    Multinational corporation GDF Suez relied on other people to fight the fire their negligence caused, yet are refusing to foot the bill. Despite the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry finding that an fire disaster at the mine was totally foreseeable, GDF Suez did not make any plans to deal with such an incident. In fact, before the fire occurred, GDF Suez actually removed firefighting water pipes from their mine - despite their important safety infrastructure in preventing an out of control fire. To this day GDF Suez has not paid any compensation to victims of the fire. I find it outrageous that a multinational energy company would refuse to pay for the efforts of a volunteer-based organisation that did so much to help them in their time of need. GDF Suez needs to pay their $18m debt to the CFA immediately! You may remember that last year, the Hazelwood open cut coal mine burned for 45 days, smothering the Latrobe Valley community in toxic smoke and ash, and causing devastating effects to people’s health. The fire was one of the worst industrial disasters in Australian history – residents in Morwell were forced to abandon their homes for their family’s safety, and many people continue to suffer poor health since the fire. The cost of the fire has been estimated at over $100 million, and ongoing health studies into the long-term health impacts on residents that you helped get off the ground last year are expected to reveal some shocking results. For years, GDF Suez has profited from mining and burning coal in the Latrobe Valley. The very least they could do is start to cover some the costs of the coal disaster that they should have seen coming and could have prevented. You joined us to help set up the health studies into the Morwell mine fire. Now join us as we pressure the rich multinational company responsible for the Hazelwood mine to pay their dues to the CFA.
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  • Stop the trade of kangaroo meat to China
    Studies show that the grazing pressure of one kangaroo is equivalent to just 0.15 - 0.2 of a sheep, and is minute when compared to cattle. In practical terms this means that the damage on grazing lands attributed to kangaroos has been grossly overestimated by as much as 470 per cent. “This would mean that kangaroos are a much smaller component of the ‘total grazing pressure’ than is generally accepted.” The current commercial slaughter is cruel, unjustified, unscientific, and is devastating to Australia’s kangaroos . Research has established that kangaroos are not in epidemic / “plague” proportions, that farm waterholes play no part in increasing kangaroo numbers, that few joeys survive, in fact only 25%, survive to adulthood. The kangaroo killing industry has been protected as if it were a national saviour of Australia’s rural economy, supported by a series of myths which no one ever bothers investigate. The industry claims that kangaroo grazing contributes to 30% of grazing pressure, when this is totally untrue. A female kangaroo and joey have as close a bond as primates. Each decade, over 30,000,000 are killed, leaving one million orphaned joeys, to die from chilling, starvation, attached by feral animals, each year. Kangaroos are not killed hygienically in an abattoir and injuries are not monitored at the point of kill because the kill is un-policed. There is no potable water, to wash knives, hatchets, the ute, hanging hooks for inside the chiller boxes. Kangaroos are shot in the outback at night in unhygienic conditions, disemboweled among the faeces of other animals, dirt and dust and insects. In 2009 Russia banned kangaroo meat due to hygiene issues. Raw kangaroo meat can carry hydatids, nematodes, parasitic worms, and other bacterial fungal and viral diseases, such as salmonella and E-coli. Wake up Australia, while there’s still time to save your wonderful kangaroos.
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     Maryborough Historical Original Town Site is under threat of destruction as the FCRC wish to turn it into a new development site  Small businesses losing trade and closing their doors because of the relocation of the Maryborough Outdoor Markets  The foreshore of Hervey Bay has had its native vegetation removed causing erosion.  Disabled Parking Laws have been overruled by the Mayor instructing his Parking Officers to turn a blind eye to illegal disability parking.  New Road Works on Main street were not carried out in accordance with the provision of Disability parking Bays in accordance with Australian Standards AS2890.6  Road way into the Airport now classified as a council car park which affects the availability of Blue Disability Parking Permit holders rights.  The Mayor wants to close off the Esplanade to motor vehicles forcing tourists and visitors to park in the back streets then walk to the beach.  150 year old Fig Trees that form a canopy over the Esplanade are under threat.  Other vegetation along the Esplanade has been removed and destroyed in order to please the Business owners of apartments, hotels and other eateries to enhance their customer’s views of the bay  No current Shoreline Erosion Management Plan  No Foreshore Master Plan  FCRC has granted $10 Million to a sporting complex until 2017 yet sporting clubs are being bullied /forced to move from current location.  FCRC has neglected the rate payers maintenance needs in local parks and lake areas in order to spend the money on areas frequented by tourists.  FCRC wasting money on already existing parks that don’t need anything done to them whilst other communities require them urgently.  FCRC wasting money by repairing a rock wall three times and still is not constructed properly.  FCRC has closed meetings on the Monday before the Public Meeting on the Wednesday and most decisions have already been made  FCRC will not listen to the residents / rate payers - our protests and objections fall on deaf ears.  FCRC intends to relocate the Pialba Memorial Hall and Pialba Railway station which are a great part of Hervey Bays Heritage. Both Buildings are listed on the Local Heritage and Asbestos Registar  FCRC approves upgrades to roads that have been attended to within twelve month period.  This Council appears to look after the Business sector of town and has plans of turning Hervey Bay into another Gold or Sunshine Coast.  FCRC granted approval to their Business Buddies to make improvement to their eateries built on public owned Council land on the foreshores without any proper consultation with the rate payers, one business owner has now applied to extend his eatery from the beach out through parkland to the Esplanade and convert his business now into three separate identities, begs to ask the question as to what the mayor and his boys club are getting in order to pass this building application.....a free cup of coffee....I think Not...!!  People have moved from Interstate and big cities to escape to a sea change they don’t want what the FCRC are pushing for.  People are selling and moving because of the high Council & Water Rates ,the increasing crime rate and the increasing ongoing high unemployment rates.
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  • Protect Koalas and Quolls. Ask Federal MP Greg Hunt to say NO to industry at North Maclean.
    ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Since 1996, the environmental concerns raised by the community at North Maclean and Munruben have never been addressed. There have been numerous sightings of vulnerable Koalas on and around the property. There have been numerous sightings of endangered Spotted-Tailed Quolls in adjacent properties - these quoll sightings have been the first in the Greater Brisbane Area since the 1930s . Quoll roadkill has been collected from the area confirming the presence of quolls in this area. The proposed site provides valuable habitat for koalas, quolls and other threatened species including the endangered grey headed flying fox, the Swift Parrot and the vunerable Glossy Black Cockatoo. There have been no detailed impact assessments of industry on these vulnerable/threatened species. No frog or reptile studies have ever been carried out. By signing the petition, you are asking Minister Greg Hunt to REJECT the North Maclean Enterprise (Industry) Precinct proposal. You will be giving our unique Koalas, Spotted-tailed Quolls and other Endangered/Vulnerable wildlife of North Maclean and Munruben a chance of survival. If this development application is approved at North Maclean, 117 hectares (approx. 289 acres) of koala food and shelter habitat will be totally cleared. The major threat to koalas is the loss of habitat. This vast proposed site is only 45% of what is eventually planned for the koala habitat of North Maclean. This current application is a dangerous precedent in the area that should not be approved. COMMUNITY CONCERNS Since 1996, the community at North Maclean and Munruben has never been consulted about the suitability of industry in a rural residential area. There has been no social impact assessment and there is no social licence. Residents surrounding the proposed industrial precinct rely solely on water from their rainwater tanks for their drinking and cooking. Air pollution from industrial activities, heavy vehicle emissions and dust from trucks will settle on residents’ house roofs and gutters, resulting in the contamination of their drinking water. Polluted water will impact adversely on residents’ health. Air pollution is likely to be carried by the wind much further than the immediate vicinity of the North Maclean Enterprise Precinct and its road corridors. Stormwater pollution from the proposed development will also enter the waterways that traverse the proposed site, which in turn will flow into Logan River and Moreton Bay, with negative impacts on water quality, aquatic and marine life. This impact has never been assessed. There has been no consideration of the physical, social and emotional impacts on the community. There are already residents suffering from the psychological effects of worrying what will become of their health and well-being if industry appears on their doorstep. Industry is incompatible with an established rural residential community. WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP: PLEASE sign the Petition to help protect our vulnerable koalas, endangered quolls and other unique species from the destruction of their habitat, and damage to the surrounding environment. PLEASE support NO INDUSTRY at NORTH MACLEAN. Thank you. Logan Community Environment Watch
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  • NEEDED: New Mainstream Media Entity For Perth
    Perth's media is managed externally and there is nothing organic about the issues raised, no pride in the news that is published and no engagement from the wider community due to an apathetic opinion towards change for our city. The majority of Perth is without a representation in the media and with the growth in the State's population, it's about time we had one.
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    Anglesea has endured pollution from Alcoa's brown coal fired power plant for 46-years to support large scale employment at the now defunct Point Henry Smelter in Geelong. The power plant will close forever on 31 August 2015 and the site will then be cleaned up as part of a process that may take several years. Unless the Alcoa owned land in Anglesea is donated to the community there is a risk that the land could be rezoned for development, potentially changing the character of our small coastal town forever. That risk can be avoided if the rehabilitated Alcoa land in Anglesea is donated to the community in recognition of the community's support and tolerance over almost 50-years.
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  • Make Katoomba Plastic Bag Free
    Keeping the Blue Mountains Green will keep tourists coming to the area which is world renown for it's beauty and magnificence. We don't want to be known for wasting money or destroying our resources. Our environment matters.
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  • End tailpipe emissions
    While the Coalition are in denial about their regressive policies on the out of control emissions front we need to rely on citizen action in decreasing our carbon footprint and every little bit helps. Removing petrol and diesel cars from the roads is something we can all have a had in. Most of the advanced economies reduce the sticker price with a subsidy for buying green. Our state government in Victoria talks the talk now it is time to walk the walk. For figures on the impacts and modelling have a look at the Beyond Zero Emissions website and much more. Wake up Australia - we are being left behind.
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  • Adopt Mapping of Landscape Corridors in the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area
    At the 29/5/2015 Council meeting, the Councillors decided against the the mapping of our landscape corridors. However, not all is lost, though we must act now as there was a rescission motion lodged and Council will look at the issue on again 11/6/2015. As recognised in the Coffs Harbour City Council’s own “Landscape Corridors of the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area’ Consultation Draft of Sept 2014, Habitat corridors link remnant habitats and larger core habitats that are critical areas for conserving biodiversity and our valuable wildlife. Wildlife Corridors are recognized worldwide as important for conserving wildlife at the local, regional, state and national level. If adopted, Coffs Harbour City Council’s Landscape Corridors Strategy will provide a mechanism for agreeable landholders to be engaged and assisted in the rehabilitation of corridor areas on their properties. Under the strategy, no landholder with mapped corridors will be forced to participate in their preservation but the growing number that do wish to revegetate will be encouraged & supported.
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  • Get Andrew Bolt off the air and give the job to this platypus!
    We believe Bolt can't be trusted not to abuse his position of power and he has the court convictions to prove it. <http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/bolt-guilty-of-race-discrimination-20110928-1kw8c.html> As well as routinely targeting Indigenous people, Muslims and other groups for tabloid opinion fodder, he also presumes to know better than 97% of climate scientists on global warming. Why would we want to expose our kids or anyone to that kind of unscientific propaganda? Rather than continue to give this destructive, unscientific and irresponsible lawbreaker air-time, we would much rather watch this platypus, who apart from being exceedingly cute, will probably be an excellent reminder about the importance of looking after waterways and the environment in general. Lastly, while watching Andrew Bolt could easily lead to a rise in blood pressure, we feel this platypus will have the opposite effect.
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