• Make Katoomba Plastic Bag Free
    Keeping the Blue Mountains Green will keep tourists coming to the area which is world renown for it's beauty and magnificence. We don't want to be known for wasting money or destroying our resources. Our environment matters.
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    Created by Julie Roughley
  • End tailpipe emissions
    While the Coalition are in denial about their regressive policies on the out of control emissions front we need to rely on citizen action in decreasing our carbon footprint and every little bit helps. Removing petrol and diesel cars from the roads is something we can all have a had in. Most of the advanced economies reduce the sticker price with a subsidy for buying green. Our state government in Victoria talks the talk now it is time to walk the walk. For figures on the impacts and modelling have a look at the Beyond Zero Emissions website and much more. Wake up Australia - we are being left behind.
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    Created by Bob Weis Picture
  • Adopt Mapping of Landscape Corridors in the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area
    At the 29/5/2015 Council meeting, the Councillors decided against the the mapping of our landscape corridors. However, not all is lost, though we must act now as there was a rescission motion lodged and Council will look at the issue on again 11/6/2015. As recognised in the Coffs Harbour City Council’s own “Landscape Corridors of the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area’ Consultation Draft of Sept 2014, Habitat corridors link remnant habitats and larger core habitats that are critical areas for conserving biodiversity and our valuable wildlife. Wildlife Corridors are recognized worldwide as important for conserving wildlife at the local, regional, state and national level. If adopted, Coffs Harbour City Council’s Landscape Corridors Strategy will provide a mechanism for agreeable landholders to be engaged and assisted in the rehabilitation of corridor areas on their properties. Under the strategy, no landholder with mapped corridors will be forced to participate in their preservation but the growing number that do wish to revegetate will be encouraged & supported.
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    Created by Sharon Tan
  • Get Andrew Bolt off the air and give the job to this platypus!
    We believe Bolt can't be trusted not to abuse his position of power and he has the court convictions to prove it. <http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/bolt-guilty-of-race-discrimination-20110928-1kw8c.html> As well as routinely targeting Indigenous people, Muslims and other groups for tabloid opinion fodder, he also presumes to know better than 97% of climate scientists on global warming. Why would we want to expose our kids or anyone to that kind of unscientific propaganda? Rather than continue to give this destructive, unscientific and irresponsible lawbreaker air-time, we would much rather watch this platypus, who apart from being exceedingly cute, will probably be an excellent reminder about the importance of looking after waterways and the environment in general. Lastly, while watching Andrew Bolt could easily lead to a rise in blood pressure, we feel this platypus will have the opposite effect.
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    Created by Les Thomas Picture
  • Dollarmites Don't Want Their Money Spent On Destroying The Great Barrier Reef
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AHx3f0gL4A Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef and have the opportunity to see a majestic turtle amongst the coral. When I heard we could lose our Reef to climate change, and that there was a plan to build major new coal ports on the Reef to make the problem even worse, I knew I had to act. Growing up, I was taught the value of being ready for the future as one of Commonwealth Bank’s Dollarmites. Me, and thousands of other Dollarmites like me, saved our pocket money for our future. When I learnt the money we’d saved could be used to fund the massive new coal mines threatening our Reef and our right to grow up with a safe climate, I was shocked! The worst part is, according to media reports, the Commonwealth Bank is the most likely bank to fund these developments. That means they’d be using my money - and yours - to fund it. But I don’t want my money invested in this. Who would? That’s why I’m asking Dollarmites, CommBank customers, and the rest of Australia to sign this petition calling on CommBank’s CEO Ian Narev to rule out financing coal ports and mega mines on the Great Barrier Reef. Will you join me? If CommBank won’t do the right thing, I’m closing my account. The Reef is one of the nicest places in Australia, and it’s one of our landmarks too. Why would we want it ruined? Naomi.
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    Created by Naomi Lieblich
  • FSC, remove your green tick from karri forest clear-fells!
    Karri forest logging has been wrongly awarded a green tick by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means that when we look for the green tick on our toilet paper or photocopy paper because we want to be responsible, we could be supporting the clear-felling of karri forests and giving money to an industry that is pushing Black Cockatoos and other wildlife closer to extinction. The Western Australian Forest Products Commission, which is responsible for this logging, does not comply with the FSC standard and does not deserve this green tick. It is now able to access markets it has no place in, and we are being duped.
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    Created by Jess Beckerling
  • Implement the WHO CODE for Marketing Artificial Milk.
    Since the Abbott Government came to power and dismissed the APMAIF Panel the marketing of artificial milk has increased. Health professionals are increasingly being targeted in magazines and on health professional websites. As breast milk, like the unpaid work of women is not recognized in Gross National Product figures it is not valued and the Government does not protect, promote or support it. Breastfeeding is a public primary preventative health measure. The Federal Government should be leading the charge to promote the fundamental human rights of children to optimum nutrition and live up to Australian Governments commitment as a signatory to The WHO Code for marketing artificial milk. Breastfeeding is gender specific. Fairness in promoting this issue by a predominantly male government would be good.
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    Created by Susanna Scurry Picture
  • Stop Toondah Harbour Development
    Who remembers fishing trips, football games and Sunday sessions at the Grandview Hotel in Cleveland? What legacy do you want to leave your kids? The area behind the Grandview Hotel stretching down to the Stradbroke Island Ferry terminal and down to Star of the Sea Catholic School has been approved for development. This will mean an 800 berth marina and 15 storey high apartment blocks. We enjoy this space because we have fought for it over the years, will you fight for it now for the future generations?
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    Created by Naomi Bull
  • Save the White-Bellied Sea Eagles on Swan Bay
    The White-Bellied Sea Eagle is one of our most endangered bird species. It is estimated that there only one hundred pairs left in Victoria, where it is listed as "Threatened". As well as the parent birds, two fledglings have been observed in the nest on the shores of Swan Bay. The White-bellied Sea-Eagle is sensitive to disturbance when nesting and may desert nests and young if confronted by humans or exposed to human activity. The Eagles have a flight path of several kilometres when foraging for food. That flight path lies along the foreshore of Swan Bay. Approval of a Microlight Training Facility within 2km of the nest and immediately adjacent to the foraging flight path will create a significant risk of disturbance to these birds. In addition to the noise factor, White-Bellied Sea Eagles are known to perceive aircraft as potential predators. And microlights flying across the foreshore have the potential to create a perceived barrier on the White-Bellied Sea Eagle's flight path thus disrupting foraging. Although the applicant has proposed a numbers of conditions designed to avoid disturbance, these are not deemed to be sufficient to guarantee the survival and proliferation of these birds. And these conditions are seen as impossible to enforce - particularly for external pilots using this proposed airfield. The appearance, nesting and breeding of White-Bellied Sea Eagles is a very rare event. There is relatively high level of uncertainty about disturbance impacts on this species. Caution should be taken to make absolutely sure that there is no negative impact. In the absence of certainty the application should be rejected.
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    Created by WENDY OLIVER
  • Fight for the Forest
    The Wet Tropics has been ranked the second most irreplaceable World Heritage Area in the world by a team of international scientists. Despite its significance, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified the Wet Tropics as of ‘significant concern’ due to the threats posed by invasive plants, animals and diseases and climate change. The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area as high visitor rates and provides economic stimulus through tourism in Far North Queensland, an industry that much of the regions economy depends on. Without the work of the Wet Tropics Management Authority, there will be no independent body that can consider the diversity of the people and places that exist in the World Heritage area and how to properly Manage them
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    Created by Lucy Graham
  • Review court decision that allows GM farmers to contaminate organic crops
    1/ If GM seeds are allowed to contaminate other crops genetic diversity will be lost. Our children will not be able to make an informed choice 2/ If your neighbor makes to much dust or noise he is required to fix the problem, why then should he be allowed to contaminate your crop. 3/ At present a lot of GM crops allow farmers to soak our food to be in round up. Round up is a potential carcinogen. 4/ We really don't know the long term effects of GM food because it hasn't been around long term. 5/ Huge corporations like Monsanto can and will make profit at the expense of the common good. A legal precedent like this in Australia seems like it encourages their greed. 6/ GM seeds are patented and therefor owned by someone. This presents many dangers - all fueled by greed.
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    Created by Brande-Marie Hunter Picture
  • Stop Shark Extinction
    It is estimated that the fins of as many as 73 million sharks are traded each year, while other estimates put the number at 100 million. Shark finning is the practice of cutting the fins off of a shark, who is usually alive, before throwing the shark back into the ocean. The fins are much more valuable than the rest of the shark, so the bodies are thrown back into the water to save cargo space on board. The sharks can be caught with longlines, trawls or nets, and can be either the targeted catch or the bycatch. Sharks are top level predators, and like other top level predators, they are relatively slow to mature and produce few offspring. Killing tens of millions of sharks every year means that shark populations will be slow to recover, and some may never recover. Some shark populations have suffered a 90% decline. Some shark species are listed under CITES, an international treaty regulating trade in endangered and threatened species, such as the basking shark, great white shark and whale shark. Our Oceans survival depends on the survival of sharks.
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    Created by Animal Amnesty