• Sign Petition to SAVE the "INTEGRITY" of our unique LAKE MACQUARIE CITY, NSW, Australia.
    # LAKE MACQUARIE CITY (202,000 People) is wholly unique in being 90 Villages around a Heart Centre LAKE - the largest saltwater lake in the Southern Hemisphere. The Lake has a beautiful population of resident dolphins, seals, turtles, sharks, much more ... along with thriving Ecosystems and vital Wetlands. The City leads the World in award winning practical SUSTAINABILITY applications. The CULTURE of our LAKE MACQUARIE CITY does not harmonize with that of Newcastle City. We are building in LAKE MACQUARIE a "CyberSpace Creativity CommUNITY" locally, nationally and globally sharing a CREATIVITY Information+Resources Bank. This encourages, enhances and nurtures New Ideas, People, Project, Products, Programs. Processes, Promotions & Services. There is an abunDANCE of Life in our City with amazing Creative People and their Innovative Enterprising Ventures. As the ancient AbORIGINAL DreamTime Smiling WISDOM says - "without VISION the People and their Creative Projects perish !!!" Every problem is a wonderful OpportUNITY. Let us harness this OpportUNITY of VISION with grassroots 'People Power' Creative Action by our 202,000 LAKE MACQUARIE CITY citizens having a free "VOICE" in our hopeful productive Future.
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    Created by Michael A Riddell
    Function 1: Provision of environmental services Like any ecosystem, verge gardens provide the environmental services commonly associated with plants: Filtration of air, Reduction in the urban heat island effect that raises neighbourhood air temperature in summer, Slowing of rainfall runoff and assisting it infiltrate as soil water rather than be lost to the stormwater drain, thus obtaining a use from it before it returns to the water cycle, Provision of habitat for insects, birds and small reptiles, Carbon sequestration in organically-rich soils. Function 2: Making productive use of urban land Kerbside gardening makes productive use of land in urban areas. It puts to practical use small patches of land that are otherwise neglected or planted to simplified plant communities—such as lawn verges—that are unproductive or that may consume excessive water and fossil fuels in their maintenance. Verge gardens offer Council a solution to reducing their carbon footprint in line with Environmental Policy. Function 3: Boosting biodiversity As mixed edible plantings, verge gardens attract insects and other small animal species that interact through food webs. This is the basis of their biodiversity value. Flowering species attract bees, providing habitat for pollinators in residential areas. Function 4: New ways to engage with public space Taking responsibility for a kerbside garden provides a new means for people to engage with public space. In this sense, shared gardens enhance community engagement with public lands and encourages members of our community to take a more proactive role in public space management.
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    Created by Marian Formosa
  • Save Angas Recreation Park
    This is important because this small park is the best park within our small town. It is widely used all year. There is a huge swell of opposition to this plan from one woman who says it is the only place she can let her autistic son run free to the dog walkers who come from all over the Barossa to let their dogs run. Well over half an acre of land would be fenced off and made unavailable to ordinary people simply to please a small bowls club, Subsidising a private club whilst the council claim to have no money for footpaths and other issues of local importance is utter nonsense.
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    Created by Dave Clayden Picture
  • Plastic Bag Free Bondi by 2016
    Bondi is our beautiful home but with the thousands of tourists that descend on the beach over summer and the thousands of plastic bags that this brings, there is great danger of plastic bags going into our waterways and oceans, harming our bird and sea-life and polluting our beaches. We need to take action and stop this from happening.
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    Created by Blue Bondi Green
  • Reduce the Use - plastic bag pollution
    Australian use 4,000,000,000 plastic bags a year (7,000 an hour) . Most are not biodegradable. They pollute our land and many end up in the ocean. Turtles, birds and fish suffer greatly.
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    Created by Jill Stephenson Picture
  • Protect Artarmon Bushland and Village Green
    The Artarmon Reserve and bushland is a much loved and well used space by the residents of Artarmon and Willoughby, local school children and workers in the Artarmon Industrial Area. Residents, with the support of Willoughby Council have spent countless hours restoring the bushland in the reserve. It is now one of the only areas in Willoughby offering a natural bush escape. Sydney Metro is presently deciding the route of the new metro train line. We are not against trains but we are against the unnecessary destruction of our bushland. There are several options for developing the Sydney Metro which are cost effective and entail no impact on our bushland whilst allowing our public transport expand to new areas which are currently not served by trains. We urge Sydney Metro to avoid options which would see the loss of the Artarmon Village Green and station garden as well as a large part of the bushland reserve - and the construction of a large, high embankment which could materially change the remaining bushland and walking tracks not to mention the loss of large Eucalypts.
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    Created by Gwyn Denton
    An EES is vital because only when the community of Clunes has been given access to a full disclosure of any and all risks associated with local mining, can it make an educated decision regarding whether or not it is willing to tolerate such possibly dramatic and negative impacts. This is almost the only opportunity for the community to have input into the planning process. Hepburn Shire can act to request the Hon. Richard Wynne MP, the Victorian State Planning Minister to instruct Mt Rommel mining to produce an EES, which is the biggest asset a community can have to learn about and possibly stop a mine, if the EES indeed proves a mine will create a significant number of major problems for the Clunes community. We, the people of Clunes, really need YOUR assistance now and whilst it will take you under 2 minutes to both sign this petition and then share it on your own Facebook page, to us it can make the difference between the preservation of this exquisite historical town and its decline. Better still, if you would be kind enough to forward this petition to your contacts in email, that would be most appreciated. And for more context... Back in 1851, Clunes was the site of Victoria's first gold strike. The ensuing gold rush brought miners from around the world, and with them a bevy of other industries. While people think of gold mining as what built Clunes, in fact it is these other industries we have to thank for the construction of our historic and iconic Fraser Street, and other historic buildings around the township. It is the hairdressers, milliners, haberdashers, shoe-makers, grocerers, blacksmiths, bakers and barbers who built the town we know and love that is Clunes today. The miners came, took what they wanted, then left. The only real legacy the miners left is the barren, poisoned land at the mine sites on which hardly anything grows, as well as the toxins in the creek that still travel downstream even today - 164 years later. Only recently people were warned against eating fish caught in the Loddon River, due to their containing high levels of mercury carried from upstream historical mining activities. Creswick Creek is a tributary to the Loddon River. While it cannot be denied that today’s Clunes could benefit from more local industry, thus providing locals with employment, will a gold mine in the centre of town meet that need? Apparently not! Mr. Fred Hunt, CEO of Mt Rommel Mining Ltd, stated during his public presentation in April 2015, that they likely will only employ around 20 people, most of them qualified miners and other professionals already employed by his company. Thus it is unlikely to provide new employment opportunities for locals, and the flow-on effect of work for other businesses in Clunes will also be fairly limited. Therefore opening a mine in town will be of limited benefit in that regard. We can draw from the experience of other towns with mines in close proximity. Their residents report suffering a range of negative effects from blasting, increased heavy truck traffic, dust and noise, reduced tourism, and all of this adversely affecting property prices. In addition, the community’s health is at risk from toxins released into the atmosphere by ore crushing, and poisoning of groundwater and waterways from leaking tailings dams, and damaged mental and physical health due to noise and disturbance.. Today, the main industry in Clunes is tourism. Visitors are attracted to our friendly community, our clean environment with a creek running through the centre of town that is home to endangered wildlife and a family of platypuses, and to our beautiful, historic buildings. The tourist industry would be destroyed overnight if pollution or damage is caused by the operations of a new gold mine, which is proposed to be built right in the middle of the tiny township, close to family homes, the creek and the primary school. Even ignoring potential risks from cyanide spillage or submicron dust from processing, the mere action of disturbing the existing tailings from historic mining cannot avoid creating increased toxins to be released into the atmosphere when the contaminated soil is disturbed by trucks and digging.
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    Created by Ann Jeffree
  • Bring back the devil: re-wild the Tasmanian Devil on the Australian mainland
    The small mammal fauna of Australia is being eaten by feral cats and foxes. More than 20 native marsupial species face extinction. The devil was found on the mainland until 600 years ago and Australia's top ecologists believe its return could help protect our native animals.They have called for an experimental re-introduction of zoo bred, disease-free, devils onto the mainland. . Meanwhile the devil is threatened with extinction in Tasmania by a deadly facial tumour disease. We have lost over 80% of the wild Tasmanian Devil population to this disease in just ten years. To lose the devil in Tasmania and more mammal species on the mainland would be morally wrong and a profound loss to all Australians. With one action we could help secure a disease free future for the devil and restore ecological balance to parts of the mainland. Tasmania Environment Minister Groom does not want this trial release even discussed. We believe, however, that we have a moral obligation to ensure that local politics do not stand in the way of fighting species extinction. We must act before it is too late. Please register your support and sign up now.
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    Created by Paul Andrew
  • Request to Abandon Plans to Clear Fell Coupe FD053A.
    The petition of the undersigned residents of the Wynyard area draws to the attention of the House the proposed clear felling and burning of Coupe FD053A in Lapoinya. The most recent Three Year Wood Production Plan indicated that this coupe will be cleared in 2015/2016. This coupe is principally comprised of juvenile growth, which will not be ready for harvesting for another 30 years, along with old growth and mature growth stands. There are few Category 1 and Category 3 sawlogs in the coupe. The forest provides habitat for a range of species, including the Tasmanian Devil, Spotted-Tail Quoll, Wedged-Tail Eagle and Goshawk, as well as Giant Freshwater Crayfish. If FD053A is clear-felled as proposed, the wood will likely be sold at a loss as woodchips and peelers. As Forestry Tasmania will fail to return a profit on the coupe, this loss will be borne by the taxpayer. Allowing such a loss is fiscally irresponsible. More significantly, allowing the destruction of habitat, damaging local tourism potential and compromising recreational activities such as horse riding, bushwalking and birdwatching in the absence of any overriding public economic interest is socially, environmentally and politically irresponsible.
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    Created by Abby Duncan
  • Stop global sand mining & Save the 'Bunyip bird' of Australian mythology!
    To conserve the Australasian bittern a high level of protection is needed in areas where they are known to be found. This species has declined rapidly because they depend on vegetated freshwater to survive. With an estimated population in Australia of only 250 to 800 adult bittern, in March 2011 the Australasian Bittern was listed by the Australian Government as endangered. They are also listed as endangered internationally in the IUCN Red List.
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  • We want the Archway 1 Theatre Company & Arts Studio to stay in the Bicentennial Park Arches.!
    The community have been incredibly supportive and very excited for the existence of a theatre space & arts studio under the Archways, in the Park lands. The Archway 1 Theatre Company and Art Studio have been inundated with offers from local residents to help, insisting that we remain in the same location and continue what we do, because it is a great concept that is much needed for the community park and we have a great track record of providing a service to our community, with FREE art classes for adults and children, FREE Drama classes, Poetry in the park, Free Dog portraits, Pancake breakfasts in addition to our art exhibitions and theatre plays. The community have expressed to us directly that they feel our arts space and art studio fulfill a need for them. A well managed arts space that compliments the park and is accessible to the community. The benefits of providing a space for parents and their children for example, who frequent that particular area of the park daily, due to its proximity to the children's playground, cannot be overlooked. Dog walkers alike, have found our initiative to be a welcomed addition to their daily enjoyment of the park. Cyclists have also expressed gratitude at the convenience of being able to literally pull up on their bikes and grab a coffee. For the culturally and artistically inclined, we offer something unique to the existing surrounding sporting fields and natural surrounds. Our theatre productions have a local following, with supporters who have endorsed the merits in the work we do. We have been a part of the Sydney Fringe Festival two years in a row. We source many local actors, directors and crew to work on productions and we provide space for artist talks, film nights, rehearsals, exhibitions, fashion shows, photo and film shoots. Our arts space is an additional destination for light rail commuters, tourists or visitors to the area, as a place of interest along their inner west journey, alighting at the Jubilee Park Oval. We are also considered a reassuring safe haven, for people exercising or walking dogs late at night in the park, as we are open late for theatre rehearsals or artist talks. Supportive comments include; "We have been waiting twenty years for this to happen!" "Thank God you're here!" "WOW, just WOW! This is amazing and reminds me of New York." "I wish I knew you were here, when my kids were at school, they're all grown up now." "I am so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and excited that you are here!" (82 year old local resident- Patty) "It's about time you guys did this here!" "OMG! This is exactly what I thought should be here." "I normally never visit this part of the park, but now I do." "This is awesome!" "Hey, this is great! Reminds me of Europe." "So glad you guys are here! We are going to come and see some theatre." "Finally, good coffee!" "I am going to tell all the mother and parent groups you guys are here." "I'm going to mention you guys in the local school newsletter." "I can't believe I can walk out my door and down to the park, to watch theatre and have a coffee."
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    Created by The Archway 1 Theatre Company & Coffee Co.
  • Support the Clean Energy Finance Corporation
    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation provides finance for new investment in renewable energy projects. It is also operating at a profit of around $200 million per year. Yet the government is intent on abolishing it. It makes no economic sense, especially at a time when most other countries are fast tracking renewable energy projects. I have a face to face meeting with Joe Hockey, who is my local member and I would love to have your signature to bring a petition to the table.
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    Created by antony partos