• Save ABC integrity and variety especially on RN
    Where else can an Australian audience get the variety and depth of views and visions and above all the stimulation of such a range of ideas? Where else is there such a range of respected specialist journalists who cover everything from arts to science and religion to rock? Why is the ABC accused of left-wing bias when it shows opinions of all spectra and gives voice - although not as much as it could or should - to those who don't have access to commercial media. Why don't the Board and your minister develop pride in this unique and irreplaceable institution and those who work for it, instead of white-anting and undermining the amazingly talented a dedicated staff? There is no place for Information and enlightenment in the categories below but the ABC covers them all so I've ticked them all!
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  • Tennyson Dunes - Revegetate not decimate
    The Tennyson sand dunes are the most significant remnant dune system remaining on the Adelaide metropolitan coast. There is a narrow strip between Grange and Mordun St Tennyson and the Charles Sturt Council want to construct a 3.5m wide shared bike path through it, Ripping out the native pants in favour of concrete and disturbing the structure of this section of the dunes
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  • Save the Leigh Creek Coal Monuments
    Bucyrus Erie and the Leigh Creek lookout was established as a monument and is a monument that must remain in the region lest we forget everything we almost learned.
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  • Save the ABC Science Unit
    This is important because the ABC Science Unit is the only source of independent and objective science journalism remaining in Australia. It provides unbiased advice on all the important topical stories, as well as the latest trends from overseas. It is critical that we keep it alive.
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    Fukushima and Chernobyl taught the world that nuclear accidents are very expensive and toxic for generations and leave horrific tragedy in their wake. South Australian Jay Wetherill is currently pushing his Government's plans by using a publicly funded Education Campaign. He and his government are spending public funds to spin the ' it is all proven, scientific and safe' line in his current expensive roadshow. His goal is to place a global HIGH LEVEL NUCLEAR RUBBISH DUMP for short term profit in South Australia. He would like to place his own and South Australias' children's children's future at stake and just for money. Speculation and debate about long term finanncial cost / benefits of such an operation for a high level radioactive waste site is that it may prove to be a financial disaster. This is even if their is no nuclear leak, accident or clean up in tens, hundreds, or thousands of years time from today. If Mr Wetherill and the ALP of South Australia succeeded and any of the transported and stored waste containers EVER leak in an unforseen event or are accessed by wrong hands or motives it will prove potentially environmentally catastrophic. YES : SA needs smart new growth industries, not old outmoded nuclear plants spent nuclear waste in our back yard. NUCLEAR IS FOREVER Mr Wetherill- Just not here with toxic waste products please. Let the countries and wealthy energy company's that made the problem find other ways and places to deal with it. We understand their are companies involved in making large money from the real and pressing need to get rid of nuclear waste, it also asists with selling more nuclear power stations in future but we dont want that problem in our home state. As with Pangea back in the 90's the federal government met strong opposition and it stopped the project.. This is not a minor project of political short term consequence, this is a forever problem if your government succeeds in its wishes. DUMP THE DUMP
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    The Link Centre is key in turning lives around for those kids who have struggled in our normal school system. These are bright, special kids who sadly have faced difficulties due to bullying, trauma, mental health issues or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This program works. Centre Manager Rasheel Kaur said that out of 41 students enrolled last year, 38 per cent went on to do year 11, 33 per cent undertook vocational training programs and the rest returned for another round. Rhonda Collins, manager of Altona-based youth homelessness service Latitude, said it made no sense to close a centre with a proven track record. “It is the only alternative education setting that young people … have access to in the area” -“It’s a proven model, it has a high retention rate, young people have re-engaged back in to mainstream schools.” If we don't catch these kids at this vulnerable age there is a high probability they will never reach their full potential. It is crucial this centre stays open and continues it's important work.
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  • We call on ABC and SBS to break the silence on the climate emergency
    Politicians tell us they can't take climate emergency action to protect us all from climate impacts until the public demands it. Yet large sections of the public are lulled into thinking it can't be all that bad since neither politicians nor the media are reporting on climate impacts or discussing solutions. Our public broadcasters, ABC and SBS, might be the only body that is sufficiently trusted and powerful to break this impasse by reporting honestly and regularly about climate impacts and climate solutions. The public need to know about current and future impacts in order to be motivated to act, and need to know we have the solutions at our fingertips in order to take action themselves and demand government action instead of 'switching off'. Join us in calling for honest and thorough climate emergency reporting from the ABC and SBS. And when you have signed this petition, please also consider signing the Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation petition at www.ClimateEmergencyDeclaration.org/sign » Read more on www.climatesafety.info/publicbroadcasters (main page) www.climatesafety.info/climateactionstalemate (article) and www.climatesafety.info/radiorelay (radio interviews)
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  • Help kids with FAS-D
    There is no cure for FASDs, but research shows that early intervention treatment services can improve a child's development. A seminal study by O’Connor et al (2006) found that protective factors that can help children with FAS-D reach their full potential include: a loving and nurturing environment, early diagnosis and involvement in special education and the provision of social services. We are finding it near impossible to get government help and support for social services and education.I believe it is important that schools get the appropriate funding and resources to support children with FAS-D. I would urge you to watch the 4 corners special on FAS-D, which can be accessed by the following link: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2015/11/02/4341366.htm
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  • Love Glebe? Worried about Westconnex building a freeway on Ross St
    We are parents, families, kids and community members who love Glebe. We are very concerned that WestConnex Stage 3 will negatively impact on the local schools in Forest Lodge and Glebe by building an off ramp and exit along Ross St. WestConnex will bring over 36000 more cars to Ross St, dumping them in the Glebe area. We want to protect Glebe from a freeway that would cut the suburb in half and drench the community with fumes and pollution.
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  • Love Glebe? Worried about Westconnex building a freeway on Ross St
    We are parents, families, kids and community members. Our kids go to the local schools in Forest Lodge and Glebe and we are very concerned that WestConnex Stage 3 plans to build an off ramp and exit somewhere near Ross St in Glebe. WestConnex will bring over 33000 more cars to Ross St, dumping them in the Glebe area. We love Glebe. We want to protect it from a freeway that would cut the suburb in half and drench the community with fumes and pollution.
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  • Stop the Debit Card trials and Indue from controlling Social Security Payments
    The Welfare Debit Card takes away a person's right to choose where they shop, how they pay their bills and possibly will affect where they will live. Indue control how payments are made instead of you, your banking and bill paying abilities are affected when you are forced to change to either Centrepay or Indue to make your regular payments. Some payments are not accepted on the Indue Card or Centrepay and you are expected to manage those accounts on your 20% allowance to be paid into your nominated bank. The other 80% is restricted to the Indue Visa debit/credit card. Online shopping is restricted, no Ebay. Gumtree, Paypal, or access to enough cash to be able to purchase secondhand items from Facebook sites, friends, markets etc. Most people on some sort of payment for example, a student rely on being able to buy secondhand text books, pay cash room rentals etc, bus trips, with the indue Welfare Debit card there is not enough accessible cash allowed to do such things. Most people on newstart, share accommodations, rent rooms, share houses and utilities and pay cash for those expenses, they also rely on cash for transport on regional buses, secondhand clothing etc. How does someone pay their mortgage on Indue??? Many parents rely on being able to furnish a home, buy clothes, school uniform, pay for school excursions, school photos, sports,emergency replacement of a fridge or a washing machine, a car or even car repairs etc using cash. The welfare debit card will restrict all of that and push people into financial stress further, also, creating a huge strain on the limited low interest and no interest loan schemes that are approved, but causing delays in waiting for such approvals, could leave a family in the summer with no fridge for a longer time. For people on Disability Support Pensions there is no way off the card, This further restricts as with everyone else, there ability to be included in social activities and self determination. Carers will also suffer the brunt of it too. Most people on any form of govt payments struggle to get by at the best of times, they make do, utilize secondhand and thrifty options to get the most out of their income support payments and social security. Many on newstart are going without food now, not because they waste their income, but just because the income they have is not enough to even pay a rental, let alone food, elect, unless they share accommodations or move back in with parents. Many do not have supports such as family to turn to. Not everyone on any benefit is a drug addict or an alcoholic or miss manages their funds as the govt has been portraying in the media, most people are just getting through day to day, paying bills, shopping in their communities, all monies paid are being paid back into your local area and supporting local jobs, whether someone buys something for cash on a facebook site, then that person spends the cash on shopping or bills, It all supports the economy. Some people access cheaper items on Ebay or other online services, like home shopping, many DSP are not able to get out all the time to buy things on a card, at an approved place, We all know there are people in our communities , working and non working that have issues with drugs, alcohol, gambling. This card targets only those on social security with such addictions, and does not address the problems over all in society with the same issues for working people, who can continue to drink, drug and gamble their income away, thus affecting their families too. We would like to see the card scaled back to people on a voluntary basis, with proper supports put in place to help people, Or scraped all together as the cost to the tax payer is a further $4040 per person being managed, that money could be better spent on support programs, than profits for shareholders. After all the govt cuts to services around the country, The supports currently in place are grossly inadequate. With the continual sell out of jobs overseas, the abuse of the foreign workers that are coming into fill positions that many Australians could have done anyways, the continual push for people to be income managed and working at the same time, we need to stand up for our rights to be able to manage our own incomes, People do not need to be treated like naughty children and have their income dished out like pocket money. It is insulting that in the year 2017 that our govt is treating good people in this manner, in order to control their spending, push the incomes to multi nationals that never pay their taxes, at the same time as allowing an international company Indue to be able to take control of our nations social security budget, and make money from our poor for it's share holders in the process. Think about all the things you use cash for, how local small business will suffer losses too! At the end of the day, this program is not really all about helping a small amount of our population to overcome financial issues, or health issues, it is about control and actually could hinder most and exclude people from normal society. Homelessness is increasing at a monumental rate, we don't need to make it worse. In both trail areas, Crime is up ! The 80% paid on the card earns Indue the interest NOT you. No split payments means no joint accounts for couples, For people who are caring for people on DSP this will cause issues as no use of another persons card is allowed, Loss of privacy and financial autonomy as Indue can share your information to anyone they want. Having to ring Indue to get approval for bills is humiliating. Asking a shop owner if they take the card before shopping also alerts business that you are on Centrelink. If Eftpos is down, card holders cannot go to a bank to access cash. Gov't now pushing for all under 18s to be placed on the card, Once on the card very hard to get off, still applies to all payments under 64 inc DSP for life!
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  • Stop the closure of Empire Street Early Learning Centre
    The council made the decision to close the Empire Street Early Learning Centre in Footscray in a closed council meeting on 19 July 2016. This unconscionable decision will have a detrimental impact on current and future local families who use this valuable service for child care (with kindergarten teacher) and for check ups with the maternal and child health nurse. Centre staff are devastated at the news of the closure and redeployment for all staff to other centres still remains uncertain.This area of Footscray has a high density population and with developers gaining approval to build more apartment blocks, removal of such important community services is negligent. Please help the local community of Footscray keep Footscray a friendly suburb for families to live. Please read The Star's coverage of this important community issue: http://www.starweekly.com.au/news/shock-at-closure-of-childcare-centre-in-footscray/pub/maribyrnong_hobsons_bay/
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