• Stop the rushed privatisation of Accommodation Support and Respite Services for the Disabled
    Adequate funding for well resourced support for our most Intellectual and Physically Disabled people of our community should never be put at risk for the sake of profit and the hast to privatise Government Services. Training of Direct Service Staff, Accountability, Professional Clinical Support, Transportation and Resource Communication Aids for Accommodation and Respite need the consistency only Direct Government Services can continually provide. Communities across Australia have had a gut full of their elected Governments MP's putting vulnerable lives at risk for the sake of the almighty dollar and their Members of Parliament washing hands of their responsibilities. The life style, security and consistency of the Disabled living successfully in our communities will be vulnerable again with the short sighted withdrawal of Direct Government Support. Decades of hard worked for progress in Community based support will be put at risk. These advancements would never have occurred to the now high levels of support without the Direct involvement of Government agencies and resources pushed by Families and Advocacy Groups. Please take the time to guaranty these high levels of support now in place or lift those standards to even higher levels. We will not put up with a quick push loading the always under resourced usually volunteer run Non Government Organisations (NGOs). Presently NGO's need to beg and fundraise holding raffles to supplement Government funding just to supply the most basics of support. Our NGO society is already under pressure due to inadequate funding because Governments lip service and washing hands of their responsibilities to their constituencies. Minister our communities are sick and tried of politician's incompetence, enough is enough!
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  • STOP Rupert Murdoch/Sky Channel from getting tender for ABC's overseas Australia Network
    Australia needs to be heard in southern China, India and the South east Asia/ Pacific region with out being hindered by commercial interference. The Australia Network has an audience of over 30 million people, making it the biggest Australian news and current affairs provider. Securing jobs and opportunity for Australians to be seen and heard by millions of our neighbours in the region. Our point of view is important and must be delivered with out a biased influence from other nations companies and executives. As well as rewarding overseas companies with tax payer funded grants from your department, DFaT.
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    Created by Katherine Cairns
  • Start a political party
    As an alternative to the 2 major parties, who have little to differentiate between each other in policies or vision.
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    Created by Paul Keyworth
  • No more casinos in Queensland
    The supposed "international tourist" argument simply does not hold up. The following is quoted directly from the Australasian Casino Association's own report for 2009-10: The majority of casino patrons are from either the same city or state as individual casinos, followed by interstate patrons and international visitors. Casino patrons 2009-2010: Local, 40.61 million; Interstate, 4.70 million, International, 4.42 million. Casinos receive the vast majority of their revenue from gaming activities (not hotels, restaurants or any other associated services), these accounted for 78 per cent of total gross revenue. In 2009-10, revenue from gaming machines comprised 40 per cent of total casino gaming revenue ($1,382 million). Table gaming made up 38 per cent ($1,312 million). Why are we even considering a proposal to make Queensland the new Macau? Building a stack of casinos, while lining the pockets of the wealthiest and creating a whole bunch of social issues that future state governments can sort out? It just doesn't stack up. It makes far more sense to make the most of the phenomenal natural resource that lays right off our coast. The Great Barrier Reef! Are we talking tourism? Because no other country in the world can replicate this. And it consistently tops travel surveys as one of the main reasons tourists visit Australia.
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    Created by Belinda Smith
  • AFP investigation into parliamentarians accused of misusing their expense accounts.
    Fifteen years ago a number of Ministers were sacked for rorting their travel allowances in exactly the same manner as Mr Abbott and other recently re elected parliamentarians have been alleged to have done. Mr Abbott claimed $1700 to travel to the weddings of former colleagues Sophie Mirabella and Peter Slipper in 2006. In 2009 he claimed $9,397.42 in travel expenses incurred during the launch of his book "Battlelines". According to the "Minchin Protocol for parliamentarians” if the fraudulent claim is discovered, the MP involved pays back the money, and the police are not notified. Once the money has been repaid, no AFP investigation can be instigated. The matter is considered closed. Mr Slipper was an MP and speaker of the House, he fell out of favour with numerous politicians and was politically assassinated when it was discovered he had rorted his expenses. The theft was reported to the police however, he wasn't allowed to pay back the amount, and was subsequently charged. Others in the community have had their lives disrupted and careers ruined for offences involving smaller amounts. Are there different standards regarding theft depending on your position in society? This dishonesty in our New Parliament has, thus far, been accepted by the media and the Australian community. Nothing is being done about it. What can you do? Sign this petition requesting Clive Palmer to approach the AFP to investigate all parliamentarians involved in these recently exposed expense scandals, as a matter of urgency and lay charges if dishonesty has occurred.
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  • Prevent ISDS provisions from being included in proposed new free trade agreements.
    This is a very important issue. Even John Howard, close as he was to George Bush, in 2001 would not agree to ISDS provisions in free trade agreements with the US, because he saw how detrimental to Australia those provisions were. Now Tony Abbott's Government has these provisions as part of their trade policy. The High Court of Australia will lose its control as the ultimate arbiter on how foreign companies operate in Australia. ISDS provisions will allow companies to challenge many laws adopted by States and the Commonwealth that are in the public interest, in a largely anonymous forum, completely unrelated to Australia. For more information on this issue: read the article by Mike Seccombe in The Global Mail 21/0913 www.theglobalmail.org
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    Created by Kerrie Piper
  • Global Warming
    Australia can show a better example soon. The sooner and more aggressively Australia sets a comprehensive example the easier it will be for other nations and investors to adopt and improve on Australia's leadership. SIGN NOW and PLEASE FORWARD this urgent message to others to help convince our governments and leaders how Australia can show real leadership.
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    Created by John Swainston
  • Support Australian Health Professionals to continue their ongoing training and education.
    Doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists etc are required by legislation to fulfill many hours of ongoing professional training every year. This means travel, maybe accommodation, and workshop/conference costs to be paid by those professionals. Up until June 2013 the tax office has recognised these out of pocket expenses and allowed health professionals to claim them on their tax. From July 1st the tax office is capping those claimed expenses to $2000. This means your Dr or other health profs who treat you and I, may no longer be at the forefront of medical knowledge because it is just far too expensive to attend anything more than the minimum required to remain registered. This goes against the philosophy and legislation which requires all Australian health professionals to be highly skilled offering the best quality of care to the public. Let your local MPs and the leaders of all political parties know that this penny pinching tax office ploy is highly unsafe for the health of all Australians.
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    Created by Carol Park
  • No Tip at Arthurs Seat
    It is such an amazing, pristine and beautiful part of the Peninsula with an abundance of wildlife. I know so many people that use Arthurs Seat on a daily basis and it would devastate so many locals (including the animals) if it was turned into a stinky tip!
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    Created by Nicole Pitman
  • Make Insurance Companies accountable for denying liability for claims through "loop holes".
    Having worked for major insurance companies as a claims clerk for a number of years I am aware of the standard approach of some of the less reputable insurers. One company I worked for required me to offer a contributory negligence settlement as a first tacit to reducing a claim payout in every case even when it was clearly our drivers fault! Given that we only insured heavy vehicles acceptance on a 60/40 contributory negligence basis was often a huge saving! Others use every trick in the book to deny liability. i.e. Driver failed to advise a speeding infringement and many more small hidden loop holes. Some companies ALWAYS consider their reputation when settling claims that are a bit contentious by offering a settlement without admitting liability. This is to be admired but rest assured that almost every insurance policy ever written has an "out" clause in it even if it isn't used: e.g. Act of God etc. The insurance industry as a whole needs to be held accountable for it's performance by a regulatory body with TEETH to back it up!
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  • Public Transport investment for the future of our cities!
    Nations around the world are investing into efficient and effective public transport to move people and address congestion and improve livability. Finally we have seen a change at the Commonwealth Government level under this Labor Government which has set up Infrastructure Australia to make informed decisions on infrastructure priorities. As a result we have seen an increase in funding for Public Transport in our cities. As a nation we can not afford to go back to 50's policies and try to build our way out of congestion by building more roads. Not everyone uses PT but everybody will benefit if we have an efficient Public Transport system in our cities and suburbs. Let's make this an election issue and give a message to Tony Abbott. In contrast even Malcom Turnbull sees the benefits of PT for the future of our nation.
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  • Get rid of "How to Vote Cards" at elections.
    The "How to Vote" card system is an archaic, costly, environmentally wasteful and generally unproductive. Having engaged in this farcical process, I am convinced that the benefits espoused by proponents are largely mythical and the procedure is simply a thinly-veiled attempt to engender the same gladiatorial dynamics at the grass-roots level as the parties attempt to create at the institutional level. There is no need for it as the information contained on the cards could just as easily be placed in each polling booth.
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