• Don't do it all over again: Stop the forced removal of Aboriginal People!
    The unequal health status of Indigenous People in Australia continues to be a human rights concern, despite our self–appointed ‘Prime Minster for Indigenous Australians’ and programs like 'Close The Gap'. A strong attachment to traditional culture and homelands directly advances health and wellbeing and improves socioeconomic outcomes (Dockery, 2012), yet Barnett plans to close up to 150 homelands in WA. He wants to re-enact the forced removal of Aboriginal People from the lands of their ancestors, to once again practice deliberate strategies of dispossession and cultural extinction. Enhancing cultural attachment is life-saving, not lifestyle, it’s the solution not the problem. Stop the crap and close the gap - not the homelands.
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    Created by mary goslett
  • No Confidence Vote in Australian Prime Minister
    Tony Abbott government was given a mandate to govern Australia by the electorate based on the promises he gave. Since then he has reneged on all of these and no longer represents the will of the people who elected him. This petition is to be given to the house of representatives to request a vote of no confidence by the Australian people in Tony Abbotts government. We request that government ministers act on this petition and call for a vote of no confidence in parliment
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    Created by Richard Fleming Picture
  • Double dissolution: Vote on the Federal Budget
    To let Australian voters decide whether this is the budget they want.
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    Created by Phil na Champassak
  • Clive Palmer and PUP- please don't support the changes to HECS and HELP
    Any person with a student loan will be forced to pay real interest on their HELP and HECS debt up to a maximum of 6 per cent. The income threshold will also be decreased, meaning that you will be forced to pay it on a far smaller income. These changes affects the ability for all members of the community to access university. Will only children of wealthy parents attend university, the way it is in the United States? The current generation will have a mountain of debt to consider, in addition to their rising mortgages. Let's make ourselves heard!
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    Created by Emma Rowe
  • Increase Debt Levy to 10%
    Rather than cut essential services to the bone, the Commonwealth government clearly needs to raise more revenues and the most efficient is through income tax. The GST is very inefficient to collect and affects the poor worst. In a caring society which is aging, we need to accept that the cost of support for the aged will inevitably rise; we cannot just ignore them. Also the economic progress of our nation depends on having a well educated population. The government needs to show a caring attitude as this is essential to create a caring society as a whole. The quality of life in Australia depends on it.
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    Created by Colin Hargreaves
  • Reduce retirement age to 65 NOT increase to 70!
    It gives younger people more options to work and earn. I think by the time you have worked to 60 you have contributed sufficiently to society and you should have the option of retirement! If you want to continue working you should have the option. Let's bring the retirement age back to 65 and ideally it should be reduced to 60. Please don't let any government whittle away at Australia's benefits anymore.
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    Created by Steve Lowe
  • Treat Bitcoin as what it is - a global currency.
    If GST is levied on the full value of Bitcoin purchases at the exchange level, it will drive Bitcoin adoption out of the Australian economy. Bitcoin has numerous advantages over using banks including no fees for merchants to accept it, finality of payment and reduced identity theft for the customers.  Further, Australians should have the same rights as the citizens of these other countries to use Bitcoin as a means of exchange without being penalised 10%.  The Goods and Services tax is a form of consumption tax levied on goods and services. Bitcoin is designed to function as money.  By taxing Bitcoin as a good the under-banked will be even more disadvantaged, entrepreneurs will go overseas and competition in the financial industry will diminish. Ultimately this decision decides how economically free we are. I like to think that Australia is a place where we have freedom from state tyranny.
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    Created by Leo Treasure Picture
  • Allow Independent Bottle-Shops to trade until 12am if their license allows it.
    The livelihoods of many small business owners are affected by this ruling of 10pm lockouts across NSW. It will drive business to the chains and we lose our 'convenience' point of difference. It has taken the spontaneity out of purchasing alcohol and so our customers also suffer.
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    Created by Justin Goldsmith
  • Don't give Tony Abbott the Senate
    The WA Senate election is a chance to keep the Senate out of Tony Abbott's control. By preferencing the Greens last Labor will hand the Senate to Tony Abbott. We need Labor to protect us from the ravages of an Abbott government.
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    Created by Christine Olsen
  • Don't Undermine Closing the Gap For Aboriginal people by cutting funding to vital programs
    I have worked in education and training in the city and the country for 35 years. The Closing the Gap policy in Health and Education between Aboriginal people and the rest of Australia is a sign of hope and Government and community commitment to our Indigenous people. Cutting already very effective Indigenous community support programs in Health and Education will widen the gap, not close it. This breaks my heart.
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    Created by Colleen Keenan Picture
  • Stop subsidizing profitable Mining and profitable Agriculture businesses
    We are foregoing tax by giving this money to profitable business to only increase their profit. Many of these companies are international businesses. The tax burden then increases to the workforce and small business.
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    Created by Jeffrey Fletcher
  • Socially Responsible Mining
    We want this profitable, foreign owned mining company, a subsidiary of a Canadian coal giant, to install water treatment equipment, treat their polluted water, and, return it to our creeks. Our locale was described by Major Mitchell in 1836 as "Australia Felix" (lucky) with a creek system "watering this long fertile valley" which flows to the important Goulburn River. Your support will help halt a continuing construction saga of new and more evaporation ponds in historical, still productive farming and environmentally sensitive wetlands.We want to KEEP our mine ! .....but.... NEED them to be socially and environmentally responsible.
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    Created by Brian Leehy Picture