• Higgins wants a Clean Recovery Now!
    http://cdn.getup.org.au/image_21147_full.png Australia can be a clean energy superpower, creating future-proof jobs in work that improves our lives. We need to make sure we don't miss out on this opportunity to power our recovery with sun, wind, and waves. We can create jobs restoring the green spaces we love, like Gardiner Creek. We can harness the sun to power our businesses and homes with cheap solar energy. We can stay cooler in sweltering Melbourne summers and save on air-conditioning bills by retrofitting homes to be more energy efficient. Will you join the call for clean, affordable energy and climate-friendly jobs?
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  • Creation of a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption
    A Federal ICAC will either dispel or confirm reports of widespread dishonesty in the distribution of Federal Government Funds, for example, and not limited to: $150 million for the “regional” swimming pools, including $10 million for the region of the North Sydney pool $272 million Regional Growth Fund most of which was dished out in a hurry just before the last Federal election. $841.6 million for the Building Better Regions Fund. $200 million in government advertising in the lead up to the election – an unprecedented level of self-promotion with your money $2 billion for the ironically-named Climate Solutions Fund. $4 billion Urban Congestion Fund incorporating the $500 million Commuter Car Park Fund that mainly benefited coalition marginal seats $300 million Drought Communities Program – where the government ignores its own criteria and hands out money without regard for eligibility $220 million Regional Jobs and Investment Package – ministers rejecting 28 per cent of the recommended applications and approving 17 per cent without recommendation $22.65 million for the Stronger Communities Program, and $22.65 million for the Communities Environment Program. (Thanks to Michael Pascoe, The New Daily) The people of Australia deserve to know that the elected representatives in our employ are acting in a legal and moral manner in regard to ALL matters before them. And ensure that OUR money is spent to provide the electorate with the best outcomes. COVID 19 has bought a change of circumstances. Lessened parliamentary sittings have seen the usual checks and balances severely restricted. A Federal ICAC would go some way to remedy this, and demonstrate that our Federal Parliament is, and has been acting in the best interests of the electorate.
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    Created by Christopher Moore
  • Rethink flight restrictions and mandatory paid quarantine for returning Australians
    A multitude of issues related to the global pandemic have made it difficult and complex for Australians and permanent residents and their families to return to Australia. These difficulties have been further complicated by recent restrictions placed on incoming flights and the State Governments' push to charge Australians for a mandated quarantine period. Each returning Australian's case is different, but many are facing financial, emotional, and mental hardship which is further exacerbated by the Federal and State Governments' restrictions. Furthermore, the rhetoric currently being used by both Government and the media is leading to a growing resentment towards returning Australians within the community. We are Australians who love this country but are disturbed by the recent vilification we have received. Many of us are not merely 'travelers' returning from a vacation at the beach, we are Australians who have been stuck overseas for many reasons, such as work and family commitments. Many not living near internatioinal airports have been unable to access flights home until the recent easing of restrictions in other countries. With those restrictions now lifting it is heartbreaking to have the door of our own country slammed in our faces.
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  • Water Bombers for all Aussies
    Because funds raised were done so in good faith that they would benefit all the people who had gone through bushfires. In planning and ensuring that Australia can fight better next time bushfires come through people will be happy that we have learned a lesson and will be better prepared for next time. This is something that many survivors hope for the future.
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    Created by Catherine Tydeman
  • The Inner West Needs More Recycling!
    With more people working from home than ever, it has become clear that our communities are in desperate need of more recycling pickups. Inner West Council is already behind on this – City of Sydney Council has been doing weekly recycling pickups for a while now. This is not good enough from our council that claims to have environmental credentials. We've heard stories from people who have been putting recycling in their general waste, and this has been a particular problem for the many share houses in the area. As one person said, "this is no way to live." An added benefit is that this will create jobs for many waste collectors and sanitation engineers. Many people in this industry worked in commercial waste collection, which has seen a decline due to less people working in offices due to the pandemic. Sign this petition and tell the Inner West Council that enough is enough – for the environment and for our homes, we need more recycling pickups!
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    Created by Rafi A
  • Take a pay cut Scomo.
    The country is in crisis like the PM has said, times are tough, people have lost jobs, the financial outlook is grim. The PM should show some leadership and take a pay cut.
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    Created by Stewart Amery
  • An Open Letter to Scott Morrison, Our Nation’s Dad. #AbsorbTheDebt
    We the people, should not drown in debt because of a global pandemic that is out of our control. It is not our fault. Continuing to accrue mountains of debt due to rental, mortgage and loan payment arrears is simply not okay and Scott Morrison and his Government have the power to change this. #AbsorbTheDebt #DearDad #ScoMo #ScottMorrison @ScottMorrisonMP @getup_australia
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    Created by Sarah Grant Picture
  • Stop Covid-19 dead; economy recovers quickly
    We want to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on the Australian public, and to demonstrate to the world that with good science, goodwill and political agreement this disease can be controlled. This approach will shock us all. But in 3 months we will thank you and all the health workers of Australian at the End of Covid-19 party.
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    Created by andrew mccoy
  • Support Our Early Childhood Educators
    Early childhood educators are at the frontline providing vital care and education for over 1.3 million children. But they are doing it tough. A decline in the number of children attending services means that some services will close their doors and educators will loose their jobs. EC educators required to self-isolate for their safety, the safety of the children in their care and the wider community – may loose their income. Job losses and service closures will have huge ramifications for educators, children, families and the Australian economy, now, and in the future. If we guarantee to support our educators now, the flow-on effect for children, families and childcare businesses, whether for-profit or non-profit, will be immense. It will keep people in jobs and not reliant on welfare. At this time of national crisis, and coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC), the need to keep Australian children’s early childhood education and care services working is never more pressing.
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  • Protect Small Business Essential Services
    Suppliers/ manufacturers are limited in their supply of goods to wholesalers (Metcash, t/a/ Campbells) who stock small business such as IGA's. They are forced to maintain preferential supply to major retailers Coles & Woolworths. If small traders can not access stock to sell to our local customers during the lockdown, it will only exacerbate the spread of the virus and drive small businesses to close from financial ruin. The priority must be to get stock to consumers, where ever they choose to shop. Whilst Coles representatives are seen on the news standing in front of warehouses stacked to the roof - my wholesaler's (Metcash) racks are bare. This is unethical in this time of crisis.
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    Created by Lisette Malatesta
  • Renationalise QANTAS Now
    20,000 workers were just told that their bosses' profits are more important than their lives. A huge handout of Australian taxpayer money did nothing to stop this. Renationalising the airline would allow all these workers to be immediately reinstated, and it would allow Australians to control one of the country's flagship companies and largest emitters of greenhouse gases.
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    Created by Craig Johnson
  • Stop profiteering from coronavirus
    Wondering why there's no toilet paper every time you visit the store? Try visiting eBay to see who is profiteering from the crisis and ensuring the shortages of essential items continue. Please sign now to tell the Federal Government to introduce anti-profiteering legislation immediately. And while you are at it, contact eBay via online chat to tell them what you think they should do.
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