• Treat Bitcoin as what it is - a global currency.
    If GST is levied on the full value of Bitcoin purchases at the exchange level, it will drive Bitcoin adoption out of the Australian economy. Bitcoin has numerous advantages over using banks including no fees for merchants to accept it, finality of payment and reduced identity theft for the customers.  Further, Australians should have the same rights as the citizens of these other countries to use Bitcoin as a means of exchange without being penalised 10%.  The Goods and Services tax is a form of consumption tax levied on goods and services. Bitcoin is designed to function as money.  By taxing Bitcoin as a good the under-banked will be even more disadvantaged, entrepreneurs will go overseas and competition in the financial industry will diminish. Ultimately this decision decides how economically free we are. I like to think that Australia is a place where we have freedom from state tyranny.
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  • Extend the proposed light rail beyond Hobart and MONA
    The Brighton and Kingborough Municipal Councils are two of the fastest growing residential areas in the state and both lie within 30 kilometres of the Hobart CBD, with existing rail infrastructure already running from Bridgewater to Hobart. Given that this rail infrastructure already exists, it only makes sense to use this for passenger rail. It will ease stress on the Brooker Highway and Main Road running through Hobart's northern suburbs, parking space and congestion in Hobart's City Centre will be relieved, and stress on the Southern Outlet between Kingston and Hobart will also ease. Also, given that a light rail vehicle will run on electricity, Aurora and Transend will have an additional main client to supply electricity to and they can afford to lower the unit price of electricity to residents, especially those on lower incomes. Tasmania is also a self-sufficient supplier of hydroelectricity, a clean and renewable energy resource, that can reduce commuter dependence on petroleum-powered buses and cars. An extended light rail system is a good idea for safer and cleaner transport, the environment and commuters on lower and higher incomes.
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  • Stop the rushed privatisation of Accommodation Support and Respite Services for the Disabled
    Adequate funding for well resourced support for our most Intellectual and Physically Disabled people of our community should never be put at risk for the sake of profit and the hast to privatise Government Services. Training of Direct Service Staff, Accountability, Professional Clinical Support, Transportation and Resource Communication Aids for Accommodation and Respite need the consistency only Direct Government Services can continually provide. Communities across Australia have had a gut full of their elected Governments MP's putting vulnerable lives at risk for the sake of the almighty dollar and their Members of Parliament washing hands of their responsibilities. The life style, security and consistency of the Disabled living successfully in our communities will be vulnerable again with the short sighted withdrawal of Direct Government Support. Decades of hard worked for progress in Community based support will be put at risk. These advancements would never have occurred to the now high levels of support without the Direct involvement of Government agencies and resources pushed by Families and Advocacy Groups. Please take the time to guaranty these high levels of support now in place or lift those standards to even higher levels. We will not put up with a quick push loading the always under resourced usually volunteer run Non Government Organisations (NGOs). Presently NGO's need to beg and fundraise holding raffles to supplement Government funding just to supply the most basics of support. Our NGO society is already under pressure due to inadequate funding because Governments lip service and washing hands of their responsibilities to their constituencies. Minister our communities are sick and tried of politician's incompetence, enough is enough!
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