• Make Facebook and friends obey Australian privacy laws
    As we have recently seen privacy is under great threat from Facebook and friends. And the Australian Privacy Commissioner is sitting idly by.
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    Created by ian cunliffe
    The current system makes victims of the poor, the unemployed, the disabled and the aged. The current taxpayer subsidized safety net is inadequate and expensive to administer. The casualisation of the workforce and global trade agreements are draining our country of viable full time jobs. The high rate of drug use, suicide, depression, mental illness, homelessness is hugely compounded by the lack of meaningful, full time occupation particularly for young adult males. Many countries have trialled the universal income and the benefits are documented and real.
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    Created by Ada Wildgoose Picture
  • Outlaw Rent Bidding
    There are no laws to stop landlords from accepting competing bids from tenants for rental properties. Time is of the essence - rent-bidding apps will soon be in the NSW market making it much easier for landlords to conduct "rent auctions", forcing tenants to outbid each other for an ever-dwindling supply of rental properties. This has been proven to push up rents even further. This is illegal in Queensland and it should be made illegal here, before these apps become entrenched in the market.
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    Created by Jerl Perserns
  • Save the Queen Victoria Market
    The QVM is an important source of fresh affordable food in the centre of Melbourne. The changes being proposed by the City of Melbourne will result in its destruction as a source of food security for large numbers of people, and an iconic part of Melbourne's cultural life.
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    Created by Maria Grazia Picture
  • Boycott GE
    GE is not a company in trouble. They simply want to squeeze a bigger profit margin out of their employees.
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    Created by Joyce Sanders
  • Fair price for milk
    Dairy farmers are facing a devastating time, with part of this due to the low milk prices consumers pay. This is not sustainable. It has, and will continue to, result in some dairy farmers and their families facing ruin, leaving their farms and killing their herds. Creating an option of differential pricing at the point of sale would enable consumers to pay a fair price for milk and support dairy farmers.
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    Created by Ines Rio
  • Stop letting pedophiles walk our streets
    Please don't be offended, I'm a survivor of child sexual abuse, & at 51, I am in treatment to deal with the daily nightmares, I'm also in the process of having my perpetrator charged, but I'm scared! Because from what I'm seeing on a daily basis in the media, child sex offenders are walking out of courts with minimal to ZERO sentencing, it reeks of corruption! I would not have been a victim had the courts locked my perpetrator up the first time round! EVERY TIME CHILD ABUSERS WALK FREE, courts are re-victimising victims, they are retraumatising victims, they are saying 'kids lives don't matter' that victims are not worth their time! A good 90% of adults with mental health/substance abuse are living these lives because of some kind of childhood trauma in all its forms - imagine the reduction on the health system if we locked offenders up? Sending a clear message to these pedophiles that if you hurt a child, you will not see daylight again?? Or for AT LEAST 15yrs!
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    Created by Julie Brodie Picture
  • Make Australia Post Accountable
    Australia Post has become typical of the way giant corporations think and act. They don't give a damn about the little people even though it is the little people that are the majority of their source of income. This issue has become very personal because their incompetence caused severe mental trauma on the eve of our wedding day. Because of their actions our wedding almost had to be postponed which would have created immense cost not only to us but to our guests especially those coming interstate. I got sick of the excuses and having to repeat myself to the various consultants and all they did was in the end hide behind legislation and tried to offer me a refund of my mailing costs. I refused because that is an insult and cannot compensate for what they have caused.
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    Created by Constantinos Cominos
  • Call for creation of the position of Freeway Commissioner
    Freeways are a far larger source of artificial (man made) infrasound than any other source. The potential health impact is substantial given the high population density.
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    Created by David Higginbottom
  • Save Community TV
    Community networks: - Cost the Government nothing. They don't receive Government funding. - Provide platforms for content producers to offer a local voice. - Train and skill media staff and students - both in technically running TV networks, but also the creation of content suitable for TV. - Launch actor careers, such as Rove McManus, who began on C31 Melbourne. Please get behind this campaign to save Community TV.
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    Created by Fiona Mackenzie
  • Quiet on the Quiet Carriages please Queensland Rail
    Queensland Rail have designated carriages on trains as Quiet Carriages which is a great initative and much appreciated by the vast majority of customers. However, by observation after years of daily travel there are almost always a few that are not aware they are entering or are travelling on the Quiet Carriage. People are suprised when one of their group or another passenger points this out. People are also embarrassed having disturbed others and not being aware of the signage. People who are loud on the Quiet Carriages cause nuisance to other customers. Customers may stop using the train and drive to aviod the nuisance.
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    Created by Deidre Morrow
  • Legalise medicinal Cannabis Oil use within Australia
    I have a few friends with cancer, of varying types, and I really want to give them another option than Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, which is very invasive and damaging to the body. I have done a bit of study around cancer and what it really is (a mutation of healthy cells within the body) and there has to be other ways of treating it other than killing off everything.
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