No Longer can we be silent about the rising numbers of harm with Systemic failure and cruel policies, lack of resources and sustainable solutions that address the complex issues surrounding Family and Domestic Violence. We, the People, believe legislation NEEDS changing surrounding Family and Domestic Violence. This includes current Family Law. There are many barriers women and children face when escaping Domestic Violence. Women and children need to feel empowered to improve their lives with hope. Without hope, there is only helplessness. No Longer can we be silent about the rising numbers of harm with Systemic Failure due to lack of resources and sustainable solutions that address the complex issues surrounding Family and Domestic Violence. “That was an unspeakable tragedy, an absolute unspeakable tragedy and just horrific beyond words,” the Prime Minister told Fairfax Radio. He questioned whether the tragedy required a change in government policy, saying the government already had a National Plan to deal with domestic violence. Tony Abbott expressed his grief at the death of a young boy. Luke died at the hands of his own father, which has sparked outrage among not only Survivors of Family and Domestic Violence but the Wider Community as a whole. Some of the barriers are: Economic Reality - Sole Parents were placed onto Newstart providing an income 40% below the OECD poverty line. Current survey conducted by RiSE Qld depicted women returning to unsafe relationships due to instability and low income associated with Newstart and other welfare Payments. Lack of resources - In the current survey with the question of "Were services able to assist you into affordable accommodation?” 80% said NO. Skills training expenses have doubled, child care is unaffordable, lack of job availability and low minimum wages. Lack of affordable housing - Salvo's spokesman Dr Bruce Redman says 44 per cent cite the lack of affordable housing as the main issue. "The overall (reason) why people are homeless (is) still poverty," he said. Fifty per cent of the women seeking help were forced from their homes by domestic violence and they bring their children with them. "The fact that we are seeing so many children coming through that situation is a real worry," he said. (ABC NEWS, 2013) Lack of support - The research…confirms that many of the effects of domestic violence on both women and children are poorly understood by decision-makers in the welfare and legal systems. We need trauma informed services available to ensure post domestic violence support. Family Law issues - DVOs/AVOs are not taken seriously within family law. Let alone within protective services. Accountability is required by the perpetrator prior to access of any child witnessing and experiencing domestic violence. The behaviours need to be addressed with mandatory trauma counselling getting to the underlying problem. So they are better equipped to deal with their anger and control issues. We are asking at RiSE QLD to help those without a voice? Please sign our Petition requesting changes to Legislation on the rights of Women and children. Here at RiSE QLD we come from a personal experience and are aware of the complexities involved. All this will be added to the report accompanying the Petition if you would like to input please Email: [email protected] Rise Qld Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrisbaneRiSEQLD RiSE QLD Post Domestic and Family Violence Empowerment Advocacy Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1398432493748344/ RiSE QLD Twitter https://twitter.com/RiSEQld RiSE QLD Webpage http://www.rise-qld.com.au/
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  • Reinstate the “healthy star” food labelling website and process
    The former chief of staff of the assistant Minister for health owns 50% of a lobbying company that represents food industry groups who opposed the Heathy Star Food Labelling website. He is married to the person who owns the other 50%. He and the Assistant Minister ordered the taking down of a website supported by all the states and which was 2 years in the making. He resigned after his connections to the food industry were revealed (as per ABC report on Friday 14th February) Australians are facing a health and obesity crisis. We need clear, easy to follow labelling to assist us in choosing the most nourishing foods. A huge amount of work had been done on this website and all other stakeholders, with the Australian public's best interest at heart, endorsed it going live.
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  • Stop AGL's anti-carbon price propaganda
    AGL describes itself as 'one of Australia's leading renewable energy companies'. Yet it allows its electricity bills to contain an anti-carbon price message without any space provided for the alternative point of view. The message on every electricity bill reads: "NSW Government estimates that the Federal carbon tax and green energy schemes add about $332 a year to a typical 6.5MWh household bill – www.ipart.nsw.gov.au" Framing the carbon price and other green energy schemes simply as additional costs for consumers, without setting out the benefits, is clearly designed to build support for their abolition. The NSW Government is not a neutral source of scientific advice - it is committed to doing all it can to repeal the carbon price, even though the issue is decided at the federal level. The carbon price was hard fought for by community groups across Australia. It is designed to help tackle climate change by making it more expensive to burn fossil fuels (and therefore cheaper to switch investment into renewable energy). AGL says that it includes the anti-carbon price message at its own initiative. But the New South Wales Government appears to have put pressure on them to do so. All we ask is that both sides of the debate are given an equal hearing so that AGL's customers have an informed view of the issue.
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  • Keep Sydney Open - Fight Sydney's lockout legislation!
    The NSW Government has introduced new laws that close Sydney’s music clubs to new guests at 1.30am and ban selling alcoholic drinks after 3am. The 2am lockout in Victoria was cancelled after independent auditor KPMG found it had not helped to address street level violence. The Queensland 3am lockout and 5am closures were shown by the Queensland Auditor-General to be a $10 million failure. The senseless deaths of two young men in Kings Cross started a poignant and overdue conversation about street safety, but we have lost sight of the facts. A night out in Sydney isn't an orgy of violence, and for an international city of over 4 million people, assaults are not a catastrophic epidemic. The overwhelming majority of people enjoy a fun, incident-free time, and this is a tribute to tighter RSA measures that had already been implemented by venues. This is supported by BOCSAR which found a 37% reduction in assaults from 2007-2012 and a further 26% reduction from 2012-2013 without lockouts. That said, we believe there is still some way to go. Keep Sydney Open comprises members of the music community including MusicNSW, SLAM, GoodGod Small Club, Oxford Art Factory, The Oxford Hotel, themusic.com.au, inthemix, Freda's and The Music Network. We represent music venues, bands, DJs, performers, promoters, the music media and law-abiding Sydneysiders who wish to enjoy a night out. Please sign the petition, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and share among your friends. In doing so you will help us tell the NSW government that we need innovative solutions that consider culture, jobs, business and tourism alongside personal safety and freedom. We’ll keep making your voice heard until we get safer streets in a global city.
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  • We have a right to know how the things we pay for work
    There is little doubt that the quantity and quality of product instructions has fallen over the last few decades. When once a comprehensive user guide or set of installation instructions accompanied every product, now it is just as likely that all we’ll get is a quick start guide, no documentation, documentation that is difficult or costly to access, or documentation that is barely useful (often written in Chinglish). Should we acquiesce in such decline, surrendering even further to the cost-trumps-value Zeitgeist of modern times? Or do consumers have a moral right to expect that a product is accompanied by decent instructions on how to use or install it? When you buy, say, a portable radio and there are no batteries provided, the outer packaging invariably displays the notice “Batteries not included”. This shows respect for consumers. But more than that, consumers have a right to know the full costs of what they are buying: the radio plus the batteries. It is a right grounded in the value Homo sapiens place on honesty. It is simply dishonest to sell a product for $x knowing that the true cost to the purchaser will be $(x + y). And honesty is a fundamental moral expectation, to be dispensed with only in extreme circumstances. Now just as the purchaser of a battery-powered radio has to spend more to get the radio to work, the purchaser of, say, software sold without a useful user guide—or with instructions that are only available while the user is connected to the internet—will have to spend more to get the product to work as advertised. Tangible assets (money for books and internet access) and intangible assets (time) add to the cost of the software just as batteries add to the cost of the radio. The latter calls for a warning on the packaging, so why not the former? Suppose that notices like “Instructions not provided” or “Instructions available only on the web” were made legally mandatory on product packaging. Morality aside, the poor impression they would create would no doubt prompt many manufacturers to improve their instructional offerings as a matter of competitive necessity. But what’s to stop a manufacturer claiming that instructions are in the box but only providing scant or poorly explained instructions? Again we can apply moral reasoning. If a product is complex, its use non-intuitive and it is marketed indiscriminately—as is most retail software, for example—then it is clear that many people will not be able to use it if the accompanying instructions are poor or non-existent. The fact that general intelligence follows a bell curve proves the point. No amount of trial and error is going to help some users. They simply lack the necessary intellectual wherewithal and need to have the product’s use clearly explained to them. This makes the indiscriminate sale of non-intuitive products without useful instructions tantamount to selling a product knowing that some items are faulty. For if a purchaser cannot understand how to use the product, they cannot use it, and, from the perspective of customer utility, this is no different to the product being faulty. The causes might be different, but the outcome is the same: despite money changing hands, the customer cannot use the product as they rightly expected to be able to. Now, selling products knowing that many don’t work is to take money under false pretences. This is morally reprehensible and recognised as such in law. If so, then it is morally reprehensible to sell products knowing that many purchasers will not be able to use them. Thus honesty and fairness impose on manufacturers of complex, non-intuitive products marketed indiscriminately an obligation to provide customers with usable instructions. Morality is on the side of consumers here, not manufacturers. It is time for the law to catch up.
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  • Build the Toowoomba Bypass Now
    The Toowoomba Bypass will: Improve safety for motorists and heavy vehicle drivers Provide an efficient route for the transportation of goods to Brisbane and overseas markets Provide a safer alternative to the steep gradient of the current range crossing for drivers of heavy vehicles and passenger vehicles Create a quicker route to Brisbane or to the west, for those not wanting to travel through Toowoomba Reduce traffic movements in the Toowoomba city.
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  • Blow Up the Pokies
    People are dying, losing their homes, families and relationships and the government doesn't seem to care because there is so much money to be made. If we don't stand up and speak out no one will and the next statistic or casualty of this terrible blight on our society could be someone YOU loved.
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  • Extend Drumming At Burleigh Heads By One Hour In Summer
    Drummers have gathered at Justin Park Burleigh Heads every Sunday on sunset for approximately 12 years. The drummers enjoy the opportunity to gather together and create music. Some of the drummers come from areas an hour or more away. The current hours the drummers have a permit to play are 5 pm - 8:30 pm. However during the summer months most people arrive from 6:30 pm onwards. During the warmer months from September through to April there are many different groups of people and a large number of families with children enjoying the atmosphere the drumming creates. No one is ready to leave at 8:30 pm. We are asking for a 9:30 pm finish during the months of September to April. Please sign this petition to show your support. We thank you for helping!
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  • Petition to improve Mental Health Services in rural and remote SA
    With suicide becoming one of Australia's leading causes of death, something needs to change. The rate of suicide is rapidly increasing in rural and remote areas on a daily basis. And why? because the lack of resources and access to mental health services.
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  • Stop people like Clive Palmer using money taken from Aussie Workers to fund their election campaigns
    Because Clive Palmer is using millions of dollars gained unethically from small businesses/workers for personal gain. He has reformed his old Palmer United Party (PUP) now called the United Australia Party to get himself elected to our great Parliament. Yes he has Candidates - but who is this really all about? You can bet it is NOT about the Australian people! Yet the very things he accuses current Australian Politicians of - taking advantage of others - he has done/is doing himself... He is simply following the Trump playbook by throwing multiple millions of dollars into advertising for months - to get himself elected - which appears to be working if you can believe polls that show that 8% of Australian have been convinced by these millions of dollars to actually vote for him! He has avoided paying what he ethically owes, by using loop-holes in current Australian Tax and Company laws to not pay his retrenched workers and sub-contractors.... Or paying back the the Australian people who - because of Legislation rightfully made to protect ordinary everyday Aussie workers - paid his unfortunate workers' entitlements FOR him .. Nearly $70,000,000! Over twice what he has already spent on this ego-driven political campaign! He could find multiple millions of dollars for a political campaign - but not for his retrenched Australian workers to feed their families and pay their mortgages? The major parties are too scared to take Clive Palmer on because he has used these funds, - ethically owed to the Australian people, sub-contractors and his own employees - many multiple millions of dollars more than the major parties actually have to run their own campaigns - to fund this major multi-million dollar propaganda and Trump-like campaign to convince much less socially aware people to vote for him. Clive Palmer now has some 8% support in the eastern states - people who are considering actually electing him to our parliament.... Do we really want Ethically Bankrupt people ELECTED to our great country's Parliament? My feelings are expressed in my following open letter to Mr Palmer: "NO Mr Palmer - OUR Country is already GREAT. Yes we have basic problems with equity and fairness to the poorest and most disadvantaged in our community - but you are an Ethically Bankrupt person who doesn't deserve to represent the 'ordinary' Australian. You don't deserve to be elected to represent us or our children in our great Parliament by spending millions of dollars of unethical funds to try to convince us that you are the person to 'save' us. We don't need you to "Make Australia Great " - because we have never stopped being a great country! We need Leaders who genuinely care about others - not 'ethically bankrupt' egotistical 'convincers' who even use (almost exactly) the same glib campaign slogans as Donald Trump in OUR great nation's Parliament. There will be genuine people who ARE convinced by you and who also will be willing to jump onto your coat tails to be elected - but we know from last time with your previous political Party's track record - that some of these people will be genuine and sadly - will be opportunists like you. I don't believe that we the Australian people - should take that risky journey by voting for your party to find out. Nor should anyone else like you - be able to use many millions of unethical dollars to try to 'Americanise' our political system Kind regards, A Proud mother of 4 young Australians" The once great Liberal Party is considering (or has even done) a preference deal with this Ethically Bankrupt leader's Political party! Scott Morrison is so desperate to remain the man in power he has continued to (what was that Leadership 'thing' all about?) Ethically Bankrupt himself! AUSTRALIAN LAWS need to be CHANGED so this can NEVER AGAIN occur in OUR GREAT COUNTRY
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  • WTF happened? Stop people taking their own lives
    In the coming months the NSW Coroner will make a decision about authorising an inquest into Tristan’s death. An inquest into the circumstances will enable the Coroner to protect the lives and wellbeing of people. The Coroner can bring to the notice of relevant authorities any practices, policies or laws which could be changed to prevent similar deaths in the future. Less than 24 hours before Tristan’s life came to an end at just 22 years of age, he was discharged from a Psychiatric Emergency Department deemed as no risk to himself or others. While being admitted, Tristan changed his mind and said he would come back tomorrow. He was assessed and released, and sadly like many mental health patients who had contact with a health professional in the weeks prior - he never returned. At age 14 years, Tristan went to a GP to discuss his struggles with his mental health, and by age 19 was addicted to prescription medication where he was admitted to a NSW Detoxification Unit. From there his life went into a downward spiral of battling his addictions and declining mental health. Our understanding is that in the month before his death, he was getting his life on track – but what went so wrong for him to see the only option as taking his life? While we are slowly coming to terms with what happened, we want to learn more about his experience of systems that let him walk out the door and become a devastating statistic. We invite you to sign this petition to show the NSW Coroner that it is imperative to understand the circumstances of people who take their own life. Our hope is that Tristan’s case can raise the awareness of the Coroner to make necessary changes to an imperfect system of well-intentioned people.
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  • Qantas - STOP broadcasting Sky News and Newscorp media in your aircraft, lounges and at your gates!
    Sky News and Newscorp publications are notorious for their racist, right-wing rhetoric. We know this type of media commentary has fuelled division and hate in our community, and after Christchurch we know that hate kills. When Qantas provides the platform for the broadcasting of Sky News and Newscorp publications in their aircraft, member lounges and at airport gates, it sends a message that our National airline is legitimising and endorsing those views. Those views are not in keeping with the "Spirit of Australia" - an inclusive, respectful and proud multicultural society. Tell Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, to show some corporate leadership and terminate Qantas' contractual arrangements with Sky News and Newscorp publications NOW.
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