• Make reliable, high speed internet available for all residents of Breakwater and Seatrees Estates
    Residents are paying high costs for a wifi service which is regularly unreliable and slow. Both estates have numerous new houses being built, all of which are likely to require an ADSL broadband port.
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  • Mr Abbott Please Don't Slash the Solar Subsidy
    The Australian solar industry has been rocked by a Federal Government announcement that the solar subsidy could be repealed or at best, cut by up to 93%. The Abbott appointed Renewable Energy Target (RET) Panel has provided the Federal Government with its recommendations in the “Renewable Energy Target Scheme Report of the Expert Panel” (RET Report) released 28 August 2014. The Abbott RET Report has presented us with two options: 1. The first option is to scrap residential and commercial solar subsidies effective immediately 2. The second option is to slash commercial solar subsidies by 93% and residential subsidies by a third. On page 36 of the RET Report, it states, “that under the current RET scheme, wholesale electricity prices would fall slightly over the period….” The RET Review’s own modelling paints the truth of the matter on page 38 of the report by showing the winners and losers of repealing the RET: • Black Coal NPV revenue increases 65% from $18.4 billion to $30.5billion (+$12.1 billion) • Wind NPV revenue decreases 81% from $17.5 billion down to $3.3 billion (-$14.2 billion) • Solar NPV revenue decreases 90% from $2 billion down to $0.2 billion (-$1.8 billion) So in summary, repealing the RET will: • increase electricity prices • kill the solar panel industry • kill the wind industry • reward antiquated Black Coal Why Tony Abbott has decided to pick this fight is beyond us at Tindo. The RET scheme doesn't cost the Government a cracker as it is the big polluters who pay for the scheme. Why kill the renewable energy industry, bolster up coal and make electricity more expensive? It just makes no sense whatsoever. The RET was first legislated in 2000 by the Howard Government with a 2% Renewable Energy Target. In 2009, the Liberal and Labor parties jointly agreed to the expansion of the Renewable Energy Target up to 20% out to the year 2030. On the back of this bipartisan long term policy and in good faith, the founders of Tindo decided to start up what is now Australia’s last remaining solar panel manufacturer. Tindo has created new jobs and new skills for Australia through its investment in a high tech, innovative and automated manufacturing facility. Uncertainty is a killer for business. Tindo hopes a response confirming the continuation of the RET unchanged is forthcoming swiftly from the Government inline with its pre-election promises and commitments. Tindo understands that over 20,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector are now at risk along with billions of dollars of infrastructure investments being put on hold. As you may already know, Tindo is currently rolling out a new way of delivering solar to the Australian public through a power purchase agreement program. This Tindo program is supported by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and seeks to create hundreds of new jobs in South Australia just 5km from the soon to be defunct Holden plant. This multi million dollar scheme is launching at the same time the Government is talking about scrapping the Renewable Energy Target. Here at Tindo, we remain hopeful that the Federal Government will not break their election promise by changing the RET. Feel free to send your local member, or even all members of Parliament an email or a letter sharing your thoughts on this matter. Download contact details for all Federal Politicians here http://www.tindosolar.com.au/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Members-of-Parliament.pdf
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  • Australian Consumer Law review
    Australians work hard for thier money, and the laws established by the ACCC are put in place to protect the Australian consumer. There seems to be a large void in the current Australian Consumer Law, that allows vehicle Importers, Manufacturers and Dealers to sell products that would not be accepted in other developed countries. The USA experienced similar issues many years ago, and tightened their laws in 1975... why are we so far behind? I myself have a $49,000 vehicle that, if purchased in the USA, would have been replaced or refunded 3 years ago, but here in Australia I'm left with a vehicle that is not fit for purpose, and no law that will support me against the manufacturer. I have attempted to resolve through the Office of Fair Trading, Through QCAT (they can only deal with issues up to $25,000), and private mediation with the Importer/Manufacturer before going public with my case. The importer has basically laughed in my face as they know there's nothing I can do to get my $49,000 vehicle replaced or refunded Since going public I now have thousands of supporters and hundreds of examples of where the law has failed other everyday Australians who have purchased vehicles. We need a law that protects the Australian people, and we need it now.
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  • Get Village Cinemas to return price of Classic Combo back to $20 from $25!!
    Dear Village Movies CEO Mr Edwards, People who legitimately go to movies instead of download them or watch a DVD are penalised for supporting the movie industry instead of being rewarded. An increase of over 25% is outrageous. Already Australians pay a relatively high fee to see films on the big screen. A global analysis of the price of cinema tickets relative to GDP has found most Australian cities hovering around the mid-50s (Melbourne, 52; Adelaide, 53; Perth, 54; Sydney, 55). If Village movies don’t want lower attendance at cinemas don’t increase prices. Jumping from $20 to $25 for a classic combo and $3 to $4 for additional items is outrageous!
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  • Establish a Royal Commission into the behaviour of the ATO.
    The government is paying in excess of $105m p.a. in legal fees in "ATO matters" including for the protection of ATO staff, or for the harassment of innocent people. Millions are being lost in potential revenues from viable businesses. People are committing suicide, being jailed illegally, being subject to theft, extortion, blackmail, bullying, and asset stripping. It must stop!
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  • Making Alcoa clean up toxic landfill on Geelong's outskirts
    The landfill is located very close to Geelong, the second largest city in Victoria, Australia. This material poses a health risk and Alcoa must be held to account. And that's what this is about. Clean up after yourself, Alcoa! News just in: The EPA has issued Alcoa with a clean up notice. This does not mean the fight is over-- Alcoa can still try and squirm their way out of their responsibilities. The EPA needs to know that the community is watching, so signing this petition is as important as ever. We are close, now we just need to spread the word and get as many signatures as we can.
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  • Port Adelaide Football Club drop your dirty sponsor EnergyAustralia.
    EnergyAustralia is the owner and operator of the dirty brown coal fired power station at Yallourn in Victoria. Every hour it burns 2,400 tonnes of brown coal making it one of Australia's most polluting, carbon emission intensive industrial operations. EnergyAustralia's submission to the Renewable Energy Target review seeks to water down the target in a way that would allow it, EnergyAustralia, to continue to profit from polluting with brown coal while reducing the expansion of more renewable energy. With the repeal of the Carbon Tax EnergyAustralia will be able to pollute for free and add to the risks of climate change. Surveys consistently show that Australians want more Renewable Energy and less carbon pollution not the other way around. Just look around at the roofs of homes and businesses in the Port Adelaide area. There's solar panels popping up everywhere because of the Renewable Energy Target incentives. The Port Adelaide Football Club is out of touch with its community and should be actively promoting healthy and sustainable facets of our society not dirty, polluting, climate change culprits like EnergyAustralia. The Port board should show a bit a bit of good old Port Adelaide tradition and support your community just as your community supports you by negotiating clean responsible partnerships with clean responsible businesses and not making dirty deals with big, dirty businesses. C'mon Port ditch EnergyAustralia now! The board has the Power- to be clean!
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  • Hobart City Council divest from banks that support the fossil fuel industry.
    Local government have to deal with the immediate human and financial costs of climate change. Fires, floods, storms all cause damage to our local infrastructure which council then has to repair. In addition disasters cause distress to the citizens who the council are there to represent. As ratepayers individually choose to divest their funds from these banks please review HCC financial position and look towards the future by withdrawing support from these industries which cause climate change and it's consequences.
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  • Regulate ecological consultants to protect the public interest
    In NSW and most if not all other Australian jurisdictions, there has long been a problem whereby environmental consultants whose work is often relied upon by assessing authorities such as Councils, are largely unregulated, yet their reports can make or break proposals at all scales. The lack of regulation means that anyone can trade as an environmental consultant, especially in the field of ecology. Only in some jurisdictions are there rules that allow authorities to specify a level of competency for a consultant preparing some specialised assessments. Most assessments never reach that level, so those rules are very rarely applied. In most situations, there are no minimum standards for qualifications, experience, and ethics. There is no regulatory body to assess a consultant's competence, and to suspend or ban them if they act incompetently and/or unethically. This leaves consumers open to wasting money on incompetent consultants. Some authorities have the staff to check consultant's reports and potentially reject them if they are not competently prepared, or they can require further work. But there is no mandate that local government or State/Territory governments employ sufficient staff with adequate training to competently review consultant's work. The systems largely assume that consultants' reports are competent and unbiased, when too often this isn't the case. One better resourced Council has three Threatened Species Officers who check the work of ecological consultants employed by development proponents. The Officers report that ~90% of reports are deficient and that they can't trust the reports, in part because it is the applicant that chooses and pays the consultant. It is too easy for an applicant to influence a consultant to give them a favourable report. Coercion and bribery occurs. "Give me what I want and I'll pay you extra; don't give me what I want and I won't pay you even though you've done the required work". This favours corruption, not the public interest. The lack of regulation also means that decision-makers are assessing projects from small scale clearing of native vegetation to accommodate a house, through to major clearing for mining and infrastructure projects (some of which GetUp and other NGOs are campaigning against) based on the advice of consultants chosen and paid for by the proponent. No wonder most EIAs are found wanting. The public rightly has little trust in the project assessment process, and particular distrust of consultants chosen and paid for by the proponent. The ICAC investigations into corruption in NSW have revealed that illegal donations from property developers have been filtered through 'slush funds' and the like, and appear to have bought political influence. Little wonder then that neither Labor nor Coalition governments have regulated environmental consultants. This wouldn't favour the interests of developers who don't want their projects competently assessed by consultants who report in the public interest. We need to regulate environmental consultants at all level of government where such consultants are relied upon to give authorities advice about the effects of development and other projects. We need to ensure consultants are competent and ethical, and we need the ability to sanction them and ultimately ban them for repeated and/or serious offences. It would be far safer if consultants were appointed from a register held by assessing authorities, rather than being chosen by proponents. The consultant is then paid by the authority, not by the client, thus removing or at least reducing the potential for the client to unduly influence the consultant. This is closer to the model used for building inspectors. I've written this petition because I want to see the public protected from dodgy consultants; I want to see faith restored in the assessment process; and I want to remove another corruption-supporting link between developers and government. I am also a consultant who wants to be able to report what I see rather than being lent on by clients to 'turn a blind eye', and threatened with non-payment if I ignore my duty to report without prejudice. Thanks for your support.
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  • Fatigue laws to be reviewed for Professional Drivers
    Everyday for the past week or so I have read about incidents/crashes involving trucks and cars. Obviously your new laws to curb such incidents is not working and failing dismally. I urge you to reevaluate the newly implemented fatigue laws. No one can dictate to another human being when they will or not be fatigued and require sleep. That includes all motor vehicle drivers. But you haven't implemented a log book and mandatory hours for car or motor bike riders/drivers. This morning 28 February 2014 a young man of just 24 died in a truck incident. How many more injuries or deaths are you going to ignore before you do something proactive? These Professional Drivers have spent anywhere from a year to 30 on our major highways and roads working 7days a week. Did anyone bother to consult them? They are the ones who know when they need a break, they are the ones who keep this country moving. Would it not better to consult with these men and women now and yes the log book to remain but to give them some leniency. As working adults the ability to decide. I recently travelled on the Pacific Highway and was absolutely astounded by the number of trucks on the highway now compared to 10-15years ago. I was also shocked at the amount of car drivers who have no regard for these massive vehicles and take the utmost stupid risks not only endangering their lives but that of other road users. Granted there needs to be a regulatory body that oversees this industry but it should be made up of Professional Drivers past and present. Not people who sit behind desks that have not spent one day on the road as a truck driver. This country of ours is going down hill at a rapid rate. We need to stand behind the men and women who drive these trucks as without them your fruit and vegetables would not make it to the supermarket or green grocery, there would be no fuel and the list goes on. Its not as simple as some of you think e.g. just transport it by train. How do you propose to get it from the train to the relevant stores? Horse and carriage ? Truck Drivers keep this country moving and they need us now to show our support to them. I urge you to sign this petition for the safety of these Truck drivers and the safety of all road users.
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  • How your superannuation can save the planet
    Australia's two major political parties have repeatedly demonstrated that they either 'don't believe' in climate change, or that they don't have the courage to take meaningful action on the issue. That's a very unfortunate reality in direct defiance of science, public will and the reality of increasing natural disasters. Fortunately though we are able to bypass our inept politicians and go straight to the source of the issue, the fossil fuel industry. Within Australia there is over $1.5 trillion held in superannuation funds. Just to be clear, that's $1,500 billion dollars... That's the equivalent of our entire gross domestic product. It's more than ten times the value of Australia's two biggest companies, the Commonwealth Bank and BHP. It also represents an enormous financial lever that we as individuals can use to discontinue funding the activities of companies in the fossil fuel industry. In short, we need to be mindful of what activities our superannuation is funding. It is a very easy thing to put your superannuation to much better use. Out of all the things we can do as individuals to reduce our carbon footprint, the action that will have the most impact is to be mindful of what companies your superannuation is supporting. For more information go to www.areyouthevitalfew.org
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  • Repeal the Qld Bikie Laws Immediately: Restore Democracy in Queensland
    Imagine being sentenced to solitary confinement for 6 months just for drinking a beer in the pub with your mates? Sounds like North Korea? Welcome to Queensland in 2014. The freedoms of your friends and family are under serious threat. Our democracy is being destroyed. Under the laws a group of 3 or more people in a public place can be imprisoned in solitary confinement for up to 6 months just for associating. The legislation does not mention the words "bikie" or "outlaw motorcycle club". Under the law in Queensland now ANY organisation can be deemed "a criminal organisation". The process by which an organisation is banned by is not challengable. You could be next. The rights to freedom of association, equality before the law, freedom of expression and to neither be arbitrarily detained nor subjected to cruel and unusual punishment are a fundamental and basic human right recognised by the international community. These fundamental human rights form the cornerstone of genuine democracy that we are fortunate to experience most of the time in the lucky country. Australia has always prided itself on being an egalitarian fair-go democracy where equality before the law and the rule of law has been consistently upheld. The recent raft of legislation, known as the Bikie laws, enacted by the Newman Government violate and remove these basic non-negotiable rights from hard-working everyday Queenslanders. Whilst the Newman government purported justification for passing the wide-reaching and invasive laws was a crackdown on criminal bikie gangs, the legislations wording does not mention Bikie gangs and therefore it has the potential to extend to everyday hard working Queenslanders. They deserve much better than this from the Queensland government. The government is elected by the people and for the people. It is the government’s duty to ensure that the people retain their right to democracy and the rule of law. The Queensland government must remember its electoral mandate, respect democracy and the rule of law and immediately repeal the Bikie laws. Abundant and existing police and law and justice resources should be focussed on and targeted to addressing the real problem of criminal Bikie gangs within the wide scope of democratic freedoms. Freedom and justice are mutually reinforcing not mutually exclusive. The Queensland people call on the Newman government to remember their oaths of office and the terms on which they were elected by the people, to restore genuine democracy in Queensland and immediately repeal the Bikie laws.
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