• Get Andrew Bolt off the air and give the job to this platypus!
    We believe Bolt can't be trusted not to abuse his position of power and he has the court convictions to prove it. <http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/bolt-guilty-of-race-discrimination-20110928-1kw8c.html> As well as routinely targeting Indigenous people, Muslims and other groups for tabloid opinion fodder, he also presumes to know better than 97% of climate scientists on global warming. Why would we want to expose our kids or anyone to that kind of unscientific propaganda? Rather than continue to give this destructive, unscientific and irresponsible lawbreaker air-time, we would much rather watch this platypus, who apart from being exceedingly cute, will probably be an excellent reminder about the importance of looking after waterways and the environment in general. Lastly, while watching Andrew Bolt could easily lead to a rise in blood pressure, we feel this platypus will have the opposite effect.
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  • FSC, remove your green tick from karri forest clear-fells!
    Karri forest logging has been wrongly awarded a green tick by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means that when we look for the green tick on our toilet paper or photocopy paper because we want to be responsible, we could be supporting the clear-felling of karri forests and giving money to an industry that is pushing Black Cockatoos and other wildlife closer to extinction. The Western Australian Forest Products Commission, which is responsible for this logging, does not comply with the FSC standard and does not deserve this green tick. It is now able to access markets it has no place in, and we are being duped.
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    Created by Jess Beckerling
  • Implement the WHO CODE for Marketing Artificial Milk.
    Since the Abbott Government came to power and dismissed the APMAIF Panel the marketing of artificial milk has increased. Health professionals are increasingly being targeted in magazines and on health professional websites. As breast milk, like the unpaid work of women is not recognized in Gross National Product figures it is not valued and the Government does not protect, promote or support it. Breastfeeding is a public primary preventative health measure. The Federal Government should be leading the charge to promote the fundamental human rights of children to optimum nutrition and live up to Australian Governments commitment as a signatory to The WHO Code for marketing artificial milk. Breastfeeding is gender specific. Fairness in promoting this issue by a predominantly male government would be good.
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  • Stop taxing my period!
    My name is Subeta and I'm a university student in Sydney. I am constantly confronted with how many people are living below the poverty line and struggling to cope with basic costs. For the 10 million Australians who will menstruate in their lifetime, getting your period isn't just inconvenient and annoying - it's expensive! Half the population menstruates and they shouldn't be financially penalised for it. If you still aren't convinced, let's consider some statistics: on average women, who make up the majority of people who use sanitary products, earn $262.50 per week less than their male counterparts, and they are also statistically at greater risk of living below the poverty line. Furthermore, this tax disproportionately targets those who may already be disadvantaged, that is the homeless and unemployed. So why force this underpaid, at risk and disadvantaged portion of society to pay more for basic essentials? Right now, the Australian government is reviewing the entire Australian tax system, saying that it's looking to make taxes lower, simpler and fairer. This review is a once in a generation opportunity to put the tampon tax on the government agenda for serious consideration, and get this unfair tax removed once and for all. Sign the petition and tell Mr Hockey loud and clear that a period is not a luxury or societal burden, it is an aspect of reproductive health. After all, the government should support and facilitate the availability of sanitary products, not actively restrict it.
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  • I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore
    Currently, as numerous reports have already established over the years, mental health services are in chaos, fragmented and sub-standard. The mental health of our nation needs to be put on the front burner and treated seriously as a prime issue.
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  • Remove the Solar DC Isolator from the Roof!
    In mid-2012, Australia and New Zealand together issued a new standard for the installation of solar arrays. This standard mandated the use of a specific piece of equipment called the "rooftop DC isolator" in Australia, and by some interpretations also in New Zealand. They did this despite evidence showing that the practice is unsafe. A study from an international testing laboratory found that DC isolators are not safe in a firefighting situation, as they can’t withstand the high-pressure water used to extinguish a fire. The California State Office of the Fire Marshall frowns upon their use, because they give a false sense of security. And Europe, the most mature solar market, opted never to adopt them, also for safety reasons. More than 70 fires in Australia have been caused by this isolator since 2012 -- that is, since it became mandatory! To put this into perspective, there were only 3 fires related to PV systems in Australia prior to the mandatory requirement to install a rooftop DC isolator. The Australian government has responded with product recalls on DC isolators, at least 5 so far, showing this crisis isn’t just limited to a single manufacturer, but to the device itself. There is no evidence to suggest the device improves the safety of a PV system: all it does is increase costs and the risk to homeowners trying to do the right thing. And that's not to mention the catch-22 for PV installers who are both legally bound to comply and obliged to keep their clients safe. Master Electricians Australia chief executive Malcolm Richards in an interview with the ABC late last year said that he says he knows of about 40 to 50 fires that have been started by the faulty isolators. "We're warning home owners to carefully check the brand of isolator that is connected to your solar panels," he said. "If it carries one of these two (recalled) brands ... undertake the isolation procedure until your electrician can come around and fix that up to eliminate or replace it."
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  • Anita Sarkeesian Unlock Your Videos' Comments Section
    This is important because it will give an area for debate and discussion about criticism and other aspects of video games and its culture. Right now there is no one place for people to come and discuss. I feel your videos are the perfect place to be the home to bridge the two sides of the debate. With it, I feel persona attacks and harassment will decrease, or in the very least, be localized and no longer a threat to as many people.
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  • Support Rail Explorers Byron
    1. Access for all. Everyone can ride the rail bikes - the elderly, families with young children and the disabled. This means that everyone can enjoy the spectacular views and beautiful scenery between Bangalow and Byron Bay. 2. Employment. Rail Explorers will create approx 22 full time jobs from day one, with many more jobs available in the future. 3. Social Enterprise. Rail Explorers is committed to donating up to 20% of profits back to the local community. 4. Economic and Environmental Sustainability. Rail Explorers will generate revenue through ticket sales. This revenue will help to fund the maintenance of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail. Rail Explorers will utilise the existing rail infrastructure, with very minimal environmental impact. 5. Preserve the rails. Rail Explorers will clear, repair and maintain the 13km of track between Bangalow and Byron Bay. If in the future it becomes feasible to re-introduce public transport on the corridor, the tracks will be still in place. 6. A Fun and Unique Activity. Rail bikes are extremely popular in South Korea, Europe and North America. Rail Explorers Byron will bring this fantastic attraction to Byron Bay. 7. Rail Trail beside the tracks. Rail Explorers is looking into the feasibility of building the bike and walking trail beside the tracks.
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  • Protect NSW Public from Lead Paint and Asbestos
    The recent changes means that licensing is longer be required for painting works worth under $5000, and no longer needed on any standalone interior painting work on NSW homes. This decision has grave consequences for the painting industry, and risks the health of the NSW public.
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  • Celebrate Victoria's Commercial Fisheries and Seafood Industry
    Victoria’s Bay and Inlet commercial fisheries have been operating sustainably for over 170 years, yet the industry finds itself under significant pressure from ill-conceived calls for removal of commercial fisheries from Port Phillip Bay. Removing commercial netting operations will not improve catch rates for recreational fishers, instead it will increase competition between recreational fishers and promote the fresh fish illegal black market. The Victorian commercial fishing industry has an excellent record in regards to sustainability and environmental management. The Australian Conservation Foundation has independently assessed Port Phillip Bay commercial fisheries as ‘sustainable’. These fisheries are recognised as some of the best managed and sustainable fisheries in the world, yet we find ourselves with political decisions removing legal operators. In other countries throughout the world local communities celebrate the ability to access fresh locally caught seafood, it is a major part of their culture and contributes massively to their tourism appeal, while also providing food security. The seafood industry continues to question why governments do not undertake these celebrations here, where we know the fisheries are sustainable? You will no longer be able to walk into your local fish retailer or fish and chip shop and select the freshest, local product. This political decision will see massive reductions in the availability of King George Whiting, Bream, Garfish, Pike, Southern Calamari, Australian Salmon, Pilchards and Flounder, caught in Port Phillip Bay being available for purchase that same day. For the seafood consumer this means less choice and ultimately less Victorian fresh, local, sustainably caught seafood available for consumption. It also will result in the available local seafood being considerably more expensive. For recreational fishers, this decision will see a significant shortage of bait with pilchards and sardines caught in Port Phillip Bay not being available. Therefore available bait will be from either interstate (limited supply) or imported, when our commercial industry can provide a stable, sustainable supply at present. The Victorian community can be extremely confident that when they purchase fresh Victorian seafood they are supporting local, small-scale fishing industries that are harvesting seafood in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. You need to speak up soon, before it is too late! What this form of policy does is remove the legal operators and promote the thriving black market in seafood sold by “shamateurs” that exists today. There will be a massive increase in demand for illegal fish when the legal operators are removed from the market. To retain jobs in the broader seafood industry there is a need to maintain the commercial fisheries of Victoria's bay and inlets, not remove them. Especially considering some of the Victorian operations are 4th and 5th generation family run businesses. Port Phillip Bay is a public resource in which both commercial and recreational fisheries have co-existed for many decades... it should remain so! Support your local commercial fishers and the Victorian industry. DO NOT SUPPORT the removal of commercial fishing from Victoria's Bays and Inlets.
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  • Improve Hazardous Waste laws
    Australia has fallen far behind equivalent countries, the countries with complex industrial demands and industries that deliver us our high standards of living, when getting rid of the waste. There are major categories of toxic waste that are allowed, either through inadequate laws & regulations, or business cost-avoidance to be simply dumped into the land, without proper treatment. Examples include fluorescent lighting waste (yes, that includes those so called 'eco' globes, the CFL globe). All fluoro lighting contains mercury and when dumped into landfill converts into methylmercury, the most mobile and toxic form of mercury. Then there is all the E-waste we make that has sprung up in the last 10-20 years. We are throwing out mountains of TV's and computers - over 50 million as at 2008. Sorry, the ABS can only give us information that is 6 years or more old. Our country is caught in a vortex of inter-government self-interest and corporate denial. They all minimise action to preserve their interests - no matter if they are government jobs or business jobs. Meanwhile, our country is being loaded up with toxic waste, which will leach out into the waterways and ecosystems every day for generations ahead.
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    These leaders are the people we want to stand with, to walk with. We have about twelve months to have ready a coherent and practical policy to present to the UN Paris Climate Change meeting which will be working to put in place a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol. Such a replacement will require international support. None of us is willing to continue to be as globally isolated as this government has made us. The biggest of big business showed its economic shift to renewable energy at the NY Climate Conference on 23rd of this month. Our contribution there was timorous, totally unconvincing, and has already brought opprobrium on Australia. Let our views be heard.
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