• Support Rail Explorers Byron
    1. Access for all. Everyone can ride the rail bikes - the elderly, families with young children and the disabled. This means that everyone can enjoy the spectacular views and beautiful scenery between Bangalow and Byron Bay. 2. Employment. Rail Explorers will create approx 22 full time jobs from day one, with many more jobs available in the future. 3. Social Enterprise. Rail Explorers is committed to donating up to 20% of profits back to the local community. 4. Economic and Environmental Sustainability. Rail Explorers will generate revenue through ticket sales. This revenue will help to fund the maintenance of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail. Rail Explorers will utilise the existing rail infrastructure, with very minimal environmental impact. 5. Preserve the rails. Rail Explorers will clear, repair and maintain the 13km of track between Bangalow and Byron Bay. If in the future it becomes feasible to re-introduce public transport on the corridor, the tracks will be still in place. 6. A Fun and Unique Activity. Rail bikes are extremely popular in South Korea, Europe and North America. Rail Explorers Byron will bring this fantastic attraction to Byron Bay. 7. Rail Trail beside the tracks. Rail Explorers is looking into the feasibility of building the bike and walking trail beside the tracks.
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  • Protect NSW Public from Lead Paint and Asbestos
    The recent changes means that licensing is longer be required for painting works worth under $5000, and no longer needed on any standalone interior painting work on NSW homes. This decision has grave consequences for the painting industry, and risks the health of the NSW public.
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  • Celebrate Victoria's Commercial Fisheries and Seafood Industry
    Victoria’s Bay and Inlet commercial fisheries have been operating sustainably for over 170 years, yet the industry finds itself under significant pressure from ill-conceived calls for removal of commercial fisheries from Port Phillip Bay. Removing commercial netting operations will not improve catch rates for recreational fishers, instead it will increase competition between recreational fishers and promote the fresh fish illegal black market. The Victorian commercial fishing industry has an excellent record in regards to sustainability and environmental management. The Australian Conservation Foundation has independently assessed Port Phillip Bay commercial fisheries as ‘sustainable’. These fisheries are recognised as some of the best managed and sustainable fisheries in the world, yet we find ourselves with political decisions removing legal operators. In other countries throughout the world local communities celebrate the ability to access fresh locally caught seafood, it is a major part of their culture and contributes massively to their tourism appeal, while also providing food security. The seafood industry continues to question why governments do not undertake these celebrations here, where we know the fisheries are sustainable? You will no longer be able to walk into your local fish retailer or fish and chip shop and select the freshest, local product. This political decision will see massive reductions in the availability of King George Whiting, Bream, Garfish, Pike, Southern Calamari, Australian Salmon, Pilchards and Flounder, caught in Port Phillip Bay being available for purchase that same day. For the seafood consumer this means less choice and ultimately less Victorian fresh, local, sustainably caught seafood available for consumption. It also will result in the available local seafood being considerably more expensive. For recreational fishers, this decision will see a significant shortage of bait with pilchards and sardines caught in Port Phillip Bay not being available. Therefore available bait will be from either interstate (limited supply) or imported, when our commercial industry can provide a stable, sustainable supply at present. The Victorian community can be extremely confident that when they purchase fresh Victorian seafood they are supporting local, small-scale fishing industries that are harvesting seafood in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. You need to speak up soon, before it is too late! What this form of policy does is remove the legal operators and promote the thriving black market in seafood sold by “shamateurs” that exists today. There will be a massive increase in demand for illegal fish when the legal operators are removed from the market. To retain jobs in the broader seafood industry there is a need to maintain the commercial fisheries of Victoria's bay and inlets, not remove them. Especially considering some of the Victorian operations are 4th and 5th generation family run businesses. Port Phillip Bay is a public resource in which both commercial and recreational fisheries have co-existed for many decades... it should remain so! Support your local commercial fishers and the Victorian industry. DO NOT SUPPORT the removal of commercial fishing from Victoria's Bays and Inlets.
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  • Improve Hazardous Waste laws
    Australia has fallen far behind equivalent countries, the countries with complex industrial demands and industries that deliver us our high standards of living, when getting rid of the waste. There are major categories of toxic waste that are allowed, either through inadequate laws & regulations, or business cost-avoidance to be simply dumped into the land, without proper treatment. Examples include fluorescent lighting waste (yes, that includes those so called 'eco' globes, the CFL globe). All fluoro lighting contains mercury and when dumped into landfill converts into methylmercury, the most mobile and toxic form of mercury. Then there is all the E-waste we make that has sprung up in the last 10-20 years. We are throwing out mountains of TV's and computers - over 50 million as at 2008. Sorry, the ABS can only give us information that is 6 years or more old. Our country is caught in a vortex of inter-government self-interest and corporate denial. They all minimise action to preserve their interests - no matter if they are government jobs or business jobs. Meanwhile, our country is being loaded up with toxic waste, which will leach out into the waterways and ecosystems every day for generations ahead.
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    These leaders are the people we want to stand with, to walk with. We have about twelve months to have ready a coherent and practical policy to present to the UN Paris Climate Change meeting which will be working to put in place a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol. Such a replacement will require international support. None of us is willing to continue to be as globally isolated as this government has made us. The biggest of big business showed its economic shift to renewable energy at the NY Climate Conference on 23rd of this month. Our contribution there was timorous, totally unconvincing, and has already brought opprobrium on Australia. Let our views be heard.
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  • Make reliable, high speed internet available for all residents of Breakwater and Seatrees Estates
    Residents are paying high costs for a wifi service which is regularly unreliable and slow. Both estates have numerous new houses being built, all of which are likely to require an ADSL broadband port.
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  • Mr Abbott Please Don't Slash the Solar Subsidy
    The Australian solar industry has been rocked by a Federal Government announcement that the solar subsidy could be repealed or at best, cut by up to 93%. The Abbott appointed Renewable Energy Target (RET) Panel has provided the Federal Government with its recommendations in the “Renewable Energy Target Scheme Report of the Expert Panel” (RET Report) released 28 August 2014. The Abbott RET Report has presented us with two options: 1. The first option is to scrap residential and commercial solar subsidies effective immediately 2. The second option is to slash commercial solar subsidies by 93% and residential subsidies by a third. On page 36 of the RET Report, it states, “that under the current RET scheme, wholesale electricity prices would fall slightly over the period….” The RET Review’s own modelling paints the truth of the matter on page 38 of the report by showing the winners and losers of repealing the RET: • Black Coal NPV revenue increases 65% from $18.4 billion to $30.5billion (+$12.1 billion) • Wind NPV revenue decreases 81% from $17.5 billion down to $3.3 billion (-$14.2 billion) • Solar NPV revenue decreases 90% from $2 billion down to $0.2 billion (-$1.8 billion) So in summary, repealing the RET will: • increase electricity prices • kill the solar panel industry • kill the wind industry • reward antiquated Black Coal Why Tony Abbott has decided to pick this fight is beyond us at Tindo. The RET scheme doesn't cost the Government a cracker as it is the big polluters who pay for the scheme. Why kill the renewable energy industry, bolster up coal and make electricity more expensive? It just makes no sense whatsoever. The RET was first legislated in 2000 by the Howard Government with a 2% Renewable Energy Target. In 2009, the Liberal and Labor parties jointly agreed to the expansion of the Renewable Energy Target up to 20% out to the year 2030. On the back of this bipartisan long term policy and in good faith, the founders of Tindo decided to start up what is now Australia’s last remaining solar panel manufacturer. Tindo has created new jobs and new skills for Australia through its investment in a high tech, innovative and automated manufacturing facility. Uncertainty is a killer for business. Tindo hopes a response confirming the continuation of the RET unchanged is forthcoming swiftly from the Government inline with its pre-election promises and commitments. Tindo understands that over 20,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector are now at risk along with billions of dollars of infrastructure investments being put on hold. As you may already know, Tindo is currently rolling out a new way of delivering solar to the Australian public through a power purchase agreement program. This Tindo program is supported by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and seeks to create hundreds of new jobs in South Australia just 5km from the soon to be defunct Holden plant. This multi million dollar scheme is launching at the same time the Government is talking about scrapping the Renewable Energy Target. Here at Tindo, we remain hopeful that the Federal Government will not break their election promise by changing the RET. Feel free to send your local member, or even all members of Parliament an email or a letter sharing your thoughts on this matter. Download contact details for all Federal Politicians here http://www.tindosolar.com.au/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Members-of-Parliament.pdf
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  • Australian Consumer Law review
    Australians work hard for thier money, and the laws established by the ACCC are put in place to protect the Australian consumer. There seems to be a large void in the current Australian Consumer Law, that allows vehicle Importers, Manufacturers and Dealers to sell products that would not be accepted in other developed countries. The USA experienced similar issues many years ago, and tightened their laws in 1975... why are we so far behind? I myself have a $49,000 vehicle that, if purchased in the USA, would have been replaced or refunded 3 years ago, but here in Australia I'm left with a vehicle that is not fit for purpose, and no law that will support me against the manufacturer. I have attempted to resolve through the Office of Fair Trading, Through QCAT (they can only deal with issues up to $25,000), and private mediation with the Importer/Manufacturer before going public with my case. The importer has basically laughed in my face as they know there's nothing I can do to get my $49,000 vehicle replaced or refunded Since going public I now have thousands of supporters and hundreds of examples of where the law has failed other everyday Australians who have purchased vehicles. We need a law that protects the Australian people, and we need it now.
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  • Get Village Cinemas to return price of Classic Combo back to $20 from $25!!
    Dear Village Movies CEO Mr Edwards, People who legitimately go to movies instead of download them or watch a DVD are penalised for supporting the movie industry instead of being rewarded. An increase of over 25% is outrageous. Already Australians pay a relatively high fee to see films on the big screen. A global analysis of the price of cinema tickets relative to GDP has found most Australian cities hovering around the mid-50s (Melbourne, 52; Adelaide, 53; Perth, 54; Sydney, 55). If Village movies don’t want lower attendance at cinemas don’t increase prices. Jumping from $20 to $25 for a classic combo and $3 to $4 for additional items is outrageous!
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  • Establish a Royal Commission into the behaviour of the ATO.
    The government is paying in excess of $105m p.a. in legal fees in "ATO matters" including for the protection of ATO staff, or for the harassment of innocent people. Millions are being lost in potential revenues from viable businesses. People are committing suicide, being jailed illegally, being subject to theft, extortion, blackmail, bullying, and asset stripping. It must stop!
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  • Making Alcoa clean up toxic landfill on Geelong's outskirts
    The landfill is located very close to Geelong, the second largest city in Victoria, Australia. This material poses a health risk and Alcoa must be held to account. And that's what this is about. Clean up after yourself, Alcoa! News just in: The EPA has issued Alcoa with a clean up notice. This does not mean the fight is over-- Alcoa can still try and squirm their way out of their responsibilities. The EPA needs to know that the community is watching, so signing this petition is as important as ever. We are close, now we just need to spread the word and get as many signatures as we can.
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  • Port Adelaide Football Club drop your dirty sponsor EnergyAustralia.
    EnergyAustralia is the owner and operator of the dirty brown coal fired power station at Yallourn in Victoria. Every hour it burns 2,400 tonnes of brown coal making it one of Australia's most polluting, carbon emission intensive industrial operations. EnergyAustralia's submission to the Renewable Energy Target review seeks to water down the target in a way that would allow it, EnergyAustralia, to continue to profit from polluting with brown coal while reducing the expansion of more renewable energy. With the repeal of the Carbon Tax EnergyAustralia will be able to pollute for free and add to the risks of climate change. Surveys consistently show that Australians want more Renewable Energy and less carbon pollution not the other way around. Just look around at the roofs of homes and businesses in the Port Adelaide area. There's solar panels popping up everywhere because of the Renewable Energy Target incentives. The Port Adelaide Football Club is out of touch with its community and should be actively promoting healthy and sustainable facets of our society not dirty, polluting, climate change culprits like EnergyAustralia. The Port board should show a bit a bit of good old Port Adelaide tradition and support your community just as your community supports you by negotiating clean responsible partnerships with clean responsible businesses and not making dirty deals with big, dirty businesses. C'mon Port ditch EnergyAustralia now! The board has the Power- to be clean!
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