I am of the view that it is vital that all Australian defence construction projects are carried out in Australia by Australian workers. Not only does prioritising Australian bidders on large tender projects like this protect Australian jobs, it ensures our defence materiel is made to the highest possible standards. It is essential to our national defence capability as well as the security of our nation and the preservation and growth of domestic manufacturing jobs. Please support me in calling on the Prime Minister to put the interests of all Australians and Australian jobs before the interests of any other country and stop the awarding of a major billion dollar Australian Government defence contract to Spain and instead work with the Australian shipping and maritime industry to undertake the construction project in Australia.
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    Created by Senator Lazarus
  • Keep Australia in Australian Hands! Stop selling Australian farming land to overseas interests
    Australia risks losing control of its wealth-creating agricultural assets. The Federal Government is not paying sufficient attention to the issue of global food security, Austrlian agricultural jobs and the rising cost of living. Instead they are craving an instant hit of tax rather than securing the future assets for our children. Kidman and Co, Australia's biggest private landholding, which includes the world's largest cattle station, is up for sale, including eleven cattle stations covering more than 100,000 square kilometres of Australian land, including all stock and equipment. And the Federal Government is allowing sale to overseas interests! "Australia has more foreign investment land than any other nation. In fact, in the last three years the foreign investment of 50 per cent foreign-owned or greater has gone up by around 25 per cent. For anything with partial foreign investment it's gone up by 11 per cent. So we've had an exponential growth in foreign ownership in our agricultural assets in Australia." Barnaby Joyce, Nationals MP, Minister for Agriculture, Nov 2015 Recent sales of prime cattle and farming land is driving up the cost of milk and meat for Australian families. "THERE are fears the price of dairy products and baby formula are set to soar after Treasurer Scott Morrison rubber-stamped the sale of the nation’s biggest dairy farm to Chinese business interests. Mr Morrison yesterday ruled the $280 million acquisition of Tasmania’s 17,800ha Van Diemen’s Land Company by Chinese billionaire Lu Xianfeng’s Moon Lake Investments could go ahead after consulting the Foreign Investment Review Board." Daily Telegraph 24/02/16
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    Created by Pete Christie
    This is a vital service to the Perth disabled community. Drivers are dedicated and strive to deliver positive outcomes for the community in relation to their transport needs. The Minister wants to revert to a single service which will dictate to both client and driver and diminish the rights and choices of both. He proposes to literally blackmail all of the people involved by denying subsidies to those who don't use his preferred service. We must preserve our freedom to choose which taxi company or driver suits our needs based on the quality of service they provide.
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    Created by Tony Gibb
  • Jam Jerrup NBN
    We have limited phone and internet facilities available in the village. We have been excluded from a large roll out that covers the area all around us, but stops short of the houses.
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    Created by Tony Laughton
  • Stop the catastrophic destruction for Palm oil
    Deforestation, destruction of habitat and species and a health hazard to large parts of Asia. The head of the Global Carbon Project at the CSIRO, Pep Canadell, said the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may have exceeded 400 parts per million for the first time in 2 million years, because of the 1 billion tonnes of carbon released by the fires in a two-month period. A lot of it has to do with growing palm oil trees.
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    Created by John Buckley
  • Save The White House Victoria Point
    Redlands City Council wants to shut down The White House in Victoria Point! This historic set of buildings is a unique space within the community, fostering a wide variety of local small businesses by providing them with a low cost but high exposure location from which to operate. The community feel and unique mix of tenants is matched no where else in the local area. Tell council you want to HELP SAVE THE WHITE HOUSE!
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    Created by Reg Kaasik
  • Reduce the Use - plastic bag pollution
    Australian use 4,000,000,000 plastic bags a year (7,000 an hour) . Most are not biodegradable. They pollute our land and many end up in the ocean. Turtles, birds and fish suffer greatly.
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  • We want the Archway 1 Theatre Company & Arts Studio to stay in the Bicentennial Park Arches.!
    The community have been incredibly supportive and very excited for the existence of a theatre space & arts studio under the Archways, in the Park lands. The Archway 1 Theatre Company and Art Studio have been inundated with offers from local residents to help, insisting that we remain in the same location and continue what we do, because it is a great concept that is much needed for the community park and we have a great track record of providing a service to our community, with FREE art classes for adults and children, FREE Drama classes, Poetry in the park, Free Dog portraits, Pancake breakfasts in addition to our art exhibitions and theatre plays. The community have expressed to us directly that they feel our arts space and art studio fulfill a need for them. A well managed arts space that compliments the park and is accessible to the community. The benefits of providing a space for parents and their children for example, who frequent that particular area of the park daily, due to its proximity to the children's playground, cannot be overlooked. Dog walkers alike, have found our initiative to be a welcomed addition to their daily enjoyment of the park. Cyclists have also expressed gratitude at the convenience of being able to literally pull up on their bikes and grab a coffee. For the culturally and artistically inclined, we offer something unique to the existing surrounding sporting fields and natural surrounds. Our theatre productions have a local following, with supporters who have endorsed the merits in the work we do. We have been a part of the Sydney Fringe Festival two years in a row. We source many local actors, directors and crew to work on productions and we provide space for artist talks, film nights, rehearsals, exhibitions, fashion shows, photo and film shoots. Our arts space is an additional destination for light rail commuters, tourists or visitors to the area, as a place of interest along their inner west journey, alighting at the Jubilee Park Oval. We are also considered a reassuring safe haven, for people exercising or walking dogs late at night in the park, as we are open late for theatre rehearsals or artist talks. Supportive comments include; "We have been waiting twenty years for this to happen!" "Thank God you're here!" "WOW, just WOW! This is amazing and reminds me of New York." "I wish I knew you were here, when my kids were at school, they're all grown up now." "I am so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and excited that you are here!" (82 year old local resident- Patty) "It's about time you guys did this here!" "OMG! This is exactly what I thought should be here." "I normally never visit this part of the park, but now I do." "This is awesome!" "Hey, this is great! Reminds me of Europe." "So glad you guys are here! We are going to come and see some theatre." "Finally, good coffee!" "I am going to tell all the mother and parent groups you guys are here." "I'm going to mention you guys in the local school newsletter." "I can't believe I can walk out my door and down to the park, to watch theatre and have a coffee."
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    Created by The Archway 1 Theatre Company & Coffee Co.
  • STOP high rises on The Gold Coast Spit
    The Spit is a vitally important community, tourism and environmental asset. It is a space for people to recreate and a break from the built urban density that is Surfers Paradise and Main Beach, leading to an environmentally significant recreational area defined by Marine Stadium, Doug Jennings Park and Federation Walk. It is vitally important to OPPOSE high rise development on The Spit for 10 main reasons: 1. one approval means the floodgates are open - goodbye low rise Mariners Cove, goodbye low rise Sheraton and watch EVERY other development go upwards - think of the money in this upwards land grab for developers and the losses it poses to the amenity of the Spit and Broadwater surrounds; 2. the GC Local Area Plan Map 26.3 (LAP), which is a product of community consultation and GCCC urban design planning, shows 3 storey height limits for the southern Spit area; 3. developer proposals to flout the LAP plan reflect greed alone; enabling high rise development dramatically increases their return upon investment, regardless of the community, local infrastructure and environmental impacts; 4. all developers who purchased southern Spit lands KNEW when they did so that height limits apply; 5. the community has consistently opposed increasing height levels for decades based upon a range of important issues and this is reflected in the outcomes of the Vision 2020 process; 6. height limits reflect the desire to frame the Broadwater appropriately: it is a precious community and environmental resource and surrounding it with high rises (once Southport became a high rise prime development area (PDA)) disregards its significance as well as increases pressures such as density, traffic, environmental and infrastructure footprint and the like; 7. height limits reflect the fact that traffic density in the area is already significant and increasing population in the area is just not practical; in particular, the traffic within Main Beach and to The Spit every weekend illustrates this fact; 8. importantly, the southern Spit accommodation represents a differentiated tourism product for the Gold Coast which MUST be protected. That is, it is high end, exclusive and expensive accommodation zone which caters for those who do not want a high rise experience. Yes, Justin Beiber stayed in Surfers - but U2 and Bruce Springsteen did not - they stayed at Versace and the Sheraton respectively. Why? Because a low rise, on the beach/ Broadwater experience is something to savour even for billionaires - and our tourism entities should be protecting that, not allowing it to be destroyed; 9. developers are free to construct high rises throughout the western side of the Broadwater in the Southport PD area; at present the hospital site remains open for development- Sunland are free to tender to construct their plans there which will of course yield all of the employment benefits they claim for their project; and 10. finally, we all know that one high rise means every developer will push for high rises from one end to the other of The Spit. GCCC propose draft amendments to the Town Plan (2015) which will facilitate high rise development on The Spit - see zone map 27 Southport (http://cityplan.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/pages/plan/viewerpdf.aspx?vid=10117) . We must protect this precious tourism, community and environmental asset from private exploitation - no matter what our political representatives say or do.
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    SBS Management are to discontinue two hours from the existing four hours allotted to the Maltese community, SBS Radio fail to see the very needs of our community and incorrectly has given more weight to its size as if the bigger the community the larger its radio audience. We urge the members of the Maltese community, wherever they are in Australia to get behind their community leaders and with one voice lodge a protest in the strongest possible terms. The Maltese Community Councils of NSW and Victoria feel that the management of SBS Radio and their criteria for distribution of language programme time on SBS should include specific community needs and not merely the size of the non-English speaking date from the census. We say to those running SBS Radio that if there is trimming to be made of the available SBS Radio hours, it must come from a reduction of the overgenerous allowance that it has provided to the larger ethnic groups and not from those they think they can easily kick around. Finally, the SBS Management should not treat the Maltese community as soft touch by wanting to discuss with them decisions already taken. Community consultations, when decisions have already been taken are a farce. Let us all unite to this unjust decision by the SBS. **This petition will close COB Tuesday 21st July 2015**
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    Created by Charmaine Cassar
  • NEEDED: New Mainstream Media Entity For Perth
    Perth's media is managed externally and there is nothing organic about the issues raised, no pride in the news that is published and no engagement from the wider community due to an apathetic opinion towards change for our city. The majority of Perth is without a representation in the media and with the growth in the State's population, it's about time we had one.
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    Created by Sean Mooney
  • End tailpipe emissions
    While the Coalition are in denial about their regressive policies on the out of control emissions front we need to rely on citizen action in decreasing our carbon footprint and every little bit helps. Removing petrol and diesel cars from the roads is something we can all have a had in. Most of the advanced economies reduce the sticker price with a subsidy for buying green. Our state government in Victoria talks the talk now it is time to walk the walk. For figures on the impacts and modelling have a look at the Beyond Zero Emissions website and much more. Wake up Australia - we are being left behind.
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