Fukushima and Chernobyl taught the world that nuclear accidents are very expensive and toxic for generations and leave horrific tragedy in their wake. South Australian Jay Wetherill is currently pushing his Government's plans by using a publicly funded Education Campaign. He and his government are spending public funds to spin the ' it is all proven, scientific and safe' line in his current expensive roadshow. His goal is to place a global HIGH LEVEL NUCLEAR RUBBISH DUMP for short term profit in South Australia. He would like to place his own and South Australias' children's children's future at stake and just for money. Speculation and debate about long term finanncial cost / benefits of such an operation for a high level radioactive waste site is that it may prove to be a financial disaster. This is even if their is no nuclear leak, accident or clean up in tens, hundreds, or thousands of years time from today. If Mr Wetherill and the ALP of South Australia succeeded and any of the transported and stored waste containers EVER leak in an unforseen event or are accessed by wrong hands or motives it will prove potentially environmentally catastrophic. YES : SA needs smart new growth industries, not old outmoded nuclear plants spent nuclear waste in our back yard. NUCLEAR IS FOREVER Mr Wetherill- Just not here with toxic waste products please. Let the countries and wealthy energy company's that made the problem find other ways and places to deal with it. We understand their are companies involved in making large money from the real and pressing need to get rid of nuclear waste, it also asists with selling more nuclear power stations in future but we dont want that problem in our home state. As with Pangea back in the 90's the federal government met strong opposition and it stopped the project.. This is not a minor project of political short term consequence, this is a forever problem if your government succeeds in its wishes. DUMP THE DUMP
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  • Heritage Housing Pain in Australia
    Australia's heritage system is set up so that certain individual property owners are forced to bear the costs of heritage conservation for the rest of the general public. It is not fair, or ethical and some people are cracking under pressure of this large financial burden. The individual heritage property owner is often put at a large financial disadvantage through serious devaluation of property price (by over 25% on average calculated by Herron Todd White – Australia’s largest independent property valuation and advisory group in Australia) (Australian Government Productivity Commission, 2006, Conservation of Australia's Historic Heritage Places - Productivity Commission Inquiry Report No.37, Canberra, Media and Publications Productivity Commission, p.164, Box 7.3), higher maintenance or restoration costs due to the requirement for specialised tradespeople, additional administrative costs, limitations on the ability to modify or adapt the property and limitations on the ability to develop the site. What usually then occurs is that heritage listed properties are often neglected and run into disrepair. So, not only does Australia’s heritage system cause financial devastation to hundreds of families, but it doesn’t even work to conserve our heritage! This needs to change. There are more progressive heritage systems employed by other countries (in particular Colorado, USA) which work, and Australia needs to follow their lead. Their private heritage property owners have adequate financial support and great tax incentives, so people try to nominate their own property to be on their national heritage register! People look after their heritage property because it is in their best interests to. This is unlike the situation in Australia where heritage funding is minimal and therefore the reliance is on owners of heritage properties to pay for all/most of the bill and suffer the devaluation in their property value. Resentment against heritage listing is increasing in Australia, and without financial help people will naturally neglect their heritage listed property because it just costs too much. It's time to take a stand, so please support our campaign by adding your name below and click on on 'Good vs Bad Heritage Systems' at http://heritagepainoz.my-free.website to learn more.
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  • Fix Telstra internet speeds in the Bellingen Shire!
    I work from home and need the internet to carry out that work. Telstra is charging me for a service they are unable to provide. I know many other people in the Bellingen Shire are being affected. I can't seem to get Telstra to take any action to fix the problem by myself so here I find myself asking for support and the voice of people suffering similar Telstra woes and maybe together we can effect a change.
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  • Don't Frack Victoria!
    Hydraulic fracturing 'fracking' involves the high-pressure injection of millions of litres of water, sand and chemicals into shale cracks. Not only does the process involve huge (and scare) volumes of water, The risks associated with this process are serious. In Australia and the US, fracking has: - contaminated and depleted aquifers and drinking water, - damaged land and habitats, and - caused methane leaks, causing serious air pollution. A large area of southern Victoria is targeted for shale oil and gas exploration and eventual production. A ban on unconventional gas production is required so that our domestic, livestock and food water resources, and our very valuable food production is protected from the very real risks of water and food contamination, as has happened in other spread of Australua and overseas!!. Legislation must be strengthened to protect the precious water in our environmental, cultural, heritage, recreational and food producing areas. Victoria, particularly the higher rainfall areas of the south is fast becoming the food bowl for the rest of Australia, with high per hectare production of milk and meat. This resource could be jeopardised should fracking be allowed to occur.
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  • Let's Unite To Fight Back The Banks, While We Wait For A Royal Commission
    We should seed the changes for a better world and not wait in vain on politicians' promises. The Big 4 Australian banks are on the list of the most profitable banks in the world. They are the biggest corporations in Australia together with the big mining companies, and politicians have done minimum to reduce their oligopoly power. A Royal Commission after all the scandals over the past years is what we all want. However our politicians might not deliver on our aspirations to scrutinize the banks. Therefore, let's take actions on our hands and build a better future for all Australians.
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  • We Call for a Senate Inquiry into the ABC
    The blatant bias of the ABC during the election campaign, the disturbing infiltration of former and current Murdoch employees to senior and influential positions within the ABC corporate family and the disillusionment of the public with the ABC has led us to believe the best course of action would be to petition Senators of the new parliament to conduct an inquiry into all aspects of the operation of the ABC.
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  • let's support our Dairy Farmers now!
    The money raised would go directly to the affected Dairy Farmers who are now faced with; 1] Reducing their herd to pay the retrospective charge. 2] Taking on more debt. 3] Consider selling up as the price of milk paid by the Processors is not sustainable for a viable business. While the price of some Supermarket Brand milk remains at $1 a litre our Dairy Farmers are working hard to produce safe milk for us with little return for them. Now they are paying it back!
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  • McDonalds - not in Glebe please
    We don't want McDonalds in Glebe. Glebe has a wonderful cafe culture. Opening a McDonalds, under any name and in any form, will take business away from that village community. We all know that most of your food is bad quality (no matter how much you pretend otherwise) - high in fat, high in sugar, made with poorly sourced ingredients. We know around the world that you pay your workers low wages too. Residents of Glebe and visitors to Glebe don't want to encourage a business that is bad for our health, the environment and doesn't respect the need for living wages. Glebe is well organised. You might remember how the residents of Newtown got themselves together to the point that you left the suburb. Well, know that we are organised too, and we plan to stick this out. Don't move into Glebe, and if you do we are committed to campaigning in the community to ensure you do as little business as is possible - until you leave for good.
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  • Move Packer's Casino off Barangaroo's public parkland
    Barangaroo was proposed as a people's park to enjoy, combining some commercial development with a public park on the western edge of the City on the Harbour. James Packer's proposed 275m Casino/hotel and apartment tower is being built on public land 30m from the harbour's edge. We have to make a FINAL stand against this monster building or the original vision of Barangaroo as a place for the people of Sydney to enjoy will be lost forever. At no stage of the process has any planning authority given the green light to its being built in OUR park. It can and should be relocated into the "built" section of Barangaroo, leaving the harbourside park for the people. And not to mention saving our iconic skyline from this monster. Sydney people are angry but mostly silent. Please tell the State Government we do not want our parkland used for an awful, shadow-casting Casino. Once that land is gone, it is gone forever. There are other places within Barangaroo to house a six star Casino, without grabbing our parklands. COME ON SYDNEY Please save Barangaroo.
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  • Government Projects should use Australian Products
    At a time when the nation is suffering from job losses and the destruction of our manufacturing industry, we still have the opportunity to look around and ask why this is happening. It should make sense to anyone that supporting local businesses keeps money in the local economy, which supports jobs and boosts consumer confidence. Money lost to overseas businesses doesn't flow back in to the community. The Government needs to lead by example by supporting Australian owned businesses and Australian made products in all of its projects.
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    The Premium SMS system, as it operates in Australia, is a poor man's payment processing system where the mobile service provider apparently has no legal obligation to obtain positive confirmation of a customer's authorisation to allow a Premium SMS provider to bill a mobile service. For years, industry standard practice for mobile service providers has been to deny any responsibility for assisting the customer in the resolution of Premium SMS billing disputes and to instead refer all such complaints to the 1300 "help lines" provided by the Premium SMS services themselves. The costs of the lengthy calls to such numbers are automatically added to customers phone bills in addition to the disputed Premium SMS charges. Sometimes these charges are up to 4 times the cost of the originally disputed Premium SMS charges. Disgustingly, the mobile services have no financial incentive to fix this system since they are direct financial beneficiaries of the current broken state of affairs. Given this, legislation must be introduced to ensure that they have a legally enforceable obligation to pro-actively protect their customers from unauthorised Premium SMS billing attempts. The present system stinks to high heaven of the lazy complacency indulged in by mobile service providers who apparently see no legal, ethical or moral obligation to proactively protect their customers from unauthorised Premium SMS billing attempts or the predictable and inevitable costs that are then incurred when the customer follows the mobile service providers' own advice and attempts to seek redress from the Premium SMS providers directly. The current Premium SMS system is fundamentally broken. It has been for years, It is beyond repair. It must be dismantled. Demand action now - Parliament must act!
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