• Stop dogs illegal killing!
    Thousands of street dogs are captured and illegally slaughter in Romania month after month. The euthanasia of street dogs was suspended by a Romanian Court in 2014, however the killing continues! The responsible institution to capture and shelter the dogs made public statements, admitting the killing of 20,000 strays in just 7 months! Because corruption and authorities' indifference, the situation is out of control. Raising international awareness about these animals tragedy might be the start of a change! We need every signature we can get to become a stronger voice for these voiceless and defend less beings, exposed to a barbarian treatment! Join us to ask the EU Commission to demand Romanian officials to respect the laws, the Court decisions, the animals rights!
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    Created by Dana Costin
    Authorised Officers of Local Governments have the authority to seize a suspected dangerous breed from it's owner and impound it at cost to the owner to conduct a 22-point visual test to determine if it's an American Pit Bull Terrier. The breed certificate nor any DNA tests can influence the decision of the council to decide if it's destroyed at the owner's expense. This can happen under the current legislation without the dog even being involved in any anti-social behaviours or attacks on other animals or humans prior to the test! Family dogs are being seized and put down without any proof of the breed (aside from a "visual" test lacking any scientific merit) or prior incidences that would deem it dangerous, and at the owner's expense!! It’s not the breed that makes a dog dangerous; it’s the irresponsible attitude of the owner. Indeed, it is the deed that should be punished, not the breed.
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    Created by Nigel Greenhalgh
    Because producers, politicians and the community are being deceived by an industry that puts profits over ethics and welfare. After nearly 20 years in Egypt and 18 years in Indonesia, investigations have repeatedly revealed that all the live export industry has done is endorse the use of brutal slaughter devices, condone un-stunned slaughter and ignore the cruelty that inevitably results.
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  • Ban Rodeo and Animal Circus Events in the Hawkesbury
    In a "civilised" society, how can such barbaric practices still be going on? How is it that jerking a 3-4 month baby calf to a stop with a rope around their necks, to be slammed to the ground and tied up is something that is ok and encouraged at rodeos? How can we still have lions kept in cages their whole lives and force them to perform and be crated around the country to make money for some greedy business man. We need to rethink our values and see if our actions line up with them. If the world is so against animal cruelty, why is it still happening so much? Animals deserve the same right to live a free life as we do. They would NOT be doing these "tricks" in the wild. They are not born to perform for us. Other than the obvious suffering they would go through being kept in conditions NOTHING like what they would be living in if free in small cages and enclosures. These animals have been seen by myself and many other activists pacing the areas they are enclosed in. There is no way to regulate how the animals are trained, we cannot see what goes on behind closed curtains and to make these animals do something so unnatural it is obvious that they are being forced. Horse and cattle are tormented into acting wild for the show, a flank strap is tightened when the chute opens around their sensitive flank area to make them buck uncontrollably from the pain. Around 4000 horses and bulls are used in the over 600 rodeos held around Australia each year, in addition to an unknown number of calves and steers. Rodeos in most states are self regulated, meaning that only a small fraction of animal injuries and deaths ever become public knowledge. "The immorality of rodeos extends to the arrogance of the riders and their attitude to the animals, and to the way the audience is demeaned by watching such a tawdry spectacle." (Vet attending an Australian rodeo). via Animal Liberation Victoria http://www.alv.org.au/issues/10.php Please, we need this cruelty to stop for the animals and for the future generations to know compassion over cruelty. Thank you COEXIST
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  • Save Mulgoa Heritage Valley from Fernhill Estate development
    If the Fernhill Estate development is approved under the Heritage Conservation Incentive Clause it will set a precedent in NSW which could be used to apply for more subdivision approvals of Heritage listed properties throughout the whole of NSW. What will be left for our future generations if we do not prevent this type of subdivision? As Elders we need to be Custodians of this land and prevent developers from robbing our future generations of their history, their heritage and their environment. "When something precious is lost it is gone forever". PLEASE ADD YOUR VOICES SO WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!
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  • save the sharks!!
    the sharks are innocent and have rights. We go into there home and we kill them over it. it is very wrong and should not be legal. would you like it if someone strolled into your home and killed your parents. we have the police to catch these murderers but the sharks do not. SAVE THE SHARKS!!!!
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    Created by Daniel kirk
  • Oppose Firearm display and Sales at HuntFest Narooma
    People who live in the Eurobodalla Shire do not want to see the prolification of firearms and ammunition. If this application is approved it would promote the use of firearms in our community and also encourage children to think using a weapon is fun. The more that firearms are made accessible the more chance of injury and death. Help our community to feel safe and protected and not create a similar gun culture to that of the USA.
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    Created by Paula Underwood
  • stop whaling around the world
    This is important because, imagine if we didnt have whales in the future, imagine what it would be like without whales, these beautiful creatures are just like us, if we deserve to live, so can they.This is important because Whales are very important to us. Imagine a world without Whales! Whaling is cruel, the demand for whale meat is falling and we can’t be certain that whale populations can survive all the hunting as well as the other threats they face without hunting! But, despite bans on commercial whaling and the trade in whale products, Japan, Norway and Iceland still kill 2000 whales between them each year and also continue trade in whale products – it has to STOP.
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  • Stop Puppy Farms!
    When puppies are born in puppy farms, the owner will try to sell it for profit. It could be through online, newspapers or even through pet shops. RSPCA estimated that 95% of puppies sold in pet shops are born in puppy farms. Also, if you buy a puppy born in a puppy farm, you are possibly getting a sick puppy. In puppy farms, they do not care about the puppies and dogs' health, they just want money.
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    Created by Angel Indrawan
  • Stop shark culling!
    Sharks are essential to maintaining the natural balance of oceans ecosystem. Sharks prevent prey from over-grazing vital habitats. Sharks are worth MILLIONS in tourism revenue. Sharks are good indicators of ecosystem health. How many sharks are getting killed a year? 100 million! By who? US, and you and I know we don't want that on our conscience. How many people are killed a year by sharks (in Australia) ? Over the past 50 years, there is an average of 1 a year. The chance of you being killed by a shark is 1 in 3,748,067. As Australia's population is around 21 000 000. then there is a 6 in 21 000 000 chance that you will be the person being declared dead after a shark attack. You have more chance of dying from a ballpoint pen or getting stung by a bee etc. Wouldn't it be better to spend tax payer's money on education? Why does the WA government even have rights to kill these sharks? Sharks are protected!
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  • Reject Halls Creek as an Identified Growth Area on the Sunshine Coast
    The possibility of development at Halls Creek has been considered by the Caloundra City Council and the Sunshine Coast Council since the early 2000's and has consistently been rejected. The right of our Local Government Authority to make planning decisions with regards to areas under its control should be respected. The development of the Halls Creek area would negatively impact on the character, amenity and lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast in several ways: It would impose unacceptable and irreversable risks to the Pumicestone Passage, which is already under stress from existing and approved development. The Inter Urban break between the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay would be reduced to the detriment of local wildlife and the character of our region, as a community of discreet communities, would be severely impacted. It would not integrate with the existing and planned rail and road transport network and it would undermine the vitality of the Glasshouse Country towns along the railway corridor.
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    Created by John Roberts
  • Investigate and bring to justice the killers of the wombat massacre in Glenbog State Forest
    Wombats may not be an endangered species of animal yet, but they, too, are an Australian icon, unique, and loved and treasured by all Australians. The purposeful killing and murder of wombats on this scale is outrageous and cold-hearted. Imagining wombat families panicking, then slowly suffocating and dying in their burrows which loggers turned into their own graves is brutal and horrendous. Considering this was done because of laziness and the pursuit of financial profit, is heart breaking and reckless. We cannot let this go without an investigation, and without the alleged perpetrators being brought to justice. More information at: http://theglengogblog.wordpress.com/ Please also visit the campaign's facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TheGlenbogBlog Please share the shortcut link to this petition with your friends and colleagues: https://www.communityrun.org/p/wombats
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