Welcome to CommunityRun

Do you have an idea about how to make your local area, community or Australia a better place? CommunityRun is an online tool that allows you to start, run and deliver a campaign on the issue you care about. Your campaign could be big, small, revolutionary or everyday. It could be as diverse as saving your local park from development to fighting for a clean energy future on a national scale.

Logo-getup-small CommunityRun is powered by GetUp, an independent, community advocacy organisation that seeks to build a more progressive Australia and hold politicians to account.

While GetUp created this platform for anyone to use, CommunityRun campaigns are not run or endorsed by GetUp. Journalists aiming for accuracy should not refer to CommunityRun campaigns as GetUp campaigns.

Think of CommunityRun as a town square. GetUp provides the space, but anyone is welcome to come with a soapbox and say whatever they like, as long as it is not defamatory, discriminatory, or illegal. Over time, CommunityRun will host many excellent campaigns, but you can also expect to see campaigns pop up that GetUp is opposed to.

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