Urgently fence the playgrounds for children with special needs in Brisbane

To: Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and the Brisbane City Council

Urgently fence the playgrounds for children with special needs in Brisbane
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Dear Mr Graham Quirk and Brisbane City Counsilors, We want the special needs playgrounds in each Brisbane City Council Ward Fenced Urgently to keep our children included in the community and safe.

Why is this important?

My Child has to be taken to the LOCAL DOG PARK (1 of 3 nearby) to have a run and play in the sunshine.This beautiful little boy is my son- Christian, age 6- He can't play with his siblings or the local kids in his community because the Brisbane City Council refuses to have a policy around "All ability playground fencing".  BCC have established "All Abilities" playgrounds in every ward of Brisbane - but WILL NOT FENCE THEM. 

Most children with special needs need boundary fencing to keep them safe.They run off, get confused, find it difficult to pay attention or don't understand what is being said or required of them. Lots of regular kids do too ! Almost all children in this age group with an autism spectrum disorder, global developmental delay, downs syndrome,vision impairement, hearing impairment or an intellectual impairment, need boundary fencing to keep them safe. Parents or Grandparents with a disability, parents with very small children or multiples need boundary fencing too! 

 Every Family needs to have access to fresh air, exercise and to their own community. We ask that the Brisbane City Council implement a  blanket policy of FENCING the "All- Abilities" Playgrounds in each ward. Please help these kids to play within their communities and sign this petition. Thankyou   From Christian's Mum. Sarah Carter-Murray

How it will be delivered

I wish have Christian and a group of his friends deliver the Petition to Graham Quirk .
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  • heidi b. 2013-09-04 16:51:53 +1000
    my eldest son has autism and we couldn't plat in unfenced parks till he was 9. it was heart breaking to drive past them and tell his brother 'not today'.
  • Peta J. 2013-09-04 00:24:13 +1000
    It is important that all children have the opportunity to play in a safe environment
  • jo b. 2013-09-03 21:31:47 +1000
    mother to 2 special needs children (4 kids in total) and we NEED parks with fencing so we can ALL get outside and enjoy the fresh air and stay safe