Demand that Sunshine Coast Council uphold their 'best practice' environmental charter.

To: Mayor Mark Jamieson, Cr Jenny McKay, Andrew Powell Qld Minister Environment, Mal Brough Fed Member Fisher, Cr Tony Wellington

Demand that Sunshine Coast Council uphold their 'best practice' environmental charter.
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Allow Green Hills to plant a 40 metre wide, unbroken, best-practice, wildlife corridor on the north bank of the Obi Obi Creek on the Maleny Community Precinct.

Why is this important?

The Maleny Community Precinct is the missing link in wildlife corridors on the Range. Great works are being undertaken to revegetate other areas but if the Obi Obi Creek corridor remains open grassland all the rest is meaningless.

Green Hills have attracted funding from the Commonwealth (a total of $345,000) to plant creek-side vegetation but Sunshine Coast Council have refused to allocate land on the Precinct for the wildlife corridor (despite supporting Greenhill’s funding application), claiming the land is needed for other uses. All they are prepared to give is a six metre strip – that’s only one tree wide.

This goes against Council's own charter, its own renowned reputation in environmental matters and its own vision statement for the Precinct, which declares the land should be a best-practice precedent for development.

The planting of this wildlife corridor will have significant flow-on benefits: It will allow the public to enjoy the Obi Obi Creek for walking in much the same way the Mary Cairncross Park is used at the present time. It will enhance the water quality in the creek (the whole Sunshine Coast drinks this water), provide habitat for wildlife, including at least two endangered species, and stop erosion. It will boost the tourism value of the whole Range. 

Ask Council to do its job as a responsible environmental manager. Please show your support by signing our petition.

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  • Matthew N. 2013-10-12 14:06:42 +1100
    We need this, we need it now!
  • Katie D. 2013-10-10 17:57:38 +1100
    Our awesome community is in our hands to protect for our future generations....lets help!
  • Duncan S. 2013-10-11 06:20:51 +1100
    I fully support the Green Hills initiative for a wildlife corridor on Obi Obi Creek and see it as critical to maintain and restore this beautiful environment for the benefit of all.


4 months ago

Dear Supporters,
Thank you very much for your magnificent support. We now have over 1,120 signatures, including offline.
If you haven’t checked out website lately, please do! It is updated regularly with information supporting our cause, as well as our achievements, and an extraordinary photo archive by Director Steve Swayne.
There has been enormous community support for the riparian corridor at both public meetings held in Maleny, the one organised by Green Hills and the one by Sunshine Coast Council.
Lake Baroon Catchment Care has come out publicly in support of our campaign, this includes a scathing critique given on local ABC Radio by President Peter Stevens of the proposal for a polo field next to the Obi Obi Creek.
We will present the petition to Council soon. Please encourage any your friends who haven’t signed to do so now. You can also go to our website to join Green Hills, new members are always welcome. Thank you!

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